Here's the facts, jacks.

All you shrilly protesting these assault allegations as fake-outs, I know what would solve those problems: an investigation by the @FBI.
But you don't really want that, because that would put so many of you up to scrutiny.

Because so MANY of you participated in this type of behavior.
How do I know this? Because even though I didn't travel in these rarified circles on #BeachWeek, we all know these stories.

All. Of. Us.
A kegger in the woods I was at, a girl stumbled out from the forest behind her crying because one of the guys assaulted her.
We all knew who it was. We were 15. We didn't know what to do, or even if we should do anything.
Frat parties in my college town: notorious for being the scourge of high school girls for rape.
A drunk married man whose toddler daughter I took care of grabbed me and tried to kiss me at a party while his wife was inside.
I headed back inside to the safety of the party, for fuck's sake. I was 15.
And this behavior isn't only reserved for girls; I hung out with young gay men who were even more vulnerable than us because many of them didn't have good family ties.

Being gay often meant making family away from birth family.
And there were vultures that hovered around them.

We all knew them by name. In some cases these fuckers were offering places to crash to these kids, only to assault them.

I see right through your shrill "LIES, CRAVEN WOMAN."
As Shakespeare said, "The lady doth protest to much, methinks."

You got that right, JACKS.


A fair investigation into these allegations, or more Hamlet's Gertrude, gentlemen?
I know the answer.

Se you on the battlefield.
We're going have to decolonize the brains of half the damned white women in this country. WTF.

• • •

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