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Alex Petri nails it again! Good read. #SaturdayMorning #NoKavanaugh…
2/"So last week I feel like we got off on the wrong foot a little bit. Like Justice John Paul Stevens, you may have seen the guy shouting about beer and “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” and thought, “Yeeeegh, I don’t love this. Can someone else be lifetime-appointed to the
3/"Supreme Court?” I just want to say: That wasn’t me. I mean, technically, it was me, but in a broader, representational sense, it wasn’t. I was only throwing a temper tantrum as a father, a son and a husband. As a judge, I am a mind of pure light floating in a vat. The person
4/"you saw will cease to exist when he is appointed to the highest court of the land. He will just vanish, poof, like the contents of a keg consumed by someone else, a total stranger to me. Everything that has seemed bad about this confirmation process is just because you have
5/"been trying to judge me as a person. But Person Me and Judge Me are so completely different that that’s really unfair. Hashtag #NotAllMes. Don’t judge me as a person, whom you have seen. Judge me as a judge, whom you have not. (Blessed are those who have not seen and yet
6/"believe, as I think Jesus said, or whoever was deciding how much of my record needed to be reviewed.) When most of my papers from my service under President George W. Bush were withheld, that was just my understandable shyness as an uncle. When I snapped at Sen. Amy Klobuchar,
7/"I was just angry as a neighbor, mentor and friend. As a judge, I would have said nothing. When I refused to recuse myself from any cases involving the executive, that was my natural indignation as a guy who once had his Lexus RUINED by a wayward seagull dropping. (As a judge,
8/"I will still refuse to recuse myself, but it will be because I am so impartial, not still livid about the Lexus.) And when immediately after the hearing I went to the Columbia Country Club golf course, burrowed into the sand hazard up to my waist and hissed like a crab at
9/"anyone who approached until I had to be removed by staff, that was just me being a person. But I am mostly not a person. I believe personhood begins at conception and ends the second you join the Supreme Court. I should not have been yelling in that room. I was just there as a
10/" husband, father and son, like a full Cat Stevens song and then a bonus person. It was like when I yelled, “That doesn’t LOOK like medium rare” at the country club waiter and began to pelt him with potatoes and deservedly unpopular UB40 B-sides; I was just angry as a husband,
11/"father and son. As a judge, I would have eaten the whole steak, and I would have tipped. I can’t wait for you to meet Judge Me. He is fair and balanced, like Fox News. He’s much better, as we’ll get to discover over the course of our lives together. You’d better hope.
12/"I understand that one of the exciting things about this process has been that people have shown up on doorsteps saying, “Tell me MORE about the times when you used to party at Yale,” a thing that, regrettably, rarely happens in adult life and probably brought those Yale guys
13/"a lot of joy. But you should not believe them. You should believe me. It may seem to you that the behavior they detail was not judge-like, but that was because I was not wearing my judge hat. I was wearing another hat — my baseball cap or my coach hat or my hat with a funnel
14/"for beer on either side, which was a novelty gift from someone who did not know me (Judge Me). Or maybe it was judge-like behavior. MARK Judge! All right! I will be here all week. I will be here your entire life. It’s a lifetime appointment, baby! Look, why would you judge
15/"people by how they behave when they are put unfairly on trial, which is, like, the most stressful point in their entire lives? That just doesn’t seem fair at all and — oh, my God, I am just now understanding how the justice system works and why people are always so upset
16/"about it. I digress. If you knew the Brett Kavanaugh I knew, you would vote to confirm him/me. After what you have seen, I know it may surprise you to hear that he is a one-of-a-kind guy who deserves this lifetime appointment. But I know the real Brett Kavanaugh.
17/"I am not biased just because I happen to be Brett Kavanaugh. I am an independent, impartial judge."
~Alexandra Petri, WaPo, 10/6/18

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Oct 8, 2018
Just in case the GOP Sens like Ted Cruz and McConnell are telling the truth @ the GOP being 'fired up', donate to @JackyRosenNev who's win will help us get the Senate back. Donate…
2/"The Washington Post calls the Nevada Senate race Democrats’ “best pickup opportunity” in 2018, and POLITICO says we have “almost no shot” at taking back the Senate without it. But with a recent poll showing this race is a dead heat, the GOP is going ALL IN to protect this seat
3/"Mitch McConnell-linked groups are dumping MILLIONS into Nevada, and Donald Trump is actively campaigning for our extremist GOP opponent. That’s why a generous group of donors has offered to DOUBLE every dollar to flip this seat blue and take back the Senate for Democrats.
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Oct 8, 2018
THIS is what's been happening while we've all been so (rightfully) spun @ the Kavanaugh debacle. This is very, VERY serious stuff. #China #MondayMotivation…
2/"BEIJING — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got an earful from senior Chinese officials during a five-hour visit to Beijing on Monday, effectively becoming the whipping boy in the increasingly acrimonious relationship between the two governments. Pompeo is the most senior
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Oct 8, 2018
This is weird beyond words..I wonder if Trump'll dish her, boy do I ever hope so-it'd help the #BlueWave quite a bit! #MondayMotivation #VoteBlue…
2/"Taylor Swift’s declaration that she plans to vote for Democrats next month fell like a hammer across the Trump-worshiping subforums of the far-right Internet, where people had convinced themselves, for reasons it will take some time to explain, that the world-famous pop star
3/"was a secret #MAGA fan. The news caught 4chan and Reddit trolls mid-post. On the pro-Trump r/The_Donald board, someone had just written out a sexual fantasy in which Swift and Kanye West hooked up because “Trump being the best president is actually something they both agree on
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Oct 8, 2018
1/ " In a DEMOCRATIC society, majority rule must be coupled with guarantees of individual human rights that, in turn, serve to protect the rights of minorities--whether ethnic, religious, or political, or simply the losers in the debate over a piece of controversial legislation.
2/ "The rights of minorities do not depend upon the goodwill of the majority and cannot be eliminated by majority vote. The rights of minorities are protected because democratic laws and institutions protect the rights of all citizens."
3/ ""When a representative democracy operates in accordance with a constitution that limits the powers of the government and guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens, this form of government is a constitutional democracy. In such a society, the majority rules, and the rights
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Oct 7, 2018
‘I Voted’ Stickers for 2018
2/"The midterm elections are a month away! On Nov. 6, citizens across America will head to the polls, hoping to change their country for the better and/or to politically humiliate someone they didn’t realize was alive until a year and a half ago. With the stakes of this election
3/"so high, the famously vague “I Voted” sticker isn’t going to cut it. For 2018, we need stickers that reflect the diversity of America’s rage-fueled motivations for fulfilling their civic duty." Rebecca Caplan, NYT, 10/7/18
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Oct 7, 2018
Wall Street Is Booming Under Trump. But Many of Its Donors Are Embracing Democrats.
2/"When Charles Myers, the chairman of a financial advisory firm, hosted four relatively unknown Democratic congressional candidates at his Midtown Manhattan home last month, he netted more money than he can remember collecting from an event that wasn’t headlined by a
3/"presidential candidate. “More than ever in my 26-year career on Wall Street, donors are willing to look way beyond concerns of overregulation from Democrats,” said Mr. Myers, a longtime Democratic fund-raiser. They just want to elect “Democrats to serve as a check” on
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