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Mitch McConnell says that this will "all blow over".

But the #KavanaughAffair deserves to be told and remembered. It's a political thriller which includes sexual assault, drunken violence, shady finances, perjury, and much more.

This entire story must be told!

1) There are so many questions about the #KavanaughAffair.

Why was Kavanaugh chosen above others?
Why were his work records hidden away by a guy named Bill Burck?
Who prevented the FBI from investigating fully?
And why did Justice Kennedy announce his resignation so abruptly?
2) We know Kavanaugh was Justice Kennedy's law clerk & Kennedy wanted Kavanaugh to replace him on the SCOTUS bench.
Three questions:
a) Did Kennedy make a deal with Trump?
b) Why EXACTLY was it important for Kennedy to have Kavanaugh replace him?
c) When did the planning begin?
3) Let's try to answer the 3rd question.

When did the plan for Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy begin? A good place to look might be Kavanaugh's website - the one created to promote his candidacy for the Supreme Court bench. I wonder what its DATE OF CREATION was?
4) What a surprise! The DATE OF CREATION for Kavanaugh's website in support of his bid for the SCOTUS bench was February 8th, 2017. The website was then updated on January 24th, 2018.

🤔 Hmmm...when exactly did Justice Kennedy announce his retirement from SCOTUS?
5) June 27, 2018

That's when Justice Kennedy suddenly announced his retirement. Brett Kavanaugh registered his website in support of his SCOTUS candidacy a full 16 months before Kennedy announced his retirement.

Is that normal?
6) Okay so to recap:

Justice Kennedy announced his retirement in June of this year, but Kavanaugh had already registered his website domain in support of his own SCOTUS nomination 16 months earlier.

Curious. I want to know more!
7) Why did Kennedy retire so suddenly? Yes he is of a ripe age, but he's healthy, he could have continued. Then there's the fact that he had already chosen his law clerks for the following term. Wouldn't he want to prepare them?…
8) It's a BIG DEAL to be chosen as a SCOTUS law clerk. It's a long involved, difficult process. Did those clerks know Kennedy was resigning when he chose them? Many say Justice Kennedy was not planning to retire...but then something happened. What was it?
9) Looks like this is where Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and Justice Anthony Kennedy's son, Justin, might come into the picture. Wow! Now there's a Devil's Triangle for you.
10) In the 1980s & 1990s Trump was in deep financial trouble. Trump was FLAT BROKE and no bank would give him loans. Enter Deutsche Bank who came to Trump’s rescue. Justin Kennedy was in charge of the real estate division for part of that time.
11) The Financial Times printed that Justin Kennedy was “one of Mr Trump’s most trusted associates over a 12-year spell at Deutsche.” A review of Kennedy’s bio suggests those twelve years were 1997 through 2009 – key years for Trump.…
12) Deutsche Bank had MAJOR problems with money laundering, particularly money laundering tied to Russia. The bank was fined $425 million dollars for these illegal schemes. Was Justin Kennedy involved? Is he caught up in the Russia probe?…
13) Kennedy left Deutsche Bank in 2009 to found a company called LNR Property LLC. You're never gonna guess how he becomes involved with the Trump clan once again.
14) As co-CEO of LNR Property, Justin Kennedy was the special servicer on a loan which allowed Jared Kushner to buy 666 5th Avenue at the top of the market. What a bad decision that was! But he gave Jared the money anyway.
15) Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Justin Kennedy were all so cushy with one another. I'm hope this is a plot line which the Mueller probe and the NY Attorney General's office is not ignoring.
16) Justin Kennedy's defenders say, he DID NOT initiate the relationship Trump had with Deutsche Bank. True. His tenure began a bit later, but he provided $1 BILLION in loans to Trump during a time when Trump’s Russian money laundering was probably at it’s height.
17) Justin Kennedy connected Russian buyers seeking expensive real estate with Donald Trump. Does that link him with Trump's real estate money laundering schemes? Is Justin Kennedy in the cross hairs of the Mueller investigation?
18) What was Justin Kennedy's involvement in Jared Kushner's underwater 666 5th Ave property? With Kennedy's financial help, Kushner bought 666 at the top of the market, during a time when his father, Charles Kushner, was in JAIL FOR TAX EVASION AND WITNESS TAMPERING. Sheesh!
19) The special servicer of the loan, according to financial records was Justin Kennedy's LNR Partners. It was not a good investment. People thought it was nutty at the time, and it still is. Was Kennedy just a stupid guy or is there more to it?… … …
20) Frankly this is all way over my head. I'll leave it up to financial whiz kids to sort out. But I can't help but think these Donald Trump-Justin Kennedy-Jared Kushner-Anthony Kennedy connections are suspicious.
21) What about Anthony Kennedy's other son, Gregory? What's his story? Greg is a lawyer who was at Stanford and served as the president of the Federalist Society. That's the society which NEVER wants progress or change, and will ram a boot down your throat to make it so.
22) Greg Kennedy and Peter Thiel (Trump's creepy Silicon Valley advisor and campaign supporter), were back-to-back Stanford Law Federalist Society presidents.

But wait! There's more!…
23) Greg Kennedy's firm "Disruptive Technology Advisors" (🤔 interesting name) worked with Thiel's company, Palantir Technologies. Palantir Technologies in turn helped Cambridge Analytica push the Trump campaign via Facebook.

But wait! There's more!…
24) Greg Kennedy was then given a job by Trump as part of a "Beachhead" team to be Trump's spy at NASA. He ONLY got the job because of connections with Peter Thiel and his dad, Justice Kennedy.

(Greg strikes me as a bit of an unqualified sad sack.)

25) Trump's "Beachhead" teams are have been installed by Trump to be his "eyes and ears" in federal institutions like NASA. They're in every department from Agriculture to Veterans Affairs. They sound more like political spies to me.… … …
26) With all these unsavory connections between Anthony Kennedy's sons, Trump finances and the Cambridge Analytica election scam, we must wonder whether Justin Kennedy or Greg Kennedy might be in trouble with the Mueller probe. If so, is that why Kennedy so abruptly resigned?
27) Snopes asked the question, "Did Anthony Kennedy Resign from the Supreme Court to Protect His Son?". Attached is a discussion which I recommend you read. Snopes decided it can't be judged TRUE or FALSE. It can only be judged "UNPROVEN" at present.…
28) Putting Justice Kennedy's sons to the side for a moment. Let's look at case on the Supreme Court docket NOW. A case for which Trump NEEDS A RELIABLE JUSTICE. A case which MIGHT even have required that Justice Kennedy recuse himself. The case is 'Gamble vs United States'.
29) On the face of it, 'Gamble vs United States' wouldn't appear that important to the presidency, but it is. It's a case which has the potential to protect Trump from the Mueller investigation.
30) Trump, his family and co-conspirators are facing present or likely FEDERAL charges in the Mueller probe. They also face present or likely STATE charges. A POTUS can pardon federal crimes, but not state crimes. So the Trump crowd faces double jeopardy as things now stand.
31) Depending on how Gamble vs United States is decided by the Supreme Court this session, Trump may be handed a 'get out of jail' card for both himself and his entire clan. He could pardon EVERYONE - (including Justin & Greg Kennedy, if necessary).
32) Trump needed a SCOTUS replacement who he could rely upon to vote the way he needed in Gamble, as well as other cases coming up. And he needed that Justice to be confirmed F-A-S-T because Gamble vs United States is on the docket NOW!…
33) Have I answered these questions:

a) Did Justice Kennedy make a deal with Trump?
b) Why was it important for Kavanaugh to be the replacement?
c) When did the planning begin?

No. I've only managed to raise MORE questions.

Let's continue studying the #KavanaughAffair...
34) Shall we touch upon Kavanaugh's lies? Holy moley! That guy is a lying fool. I dedicated an entire thread of tweets to document just SOME of his lies under oath. You can read them in this "Twitter Moments".

35) I haven't even touched on Kavanaugh's finances, and the Senate Judiciary committee never had a chance to interview Kavanaugh regarding his shady financial statements. Here's a thread I wrote early in September. The questions remain unanswered.
36) In a book (which I hope SOMEONE will write) about the #KavanaughAffair, we'll definitely need at least one chapter dedicated to Kavanaugh's rise to power. It's a story of entitlement, entitlement, entitlement, grooming, and a whole bunch of party allegiance thrown in.
37) Great. Just what we need in a Supreme Court Justice. A party hack.

The present motto chiseled over the SCOTUS portico is "Equal Justice Under Law". With Kavanaugh now on the bench, it will have to be changed to "What Goes Around Comes Around".
38) I didn't touch on sex abuse allegations in this thread with the exception of some blatant lies Kavanaugh told under oath. I'm inclined to believe Dr. Ford. Her corroboration appears legitimate. I'm BEYOND DISGUSTED that the White House and the GOP hobbled the FBI probe.
39) It's shocking that the @FBI couldn't question Ford or Kavanaugh. I can't blame the FBI. The White House limited their ability to do their job. Kavanaugh paid lip service to wanting an FBI interview. There was a REASON he wasn't interviewed...
40) If Kavanaugh were interviewed by the FBI and told the truth, he could not be confirmed. If he told a lie to the FBI, he would be committing a felony. So the answer was to NOT ALLOW the FBI to question him. Likewise, no polygraph test.
41) ...And the GOP paid lip service to Dr. Ford and all the other people who wanted to be interviewed by the FBI. The entire investigation and hearings surrounding Kavanaugh's elevation to the SCOTUS bench was a complete and utter sham.
42) I'm telling you folks! This #KavanaughAffair has it all.

Political intrigue of the highest order, sex, grifters, money, perjury, corruption, alcohol abuse. There's so much more to talk about.

Someone! Please write this book!


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Oct 7, 2018
I have so many question about the #KavanaughAffair. The alleged sexual assaults, the lies under oath, the boozing, the shady finances. I want to know how Kavanaugh's name was chosen. I want to know Justice Kennedy's involvement. There's enough here for a book!

2) We know Kavanaugh was Justice Kennedy's law clerk & Kennedy wanted Kavanaugh to replace him on the SCOTUS bench.
Three questions:
a) Did Kennedy make a deal with Trump?
b) Why EXACTLY was it important for Kennedy to have Kavanaugh replace him?
c) When did the planning begin?
3) Let's try to answer c) When did the planning for Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy begin? A good place to look might be at Kavanaugh's own website. The one created to promote his candidacy for the Supreme Court bench. Gee! I wonder what the date of creation was?
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Oct 3, 2018
Below are 31 times Kavanaugh lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Please remember that lying under oath is a felony. It doesn't matter if it's about drinking or sex or using stolen documents or lying about political matters.

A lie is a lie.

Lie 1) In 2004, Kavanaugh claimed nomination of anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ judge William Pryor was “not one that I worked on personally.”

Truth: Newly released emails showed Kavanaugh was involved in selecting Pryor, interviewing him, and working to confirm him.
Lie 2) In 2006, Kavanaugh denied he “primarily handl[ed]” nomination of racist Judge Charles Pickering, who reduced sentence of man convicted of burning a cross in front of interracial couple’s house.

Truth: Emails show Kavanaugh prepared documents on Pickering's behalf.
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Oct 1, 2018
Let’s break down some this #Kavanaugh bullshit down and have a little fun in the process - although I'm afraid my descriptions may be a little dark and stormy at times.

<I hope you will enjoy this thread>
2) First, can we all agree that while people are able to change their lives, most of us have our basic character established by the time we are 18 years of age? (And probably earlier than that.) Yeah sure. One can break the mold and change dramatically, but most of us don’t.
3) Given that as a truism, let us compare Merrick Garland’s year book to Brett Kavanaugh’s. Garland's shows a studious guy on the honor roll and student council. While Kavanaugh is absorbed with boofing, devil’s triangle and FFFF (Find em, feel em, f*ck em and forget em).
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Sep 16, 2018
Why I believe Christine Blasey Ford.
Why you should believe Christine Blasey Ford.
And why the #Kavanaugh nomination should come to a screeching halt.

1) First the obvious. Dr. Christine Ford has 3rd party documentation dating from 2012. It doesn’t name Kavanaugh, but it names the circumstances. She’s got the receipts, baby!
2) Second, she has already taken a polygraph test. Has #Kavanaugh taken a polygraph test? No. And considering the number of times he has already been found to lie under oath, he probably should have!
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Sep 9, 2018
I think this morning we need a little thread about Brett Kavanaugh and gambling. What do you think? Wanna join me for a quick game?

1) It’s starts with the massive debt Kavanaugh accrued by allegedly buying baseball tickets. He carried $60,000 to $200,000 of debt on credit cards which he SAYS was for baseball tickets.…
2) "Kavanaugh would have had to buy nine top-tier season tickets to reach the LOWER limit of the debt that the White House says he accrued because of baseball."

Hmmmmm. Very interesting.
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Sep 8, 2018
Brett #Kavanaugh doesn't have the integrity to be on SCOTUS. Kavanaugh committed AT LEAST 5 instances of perjury. This is judicial misconduct. Let me spell some of it out for you and tell you what YOU can do. #StopKavanaugh #PerjuryBrett

1) In 2002 Manny Miranda stole thousands of documents belonging to Dems. Kavanaugh worked alongside Miranda. During a 2004 confirmation hearing Kavanaugh denied receiving any of the documents Miranda stole. In 2006 he lied again under oath. We now know he committed perjury.
2) At a 2006 confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh told @SenatorLeahy that he knew nothing of an illegal warrantless wiretapping program until the New York Times broke the story in 2005. Now we know he was lying. He committed perjury.
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