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@Der_Eisenhans I logged out at 24:30 & listened to Bach - Much better.

#Kavanaugh did not impress me: Comes across like a guy who wants to become Sheriff of a small town in #Texas, not #SCOTUS-Judge.
Losing his cool, stories about promoting women, prayers by junior & more, ALL irrelevant!
@Der_Eisenhans 2. #Ford does not always make sense (recalls only one beer 35 years ago, but not documents to the #WaPo a month ago) - Her timing also shows that she has a clear political motive: Prevent #Kavanaugh from becoming #SCOTUS-Judge.
She did not impress.
@Der_Eisenhans 3. But even if we accept that #Kavanaugh is innocent (which he remains in any case until found guilty by a court), his non-performance shows that he is not made out of the stuff a top judge & decision-maker is made off: Presented his case poorly (as a top judge!). TBC
@Der_Eisenhans 4. No logical & consistent presentation of a)charge/claim b)rebuttal & c)presenting clear facts to back up (b) without having to rely on turning into an emotional drama-queen,who constantly pushes points (coaching a female basket-ball team) that are of zero relevance! #Kavanaugh
@Der_Eisenhans 5. As a lawyer I met a number of senior judges, including the most senior judges in Namibia, South Africa & many QC's in the UK: All more impressive, more logical in approach & with a lot more natural authority than "#Kavanaugh The Not So Great".
@Der_Eisenhans 6. Even if #Kavanaugh still becomes #SCOTUS-Judge, this pitiful non-performance will haunt him forever.

He could contact #Musk and ask about the first mission to #Mars...

#KavanaughHearings #Ford
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Oct 4, 2018
2. MORE RECENT: "Her catastrophic handling of her mutinous spy chief Hans-Georg #Maaßen — first promoting him, then reversing that decision — suggests she has lost a sense of perspective." #Merkel #EndTimes
3. "Days later, her own party, the conservative #CDU, turned against her. In a secret ballot on Wednesday, the #CDU’s lawmakers ousted #Merkel’s longtime ally Volker #Kauder and picked the lesser-known Ralph #Brinkhaus to lead the party’s parliamentary group." #EndTimes
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Sep 21, 2018
@feldenfrizz @mariae_gloria Es gibt ja auch eine Show-Welt und eine Verwurstungs-Schau(rig)-Welt: #Küblböck wurde Teil der zweiten, deren Ziel die bewusste Ausschlachtung von Schwächen von Menschen ist, die vorgeführt, herabgesetzt, verspottet und lächerlich gemacht werden. Nichts für zarte Seelen! #DSDS
@feldenfrizz @mariae_gloria 2. Er spielte den lachenenden Clown, aber sein Wesen verriet auch eine klare bipolare Persönlichkeit, wie man sie bei vielen Opfern der Reality-TV-Formate findet.
#Kuebelboeck #DSDS
@feldenfrizz @mariae_gloria 3. Diese Opfer durchschauen nicht das mit bigottem Ernst suggeriert wird echte #Superstars zu kreieren, aber sie dienen nur als Witzfiguren für die Klatschpresse.
Echter Erfolg ist nicht gewollt, da es spätere "Darsteller" überschatten würde!
#Kuebelboeck #DSDS #GNTM #Superstars
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Sep 9, 2018
2. "Generosity is a virtue, but unlimited generosity is a fast route to bankruptcy.

Humanitarianism is commendable, but not when you’re demanding that others share the burdens and expense.

A very liberal immigration policy is wise, but helter-skelter migration isn’t."
3. "Knowing how to set broad but clear limits is one of the essentials of conservative governance. Merkel’s failure is that she ceased to be conservative."
#NYT on #Merkel
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Aug 19, 2018
@cjjacobsJacobs @CDU @JuliaKloeckner @annewill 1. Various questions need to be asked:
a) Is the #earth getting warmer? Answer Yes (but was ven warmer in the past)
b) Human impact on climate (CO2)? A: Yes, but science differ on size of impact.
@cjjacobsJacobs @CDU @JuliaKloeckner @annewill 2.
c) #Germany produces 2% of all CO2 - So if we all live in tents tomorrow & only ride bicycles will it make a big difference? A: No, but the Chinese & Americans won't stop laughing!
#AnneWill #Klimawandel #ClimateChange
@cjjacobsJacobs @CDU @JuliaKloeckner @annewill 3.
So I like a debate on points a) to c) purely based on #science (and "a consensus of paid lobbyscientists" is not science, but politics) & come up with workable solutions.
PS: Currently #China produces around 26% of all man-made CO2.
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Aug 13, 2018
@Futureworldxxl @WirtschaftDE @frazionetoskana @tbgstephen @crypt_ghost @ThomasGBauer @Thomas190163 @m_aus_s @Patriotenfrank @webaxvita @ReneTruninger @jaegermeisterl @SamanthaMller16 @sabine_m_b 1. On the #Gauland-interview: It's the role of the press to ask difficult questions (which #BerlinDirekt does with other candidates as well).

It is not the fault of the #ZDF when the #AfD still has NOT determined clear (or any) policies on #pensions & other social issues!
@Futureworldxxl @WirtschaftDE @frazionetoskana @tbgstephen @crypt_ghost @ThomasGBauer @Thomas190163 @m_aus_s @Patriotenfrank @webaxvita @ReneTruninger @jaegermeisterl @SamanthaMller16 @sabine_m_b 2. As I stated before: The #AfD can not win on the medium or long term with just #MerkelMussWeg & #RefugeesOut. Security and Law & Order (with anti-#EU) may be the main driver of growth, but the AfD needs to find answers to other issues as well! It had 5 years to do so!
@Futureworldxxl @WirtschaftDE @frazionetoskana @tbgstephen @crypt_ghost @ThomasGBauer @Thomas190163 @m_aus_s @Patriotenfrank @webaxvita @ReneTruninger @jaegermeisterl @SamanthaMller16 @sabine_m_b 3. It is also clear to me that the #AfD tries to avoid these topics. Why? Because #Gauland, #VonStorch & Co know that it could divide the #AfD - Von Storch & #Meuthen sound like a right #FDP (on social issues): This will not please blue collar voters & many protest voters!
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Aug 12, 2018
"Ernteausfälle, Stürme & Sahara-Sommer: Erklärt werden die Extreme alle mit dem #Klimawandel. Doch dieser wird allzu oft instrumentalisiert, um irrationale politische Entscheidungen durchzusetzen. Eine Partei profitiert davon ganz besonders."#ClimateChange…
2. Und die #Chinesen? 2017 betrug ihr Anteil an den weltweiten CO2-Emissionen 26 Prozent. Die EU stoß 9,1 Prozent und die USA 14 Prozent aus – Tendenz sinkend.
Zur Zeit werden in China 368 neue Kohlekraftwerke errichtet und 803 weitere befinden sich in Planung.
3. Aber für "mutige" #Umweltaktivisten sind demokratische Staaten eine viel leichtere Beute als selbstbewusste Autokratien.

Oder wann sah man Claudia #Roth bei einer Umweltdemo in #China?
Reminder: CO2-Emissionen von #China is fast 3 mal größer als die der #EU!
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