Starting on the show from the 10th. It begins with an "Op ed" from the NYT. I found no other copy online. HInt: this isn't about the piece, it's about a "go signal" in an effort to muddy the elections in favor of the Dems. Expect more, much more over the next couple of months.
Props for trying though... Notice how quickly it died. "These people are stupid!"
Turns out the piece is 100% plagiarized from a college kid's submitted essay. If you haven't read it yet, I highly encourage you to pull up that BuzzFeed article... it's a satirical take on the op-ed.
So, then they trot out Kasich who repeatedly mentions the word chaos when referring to Trump's administration... also short lived. Oh yea, and Kasich is saying he's thinking about running against Trump in 2020... we'll just have to remind him how miserably he FAILED as governor.
next up... BS about Pence... notice anything strange about the choice of pics by the NYT here? Yea, something tells me they keep trying, but Trump has other ideas. Hint: not joining the anti-Pence bandwagon until there's more than their fabricated conjecture to consider.
IDK... Omarosa's appearance on The View has many of us wondering. Tom Arnold too... his 8-part series ends with a thud... no tapes found. Again, can't help but wonder about the intent of either of them. Part of the plan? Woodward? Well, who doesn't know, he's just an ARSE!
Reminds me of when they attempted the "Trump doesn't look well" schtick... I tweeted this out then... funny, no one responded to the disclosure request... think there may be an #adrenochrome shortage?
So, Papy gets 14 days... who doesn't see the bigger plan here. You might want to check out his twitter too... he's quite vocal about the who, the what and the how of all the players.
In 2117 we see all the FISA signers named... before you jump down their shit, it would be wise to note that not all of them are dirty... Boente would NOT have been hired as FBI General Council if that were true. Don't you think it's time to really think about RR's in the plan?
Let's start with WHY they are all so scared about the release of the FISA docs. Stop reading just headlines and dig in... you'll find the FISC DID look into all of this. BTW: they routinely hide behind NatSec when FOIAs are submitted. Now are you seeing why Fran is so scared.
So, if Robers and Collyer actually DID review an intentional fraud on the FISC, what exactly is Nunes "grappling" over? Answer...not a thing. Does POTUS EVER say anything not true? NOPE... meaning the Roberts review was done! Nunes just wanted you to be reminded of when, OCT '16.
This entire story about the phony dossier is why the UCMJ was amended. This is TREASON by many within our own government and an Act of War by foreign actors. Think UK and Australia in particular here. They were bold about it too, it's ALL out there... it's called PROJECTION!
So, Boentes is now FBI GC, Sue Gordon has NEVER been named... and we're wondering about RR... the only person left that's NOT been fired for an act of Treason... wouldn't be because he's about to become a federal witness would it? Coming soon to a theater near you. #EnjoyTheShow
Discussing Treason in this manner, sort of gives insight into why Q would drop 2118. FYI, if you haven't seen it, Dead Cat from @PatriotsSoapbox did an excellent recitation of this post, you might want to check it out.
Post 2119 reminds me of the 229 Stringer... remember that?
Does this help?

#NowComesThePain #Tribunals
Just remember every time the shills come out like they are against whatever the topic of the moment, they exhaust more ammo than the effort is worth... time is short for them... #GotPopcorn #EnjoyTheShow
The effort to sway your knowledge away from the truth is futile... sunlight brings truth, truth brings knowldege, and knowledge brings an angry population demanding accountability... for EVERYONE involved.
Question... how many times has Q said "we have it all?" So why would we suddenly, at this late date need a site like this? FACT: things are NOT what they seem. Don't be fooled, this is yet another attempt to silence the truth.
The same person who tried to change chat logs in Discord is suddenly trying to tell you the site he helped launch is legit? BTW: why would you want to change chat logs dating back to 2017? glad Q has it all... complete with before and after shots? #FAIL
Gonna enjoy watching THIS house of cards fall, that's for sure. Oh wait, it already is... I need more popcorn!
Many listed wistleblowers are demanding their names be removed, and this site is only a couple days old! #NothingToSeeHere eh?
Now their just pathetic... Lookie here... prime DC property for an office... nope, their not paid, good honest folks as they are. /sarc
Moral of the story, "BeCarefulWhoYouFollow
I have no doubt, this fool is part of the deep state. Too bad all his energy is waisted... Q knows EXACTLY who and what he is.
Try as they might though, the "Schiff" is going to hit the fan... they can't stop it. Frankly, they aren't smart enough to even come close.

• • •

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More from @CHHR01

Oct 5, 2018
Ok, so Flynn's sentencing is now extended to the 18th of Dec. Could Q have meant that Flynn provided testimony before the Council of Tribunals against McCain? IDK... but I sure can't wait to see this good man finally cleared once and for all!
In 2216 we're reminded that Trudeau has issues, big issues...
Let's start with the Shermans. They were murdered Dec 16, 2017. He was a pharma philanthropist and she had the black book everyone envied. FACT: he was a ruthless, by any means necessary, wealth seeker. He effortlessly screwed family, friends, and the poor in disparate countries.
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Oct 5, 2018
Starting with 2237, Q links to a Carter article talking about, seems behind closed doors, Brennan's ma Russia narrative was roundly disputed.
While we ponder the reality that Brennan forced a narrative, Trump has another rally. For those who vigilantly braved the liberal lunacy, Trump had a special message.
Threats against Trump supporters are real. For safety reasons, Q shirts were prohibited at the rally on the 21st. Seems threats were being called in and the safety of thousands in attendance was at risk. Buddy up folks, buddy up.
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Sep 26, 2018
Confronted with reality in 2226. What do we know? Highly placed folks w/in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/DOS up to and including the WH actively worked to undermine our Constitution resisting the American people by going after Candidate->President Trump. Now Baker has turned state's evidence.
Let's talk about Baker for a moment. He's the guy who "resigned" Dec 2017. He was investigated by DOJ on suspicion of sharing classified information with reporters but wasn't charged. He then joined Brookings to write for Lawfare, its blog focused on national security law.
Interestingly, NYT Michael Schmidt focused heavily on attaching Baker’s current perspective to James Comey as opposed to Andrew McCabe. Remember, Schmidt was the leak recipient from Comey via Benjamin Wittes (loyalty articles etc.).
Read 11 tweets
Sep 26, 2018
2212 is a graphic by @intheMatrixxx highlighting a tweet by @realDonaldTrump and drop by Q showing the Dem playbook for disparaging (fake stories too) RR then threatening Trump should he be fired. Context: the FISA WILL be released as soon as Kavanaugh IS confirmed. #PanicInDc
2213, POTUS is secure in the whitehouse.
Interesting thing about 2214...US/UK panic? Wouldn't have anything to do with Mifsud being resurected to testify on the 13th would it? Or at least they presumed him dead back on the 7th of Sep. Then bam, he shows up on the 13th. Their panic is telling. Alias...🤣
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Sep 26, 2018
I started the show on the 24th with an attempt at a meme... what do you think?
What about this one?
Have to admit, when I did those memes I was a bit giddy... who wouldn't be after seeing this! They actually attempted to get the Executive Branch to get their permission before declassifying anything! Yea, they're scared. BTW: the gang of 8? Aren't there only 7 right now?
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Sep 26, 2018
Starting the 2nd half of the show from the 17th. beginning with 2184 pointing to a Solomon report about how the FBI never found proof of collusion before Mueller was appointed. We knew this, but, it's worth remembering this is exactly why the FBI leaked false info to the press.
2185 reminds us Martin's attempt at playing Snowden for the C_A failed. Look at what he took! DYK he STILL hasn't been sentenced? These articles are from 2017 and we can find nothing related to a sentencing... how much you wanna bet he's spilling everything on everyone! #HugeFail
Snowden had a lot to say about this back in 2016... looks like the attempt backfired... "This leak looks like a somebody sending a message that an escalation in the attribution game could get messy fast." ( in better be careful about blaming Russia, because we have it all?)
Read 22 tweets

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