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I am proud to present #brexit RYMES thread or brexit for kids hope you all like them
Little blue peep tried to follow the sheep but they didn't know where they were going leave all alone to go it alone themselves off the Cliff theyl be throwing
Cam cam the Eton man buggered it up so away he ran under his arm he carried a porky pig with whom he liked to go Jiggety Jig #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Dr Foxter on a flight Roster flew round the world in Vain he fell in a cesspit got up to his neck in Brexshit and felt right at home again #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Maybot had a little ram it's lies were white as snow everything Maybot tried to do the ram was sure to blow it followed her to the EU one day he didn't know one rule made the Europeans laugh and say he was a proper fool #Brexit #brexitRYMES
I had a magic money tree but nothing would it bear for the little people about whom I did not care Queen Arlene of Ulster came to visit me all for my magic money tree #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Hot pork pies stuffed with white lies one a penny 2 a penny hot pork pies sell em to the daft sell em to the old they sell best on the side of a bus I'm told #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Jezzer was a leftwing man of the EU was no fan. He found a shinny penny shouted not for the few not the many but was quiet as a mouse as #Brexit burned down the house #brexitRYMES
I saw lady leadsom riding a #Brexit unicorn but as I looked close I saw it was but a painted donkey with a strap on for a horn #brexitRYMES
Lonely lady may sat alone thinking #Brexit wishing she could bin it for however she tried to spin it there was just no way to win it #brexitRYMES
Trumpty numpty sat on the wall the numpty jumped not thinking he'd fall all trumps horse and all trumps men grabbed the pieces like vultures right then #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Hark hark watchdogs don't bark the @LeaveEUOfficial vlad boys are coming to town some drive jags some smoke fags and one wears Putins gown #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Boris Johnson sank the good ship Brexitannic but Boris wasn't bothered and didn't care he was busy combing his long blond hair #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Jezzer cat jezza cat where have you been you were supposed to be opposing Theresa the #Brexit queen jezza cat jezza cat do you actually care or di you want #Brexit however ill it will fare #brexitRYMES
Yankee poodle was a clown riding on a pony he stuck a chicken in his hat and called it Chlorioni #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Dave Davis thought he was nimble and thought he was quick but as he jumped off the #Brexit cliff all could see that he was thick #Brexit #brexitRYMES
Little Mogg blue come blow your horn the sheep are in the shit but your snout's in the corn where is the man who looks after the sheep he can't be asked so hes fast asleep should we wake him no I reply he's a tory so if imsaid it would help it would be a lie #Brexit #brexitrymes
The Maybot of farts baked some tarts for king Barnier the knave of farts he took the tarts to Brussels right away King barnier saw the tarts and beat the knave full sore the knave of farts would go to Brussels no more #brexit #Brexitrymes
BREXSHIT CAKE BREXSHIT CAKE Steve bakers' the man half bake me a acake as fast as you can fill it with shit and mark it with B and fuck up the future for baby and me #brexit #brexitRYMES
Theresa theresa allegedly a leader how does your #brexit with warning bells and ramcid smells and every week a new low #brexit #brexitRYMES @GrumpyScot
Ah Andy Almost forgot. hark hark watchdogs don't bark the vlad boys are coming to town some drive jags some smoke fags and one in Putins gown @andywigmore #Brexit #brexitRYMES

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Oct 9, 2018
I am starting to wonder if part of the motivation for #Brexit is that as time goes on the Tories have become ever more cruel during my lifetime
In the 80s unemployment was unfortunate and a price worth paying but regretable nonetheless but this has changed
Since 2010 the Tories have done much to undermine the living standards and economic security of most of the population
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Oct 5, 2018
As a #leavernow I must acknowledge that if #brexit fails it will be my two years of ceaseless remoaning that will be to blame
The people who warned Communists that their ideas would not work in practice secretly worked to sabotage the idea just to be proved right so they were sent to the gulag as a #leavernow I acknowledge that if Nissan closed it will be the people who warned it would happen 2 blame
every attempt to implement Communism was similarly sabotaged by 5th columnists who warned leaders of the people of problems were proved right even police states and labour camps could not irradcate subversive thought crime
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Oct 5, 2018
#brexit seems to be all about feeling over fact and this is especially true of the ReesMogg ERG faction of the Tory right.
I never bought the line that #brexit is about Democracy because most of the Tory right had zero enthusiasm for improving democracy in the UK few of them care about unelected house of lords the unfair FPTP electoral system or transparency on the contrary
Most of the Tory right are interested only in constitutional changes that suit them and if anything strive to be as little democratically accountable as possible.
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Sep 25, 2018
remainers if we are to accept #brexit then it must be the brexit promised by vote leave for none other is the will of the people
the promised #brexit must be have no downsides only a considerable upside as @David_Davis_UK promised
the promised #must deliver an additional £350mpw for the NHS some say £100mpw rebate and EU spending in UK make this impossible however if the EU give us £200mpw alimony this promise will be fulfilled and any acceptable brexit deal must deliver this
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Sep 25, 2018
As a #leavernow it is pleasing to see the no deal #Brexit that all 17 million people voted for being delivered
With jaguar landrover relocating to Slovakia it is wonderful see the groundswell against the car industry which was a key part of the reason for #Brexit being heeded this will be especially welcome in Sunderland which voted 63% leave and has Nissan and want rid
A no deal #Brexit will ground flights as a #leavernow i know leave voters will welcome this. Aviation attracted much resentment in the years up to the ref because it made it too easy for foreigners to come here #Brexit was intended to destroy the successful uk aviation industry
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Sep 24, 2018
Having calmed down slightly I now realise John McDonnells position of a Deal/no deal #Brexit ref if they can't force a GE is unrealistic…
1/ chequers shows there is unlikely to be a deal acceptable to the EU and the europhobes in the tory party #Brexit so its likely that no deal #Brexit is the only available #Brexit and therefore there is unlikely to be a choice of deal or no deal to start with
2/ if May does comeback with a deal it will need labour support to pass Labour would have to choose between backing it thus forgoing any chance of bringing down the government and thus the GE they say they want and angering the labour movement or voting it down
Read 8 tweets

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