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1. This week a teen mother's hope was raised.

Tonight her husband slaps her for not making dinner on time and she knows no one is coming to help her.

#WomenRiseUp #VoteNoOnKavanaugh
2. This week a student watched #DrChristineBlaseyFord and gained inner strength to tell her truth about the teen boy who attacked her.

Tonight she sits in her bedroom crying and praying the pregnancy test she just purchased will be negative.

#WomenRiseUp #VoteNoOnKavanaugh
3. This week a woman packed her bags, and after 30 yrs, was finally leaving her abusive husband. For 30 yrs she wore long sleeves so no one would know.

Tonight, she unpacked her bags, and made plans to purchase more long sleeve shirts.

#WomenRiseUp #VoteNoOnKavanaugh
4. This week a teen went to a clinic to get birth control pills. She finally convinced her father to let her use them.

Tonight she came home to her father waiting on her. He dumped her purse & flushed the pills. Keep your legs shut or pay the price he says.

5. This week a young mother told her family she was pregnant but didn't want to get married. She wanted to go to college, but she needed their help with money for an abortion.

Tonight she was told she would need to get married or get out.

#WomenRiseUp #StopKanavaugh
6. This week a young college student was at a party. She didn't drink much, but her drink was spiked with a drug. She was raped.

Tonight, as she watches the leaders of this nation, she keeps that secret in her heart & she hopes no one finds out.

#WomenRiseUp #StopKanavaugh
7. This week a young girl is sold by her father to her uncle for drugs. She wanted to tell social services, but her dad told her no one would care.

Tonight he forced her to watch POTUS & others laughing at Ford's misery. He turned & laughed at her. She wept.

8. This week there is a woman who talks to her minister about the abuse she receives at home. The minister tells her she is her husband's wife and she needs to pray for him.

Tonight, as she sits in the ER watching TV, tears run down her face, & she prays for her husband.
9. This week there was a victim of assault, who is suffering, mentally and physically, and they had their hand on the phone to call for help.....

Tonight they gave up ever asking for help, because they knew their government had failed them.

10. This week there were child brides, sex slaves, abuse victims, and many countless women, men, and children, who were hoping to one day be saved from sexual torture. They were hoping America, the shiny city upon a hill, would one day save them.

Tonight they lost that hope.
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Oct 6, 2018
1. My heart breaks for our country. What's worse is I knew this was coming for my entire life. How? I was forced to become one of them for 3 yrs.
I was a "Soldier of God" to take down the civil rights of the 50s & liberal rights of the 60s. -- Ask me anything about that plan.
2. I'll start off:
Q. What are the basic teachings in a far-right fundamentalist school (cult)?
A. Rich white healthy straight men are blessed by God to lead this nation. Everyone else must serve God by serving these leaders. Laws are created to support the leaders & empires.
3. Q. What is the basic fight? Why do they not help those who are suffering?
A. To them suffering on Earth is only temporary. If they hurt others to fulfill the plan, then it's God's will. The only way a person can stop hurting is to turn to God to go to heaven & suffer no more.
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Apr 19, 2018
74. Since #RudyGiuliani is back in play, and on Trump's legal team, I'm going to slid these two tweets from @Serial_Trader_ under here.

Rudy is right back where he wants to be.

75. @TwitterMoments "Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has joined Trump's personal legal team, saying he hopes to negotiate an end to the Mueller probe."

#rosneft oil circle and #TrumpRussia circle of people are constantly overlapping each other.

76. More #rudygiuliani Rudy Giuliani information -- A few tweets from @nycsouthpaw .

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Mar 11, 2018
Let's talk racism. - When Trump constantly says @RepMaxineWaters has a low IQ & "You can't help it" he is stating one of the worst racist assumptions held by White Supremacists when they speak about POC. It's racism connected to the divine right of power, colonization, & slavery.
In the past, when whites colonized nations or cultures, they assumed POC had low IQs & needed white people to teach them the correct way to live - The "Christian way to live" - Most people have abandoned this thought, but White Supremacists have held onto this idea, so has Trump.
The "Christian" thought was God had created man in his image (white man) and the white man is supposed to rule over the world and use the resources to provide for everyone else. This included the warped belief that white men ruled over blacks & other POC based on the Ham Curse.
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Mar 1, 2018
1. I was a HS teacher for a short time (grant position). Why would I never want teachers w/ guns? Besides the obvious, teachers represent the country as a whole. Which means there are good & bad teachers. I've heard teachers call POC teens terrible words in the teacher's lounge.
2. I've seen POC students treated worse than white students for same offense. Plus, no matter the race, I've seen teachers get frustrated and throw things (not at students). Teachers are human. I've been around some of the most outstanding teachers ever, but there are bad too.
3. I loved my job, but it was the bad teachers which finally drove me away. As a state granted teacher, it was hard to change an entire environment when I was only one of a few who would speak up. I finally resigned.
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Jan 1, 2018
1. #Thread - Last year I wanted to watch, read, and donate to anything written by, produced by, created by, or about any marginalized groups. I will still do that in 2018, but I want this year to be the Year of the Woman! Each day I want to promote women! #YearOfTheWoman
2. I want to share things created by women, especially when the "thing" is created by a mix of women from various backgrounds. #YearOfTheWoman
3. As I've said before, I'm 50. I grew up in a time when not only were women expected to be subservient, but they couldn't hold a lead role on TV w/o the role being about a man. We've come a long way, but we still have a very long way to go to truly have equality. #YearOfTheWoman
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