The United States of America was Judically RAPED again today by @senatemajldr @SenateGOP @GOP. @ChuckGrassley @JeffFlake @LindseyGrahamSC. OUR voices were silenced, and we were held down while they SHOVED Kavanaugh onto our high court against our will and WITHOUT CONSENT.
Republicans put their collective hands over our mouths because they didn't want to hear our screams while they did it. Brett Kavanaugh is clearly the "best man for the job" of preserving white conservative male privilege to RAPE at will with utter impunity - the #Patriarchy
His primary job is to protect Donald Trump and his friends from all of our US laws. Secondarily his job is to ensure women and all Americans become and remain enslaved to a wealthy ruling class - the billionaires - and are denied even basic human rights.
Our natural environment, women, workers, people of color and immigrants as well as the elderly, sick, poor and children are all to be DESTROYED or enslaved for corporate and billionaire profit and white male privilege. #Patriarchy #Fascism
WE KNOW that when they say "drain the swamp", what Republicans mean is 'LET PEOPLE DIE' - old, sick, poor, women, children. They don't give a damn about ANY of them. NOBODY can credibly say now there is no "War on Women". Today proved that there most certainly IS.
Women are not alone suffering the INDIFFERENCE of the Republican Party who doesn't give a DAMN about anyone but themselves and their wealthy white, male, conservative friends. They don't care about ANYBODY. The hallmark of the Republican party is indifference.
They don't hate women, or people of color, or workers or immigrants or sick or old people. Republicans don't CARE ENOUGH about all these people to hate them. The opposite of love isn't hate -- it's INDIFFERENCE -- and THAT is what today's GOP has for everyone BUT themselves.
It's an emotional stuntedness, a lack of conscience, a complete lack of morality - for all their bible thumping and alleged belief in God - and most of all a juvenile and sophomoric refusal to grow up enough to RESPECT those different than themselves. THIS is today's @GOP.

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Sep 8, 2018
@billvanglahn @DandlMontgomery @EdKrassen @Jim_Jordan @seanhannity VERY. MUCH. THIS. Saying "there are more documents" turned over is intentionally misleading. There are more documents, period. A LOT more than other nominees. trump was warned about that. So naturally, more are turned over. %-age-wise though, it's less than 10 percent of them.
@billvanglahn @DandlMontgomery @EdKrassen @Jim_Jordan @seanhannity And they are not "sensitive" or "privileged". They're just damaging to the immoral and dishonest nominee, Kavanaugh. And why was Kavanaugh suddenly added to trump's USSC nominee list only after Mueller was appointed? IntereSTINK. And why....
@billvanglahn @DandlMontgomery @EdKrassen @Jim_Jordan @seanhannity ... was a deal made behind closed doors w/ A. Kennedy with trump that if Kennedy retired now, trump would appoint Kavanaugh? There was such a deal. Why?
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Sep 4, 2018
@SenateDems It's not "hysteria" (a sexist term in itself). If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh could be the decisive vote on:

Ending Roe v. Wade
Dismantling the Affordable Care Act
Shielding Trump from any accountability for illegal or corrupt acts . . .
@SenateDems . . . Kavanaugh has attacked the independence of the special prosecutor
He has argued that the president should essentially be above the law, immune to indictment or investigation . . .
@SenateDems . . . He said that maybe U.S. v. Nixon, the unanimous Supreme Court decision during Watergate that said the president is not above the law, was incorrectly decided
Bringing back the use of torture
Increased secret electronic surveillance of Americans . . .
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Jun 24, 2018
@davidaxelrod @PressSec @realDonaldTrump I don't applaud it per se, however, the hypocritical WHINING coming from Trump admin and Republicans about it is stunning. Sanders was treated in the same fashion Trump & GOP say anyone different from themselves be treated. Bakeries deny cakes to LGBT people, etc.
@davidaxelrod @PressSec @realDonaldTrump There is a big DIFFERENCE in the case of Sanders being expelled from that restaurant though. She was NOT expelled because of her sexual orientation, race, or religion. She was expelled because she is notoriously dishonest and racist. BIG difference.
@davidaxelrod @PressSec @realDonaldTrump GOP/Trump applaud bakeries who refuse cakes to LGBT people, they applaud pharmacies that refuse to fill prescriptions due to "moral" objections. Yet, when a restaurant owner refuses service to SHS due to moral objections, it's suddenly TERRIBLE.
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Jun 24, 2018
@AriFleischer But @GOP is ok with bakeries refusing to bake cakes for gay people. And we're ok with pharmacists refusing to dispense prescribed medicines based on "moral objections" - EVEN LIFESAVING MEDICINES. So YES, evidently the @GOP DOES want us to be "that kind of country"
@AriFleischer @GOP We're OK with disallowing LGBT people in the military too. ALL THESE THINGs are supported by GOP and Trump. YOU - above all - have perpetuated this "us and them" attitude against almost EVERYONE not white and male and wealthy. So evidently YOU (hypocrites) DO want it that way.
@AriFleischer @GOP YOU are all OK with separating and IMPRISONING innocent kids of asylum-seeking dark skinned people, turning them into orphans and traumatizing them for life just to punish and "deter" their parents from coming here. GOP are all OK with defining ALL Latinx people as MS-13
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Jun 2, 2018
Wall Street billionaires―who own local FOX TV stations across the country―are trying to undermine the most successful social insurance program in our country’s history. They want you to believe that Social Security is going broke. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Contrary to the billionaires' greed-driven claims of Social Security "going broke" and needing to be privatized or eliminated, here is what we will see in the upcoming Social Security Trustees Report:
Social Security has a large and growing surplus―$2.9 trillion today, and a projected $2.95 trillion next year;

Social Security is extremely affordable with less than one penny of every dollar spent on administrative costs;
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Dec 18, 2017
They weren't happy with gutting #ACA. NOW, the #GOP is going to come after your #Medicare - they won't tell you their REAL objective is NOT to save the program -- but to starve it to death just like #ACA:…
The GOP budget resolution will mean:

*Hundreds of billions in painful cuts to Medicaid, which seniors depend on for long-term care services and supports.
*Reaffirmation of a House rule that puts 11 million Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries at risk of a 7% benefit cut in 2028.
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