Grassley is a liar. The two other lawyers have said that the Rep have not interest in talking to them.

What a difference between Feinstein and Grassley. Feinstein introduced Ford, Grassley did not. Mysoginistic pig

#ChristineBlaseyFord #WeAreWithChristine
I’m sure glad the gop is not questioning, it would be ugly. Hatch is just glaring at her as are his aids behind him.

Both of her lawyers are flanking her, her husband is behind her, he pushed her chair in, rubbed her shoulder. I’m so glad she has the support.

Here she goes
Dr. Ford is reading her opening statement. She is so nervous and has asked for coffee.

Questioning begins with Rachel Mitchell who apologises for Dr. Ford’s terrified testimony and says that’s not right.

First question regarding when Dr. Ford reached out to WaPo.
Mitchell looks like she is very uncomfortable with this hearing, that means she’s human to me.

Grassley interrupts saying the question is going beyond 5 minutes. Mitchell is not pleased.

@SenFeinstein puts 140 letters and 1000 female physicians into the record.
Affected her life; struggled academically, claustrophobia, anxiety, panic, ptsd.
BTW, I will not be watching Kavanaugh’s testimony, especially after watching Dr. Ford I cannot abide his choir boy lies. I think it’s good she went 2nd. She is compelling and powerful

She’s explaining how the brain works during an attack. Absolutely not a case of mistaken ID
She says Mark Judge worked at the Potomac Village Safeway. She’s asking for invest. to find out when he worked there for timeline reference.

Back to Mitchell
Day leading up to attack: Did you drink or on meds before the gathering? No.
Expecting Judge and Leland would be there.
What was the atmosphere like at the gathering?
Kav and Judge were extremely inebriated, by the time they got to the gathering. No one else was drunk by the time she got there.

It’s wasn’t a party, just a gathering. A pre-gathering before a later party. Their parties were too
late for her to attend normally.

Not loud in the living room. She said there was no music or tv on downstairs.

Sen. Leahy next. Love him.
Mitchell verifying number of people at the house.

Big diff? Mitchell said she will not ask again what happened upstairs. The 11 men would have been drilling her on all the details.

Questioning how she got home. Harris asking for copy of docs that are being referenced to.
Durbin putting 1000s of signatures into the record.

His kind words. All the Dems have extremely kind words. Dems are kind.

Insisting on Mark Judge be subpoenaed.

👊A polished liar can create a seamless story, but a survivor cannot.

100% that Kavanaugh was the one.
Judge at the Potomac Village Safeway: she said hello to him, his face was white and very uncomfortable saying hi back. Prior to the assault they had been friendly.🔥 this was 6-8 weeks after the assault.

@GarrettHaake said the GOP senators walked out stone faced, which is very abnormal.
Sorry, glad she went first.
And they’re back. Going straight for an hour due to a vote at 12:45.

Mitchell has a map of the neighborhood in order to ascertain how Ford got home.
Harris insisting on getting all the documents they are referring to.🙄 why are they withholding?

Ford confirms someone drove her, she doesn’t remember who.

She can’t remember the exact date, she again is asking for someone to figure out when Mark Judge worked at the Safeway
Therapy: she has the records, but remember Grassley didn’t want them. Ford doesn’t remember if she gave the therapy notes to WaPo. That’s an easy question to get an answer to. She did give them to her counsel.

@SenWhitehouse : confirming the Dr. Ford wanted and FBI invest.
Whitehouse promising her an investigation at some point.

Grassley trying to justify why he didn’t get the FBI. ALL LIES. HE SAID NO MANY TIMES. NOT TO MENTION HE DIDNT GIVE ANY TIME.

Klobuchar fighting back on that, sighting Hill investigation.
Back on the med notes, questioning if Ford gave them to WaPo. Again Ford said she doesn’t remember. Again a fast fact check from the reporter who I am sure is watching. @emmersbrown

See her tweet, she was given the notes.
Mitchell questioning Ford’s fear of flying. “How did you get here” questioning her fear and how does she fly so often? Why?

@amyklobuchar up
“Why did you take the polygraph?” Because she was asked to do so by a lawyer.

This 5 minutes is bullshit. Mitchell is getting 55
Dems only get 5 each. BS

Stairwell, living room, bedroom, bed on right side of room, bathroom, uproarious laughter, multiple attempts to escape, final ability to do so. This is what she DOES remember.

Grassley is very confused.
Bromwich reminding Grassley that he denied wanting the polygraph intel, so they only supplied the report. He’s saying this because a Grassley said he wants all of it.

Fighting over dates of the polygraph. Now Lindsey speaks. Douche.

Asking about this summer.
Prior to July 6th did Dr. Ford speak to anyone in Congress. Why did she speak to WaPo first?

She was panicking and wasn’t sure what to do. She wrote to her congress woman who did not return her call. She didn’t get a call back until July 9th when the nomination was announced.
July 10th she contacted the Post for the 3rd time. She was advised to contact Senators or NYT by beach friends because no one was contacting her back.

She did not contact the Times. 🤔
July 18th met with Eshu’s staff. Met with Eshu on July 20th.

@ChrisCoons up

Clarifying when and why she made contact to tell her story.

Mitchell: during the break I think the senators told her to be tougher.

Bromwich objects to line of questioning regarding the GOP
offers to send people out to investigate. Lindsey really wants to question her. He’s like a dog on a leash who sees a squirrel
Ford saying she would have been happy to have hosted Grassley but that was not the case (he wanted to send aides)
Letter on July 30th to @SenFeinstein
Feinstein called her, she knew the seriousness of the allegation.

She then started looking for lawyers. She did not talk to her parents about it at that time. Neither Feinstein or Eshu told her to get a lawyer. This is important.

@SenBlumenthal up powerful, beautiful words
He believes her because she’s been very honest about what she CANNOT remember. Liars have every detail, victims do not.

She confirms she wants to know when Mark Judge worked at the Safeway to pinpoint the date of the assault.

Mitchell up:
Again with the polygraph🙄
Bromwich objects again re who told her to take a polygraph. This is very important to @LindseyGrahamSC for some reason.

I really don’t understand why they are pressing this.

Basically asking is she knew how to cheat😱
Ford doesn’t know who paid for the polygraph.

The committee has asked for everything including audio and video from polygraph. Now they care, I guess they aren’t having the vote tomorrow.

Recess for 30 minutes.
they shut it down.

Asking if she expects the cost of the polygraph to be handed down to her. Can someone please explain this line of questioning? @SpicyFiles ?
Mitchell is on defecon 5

Will you be paying or will someone else? Ford said there are several GoFundMe sites.

Pressing on whether someone spoke to congress after the polygraph. She said she did not, but maybe someone else did.

Really pressing on who she talked to after
July 30th. Did she reach out to WaPo after letter was leaked. They had been hounding her, she did not respond, until the reporters started showing up st her work and home.

@SenBooker up
Asking how her and her family are doing.💖

Mitchell: who told you who to choose your
attorneys. She said Feinstein suggested attorneys did not say which one.

When did she request the FBI investigation? When she heard about the hearings. She said she would welcome being questioned by the committee staff. That surprises me.

Her lawyers are doing this pro bono
Asking if Dr. Ford knew of the questions being asked in advance. She said no.

Asking about the man who Whelan accused. This was a friend of Ford’s. Ford is not comfortable discussing him.

Ford went out with him a couple of times, knew him from the CC. He was the link
between her and Kav.

Social interactions with Kav: between freshman and sophomore year, 4-5 parties

@SenKamalaHarris up

Confirms Ford did the right thing by going to her congress person, and that she believes her.

Mitchell: Feinstein suggested Debra Katz
Question regarding 3 witnesses at the party that say they don’t remember being at the party.

Ford says Leyland has health issues and she apologized

She does not expect PJ and Leyland to remember as it was just a gathering
Her testimony is done.

Senators are submitting docs for the record. Dems asking for the witnesses who provided statements, to testify. Blumenthal objects to the statements being entered into the record without it.
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Oooooh he’s pissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 as if he was the one who was attacked. His wife looks sad and worried. She’s dressed in black. He’s in the verge of yelling.
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