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I just watched Katie Hopkins' new documentary about "genocide" of white people in South Africa, produced by Ezra Levant's Rebel Media. As far as delusional racist agitprop goes, it was completely unwatchable. A couple of thoughts... #plaasmoorde #cdnpoli
We've been waiting 8 months for this film's release. Since it is basically a mashup of her previously released videos, this delay makes absolutely no sense. What has she been doing??

I've already dealt with most of its themes for @africasacountry: africasacountry.com/2018/02/search…
#Plaasmoorde is completely unwatchable. It's basically a stream-of-consciousness veering between highly exploitative accounts of violent crime, dubious witnesses speculating about conspiracy theories. It's even worse than #Farmlands!
Hopkins' analysis is unbearably shallow. Reflecting on household security systems, she ponders: “I wonder if apartheid ever went away? It seems the only thing that has shifted is who has the power.”

Right... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apartheid
Hopkins' main claim seems to be that attacks on white farmers must have required the “discipline, training, funding, and equipment that can only be provided by people in power: the politicians and police." I can't stress enough how much she has failed to prove her case.
Like 99% of Hopkins' evidence for her claims come from an unidentified white police officer, who himself sought Hopkins out, who claims that the attacks are "terrorism" & speculates that the African National Congress is behind them.
There's a bunch of Christian stuff in here, too. Kinda reminds me of how American rightwingers defended apartheid by saying that white South Africans were good Christians and that therefore their system of racial oppression should be supported.
Unlike Southern’s #Farmlands, Hopkins actually talks to black farm workers... but only to pity them, based on how they are affected by crimes against their white employers. #plaasmoorde
Honestly... it is weird. #Plaasmoorde ONLY looks at black-white relationships in terms of employer-employee. The goals, well-being, and futures of black people are portrayed solely as dependent on their relationship to their white employers. Or, they show up as villains.
Hopkins' conclusion: “And this is my truth from South Africa. Whites are being systematically cleansed from the land." Strangely, she doesn't actually use the word "genocide" in the film, despite its predominant use in marketing #plaasmoorde
Worth noting the presence of @AfriForum's @ErnstRoets - who says there's no genocide - in a racist movie promoting theories of "genocide"; and @steve_hofmeyr, a guy who often shows up in my mentions to defend apartheid. #Plaasmoorde
Oh also: there's a book! And when I say "book," I mean a 70-page e-book published by Rebel Media. Seems like Hopkins is exploiting terrible human tragedy as well as racist theories so that she can recover from bankruptcy, but that's just speculation. #plaasmoorde
Bottom line: even by the low standards of the genre, Katie Hopkins' racist "#WhiteGenocide" documentary is trash. From storytelling to ideological elements to basic technical competence, its a total failure. Alas, the far-right will probably share it anyway #plaasmoorde #cdnpoli
To be clear: violent crime in South Africa (including against white people) is real and horrific, but with #Plaasmoorde Hopkins is exploiting these stories to advance her own racist, far-right agenda of white supremacy at home. There's no #WhiteGenocide africasacountry.com/2018/02/search…
btw, have I mentioned that Katie Hopkins is an idiot who has no idea what she is talking about?
on that note, have I mentioned that Katie Hopkins is basically a Nazi?
Here's a "fun" twist: Hopkins' doc #plaasmoorde has been praised by Ingrid Carlqvist, Swedish anti-Muslim activist and frequent peddler of holocaust denial. Today they shared a stage at a conference for a new UK far-right party. hopenothate.org.uk/2018/09/20/bri…
Calqvist was also recently in South Africa where she apologized to white people for having previously opposed apartheid. (She then filled my mentions w/ justifications for apartheid and promoting racist IQ 'science') #plaasmoorde africasacountry.com/2018/09/the-fo…
Once again #AfriForum is sharing #WhiteGenocide content that they otherwise loudly claim to disagree with when they want to be taken seriously

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Sep 14, 2018
Maxime Bernier is against "extreme multiculturalism," wants to decrease immigration levels, eliminate foreign aid, and protect "free speech". This is a platform aligned with today's white supremacists at Rebel Media and identical to what white supremacists were saying in 1980s
What was notorious neo-Nazi Paul Fromm up to in the 1980s? Oh, just running his two organizations, the Canadian Association for Free Expression and Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform, ranting about non-white immigrants with different values. 💁‍♂️ #MaximeBernier
What even are "Canadian values"? If they include Bernier's example (support for gay rights), then our Canadian values are things that had to be fought for over decades against the reactionary forces like Bernier himself. What a hypocritical joke. #MaximeBernier
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Apr 29, 2018
Faith Goldy insists she is not into white supremacy, only "racial self-interest."

This "self-interest" motivates her to spread fear about non-white people coming into Canada. And to wax nostalgic for apartheid South Africa. And to go on neo-Nazi podcasts & recommend Nazi books
"Racial self-interest" is behind the obsession of Goldy, Southern, and Hopkins with so-called #WhiteGenocide in South Africa. They want us to believe that if we allow too many non-white refugees into Canada, whites will be "hunted to extinction" africasacountry.com/2018/02/search…
Is it "white supremacy" to believe that Europeans and black Africans have an IQ gap which is “absolutely enormous," and that therefore giving everyone in South Africa an equal vote might not work? Because that's an idea Lauren Southern agreed with in an interview with Molyneux
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Apr 19, 2018
According to @CANADALAND, one of the Toronto Sun's 5 thematic areas in covering the Ontario election is "cultural wars" & attacking equity canadalandshow.com/toronto-sun-pr…

Now seems like a good time to recall how, for years, a Sun columnist wrote articles in support of apartheid #onpoli
McKenzie Porter was a Toronto Sun columnist for years, and consistently wrote pro-apartheid articles like this one from 1981.Good luck finding another Canadian writing in a mainstream publication exhibiting this level of explicit, horrific, racism. Some quotes...
"Left-lib denunciations of South African policy spring from the illusion that all men are equal. If the whites of South Africa enfranchised the primitive black majority, social chaos would ensue." - Toronto Sun columnist McKenzie Porter, 1981 #onpoli
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