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1. Woke up 3hrs too early, queasy and stressed. 2mins from now, we will likely be witness to a national misogynistic sham so deep and so blatant as to prove once and for all that the powerbrokers of US government do not believe women are human. #Kavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors #RAGE
2. I'll prob livetweet #Kavanaugh hearing, but I feel physically ill over how they've stacked the deck against #ChristinaBlaseyFord, ignored #JulieSwetnick's gang rape allegations, demonized #DeborahRamirez. How many more rapes will happen bec Trump &GOP brand claim women liars.
3. 0 reason other than corruption, misogyny, and partisanship for having no witnesses, no FBI investigation. Yet hypocrite Grassley, opens saying he wants a "Safe, comfortable, and dignified" hearing and a "show of civility"--then immediately misrepresents the issues. #Kavanaugh
4. Grassley says Dems refuse to be bipartisan and don't want to get to the truth -- when he (&Trump) prevented FBI investigation, attack #ChristinaBlaseyFord as liar, refusing to allow witnesses, no follow-ups, 5mins max Qs...what's stronger than "height of hypocrisy?" #Kavanaugh
5. Anyone surprised that Grassley isn't mentioning that he tried to bully #ChristineBlaseyFord into a hearing days ago because they knew MORE allegations were about to come out? No? How convenient. #Kavanaugh #Hypocrisy #RAGE

...and we're only a couple of minutes in.
6. That giant sucking sound you just heard was nearly every woman in America groaning when, only a few seconds into @SenFeinstein's introductoey comments for @ChuckGrassley to interrupt and speak over her.
7. @SenFeinstein's opening is useful. Read it or watch it when it's available.
8. @SenFeinstein mentions GOP's refusal to allow FBI investigation, refusal to allow testimony from #MarkJudge or others who can corroborate, their branding #ChristineBlaseyFord as a "messed up" liar, and summing up this stacked deck. Notes #Kavanaugh's lies and credibility probs
9. "It's about the integrity of that institution [#SCOTUS] and the Integrity of this institution [Congress]." -@SenFeinstein Ends saying this is not a trial, it's a job interview for #Kavanaugh to decide if he is right for #SCOTUS--it isn't about attacking #ChristineBlaseyFord
10. Hit me right in the gut when #ChristineBlaseyFord first spoke and I heard her voice. It wasn't that she looked traumatized (she does), it's that her voice sounds so youthful. I can almost hear her as a 15yo. I remember how I felt at 15 when being harassed. #Kavanaugh
11. #ChristineBlaseyFord catching her breath, voice shaking, as she speaks about the worst experience of her life is every survivor who has been forced to dredge up their worst pain and humiliation in the hope that someone will believe, help. I feel ill watching this. #Kavanaugh
"Talking about it caused more reliving of the trauma, so I tried not to think about it or discuss it." #ChristineBlaseyFord telling us why she has only rarely divulged #Kavanaugh's& #MarkJudge's assault. Yet here she is telling the entire world. To save #SCOTUS. To save us. #HERO
13. I have to stop tweeting this for a little while, and just listen to #ChristineBlaseyFord. The anxiety and nausea I'm feeling right now is *nothing* compared to what Dr. Ford is experiencing, and what every rape survivor watching this is likely experiencing. #Kavanaugh
14. "We're here to accommodate you, not you to accommodate us." @ChuckGrassley to #ChristineBlaseyFord, pretending he didn't bully her egregiously before #KavanaughHearings. Pretending he hasn't refused her request for an FBI investigation &/or corroborating testimony.
CSPAN caller during break: "There's no doubt about it, she's [#ChristineBlaseyFord] lying like a dog." More callers say she's a liar.

This is why survivors don't come forward. This is how much we hate women. #KavanaughHearings is Exhibit A.

More rapes will happen due to this.
16. That GOP has sex crimes prosecutor grilling #ChristineBlaseyFord as if she's on trial is disgusting, transparent misogyny. It's bigger even than #SCOTUS: it's a message to every survivor and every rapist about who we believe and who we destroy. A call to silence. #Kavanaugh
17. After @SenWhitehouse's speech about the misconduct implicit in not allowing a thorough FBI investigation of #ChristineBlaseyFord 's allegations, @ChuckGrassley offers (misleading) follow up comments for the umpteenth time, while denying follow-up Qs to anyone else. #Kavanaugh
18. Grassley behaving as a grandstanding, misogynistic, lying bully, ignoring the rules HE set up for #KavanaughHearings. Like every dude who's ever taken too much time in a work meeting or in class, broken the rules bec he has power--or bec he thinks maleness is above the law.
19. No filter but RAGE. Let's be clear: sex crimes prosecutor listed #ChristineBlaseyFord past travel to imply that because she has flown on airplanes despite a fear if flying, that must mean she's lying about #Kavanaugh's attempted rape. This is digusting. #KavanaughHearings
20. Warning: even though I almost never respond to trolls, today is NOT the day to try it with me. I am vibrating with rage and before I block you I will tell you everything about yourself. Proceed.
21. HOLY F*CK, WHAT WE'VE PUT THIS WOMAN THROUGH! #ChristineBlaseyFord took her polygraph test on the day (or day after) her grandmother's funeral. In her grief AND in her fear and anxiety about #kavanaugh 's attempted rape at 15yo, she endured this. Results? Truthful. #HERO
22. I unmuted CSPAN for a minute. Bad, bad decision. Callers still lambaating #ChristineBlaseyFord, calling her a liar, one woman even saying that she must be lying because she isn't reacting with "relief" and not letting it go the way the called did about her attempted rape.
23. No makeup. #nofilterbutrage. You can see on my face 44yrs of harassment, groping, grab-ass, stalking, threatened, rape & death threats, and one attempted rape in the mid/late 90s. These
#KavanaughHearings are just as much travesty as #AnitaHill #clarencethomas hearings were.
24. In my #MediaLiteracy workshops, I teach people how to distinguish text from subtext. Subtext of prosecutor hammering #ChristineBlaseyFord about who is paying for polygraph? An intent to imply that she's a pawn of Dem operatives/conspiracy. So inappropriate.
25. Stopped tweeting #KavanaughHearings bec a former feminist friend-turned right-wing troll started trolling me in a disingenuous, disrespectful, and hurtful way. I was holding it together throughout this whole misogynist travesty, but that just broke my spirit.

I'm sobbing.
26. Ok, got a hold of myself again. To be clear, the only reason that troll got to me is because she used to be a feminist, and she used to be my friend--and it's so demoralizing that somebody like her could intentionally provoke & try to hurt me just to defend #KavanaughHearings
27. Grassley opens the #Kavanaugh half of the #KavanaughHearings by again grandstanding with misleading, self interested misinformation about how supposedly bipartisan and forthcoming the GOP has been. There is clear public record to the contrary.
28. "Think about that fact." The "fact" being that a woman who was not assaulted by Brett #Kavanaugh 36 years ago doesn't remember Brett Kavanaugh. A woman whose friend did not disclose Kavanaugh's attack to her. Why would she remember him? #KavanaughHearings
29. "Listen to the people I know," #kavanaugh says. Oh, like your college roommate, who says you were a belligerent drunk and that sexual assault allegations against you seem credible based on knowing you in college? #KavanaughHearings
30. "This confirmation process has become a national disgrace."on that we agree, #kavanaugh. But not bec of your good name"--bec sexist Grassley won't allow corroborating testimony, and hired a prosecutor to grill a sexual assault victim as if she was on trial. #KavanaughHearings
31. #Kavanaugh's vitriol is so familiar. We've seen this script often (#ClarenceThomas #Trump #Weinstein #OReilly #RKelly).The flailing, self-pitying rage of a (likely) predator and (undisputed) entitled, powerful man who believes any Qs/calls for accountability = his persecution
32.#Kavanaugh is screaming his opening statement not just bec he's pissed at being called out, but bec ginning up disaffected white male rage+myths of persecution of white men plays really well to the GOP base--at this point, it's most of what they have left. #KavanaughHearings
33. Your "good name" was pre-tarnished by your own lying under oath during your original confirmation hearing, you utter fool. And "revenge by the Clintons" - really #kavanaugh? Could your political strategy be any more transparent? No defense of your actions, just attacks.
34. #Kavanaugh screams (screams!)at length that all women accusing him of assault are liars, cons, pawns of Dems/Clintons/etc. Finally+half-heartedly says sexual assault is bad, those w/ allegations should be listened to. You're not fooling anyone, you monster. #KavanaughHearings
35. #Kavanaugh shifts from screaming to crying. He protests too much. Even if we didn't have evidence of his previous lies under oath during his last confirmation hearing (unrelated to sexual assault), his posturing, self-pity and anger would make him seem far less than credible.
36. We all know that rapists and attempted rapist always go home after the fact and write "Tried raping. Also, they had pizza, yum!" in their desk calendars afterward. So #Kavanaugh MUST be innocent. (They truly think we're this stupid.) #KavanaughHearings
36. Both #Kavanaugh 's anger and his self-pitying crocodile tears makes me want to crawl out of my own skin. His concern for his own reputation at the expense of 3 women who say he assaulted them mirrors the laughter #ChristineBlaseyFord said he& #MarkJudge shared at her expense.
37. Today, anyone who uses the phrase "crazy bitches" in relation to the #KavanaughHearings gets told that they are a terrible garbage person, then blocked. Carry on.
38. #Kavanaugh randomly mentions a text from some supposedly liberal woman friend who supposedly calls herself a feminist who supposedly texted him that he's "a good man good man good man." So random unnamed friends" texts are credible, but corroborating witnesses are not. I see.
39. #ChristineBlaseyFord was respectful of Judiciary despite their structural + practical disrespect and bias against her. Her opening statement was to the point, brief. Kavanaugh just subjected America to 45mins of rage and self pity. #typical #entitlement #KavanaughHearings
39. #Kavanaugh yelling over @SenFeinstein and running down the clock on her 5mins with repetitive rants that cynically deflect her Q about FBI is every abuser's disingenuous anger at women demanding accountability. #KavanaughHearings (Wish she had shut it down like Maxine Waters)
40. #Kavanaugh continues to interrupt senators, this time interrupting @SenatorLeahy with the line, "Let me finish!" Dude. I just can't get over how transparent this is. It feels to me like every single time I've ever done punditry on Fox (and on Scarborough). #KavanaughHearings
41. #kavanaugh trying to run down @SenatorLeahy's 5mins while refusing to give straight answers and filibustering with unrelated discussions of his high school academics. This guy would never hold up as a defendant in a court of law, yet they want him on #SCOTUS. Unbelievable.
42. Note that male GOP members of Judiciary were happy to relinquish their obligation to question #ChristineBlaseyFord themselves, but haven't let the prosecutor question Kavanaugh, keeping their time for angry sexist speeches likening #KavanaughHearings to McCarthyism. So venal.
43. REALLY wish @amyklobuchar said "I haven't been credibly accused of sexual assault while drunk, Judge" when #Kavanaugh smarmily said "Have you?" to her Q about his alcohol-related blackouts/memory loss. He's acting just like every rich, entitled high school prick ever.
44. Watching 7+hrs (&counting) of #KavanaughHearings is the single worst work day I've had since I had to write a piece about #SeanSpicer's Holocaust denial from the White House podium, white supremacy, Nazis, and my grandmother's years in a Siberian forced labor camp. #trauma
45. Been watching #KavanaughHearings since 10am. Nearly 9hrs and counting. Tomorrow I have to write about it, but my brain will really need a break. I probably can't take one. Fellow writers, what do you do when you have to do a story but you want to burn everything down?
46. I had to stop tweeting bec I just couldn't take it for a while. But I've watched every minute of #KavanaughHearings. I'm now listening to @tedcruz being reliably obnoxious, as he always is. Pretense of concern for #ChristineBlaseyFord's welfare while implying she's a liar.
47. Finally finished #KavanaughHearings. 9 of the most despicable hours of Senate biz since the #ClarenceThomas hearings. America not only learned nothing from the hell we put #AnitaHill through, we've regressed. GOP doubled down to embrace a serial sexual abuser. #rage
48. #KavanaghHearings felt like the angry death throes of toxic masculinity at the intersection of power and predation. Wish I was confident that this transparent, hypocritical, cynical, misogynist display will be enough to keep a serial sex abuser off #SCOTUS; I can barely hope.

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1. Welp, so much for #civility: LET'S MAKE THIS GUY FAMOUS. Last night, at a French bistro in NYC, I got into it with this old white man in an American flag t-shirt who loudly "joked" to the waitress, "I'm going to tell Trump to deport you, hahaha, I'll tell Trump to deport you!"
2. I said (in a firm, calm voice), "Sir, that isn't funny and it's not ok. Don't joke about deporting people," that his waitress didn't deserve that treatment. He began screaming at me, "IT WAS A JOKE!" I said it wasn't funny but dangerous, that he shouldn't talk to ppl like that
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