1) Starting a thread to explore #QAnon Post #2305 (October 1, 2018): "The Swamp Using Dr. Ford to Frame Justice Kavanaugh"

In 3parts:
--What is Q saying?
--Why is Q saying it?
--How do we know if Q is telling us th8ch.net/qresearch/res/…xMdKOGR9yX

#MKULTRA #ConfirmKa
2) Couple of things.
--Why is this important? A few reasons. #1, mind control to influence a seat on the SC is huge. #2, if it's a clear setup, it ends now.
-- If you have good stuff to share please do. I might incorporate it here.
-- Time is limited; will do the best I can.
3) Let's start with the bottom line up front and then we can get into the details.
4) Hypothesis: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is a trauma victim who underwent some sort of hypnotic suggestion, at the behest of Barack Obama's CIA, to create the false memory that Brett Kavanaugh was her attacker.

If this is true, she isn't lying.
If this is true, he is innocent.
5) How is it possible that Dr. Ford is a victim of government-authorized mind control?
6) 1953: "CIA director Allen Dulles authorized a series of psychological experiments using hallucinogens (like LSD) & biological manipulation (like sleep deprivation) to see if brainwashing were possmithsonianmag.com/history/true-s….co/juVq0hxQlP
7) "The research could then, theoretically, be used in both defensive and offensive programs against the Soviet Union."
8) "Project MK-ULTRA...continued in various forms for more than 10 years. When the Watergate scandal broke, fear of discovery led the CIA to destroy most of the evidence of the program."
9) "But 20,000 documents were recovered through a Freedom of Information Act request in 1977, filed during a Senate investigation into Project MK-ULTRA."
10)" The files revealed the experiments tested drugs (like LSD), sensory deprivation, hypnotism and electroshock on everyone from agency operatives to prostitutes, recovering drug addicts and prisoners—often without their consent."
11) "Despite MK-ULTRA violating ethical norms....The same methods that had once been used to train American soldiers ended up being used to extract information from terrorists in Abu Ghraib, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay."
12) Next article. We are establishing context.

"Though it sounds like what conspiracy theorists’ wet dreams are made of, MKUltra was a real government program funded by the CIA that went on from the 1950s to the early 1970rollingstone.com/culture/cultur…oXavuRI0vw
13) "It tested countless subjects at over 80 institutions, many of which were fronts funded by the government and filtered to schools, private hospitals and even a couple jails."
14) This activity had people extremely concerned.

Here is the testimony and supporting documentation from the 1977 Senate hearing on MK-ULTRA.

15) August 3, 1977: Senator Inouye affirmed the duty of the government to make whole the victims of these experiments.
16) Back to Rolling Stone, which called the MK-ULTRA documentation:

"a terrifying picture of a wide-ranging government project that sought to capitalize on mind-control techniquerollingstone.com/culture/cultur…oXavuRI0vw
17) Obviously many of us who have studied #pedogate/#pizzagate related issues want more information on the use of children by the CIA. Rolling Stone goes to great lengths to deny this is true, but I am including the relevant paragraph as a bookmark for later research.
18) Here's something that Rolling Stone can validate: "Telepathy Experiments."
19) Telepathy of course involves the use of the human mind as a weapon.
20) "MKUltra was supposedly over by the 1983 setting of the show [Stranger Things], but Stargate [Project] was just getting warmed up."
21) "Funded by the U.S. Army, the project aimed to research paranormal phenomena that could be of use to the military, including but not limited to psychokinesis, mind-reading, and “remote viewings” of events and conversations."
22) "The government even hired a psychic headhunter to recruit candidates."
23) "The 2004 book-turned-movie The Men Who Stare at Goats is about the Stargate experiments that tested telekinetic ability by having men do just what the title suggests in an attempt to kill the animals with their mind."
24) How did the people involved in these experiments deploy their psychic abilities? For example, did they work themselves up into a trance?

Glad you asked that.
25) Here's a relevant article:

"Bizarre Government Experiments and Strange Psychic Powers"
by Brent Swancer
November 12, 201mysteriousuniverse.orglVEwxQXJVE

26) Since I think of Exonews as a useful and credible source, I'm going to tentatively assume that Swancer knows what he's talking about.
27) Key information:
--"Operation Stargate" ran from the "1970s" through 1995.
--It was launched in Ft. Meade, MD
--It was a U.S. project, but the U.S. is not the only country to try and use the psychic abilities of its citizens for military aims.
28) --The justification was that the Russians were doing the same thing.
--A wide range of countries served as the sites of these "psychic probes."
--Each probe started the same way.
29) "A psychic probe involved placing an individual into a self-hypnotic trance in a controlled darkened environment, and causing him/her to vocally describe images and other impressions that came to mind."

30) Once the individual ("viewer") was "under," they:

"would be given the parameters of a target area or an intelligence question and the subject’s verbalization would be closely monitored."
31) Technically the project closed up shop in 1995 due to "so many instances (of) false positives and vague, confused, irrelevant, ambiguous, or flat out wrong data," which led "the CIA to conclude that the technique was not worth pursuing for intelligence gathering purposes."
32) But did the project really end? Well, for one thing, we don't have all the data:

"In 2003, roughly 73,000 pages of Project Stargate records were declassified. However, another 17, 700 were marked as too sensitive to be released."
33) Swancer: "Is any of this being used today? Are there psychic warriors in operation behind conflicts that we do not even know about? To what extent has any of this research been pursued and is it being covered up?"
34) "[Editor’s Note] You betcJENDETPdgZ
35) The obvious question being asked here with respect to Dr. Ford is whether she was set up by the CIA to make false allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, based on a real trauma.
36) The bigger question is, if we find out the answer is yes (or could be yes), to what extent are seemingly organic events actually the result of CIA or similar Deep State meddling?
37) As we ask this question we have to note that rogue operations are a fact of life. So just because something "is CIA" doesn't mean that it was authorized.
38) Reminds me that one of my favorite shows of all time was "24," where Jack Bauer was constantly doing things they never admitted or gave him crqdQq44AIzN
39) So here is Q's post:
1 Oct 2018 - 4:04:47 PM
Refused to hand over therapy notes to FBI.
Think WHY.
Justice K NEVER named.
[Mr X logged in book along w/ physical description during 'eyes closed' session = / = Justice K]."

40) "FBI no subpoena power [no GJ] to demand.
Justice K NEVER named / asked during Polygraph.
Something did happen to Dr. Ford in her past.
Use of that 'something' to 'frame' Justice K.
Dr. Ford's family has strong ties to SWAMP."

41) "FBI has expanded investigation into other suspicious acts w/ support of ABC agency as AUTH BY POTUS.
[RR] involved?

42) Deciphering Q's post one piece at a time.

Dr. Blasey-Ford has not released the notes her therapist took, where she supposedly disclosed Kavanaugh's name.

43) It is not clear to me who made the decision not to release them.

I would assume that someone guided Ford in this regard, whether it was her lawyer, her communication adviser, her husband, someone else, or a combination of people.
44) Q asks us to think about why there would be a refusal to release the actual notes.

(If you recall from the testimony, Ford said she did not recall if she released them to the Washington Post or just read from them.)
45) Q states that Kavanaugh was "never" (emphatically: "NEVER") named by Ford in therapy. So Kavanaugh's name is not in the notes.

And so Ford's advisers don't want that information released, because it would instantly undermine her whole allegation.
46) (If Q is saying this so definitively, we must assume that he or she actually has seen the contents of the therapist's notes.)
47) Q continues, explaining that the individual who hurt Ford is referred to as "Mr. X" in the log.

Q explains that Ford provided the therapist a "physical description" of her attacker with "eyes closed" -- hypnosis?
48) Q uses a code which, to me, means that "Mr. X." got translated into Brett Kavanaugh.

= / =
"X" / "Kavanaugh"
49) Q emphasizes "Justice Kavanaugh." 2 reasons, I think:
-- Ford came forward specifically because she feared he would be appointed to the Supreme Court.
-- To emphasize that Kavanaugh will be confirmed.
50) Let's continue.
51) "FBI no subpoena power [no GJ] to demand."

Translation: Lacking a grand jury, the FBI can't get a copy of the notes through a subpoena.
52) "Justice K NEVER named / asked during Polygraph."

Remember Ford's lawyers only wanted to give out the results of the polygraph test, and not the underlying data?

Q says NOBODY mentioned Kavanaugh's name.
How does Q know?
That information would be devastating.
53) Let's get serious for a minute.

Q says flat-out: "Something did happen to Dr. Ford in her past."

Let that sink in.
She isn't lying.
54) Q refers to "Use of that 'something' to 'frame' Justice K."

Translation: Someone used a kind of mind control (hypnosis or self-hypnosis) to FALSELY GRAFT Kavanaugh's identity onto Ford's ACTUAL sexual assault.
55) Q explains this by saying that "Dr. Ford's family has strong ties to SWAMP."

Translaton: A bad actor connected to corrupt DC is responsible for this.
56) But who is responsible?
57) Q: "FBI has expanded investigation into other suspicious acts w/ support of ABC agency."

--It isn't the FBI; they're investigating.
--There are 2 parties here, ACTOR & SUPPORTING ACTOR.
--The actor is unknown.
--The supporting actorwiki.c2.com/?ThreeLetterAg…..co/rAHXi4peR4
58) Let's read the end of that sentence: "as AUTH BY POTUS. [RR] involved?"

Translation: Since the name was uttered in 2012, Ford was the victim of an operation authorized by then-President Obama.

Rod Rosenstein was somehow involved in making sure it got done.
59) Maybe 2012 not as random as it may seem to some:

"The fact that she related her accusation to her husband and her therapist in 2012, long before Judge Kavanaugh was in the news as a Supreme Court nominee, counts for her credibilitnytimes.com/2018/09/20/opi…z5v3HbC8PR
60) On to the next part: Why would Q say all this?
61) A few reasons:

1. To establish that Kavanaugh is innocent while also stopping us from blaming Dr. Ford. (To encourage compassion.)
2. To demonstrate yet again the corruption and danger posed by the Swamp.
3. To establish his or her own credibility once the truth is revealed.
62) How do we know if Q is telling us the truth?
63) We'd have to investigate:
1. Which people in Dr. Ford's life in 2011-2012 could have induced hypnosis?
2. What links exist between theme, the CIA, and/or the Deep State?
3. What would be their motive to induce a false memory?
4. What evidence connects them to Obama? RR?
64) Obviously, Dr. Ford's therapist could have induced hypnosis (possibly), and could have been trained/supported by a CIA actor at Stanford, a CIA-linked school. The motive could be an ongoing arrangement. And the evidence could exist in a conversation, an email, or notes.
65) Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, I am sure the speculation around all this will die down significantly. And as Q has pointed out, peace will demand a certain amount of secrecy.

But I am really curious about where such an investigation would go.
66) Rather than end this with "answers," suggest following @CarrollQuigley1
and anyone else who jumps in here with some solid research.

I am a bit tired. Looking forward to all your thoughts.


• • •

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