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https://t.co/hYSpTIk1fV Fascism walks in through bureaucratic channels masquerading as governance. Large chip on my shoulder: Jalapeño flavor.
Sep 26, 2018 25 tweets 4 min read
Here's the facts, jacks.

All you shrilly protesting these assault allegations as fake-outs, I know what would solve those problems: an investigation by the @FBI. But you don't really want that, because that would put so many of you up to scrutiny.

Because so MANY of you participated in this type of behavior.
Jul 20, 2018 20 tweets 3 min read
As a young woman, I was never the most visibly rebellious in social circles. My persona was somehow both feminine and inconsistent. Maybe I was more "Art School Disestablishmentarian" than true punk rock; regardless, the embrace of counterculture was deep and wide. Time passed. We grew older, and things changed. We got more bills, children, responsibilities, and we can't actually live in squats any longer.

But some things stayed true. The greatest part of being punk was the on-the-job training in how to rebel against the popular--
Jun 8, 2018 27 tweets 7 min read
Here was my night: Handmaid's Tale (a particularly grueling one) followed by an early (for me) dare-I-say responsible bedtime. After all, our son is done with middle school, and they're having a ceremony, so I try to do my parental duty to be not-completely exhausted at it. But our son--14 years old, a tender age under any circumstance--is distraught. He comes in our room and tells us he doesn't want to go to the ceremony.
May 15, 2018 94 tweets 18 min read
The news on our side of the world is fundamentally grim these days, but at least I can shed some light on people's lives that are fundamentally grimmer. Sigh. Where oh where to begin? I guess here, because it's the first photo I found from my time there.

This is Hebron in the West Bank.
May 15, 2018 96 tweets 17 min read
Do I feel a thread coming on, like the flu? Possible. This Gaza situation. I don't know if people (by people, I mean "people who can't find Gaza on a map, or don't know it's Occupied by Israel, or how close it is to Europe, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt...etc.) understand how dire it is.
Mar 14, 2018 13 tweets 5 min read
So unless you're dead inside yourself, the photos of the student walkouts should at the very least trigger a reaction that they are too young to bear the burden of the adults who were charged with their safety. And of course they're young. But these are the faces of disappointed rage, disbelief and sorrow that the adults in the room were petulant greedy brats.
Feb 8, 2018 59 tweets 11 min read
I'm going to tell you a story. It's going to seem sad--which it is--but it should also bring you a sense of existential relief.

thread: We're in the Sixth Extinction. There's no doubt about this. No climate deniers, or evangelicals, or people who just don't want to listen can refute this basic reality.

There just aren't the facts to back it up.
Jan 12, 2018 27 tweets 5 min read
Fast forward: Last night I watched Fight Club after 15 years, but also after learning that it was a sort of "Rough Guide to White Maleness." It's extremely distressing to watch Fight Club now.
Jan 10, 2018 41 tweets 6 min read
Look. This seems like hyperbole.

But it's not: The DoJ is getting more and more politicized, especially as the Mueller investigation circles the most inner circles of the Trump machine.

What isn't affecting you personally is still affecting millions of people. And the laws that are being rewritten for the DoJ will be rewritten for you too at some point.