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Dear people I admire, WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING ABOUT DONALD TRUMP?? Don't you know he's the spawn of Voldemort & thus must not be named?
From 1990:… (for decades we've been complicit--the media & political establishment even more so) #loligarqogA
❤️ that Hillary is no longer even saying his name. in 17 days, maybe can we all pledge to stop mentioning him at all?
Yes, I've blamed the media for T-rump.Along with anyone who writes or talks about him.But obvi I too am #clickcomplicit & its my fault too
Most (all?) of us have played some role in the T-rump debacle. We are humans who can't resist the click. And ffs he's been omnipresent.
As @SarahSilverman puts it in @Popstarmovie, T-rump is everywhere, like oxygen or clinical depression. Wow do I wish I could find this gif:)
He's not only made America Hate Again, but also made all of us anxious, complicit & idk about you I feel nauseous just thinking about him.
Thanks to T-rump, I find myself grateful my father, who was a Holocaust survivor, is dead, because at least he didnt have to witness this.
That this T-rump debacle happened at all makes me clear that I (we) have failed...him, survivors & the world. and obviously refugees.
So how do we stop the post-apocalypse? I know we all need time to reflect, but isn't it time to ungame the dumb irresistible system we built
By next election I must have better filters. Why don't I value my attention more? Why should I know who this guy is?
These folks have gamed the system, with bots & hate. And, by paying attention, we keep letting them. Time to suwr5
Here's how I'll start

After Hillary wins, I pledge to value my attention; thus I'll stop uttering & writing T-rump's name until his death.*
*post-election analysis is not included in this pledge; we clearly need to learn from our mistakes. but going forward, no more attention!
As convinced as I am that women & POC are most voters, this is chillicbBr
Basically, this is at the core of my discomfort with the VIPization of culture. (& yes I'm inconsistent) #loligarchy
Why T-rump is Different by @adamgopnik…
Empathy for the Devil by @JamilSmith… (I hear this/not sure I know how to not be empathic/but idk compassion, maybe?)
Now that T-rump has turned us all into assholes, where do we go from here, asks @karaswisher… Better filters I hope
tfw where you find yourself explaining that the Rothschilds running the 🌎's banks is an antisemitic conspiracy theory to a Hillary supporter
And, then convincing that person, who you like & clearly felt terrible & had no idea, that no, you don't think, they hate jews:(
...while feeling grateful that Wikipedia exists & embarrassed that you still actually have no idea how to explain the falsity of the trope.
I planned to pledge to never mention or give any attention to T-rump again (until his death ) but I do want to consider wtf happened. So...
But, after today, I pledge not to write about or discuss anything T-rump says or does going forward. He is not worthy of our attention.
bemused by this thread, from what seems like a lifetime ago:) cc @_danilo @kangaroo5383 #electionday #politicalTSD
I wish an Inclusive News Network launched w/ election coverage tonight. Every network has mostly ⚪️dudes interrupting the one woman present.
Fuck these ⚪️men on @CNN discussing how much people just don't like Hillary.

Beyond it being BS, who cares if we "like" our President?
Women & POC are most people & most voters, except on cable & network news, where white men are most people & mostly interrupt.
"It would be sweet, sweet justice if tonight it was the Latino vote that defeated" T-rump @ananavarro #EleczLZ2QXjRrz
I'm so sorry for failing my father, for failing refugees, for failing the 🌎, & for my complicity. I'll keep tryindQMD
Who'll take responsibility for their complicity? Their clicks? Who'll deny it?

And wtf happens to the press/media?
Who's been tracking how much of the vote was suppressed? Was it more than last election? #loligarchy
I'm gonna go weep for Hillary, equality, democracy, justice, my misunderstanding of America & all of us while I hug my @sonaar. Our❤️ & hugs
I cry all the time. From ads.

But tonight, tho I nearly cried in the supermarket & then near-wept when he gave accepted, I still just can't
maybe its tears that make it really real. not just my fear & shame:(

I feel so disassociated, disoriented, disgusted, and also just dissed
tomorrow, its time to start figuring out how to converting my complicity into change...& eventually calamity into grace.

also hope to cry.
please do us all a favor & don't "actually not college-educated ⚪️women" anyone

if we avoid or deny our complicity, we'll continue it.
in retrospect, I suppose this was not the anomaly I desperately wanted it to be, just 24 hours ago
it is this that is so disorienting--we do hate women this much.
I generally cry several times a day, be it for beauty or trauma or awe.

But, somehow, I still have yet to shed even a single tear:(
Is tear constipation a thing?

I did laugh for the first time an hour or so ago:)
as a daughter of a survivor, I could never quite understand the idea that neighbors/fellow citizens would betray those they knew (my family)
It just seemed impossible to me as a child; like how could people do that to anyone, particularly if they knew them? it was outside my view.
I'm still not sure I understand how/why folks vote for a xenophobe, racist, or sexist who makes any of their friends & neighbors unsafe.
of my earliest memorable dreams: because I was blonde & blue-eyed, I'd have somehow been excluded but still had to watch my family perish
I've since learned & try to heartily embrace that I am not (& noone is) that special.

So confused that we elected a man who insists he is.
it is that we all matter-& noone is better than or more important than any one-that is/was the basis of my American identity.

but not today
Voters chose:

Safety over change.
Outsiders over insiders
Private over public.
Supremacy over equality.

Voters chose:

An amateur over an expert
Spontaneity over institutions
The snubbed over the elite.
Instinct over experience
Fear over hope.
Voters chose:

A performance over a record
A demagogue over a democrat
A tax avoider over a tax payer.
The past over the future
I still haven't/can't cry.

Not even at those Obama photos!

Nausea is the the new normal though.

Ok this brought a tear (only one, left eye) & genuine joy & hope for the firstwpLgODtb
Everyday it does get worse-how much racist/sexist violence are we NOT hearing about, if this much is being shared.

Nausea is the new normal
I don't even know what to share & what is just too much. Like who wants to hear about just how terrifying it all is. But don't we need to?
There'll be no women or PoC execs in the federal govt.The men in charge of Labor, Energy, Edu, EPA etc are terrifying.Want to hear about it?
A couple celebs were harassed in Silver Lake. women in a hijabs & black & brown people are being attacked all over.Want to hear about it?
It even feels odd sharing optimism about T-rump's teams lack of experience in'll be hard to accomplish much & easy to break laws.
but even saying that feels like its ignoring the fucking terror so many people are experiencing, as well as the violence.

or just anxiety.
related: I feel a civic duty to speak up & use whatever power I have. but how much attention is healthy? effective? efficient? kind?
what is appropriate/useful to share? at what point does it become too overwhelming & have the opposite impact we intend?

and what do we do?
we all need to do what we can & take care of ourselves of course.

when is it a civic duty to pay our attention? & to encourage others to?
(I'm not suggesting this the same for each of us-we do the best we can- there aren't rules, just trying to do better)
If we filter out the terror & suffering, we become complicit...but how do we avoid letting it slowly paralyze us?

I still can't cry:(
As a compulsive pattern matcher, its like I'm having a glitch; an endless exhausting dissociative loop that starts & ends in incomprehension
a week ago just that Phife banner woulda had me bawling. Still can't cry. I guess it'd be worse if I couldn't laugh?
We went to see Lion & I cried for the 1st time, tho only briefly. I want to cry so much that it felt fake, as if my tears were hollow
but at least the drought was broken. and then after, listening to the panel, which included the story's subject, we rejoined the nausea
We've built a system that's been so gamed that there are NYer profiles on trolls with how-to advice. Time to debug!
Today would've been my dad's birthday.I'm glad he didn't have to see this, but I wish I knew what he'd have said.He always knew just what to
Yes/it depends.My (dead) dad survived the Holocaust.So I feel like I owe him one-& his generation has wisdom we d2RN2
TFW you have a "friendly" political argument w/ a man who, like you, is the child of a Holocaust survivor & he tells you he voted for T-rump
TFW a ⚪️man tells you not to worry cuz T-rump has kids & grandkids & biz so obvi he won't destroy the world. & also AI will fix everything.
& so you tell him, well, as the daughter of a survivor, you hope so, but since history says otherwise, we need to worry-& try to prevent it.
And then he explains how actually AI really is the answer. because its just ramping up. And in 20 years we'll all have implants etc
& then you say, if we survive that long, i still doubt it.because you just can't.oh to be a white man & for other humans not to occur to you
Yes, I'm way too much fun at parties. Isn't the apocalypse rad?

And, yes, every woman & PoC who was there thanked me afterwards.
If Bannon, Gorka & Miller left the WH, maybe I wouldn't feel nauseous everyday anymore? Or would Sessions, Pruitt& Devos have to go too?
Obviously, I'd take bankers over white supremacists anyday. So Sessions needs to go too. And also, Mulvaney & Kelly? Any other fascists?
For prolly the 1st 3 years of Obama's 1st term, it felt like a proud & unbelievable miracle we elected him.I'd remember & just smile in awe
But there were also lots of days that I didn't think, talk or write about POTUS at all. Which now seems like a bigger privilege & miracle.
Now I can't remember what it was like not thinking, talking or writing about T-rump. Its hard to imagine even an entire day freed from him.

• • •

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