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Jai Gurudev
Today I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge the conspiracy behind #Sabarimala. Before going into conspiracy some baics of Hindu religion, the importance of Deity, rules to follow.
👉Before Murti of any Deity is installed Pranpratista ritual is done. that is Avahan (requesting) the God to reside in the Murti. their is shashtra specified procedure for it.
👉How many Hindus knew the process by which Pranprista is complete n Devta has entered the Murti.
👉For confimation of success of Pranpritista a big mirror covering entire area over the entrance of Gribhagruha is installed. mirror placed in such a way that complete Murti will be visible in it.
👉Before start of ritual a velvet cloth is placed over the mirror.
👉After the Pranpritista process is completed the velvet cloth over the mirror is removed. now Murti is directly facing the mirror. if the mirror shatters into pieces with the first glimpse of Murti its the
confirmation of Deity entering n residing in the Murti.
👉If mirror remains intact ritual has failed n Murti is just a piece of stone/metal.
👉So as per our Vedic parampara a specific site having high energy flow is chosen n than by above process Murti is installed.
👉So a Hindu temple is a very sacred place where a living deity resides.
👉Just like humans each Deity has its likes/dislikes.
👉some like particular way of worship archana/abhishek/tarpan, etc.
👉different Deities like different flowers/bhog.
👉In the same way as per scripture or in some cases as per the desire of the Deity itself the worship way n other details regarding the Deity is decided.
👉Its the duty of the devotee to see that this particulars r followed strictly to get max blessing.
👉After this one important aspect is the Priest. A dharmic doing regular sadhana, taapasya is the best choice.
👉The power of the Murti also depends upon the daily rituals done by the priest.
👉Read this thread to understand what Ayyappa Deity of #Sabrimala is:
👉It is said that Hindu Rishi discovered the different secrets of universe while in deep state of meditation.
👉to ensure that humans gain from this secrets they passed it in different ways one of which is temple with Deity.
👉Temple's r the powerhouse of positive energy. any religious person can feel the atmosphere in the temple. it has a soothing effect on stressed souls.
👉every individual can't do sadhana, taapasya for them temple is the place from where they derive their sustenance power.
👉we all have seen the photo of Bhagwan Shiva were rival animals r seen sitting together. it is due to the power of siddhi "AURA" that they have forgotten their long enemity.
👉from time immemorial Hindus have prospered because of the power they derive from the Aura of Murti in temples.
👉of the 47 known civilizations in the world it is the only living civilization left.
👉we continuously fought for hundreds of year with the faith n blessing of God. recall all our heros Shivaji/RanaPratap n many before them, the source of their energy was always some Deity.
👉It is sad that majority of Hindus don't know this particular importance of temple
n r not interested in knowing it. but our enemies knows the secret of temple power n its role in sustaining our religion. so they wants to destory it. read this thread for more clarity.
👉Enemy knows that once the power house of energy is destroyed, the power beyind Hindus will weaken n than Hindus can easily be decimated.
👉Just a simple example what AURA is: A retire scientist of BARC has developed a AURA measuring machine.
The machine tells what our Rishis n Sidda Purush has already said.
👉The Aura of cow is in multiples of a common man. the highest Aura measured was of 32 metres of Renuka Mata of Mahur a Shaktipeeth in Maharashtra.
👉 muslims invaders would destroy the idol or throw beef in temple to destroy the sanctity of temple n thereby destroy its power.
👉In the same way missionaries n hindu haters want to push women of reproductive age (10-50) to destory the sanctity of Ayyappa temple
Sabrimala. in the thread on Ayyappa i have already told about the strict rituals to be followed. also there is chance that women with periods will be delibately pushed to destory the power of Deity.
👉so those who say despite the judgement Dharmic women will not enter
the temple has no meaning. gameplan of enemy is successful even with a handful of women's entry.
👉some r saying this judgement should be used by Hindus for forcing muslim/christian women entry into masjid/church.
👉masjid/church r no source of energy for them so whats the use other than imaginary victory.
👉so it is important that review of the judgement is necessary. the people handling the agiation should take guidance from Siddha Purush. with their divine power they r the best to guide
👉One important thing dharmic scripture readers r not Siddha Purush. one who has done Sadhana, have done Mantra Siddhi only that person is Siddh Purush.
Thread done keeping non practicing Hindus in mind so please bear it.
👉Thread tells us what role does Temple Deity plays in our life. our survival depends on maintaining its sanctity. once this is clear it is the duty of all Hindus cutting across party lines to defend the set rituals. Political parties lets be very clear its non-negotiable.

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Oct 5, 2018
Reason Tripura CM Biblab Dasgupta is constantly mocked by liberals:
👉he has gone very heavily against drug mafia.
👉20K kg of drugs confiscated.
👉it was grown in reserved forest. a govt land were no person is allowed to enter.
👉who was cultivating it, cadres of left parties.
👉had any one heard before of drugs in Tripura, before BJP came to power everything was going smoothly.
👉drug money was used to feed terrorism in NE against India.
👉after geotagging 90% bogus work in MNREGA got exposed. w/o actual work money was going to left cadres.
👉never in country history I have heard 99% of seats in local govt election won by a single party.
👉terror/misrule/plunder of the left was so huge that people just routed them.
👉left's control of media is so total that country never felt there is such an anger brewing there.
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Sep 22, 2018
Modi's emphasis on defence self reliance is the sole reason for repeated lies spread on Rafale deal.
👉India is the larget importer of arms 75bn $ in 15yrs, even by 2030 we achieve 90 % self sufficiency who will be loser: the global arm manufacturers, will they remain silent.
👉Immediately after cancellation of single fighter jet tender with frontrunnrs US F-16 n Sweden Saab suddenly internal media is flooded with women in India unsafe. arm mafia using media to hurt india's third largest economy tourism. I have alerted about it earlier tweets 👇

Also recall the Thompon Reuters report.
Modi has decided to push the Tejas project on fast track.
👉After the initial order of 40 MK1, additional order of 83 MK1A has been given subject to FOC.
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Sep 17, 2018
Today 70 yrs ago the people under jihadi Nizam state got independence after Police action courtesy Sardar Patel. even today old people tell about the actrocities of Nizam mercenaries the Razakars. young Hindus should know what our ancestors went thro. A short thread.
Women were molested in market place in full view of public. any Razakar would come n put his hand in blouse.
Razakars would visit any place n demand tea at odd hours. if Hindu men try to explain it is difficult to fetch milk at this time they would threatened if the milk is not
made available we will take from ur women.
due to this terror of jihadi's women would go to relieve themselves before 4 am.
rape,plunder, kidnapping was rampant.
Nizam didnot merge his kingdom in India n preferred independence, later he wanted to merge it in pakistan.
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Aug 30, 2018
India's collective political response to maoism threatened by Rahul Gandhi.
👉maoism is an old problem in India but started to gain momentum in early 90's. the affected states being AP/Bihar/Orrisa/Chhattisgarh n majority of former dandkarayna region.
👉till the end of 90's maoism become dominant in nearly 10 states. there was widespread violence, killing of civilians, security forces.
👉for the first time Red Corridor word came up showing the maoist control from Pashupati in Nepal to Tirupati in down south.
👉till than maoist was considered a state law n order problem. for the first time during NDA rule HM L K Advani conveyed a joint meeting of all CM/DGP of affected states n a joint strategy to tackle maoism was discussed.
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