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The saga continues. These new developments (3 decades ago) follow a pattern, not sexual assault, a pattern of lies and abuse by Democrats and their operatives. Step back and look, it’s too obvious, they can’t help themselves, and they’re laying it on too thick and all wrong
When the first thin 36 year old accusation popped up two weeks ago… these “new” 36 year old accusations obviously existed. Right? Absolutely. #MeToo wouldn’t they have piled on right then to lend credibility to Dr Ford?
If that was the motivation they absolutely would have come forward within days of Dr Ford’s public outing. No question.
That’s how #MeToo works.
When delay, delay, delay the hearing is the objective, THEN timing is everything. Dr Ford was very effective in her delaying and her charade has just ran its course. I bet that was seemingly more effective then ever expected; now split the hand and double down.
As if choreographed, enter stage left, two more accusers with tales of wild frat parties in 1980. The Ford odyssey just wrapped up, ready for these girls to pick right back up. How convenient. It’s almost like this was coordinated and planned to maximize effectiveness in delay.
Naturally the Porn Lawyer is representing one of the girls… the one with (apparently serious) ambitions to run for president in 2020… nothing political here.
The accusers and their lawyers are far left democrat hacks. All have a fervent hatred for Donald Trump. I'll bet dollars to donuts their all in cahoots.
Dr Ford’s lawyer is Deborah Katz…
How about that?
For some context to the protest. This is Dr Ford’s attorney I mind you. 👇
Now we have the Porn Lawyer that thinks he can win the democratic primary in 2020. The squinter.
As we already know, Dr Ford’s accounts have changed, witnesses have back peddled, and details are nonexistent. That’s old news. Get a load of this mess, the Porn Lawyer’s email to the Judicial nomination committee, in his words
Now for the email text.
Does anyone for one second believe if Kavanaugh participated or enabled GANG RAPES with multiple witnesses and not a word of is breathed until this September 22, 2018? AFTER passing six previous FBI background checks? 😒
Something SOMEONE ELSE (allegedly) wrote in a high school year book??? Is this guy fur real???
Sorry guys, we didn’t just fall off a turnip truck.
This is the most outrageous, over the top, coordinated attack on our nomination process I’ve ever witnessed. I remember 1991. #justSaying
Quickly, earlier I commented that the Ford delay was “seemingly” perceived as effective. Grassley & Co. is playing along to a certain extent for purposes of drawing out more crazy and, of course, necessity of politics. Optics is a tightrope act and works in GOP favor here.
These bone heads think they’re slick. They’re about as slick as 60 grit sandpaper.
They just can’t help themselves, they go too far, too over the top.
They're over playing their hand, AGAIN.
Monday is going to be interesting. Gut check for the Republican controlled judicial committee. (Will be very telling)
No matter what happens, I’m willing to bet we won’t be hearing from Dr Ford on Thursday. I’m sure her desire to not perjure herself will come into play.
The timing... the cast of characters… these are ALL DEMOCRAT ACTIVIST.
If you recall the talking heads, of liberal persuasion, leading into this three ring circus, all said they will stop at nothing to prevent Kavanaugh taking the bench.
Well, what we are witnessing is democrats stopping at nothing.
They’re on a holy crusade.
They can’t even stop themselves from taking it too far.
Fact is, they control nothing, this can only work IF Republicans let it work.

Just step aside and watch them fly off the deck.
We’ll know much more in the next 24 to 48 hours. I would implore all to remain claim and keep the faith. The stakes are high, hold the line, Kavanaugh will be confirmed. I remain confident.
Gang rapes, with witnesses… that’s a bridge too far. They should of stuck with unwanted rubbing and indecent exposure, that might of worked, coming out in tandem within days... Nope, over played too suspiciously times and look at who were taking about here. ALL DEMOCRATS.
As my very wise grandfather (GRHS) might say, they tossed all their cookies in the lobby... And some.

Grandpa always said, “don’t toss all your cookies in the lobby.” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Oct 7, 2018
As most of us expected, Brett Cavanaugh was confirmed as the 114th Supreme Court Justice.

After a particularly contentious confirmation process rife with rumor, innuendo and salacious accusations: largely described “palace intrigue” in the mass market media.
The notable decline in decorum with regard to judicial nominees within the united states senate has not gone unnoticed.
The correspondents were discussing whether there was a need to fundamentally change the senate or the Judicial confirmation process at least.
Of course my reflex reaction is: NO! Often reflex reactions can be wrong.
With little doubt do we have the same idea.
The talking heads would probably want to further bastardize the senate in some shape or form.
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Oct 6, 2018
@JohnJamesMI I've written thoughts on a few of your campaign points;

🔹Criminal Justice Reform
🔹GOP abandoned the inner cities

Healthcare 👇
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Oct 5, 2018
🤣 That's hilarious. So this clown chimes in with this snarky comment. The irony is, it is she that is the partisan hack that doesn't know what she's talking about.
I noted Holder to be first cabinet official held in contempt of congress (fact BTW)
I promptly respond, using partisan sources, her partisan sources... @nytimes and @politico to show her her error. I love when cocky idiots step to me, it's great!
Not one word in response... I mean, what do you say to that? Must have been a blow to the ego. Clearly blocking me is the answer 🤣 what a total LOSER!
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Oct 3, 2018
A concern my father expressed with the Michigan election... and he has a point.

Given it's not exclusive, however, this proposal will bring every beatnik leftist wanna be kid to the poles in droves...
I'm not knocking it... I probably support this and had a living off the care giver laws. I am watching the small guy getting run over and people that sold major wieght for years become "legitimized" taking over much of the industry here.
For example most grow stores, especially ME owned, have massive illegal grows behind them, same with dispensaries. I've watched one major player criminal after the next step into these roles because they have the cash.
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Oct 2, 2018
@JohnJamesMI rocking ya out until election day. 👍🦅🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

For God & County!
However, I don't really wear ball caps anymore (good for that pic) ... Mainly the #MAGA stays on my armoire. 🇺🇸 But is on hand for special events. Procured from the Washington MI rally.
My favorite 2 flags are featured in each pic too! 🇺🇸🦅
First is my Mount Vernon flag, named because it was first flown on the flag pole of Washington's estate. Forget the day, the certificate is particularly in frame. This flag has been bannered in my home office ever since.
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Oct 1, 2018
@twitter you guys really siphoned all the fun out of your platform. @jack obsession with lopsided censorship is reaching new levels.🤐

Mere Conservative ideas; GOTTA GO! 🤬

Known, recognized terrorist organizations funding and recruitment;
meh, no biggie...🤯

This is 🐂💩!
What do I mean?
#JamesWoods #ThomasWictor #GavinMcinnes #OwenBenjamin to name just a few... Can't have them.
No no.
But this crap is perfectly fine...
I was watching a 1977 episode of 'Soap' last night, this program could not be produced today. Not because Billy Crystal's gay character was concidering a sex change, attempted suicide, then opted against the sex change... No, this scene cought my attention... 👇
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