By raging he's being framed by a Clinton revenge plot conspiracy, Kavanaugh echoed Trump propagandists discrediting Mueller & Russia probe. That in itself is disqualifying from sitting on the Supreme Court. It also proves he won't be an impartial arbiter on those & other matters.
Forget the alleged sexual assault & lies for a moment. Kavanaugh's partisan rant about a left-wing smear conspiracy is so off-the-rails improper for someone whose job is literally to DISPASSIONATELY & fairly interpret facts & law before him. And he wants a promotion to SCOTUS??
Maybe #Kavanaugh's not a conspiracy theorist. But he is consciously echoing Trump. He altered strategy from choir-boy Fox interview b/c Trump didn't like it. Kav's already bending to the executive who named him, like the political operative he is at heart. And will be on SCOTUS.
The fear has always been that Kavanaugh is too partisan for Supreme Court. He proved y'day he is. That not only threatens our democracy's long-term legitimacy. But he'd let Trump avoid a Mueller subpoena & expand executive power—at a time when its legitimacy is already in doubt.
Here's a link to Kavanaugh's views of expansive presidential powers, that a sitting POTUS cannot constitutionally be indicted for ANY reason AND does not have to cooperate w/ ANY investigation. Even before he showed his partisan stripes, K looked like he'd put Trump above the law
Now bring in Kavanaugh's "alternative explanations," lies, deception, drinking, & sexual assault allegations documented in the piece below and place them against the backdrop of improper partisanship, lack of judicial temperament, and someone beholden to a president above the law
Kavanaugh is partisan, lacks judicial temperament, character & honesty. Bernie's THREAD summarizes his false statements re: 1) stolen Dems emails, 2) NSA wiretaps, 3) Pryor nomination, 4) torture, 5) polygraphs, 6) drinking habits, 7) yearbook, 8) Dr Ford, 9) calendar notes.
The weight of evidence has already tipped the scales to "disqualified" for Kavanaugh. Even friends and colleagues who had supported his ascent to the Supreme Court, have changed their minds, and urge his nomination be withdrawn. e.g. @benjaminwittes…
🔥@benjaminwittes: I Know Brett Kavanaugh, But I Would Not Vote to Confirm Him. Because of Dr Blasey Ford's testimony and his. Thursday's "breathtaking" "partisan" "howl of rage" performance left him "nonviable" as a Supreme Court justice.…
ICYMI No interview of Ford or Kavanaugh. The investigation was a hoax, as it were. Trump fed us “free rein” disinformation while handcuffing FBI—giving cover for Republicans to put a belligerent partisan & maybe worse on the Supreme Court. #inners #maddow
As Repubs move to vote w/o full investigation & Trump tweets disinformation to rally troops, 650+ law professors across the country urge Senate to reject Kavanaugh, citing lack of judicial temperament, inquiry & impartiality necessary for the Supreme Court…
Doubletalk & disinformation has been the Republican strategy. Praise #MeToo, pay lip service to Dr Ford & public trust, then stab women in the back w/ a rush vote for #Kavanaugh. We will never forget this betrayal, made worse by phony patronizing @BenSasse
Republicans are sure making it hard for Senators to read the Kavanaugh FBI report, restricting both time and place. Why? What do they fear, if they believe it exonerates him? Even having rigged it (not even Dr Ford was interviewed), they're still nervous??…
Collins is OK w/ FBI Kavanaugh investigation. Even says it’s thorough?? This is what Republicans do—stick together & put party above country. They fall in line—like Soviet lemmings—corruptly ignoring reality b/c the ends always justify any means. Sad sad day to watch America sink
The Kavanaugh charade must be seen as another grave assault on democratic norms & values. Republicans & Trump WH have manipulated this process, used disinformation & now the FBI probe as a tool for political ends. They’ve turned America on its head. All 3 branches are now corrupt
If #Kavanaugh was so outraged that he was being falsely accused of terrible things, he should have demanded a full FBI investigation the moment he heard them. He didn’t want that. Instead he wanted emotion & theatrics. Worked at first. Now he sees he was wrong. More bad judgment.
“I am an independent, impartial judge (I just didn’t play one on TV🤔)”—Brett Kavanaugh knows he’s in trouble. Hence this desperate last ditch op-ed apologizing for being too “emotional and sharp.” This just proves he his bad judgment imho.… #inners #maddow
⚡️A 1st since Bork, WaPo urges Senate to reject Kavanaugh: “Given Republicans’ refusal to properly vet…and given what we have learned about him during the process, we now believe it would be a serious blow to the court and the nation if he were confirmed”
Another first: Lifelong Republican retired Justice John Paul Stevens speaks out, says he’s changed his mind about #Kavanaugh. Stevens believes Kavanaugh would not be able to carry out his duties on Supreme Court, after “demonstrated bias” at Senate confirmation hearing. #maddow
>> American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary sends letter to @senjudiciary RE-OPENING their evaluation of Brett Kavanaugh in light of "new material information regarding temperament" @JeffFlake @SenatorCollins @Sen_JoeManchin
@senjudiciary @JeffFlake @SenatorCollins @Sen_JoeManchin McConnell's tweet—just y'day—already hasn't aged well. "Gold Standard" ABA is reopening their evaluation, along w/ other Kavanaugh peers, colleagues, law professors, & a retired Supreme Court Justice. These times require that no American stay silent in face of assaults on America

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
#BREAKING Nikki Haley Resigned as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations via @NYTimes…
Nikki Haley resigns as UN ambassador, after meeting with Trump in WH—reportedly planned for 6 mos. Odd timing, tho, for Trump to lose a top woman after Kavanaugh & right before midterms? She’s been a notable loud voice against Russia’s malign acts. Will her replacement be also?
Nikki Haley profusely praises Trump and the family. Ivanka’s great and “Jared is a hidden genius that no one understands.” A bit over the top. But you can’t work for Trump unless you blather on like a sycophant. I bet she can’t wait to get the hell out of the embarrassment admin.
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Oct 8, 2018
⚡️Mueller is unraveling a MAJOR & dark thread in Russia investigation. (Dead) GOP operative Peter Smith apparently wired money to hackers as "Russian students" at same time Clinton emails were released by Wikileaks. Elaborate secrecy & planned projects suggest foul play. THREAD👇
So GOP operative PETER SMITH had an elaborate & well-funded scheme to get Clinton emails. In email w/ apparent hacker, they discuss wiring $150k to "Russian students" & being pleased w/ released Clinton emails just days after Wikileaks releases in Oct.…
This is the first reporting I've seen casting some doubt on GOP operative Peter SMITH's suicide. Hours before his death, he spoke w/ a financier about another anti-Clinton project. He was excited & brainstorming about how to proceed. Financier was stunned when he heard of suicide
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Oct 7, 2018
🕯#OTD Oct 7, 2006: Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya murdered to silence her fierce voice on Putin mafia state corruption, atrocities, propaganda. Her truth is louder today: Putin's guard dogs hurtling Russia back to USSR abyss…Journalists risk death, bullet, poison, trial.
#Politkovskaya was a journalist & human rights activist, not distinct in authoritarian Russia. Anna said journalists owe duty to tell the truth about the state. One last investigation was into mass poisoning of Chechen schoolchildren, authorities gaslighted as media mass hysteria
Before Trump, Americans might've read #Politkovskaya reports of gaslighting officials who blame media hysteria to cover up the poisoning of schoolchildren as absurd. We see now that gaslighting propaganda is a hallmark of illegitimate authoritarian states.…
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Oct 5, 2018
Oh gawd. Collins is repeating a Republican talking point about Democrats deciding before Kavanaugh was named to oppose him. So, folks, there you have it. OK for Republicans not to let Obama nominee have a hearing for a year, but Dems can't oppose a man, now credibly discredited.
.@SenatorCollins, what a disappointment. She's reciting Kavanaugh's judicial record, but nothing about his overt lack of judicial temperament. Truly shocking. It's not just Trump. Republicans behave like Soviets, believing the ends justify the means. Every damn time. Wow
@SenatorCollins Collins now sounds like Senator Kennedy: "I asked him point blank if anyone influenced his decisions…he said NO" "Judge Kavanaugh fits w/in the mainstream of legal thought." Now she's citing ABA, who just announced they're reopening their evaluation. What a farce. Sorry, America
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Oct 5, 2018
Grassley: “In another era, Kavanaugh would’ve been confirmed with a unanimous vote.” He ain’t wrong! And blames “left-wing” conspiracies. NEWS for Mr Grassley & Republicans: Women are constituents NOT conspirators! The era of dismissing women, our stories & our rights is OVER!
Schumer: Kavanaugh was problematic from the day he was named by hard-right special interests. The dam broke with Dr Ford’s sexual assault allegations. Republicans blame Democrats bc they have a flawed nominee. It’s the shameful culmination of scorched-earth politics of hard right
Schumer: Kavanaugh was evasive bc he knows his views are deeply at odds w/ the progress America’s made in the last century of jurisprudence & at odds w/ what most Americans believe…If you have doubts abt his credibility, don’t confirm. Ask Pres for another name. Save the Senate.
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Oct 1, 2018
More on that bar-room brawl, adding to a pattern of a belligerent & aggressive drunk/Supreme Court nominee: Kavanaugh wasn’t satisfied w an answer a guy in a bar gave him, so picked a fight, threw a glass of beer in the guy’s face. There’s a police report.…
Yale classmate who witnessed a bar fight: What the incident illustrates about Kavanaugh “is just the aggressiveness that came along with the alcohol, the hair-trigger machismo… [T]hat was kind of Brett’s shtick. He was aggressive… belligerent” when drinking.
The most 80s thing ever: They were drinking pints at a bar after a UB40 concert & Kavanaugh was sure some guy was the lead singer Ali Campbell. He wasn’t but Brett started a fight b/c of how the guy talked to him. (BTW UB40’s big hit was “Red Red Wine”🍷)
Read 4 tweets

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