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1/8 Sabrimala Video Thread SC banned animal sacrifice in temples not same on EID. SC not judged women entry banin Masjid inner chamber but why Hindu religion cases zealously? @rsprasad @indSupremeCourt @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @Swamy39 @narendramodi @CMOKerala
2 Sabrimala petition is assault on Hinduism,in Kerala also are exclusive women only temples but MiLords took case without considering that. Has SC taken on self to be guardian of religion? @rsprasad @indSupremeCourt @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @CMOKerala
3 Today 4000 women protest #SabrimalaVerdict for judgement review arrested. If the whole judgement is based on flimsy premises of Equality for women why were there voices suppressed why same verdict not give for women in Masjids? @rsprasad @indSupremeCourt
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Beyond the Veil - The #Ayyappan Sankalpa — A Long Thread !
The #SabarimalaTemple is many centuries-old and hosts an ancient deity, Sastha — #Ayyappan the main Vigraha (idol) of the temple, the deity is worshipped in the form of a Naishtika Brahmachari
This temple is not a prayer hall but is an energy centre; the Vigraha of #Ayyappan is not the representation of a God who is omnipresent, but as a source of energy (Chaithanya) from a mystical dimension.
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Jai Gurudev
Today I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge the conspiracy behind #Sabarimala. Before going into conspiracy some baics of Hindu religion, the importance of Deity, rules to follow.
👉Before Murti of any Deity is installed Pranpratista ritual is done. that is Avahan (requesting) the God to reside in the Murti. their is shashtra specified procedure for it.
👉How many Hindus knew the process by which Pranprista is complete n Devta has entered the Murti.
👉For confimation of success of Pranpritista a big mirror covering entire area over the entrance of Gribhagruha is installed. mirror placed in such a way that complete Murti will be visible in it.
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#Sabarimala: Five Judge Constitution Bench will deliver the Judgment in a 2006 PIL filed by Indian Young Lawyers Association challenging the centuries-old tradition of Sabrimala Temple banning entry of women of menstruating age inside the temple now
Bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra And Justices RF Nariman, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra is going to pronounce the verdict after eight-day long marathon hearing
The Constitution Bench assembles
Four Opinions as "USUAL"
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1. The Bench has assembled and hearing begins in the #Sabarimala Petition.
2. Mr. Ramamoorthy, Amicus Curiae for the Respondents, commences his submissions. #Sabarimala
3. Mr. Ramamoorthy submits that today through the Petition the very existence and origins of Lord Ayyappa have been questioned. #Sabarimala
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1. The Bench has assembled. The #Sabarimala hearing resumes.
2. Mr. V. K. Biju appears for @RahulEaswar an intervenor supporting the Temple. #Sabarimala
3. Mr. Biju wishes to place before the Court certain extracts from Commonwealth debates which are of relevance to the issue at hand. #Sabarimala
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I was in Kerala last three days. Absolutely amazed & emotional about the groundswell of determination among hindus.

Across parties/ ideologies, #Sabarimala has united us. SM, WA lit up with people discussing article 25, rights of deity, temple as public property etc.
People suddenly hyper aware of apocalyptic changes being thrust upon us, have forgotten our differences.

Randomn people coming up to me and discussing #ReadyToWait almost made me weep.

Swamy Ayyappan blessing us ordinary lesser mortals with near-cosmic experiences!
Its brilliant to watch as people fully grasp wider implications of two core issues that will emerge from #sabarimalahearing if verdict is FOR entry.

1. Temple becomes a public institution without religious denomination

2. The deity's status as juristic person revoked.
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The goal of adhyatma is for a person to realize that he is but a slave of the lord who is driving every single action in this body. Jiva has zero independence or power. Paramatma residing inside us does everything /1
Thus every single action we perform - eating, sleeping, bathing, etc - is all to be offered to the paramatma inside us - that's when true detachment occurs - and ahankara ends. However, reaching this stage is no trivial task /2
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#Sabarimala: V Giri concludes, Sai Deepak J begins.
#Sabarimala: Rights under Article 25 is subject to Article 26.

Deity has rights under Article 21, 25(1) and 26 (b), J Sai Deepak.
#Sabarimala: While I have rights under Article 26, I am sticking to Article 25 and this case can be disposed of under A. 25, J Sai Deepak.
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1. #Sabarimala hearings have commenced. Mr. K. Radhakrishnan appears for Respondent No. 19, the Pandalam Royal family, the family of Lord Ayyappa
2. Mr. Radhakrishnan is analysing Article 25 and submits that the provision has no equal anywhere in the world. #Sabarimala
3. Mr. Radhakrishnan submits that women of child bearing age restrain themselves from entering the Temple, they are giving effect to and respecting the will of the Deity. #Sabarimala
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#Sabarimala: Bench assembles, hearing commences; Sr. K Radhakrishnan begins arguments.
#Sabarimala: Freedom of religion is subject to public order, health and morality.

I pray that Your Lordships prefix that "morality" with "public", K Radhakrishnan on scope of morality under Article 25.
#Sabarimala: Radhakrishnan also submits that morality includes institutional morality which could arise from religion.
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1. Arguments in the #Sabarimala Petition resume. Mr. Parasaran now argues for the Nair Service Society.
2. Mr. Parasaran submits that Kerala is an educated society
3. Mr. Parasaran submits that 96% of the women in Kerala are educated. They are independent. It is a matrilineal society. Therefore to assume that the practice of the #Sabarimala Temple is based on patriarchy is fundamentally incorrect
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#Sabarimala: Bench assembles, hearing commences. Sr. Adv. K Parasaran begins submissions for Nair Service Society.
#Sabarimala: K Parasaran on Kerala society; Most women in Kerala educated, Kerala had communities which were matriarchal.
#Sabarimala: Hindu religion is a very tolerant religion, K Parasaran.
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All Debates on #Sabarimala hosted by news channels are by very conception and format are biased, prejudiced and place Hindus at a disadvantage. They use Rights, Equality, and all such heavy sound narratives to shut tradition.
These narratives are by definition prejudiced since, they are rooted in Eurocentrism and Abrahamism and have no meaning or relevance in Hinduism. #Sabarimala
Notion of equality has no relevance especially in Hindu pursuit of religious &spiritual emancipation. Our Hindu worldview is rooted in concept of Svabhava & Adhikara. Moksha is ultimate goal for each person, but the path is never same. Path depends on Temperament and Competency.
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I will be visiting #Sabarimala for the 18th time this September.I travel with 12 others & there isn’t one woman amongst all our extended families who wouldn’t endorse #ReadyToWait They deeply respect the tradition & don’t need libs to poke thier nose
Still remember my first trip in Y2K and my friend cum Guruswamy forced me to come saying I will force you once,you will force yourself from then on.Have been there every year except for one.Grateful to him to have initiated me into this. 19 years just buzzed past!
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1. #Sabarimala hearings commence. Dr. Singhvi submits on behalf of the Travancore Devaswom Board that he is limiting the scope of his submissions to only the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple.
2. Dr. Singhvi is placing before the Court the history of the #Sabarimala Temple and the requirements of the vow to be observed for 41 days prior to visiting the Temple.
3. Dr. Singhvi submits that every Ayyappa devotee who observes the vow is himself treated as a Swami, which epifies the line Tat Tvam Asi
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#Sabarimala: Hearing resumes in Supreme Court.
#Sabarimala: @DrAMSinghvi making submissions for Travancore Devaswom Board.
#Sabarimala: Justice Rohinton Nariman referring to the stand of Devaswom Board in High Court of allowing women for five days in a month.

"The deity cannot suddenly disappear for five days only to reappear later", Nariman.
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After much self debate I am sharing this story...
My spiritual guru is a Nath Yogi who belongs to the same lineage as Sri Yukteswar & Lahiri Mahasaya..
Once I was with him in his Ashram in Pune for Shivratri..
A night b4 I was after him to do "Chandi Yagya"..Contd.
After relentless forcing by me he agreed but told me to make sure no mensurating female disciple participates in it..I understood & personally passed the message to all..
At midnight My guru started the Fire Yagya as he made d men & women sit around the kund & started d chants..
5 mnts into the yagya he SHOUTED the names of 3 girls who were mensurating & asked them to leave immediately. I was stunned how did he know?
They had defied his orders& I knew I will have to bear d wrath!
I immediately got up and apologized as I had failed in my duties!
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#Sabarimalahearing 1. Mr. Raju Ramachandran has resumed his submissions as the Amicus Curiae in support of the Petitioner
2. Mr. Ramachandran submits that while Article 17 was originally intended to tackle untouchability emanating from caste, nothing stops the Court from expansively interpreting it just as Article 21 has been interpreted over the years. #Sabarimala
3. Mr Ramachandran submits that if the basis for exclusion under traditional untouchability is defilement or pollution of the premises, the same logic applies to untouchability on account of defilement caused by menarche. #Sabarimala
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A what-if scenario:
Court opens #Sabarimala to women capable of child bearing. Activists will engineer a 'violent act where enraged devotees attack a woman'.

I fear that this is where we'll end up. Beefed up security, all sorts of impositions on devotees, even a closure.
The larger ramifications for worshipping a Tantric deity is just unthinkable.

It will be a sad day for Hinduism if the verdict ends in opening up of the temple against the Agamic rules.

देवान्भावयतानेन ते देवा भावयन्तु वः ।
परस्परं भावयन्तः श्रेयः परमवाप्स्यथ ॥

I hope sanity prevails.

May Ayyappa protect us all.
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Today's #Sabarimala hearing and why the debate in Supreme Court today on Articles 17, 25 and 26 might be have been watershed. #Thread.…
The first half of the hearing today was rather subdued but it really came to life in the second half when Sr. Adv. @IJaising commenced her submissions.
The Bench which up until then was quiet, suddenly came to life, thanks to Jaising’s submissions on the ban on women being hit by the abolition of untouchability under Article 17.
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I've been to a few temples in my time but #Sabarimala is the only place where I've experienced this overused line that all men are equal.
Sixteen times I've undertaken the pilgrimage and that's the one place I've experienced contentment as I commenced the journey back. There are temples I loved, temples I've felt energised in, temples that are calming, but contentment? Just one. #Sabarimala
Indistinguishable in the uniformity of their attires, with faces barely hiding the worries of life, every pilgrim who makes the climb does so with but one line on their lips, that of Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa, and one thought only, of getting to see the Lord. #Sabarimala
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#Sabarimalahearing 1. Mr. R.P.Gupta, counsel for Indian Young Lawyers Association (the Petitioner), has resumed arguments. He again walked through the Order dated October 13,2017 wherein reference was made to the Constitution Bench
2. Mr. R.P.Gupta reiterates his position that #Sabarimala Temple has Buddhist origins. The Bench questions the relevance and authencity of the submissions in this regard.
3. Mr. R.P.Gupta is walking the Court through the Provisions of the Travancore Cochin Hindu Religious Institutions Act to make the case that the #Sabarimala Temple is part of State under the Constitution
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1. Mr. Gupta, Advocate for the Petitioner, commenced arguments on behalf of the Petitioner which is challenging the limited restriction on entry of women between the age group of 10 & 50 into the #Sabarimala Temple
2. The Counsel for the Petitioner took the position that the #Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple was originally a Buddhist Temple. The Bench asked Mr. Gupta to start with the Orders passed by the Supreme Court in the Petition leading to the reference to the Constitution Bench
3. The Counsel for the Petitioner walked the Bench through the judgement of the Court dated October 13,2017 wherein the reference was made and questions were framed for consideration by the Constitution Bench
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