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I've been to a few temples in my time but #Sabarimala is the only place where I've experienced this overused line that all men are equal.
Sixteen times I've undertaken the pilgrimage and that's the one place I've experienced contentment as I commenced the journey back. There are temples I loved, temples I've felt energised in, temples that are calming, but contentment? Just one. #Sabarimala
Indistinguishable in the uniformity of their attires, with faces barely hiding the worries of life, every pilgrim who makes the climb does so with but one line on their lips, that of Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa, and one thought only, of getting to see the Lord. #Sabarimala
If you want to understand what "complete surrender" is, don't read any high blown philosophy. Just come to #Sabarimala and observe the pilgrims on the route.
For all the gradual chipping away by institutions of state, it is this faith in the heart of the humblest pilgrim that still sustains the flame of Hinduism. #Sabarimala
And that precisely, is the reason this bastion of the "pagan faith" is sought to be targeted. Let us not delude ourselves that is this about some nice sounding notion of equality.
How many of those pontificating even know that this is a temple dedicated explicitly to celibacy? Hinduism as a practice does not have "one size fits all" or one way of worship and cannot be viewed from that lens #Sabarimala
There are six million temples in India where everyone can worship, but gender equality is threatened by ONE temple that prohibits women of a certain age from making that pilgrimage on account of a specific abstention. #Sabarimala
While we are on the subject of "exclusions", what's the single largest congregation of women in the world? The annual pongaala at the Attukaal Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala, where 5 million women make the pongaala. Haven't seen one man demanding to break that tradition!
Take the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati. The Ambubachi Mela in June is a tribute to the female virtue of fertility and the process of menstruation. Only females are allowed in the temple and for this period the temple is served by a female priest no less.
The Bhagawati temple, located in Kanyakumari, worships Kanya Maa Bhagawati Durga who is said to have gone to an isolated area in the middle of the ocean for Tapasya so that she could ask for Lord Shiva as her husband. Married men are not allowed in the temple!
Pushkar Temple in Rajasthan, the only temple to Brahma, is off limits to married men as they're cursed to suffer marital problems! Similarly, each temple has it's own sthala Puranam, mode of worship and tradition. It's foolhardy to ask why one tradition cannot be replicated
And before we make this another excuse to rant about "Brahminical patriarchy", who comprises the bulk of devotees at #Sabarimala? The most marginalised and downtrodden sections of the society for whom even the humble irumudi and travel costs pinch. Their faith is the foundation.
At a revenue of ₹243 crores is it a case of the state funding the temple, or the temple funding the state? To put that in perspective this revenue can cover the losses and unpaid salaries of KSRTC many times over! #Sabarimala
The biggest irony? Elitist Page 3 "liberals" in AC rooms are pontificating about a temple patronised by the very people they'd call uncouth and not come within a mile of! #Sabarimala
@NamasteNiHao did you know that there was a strong push to rename the city as Kannimary? MGR almost caved in to the pressure, as CM. Thank God for small mercies.

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Sep 20, 2018
Somebody made fun of Odisha, its culture and Bhagawan Jagannath Temple no less. He went on to mock the Konark Sun Temple standing right there. He promptly gets arrested under IPC Section 295A, maybe a first for hurting HINDU sentiments. Where's the problem? Oh, he's one of "us"!
Let's be honest. All those who are "surprised" and "outraging", over Abhijit's arrest, would you be as charitable with "secular" or a "liberal" saying the same, right in front of the temple? So why is he getting a free pass? Because he is good at taking down "presstitute" lies?
You can't get away with wanton provocation just because you appear funny, smile a lot and sound extra sarcastic, instead of outrightly hostile and inflammatory. This country does NOT have absolute freedom of expression by law, so the lectures on "Talibanisation" are pointless
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Sep 1, 2018
Yes the Men's semi v Malaysia was a let down, but beyond opportunity for a gold, jingoism and flag waving, India lost something far more valuable and of practical utility: #AsianGames winners get ticket to the Olympics. #hockey
The route available now is long-drawn and littered with banana skins. Here's the fruit salad of competitions India must digest to make it to Tokyo 2020. It's the same for the Men's and the Women's teams, differing of course, only in the rankings #hockey
Out of 12 slots available:
1. Hosts - Japan
2. Asia - Asian Games winners 2018
3. Africa - winner of separate Qualifier, #hockey is dropped from African Games
4. Europe - Eurohockey Nations winners 2019
5. N/S America - Pan American Games winners
6. Oceania Games winners qualify
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Aug 16, 2018
Nice to see @manoramanews try to be constructive instead of chasing TRPs. So refreshing #KeralaFloodRelief
General feel is that the administration is trying their best but the situation may slowly be spiralling out of their control #KeralaFloodRelief
Sad to see the rumour-mongering and passion-whipping over #Mullaperiyar. No cracks or leaks have developed, so no need for any panic
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Aug 15, 2018
Never one for movies, even less so a First Day First Show. But then this was about hockey, so off I ran to watch #GOLDMovie
Initial reaction: Must watch!
My Rating:
Conformity to purpose: 4.5/5
Conformity to facts: 3.5/5 (But then this is #Bollywood. A little latitude is okay!)
Akshay Kumar was simply outstanding as the coach. I've always believed he'd make a much better Kabir Khan for #ChakDeIndia than SRK. His performance in #GoldMovie will show you just why!
#GoldMovie also didn't have any of the out of place item numbers or romantic subplot, usually thrust on the viewer as "necessary for script". Whatever little of it, blended in perfectly with the needs of the plotline. Which was the last movie you can say this for?
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Aug 10, 2018
A lot has been said about appropriation in the wake of the controversy over #TMKrishna's wanton provocation. One middle path favoured is that it should be okay if there are separate and new Christian or Muslim devotional material in Karnatic, not plagiarised ones @NamasteNiHao
That has riled a few feathers too, of many who believe Karnatic music shouldn't even be used, let alone as separate songs. The problem is it only gives the "art is universal" liberal brigade the perfect excuse to scream "Brahminical patriarchal exclusivity" and shift goalposts
The first question: Who is the arbiter of what is Karnatic and what isn't? Purandaradasa devised the basic structure and the teaching format, and Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar the sabha convert format. But beyond that? Where does one draw the line?
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Aug 4, 2018
Okay, so looks like nobody is being entirely honest about the #UIDAIMystery. Not the Government, Not @UIDAI, not @GoogleIndia, not phone manufacturers either.
The handset makers say every device on startup connects to the net and downloads a set of Emergency numbers for that country
In that case
1. Can your device just connect to the net and download any contact?
2. On what basis did they decide it's just two for India, 112 & #UIDAI?
Most users reported seeing this number in their Phone contacts, not SIM or Google synced contacts. This doesn't appear to be much of a SIM issue. I ported recently and the new SIM has their own set of default numbers, no #UIDAI, though some are reported to include it officially.
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