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As a #leavernow I must acknowledge that if #brexit fails it will be my two years of ceaseless remoaning that will be to blame
The people who warned Communists that their ideas would not work in practice secretly worked to sabotage the idea just to be proved right so they were sent to the gulag as a #leavernow I acknowledge that if Nissan closed it will be the people who warned it would happen 2 blame
every attempt to implement Communism was similarly sabotaged by 5th columnists who warned leaders of the people of problems were proved right even police states and labour camps could not irradcate subversive thought crime
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As a #leavernow it is pleasing to see the no deal #Brexit that all 17 million people voted for being delivered
With jaguar landrover relocating to Slovakia it is wonderful see the groundswell against the car industry which was a key part of the reason for #Brexit being heeded this will be especially welcome in Sunderland which voted 63% leave and has Nissan and want rid
A no deal #Brexit will ground flights as a #leavernow i know leave voters will welcome this. Aviation attracted much resentment in the years up to the ref because it made it too easy for foreigners to come here #Brexit was intended to destroy the successful uk aviation industry
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As a #leavernow i confidently look forward to the final crushing of remoanerism by voting on a #Brexit ifdealmn the #PeoplesVote which will be wonderful because liam fox said it would be the easiest in human history…
As a #leavernow i now totally put my faith in the negotiating savvy of theresa may who
Promised the exact same trading privileges as EU membership…
David Davis promised no downside to brexit only a considerable upside and as hes obviously totally honest and knows whT hes talking about i look forward to voting for this wonder deal in a #PeoplesVote…
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As a #leavernow I have undergone a radical process of DeEducation and thanks to the resultant intellectual brexpihany I now have depth ignorance of a true Brexpert accordingly I would like to take to task the scaremongering remoaners who continue to pedal #ProjectFear THREAD
The CBI claims the UK car industry could face extinction after #Brexit but the CBI are just the representative body of British industry who lobby on behalf of manufacturing industry I have never worked in manufacturing so know its just #ProjectFear…
The city of London is full of remoaners deeply unhappy at #Brexit city lobbying groups keep pretending their businesses will be hurt and good jobs will be lost but As a #leavernow I say it is #ProjectFear so it must be because I say so…
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As a #leavernow I accept the will of the people which is set in stone and soon on headstones of leave voters and embrace the future everyone knew they were voting for
No one ever said #Brexit would be easy except Nigel farage Boris Johnson David Davis liam fox Jacob Rees Mogg Ian Duncan Smith Chris gargling Michael Gove and numerous other prominent brexists however I've not encountered one leave voter who ever listened to anything they said
The people who voted leave all knew that we would face the destruction of just in time manufacturing the loss of financial service jobs not to mention food and medical shortages and I will of course stoically bear it for #Brexit
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As a #leavernow I would like to make it clear I knew exactly what I wished I'd voted for.
As a #leavernow I didn't believe a word of any of vote leaves promises and they had no impact whatsoever on any leave voter
As a #leavernow I knew #Brexit meant leaving the single market and didn't listen to Dan hannan keen Patterson or feudalism foxes website all of which were clear they favoured staying in the single market
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