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Is anyone comparing the amount of media coverage given to each presidential candidate? Wondering how Trump compares to Sanders..
Comparison of the amount of media coverage given to Trump &…RJEB
Are you a journalist who shares this view? If so, there's a solution-STOP writing about Trump-cover Sanders instead!
Dear journalists, If you cover (or build dedicated exts or bots devoted to) this man, YOU are part of the problem.
:) & choosing not to spread his hate-no matter how hilarious it seems-matters. Next time why not share some SandeaZQv
I wish folks had resisted writing T-rump clickbait.That said, I'll give him this: he has exposed the fragility of our (so-called) democracy
.@BernieSanders won the popular vote but Time gave it to Merkel, who deserves it...will T-rump now claim he won?
So, how much less coverage will Sander's victories get than the performance of Republican candidates who have dropped out & when he'll quit?
Three dudes on MSNBC are yelling at each other about how Hillary yells & doesn't know how to use a microphone after all these years.
FFS: as MSNBC ought to know, Hillary is yelling because she's been speaking 18 hours a day & may have little voice left. Or it may be loud!
Given the human choice between yell & hoarse whisper--& how gendered this is, what would they say if she'd gone with the later?
Is anyone tracking T-rump coverage by media outlet? Like # of T-rump mentions per day per pub or show?
T-rump's neverending info-dog whistle does give the media more time to figure out why Sander's MI victory really means he should drop out!
And, why, even though Hillary winning Michigan meant everything yesterday, Bernie winning it today wouldn't really mean anything...
Quantifying T-rump's free media ...wonder how much he's earned Moonves & the media
Beyond elevating T-rump w/o noting his racism & sexism-&reaping economic benefits-the media missed their own3hC5om6o
Does anyone think its numerically possible for a candidate reviled by women & Latinos to become president? WjRrz
Is this rarely mentioned by the media due to fear of T-rump? Or because it undermines the justification that covering a racist is relevant?
Or, Citizens U aside, does the media pump T-rump because (due to their own lack of diversity)they overrepresent/overvalue white male voices?
Given that the media rarely employs, covers or interviews subjects who are not white & male, is it surprising they overvalue T-rump's base?
When white men are over-represented in/by the media, women's & POC's votes don't seem necessary to win an electiog0RE
Are journalists asking T-rump how his views on human rights, torture, abortion & foreign policy can be distinguished from ISILs? #loligarchy
if only some intrepid young California Republican who hates T-rump would start a write-in campaign for Kanye for the June primary...
Media says T-rump (& the fortune its earned media) is not the media's fault; its your fault for clickwOEt #loligarchy
Dear media, You wrote about T-rump & made our clicks complicit.I know you can't stop now but you can ask about CrDpix
also, hope journalists ask T-rump folks who are angry at Cruz's speech if they'd endorse T-rump if he'd accused their dad of killing JFK?

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Feb 2, 2018
@katiezavadski “F---ing Sith Lord,” “Horrific Leakers,” & “Berserkazoid Craziness”: The Mooch Recalls His Brief Shining Fortnight at the Center of US Politics, by @WilliamCohan… Wish he’d been asked about🇷🇺sanctions, RDIF & if he now supports what he opposed at #WEF17?
This is something, coming from a guy who missed the birth of his child—& had his lawyer demand a paternity test?

Does suing CNN & forcing a journo to resign for accurate reporting have permanent benefits?
World chess body has Swiss bank accounts frozen after (Putin-linked) president is accused of links to ISIS oil deals… After @Kasparov63 failed to have him removed, maybe Team Spectre decided enough was enough—& this was the only way to take back the org?
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Jan 12, 2018
As per ⬆️, an excellent post by @katiezavadski, examining RDIF & Dmietiev! And a great thread follows. Hope to see Scaramucci, Thiel & Goldman Sachs looped in, just in time for Davos!
@katiezavadski So T-rump, Scaramucci & Mnuchin are going to #WEF2018. What about Schwarzman, Bonderman, Black & or WEF Young Global Leaders Dmietriev & Thiel? Or Milner? Is there an RDIF reunion scheduled?

Also, out of curiousity, any chess tourneys or events scheduled?
@katiezavadski Wonder if Scaramucci can get another reporter canned for accurately reporting on what he said in public at #WEF, like he did last year? Or were his legal threats to CNN enough to prevent anyone from taking the risk? Are the Mooch & Thiel now press-proof?
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Dec 30, 2015
Thinking a lot lately about the VIPization of American culture & how its displaced the notion of equality. Curious about when this started..
I'd like to read a history of VIP sections:)When did they become mainstream/acceptable/legitimate? How are they justified to kids?Any recs?
By legitimizing VIP sections, the #loligarchy has commoditized inequality & aspiration & even my hypocrisy;) Can't we do & build better?
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So, some dude in Bristol Farms just asked me if I was in #HatefulEight - his wife thought I was Jennifer Jason Leigh! #flattered #yearmade 💗
I clicked on this because I am vain, but loved this interview with Jennifer Jason Leigh…
just remembered: years ago, in Thailand, a couple said they thought they recognized me from the movie SingleWhiteFemale.Was I Bridget Fonda?
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Dec 20, 2015
Why is O'Malley still running? There is no way a white man will be either Hillary's (Castro) or Bernie's (Warren?) choice for VP. #DemDebate
"You'll be very happy...I'll let you talk then" #shhhO'Malley
I still wouldn't recognize O'Malley if I saw him in the supermarket. #DemDebate
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Dec 16, 2015
yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting....
Long @NewYorker profile on Bostrom & the state of AI; not a single woman (unnamed wife aside) mentioned or quoteILtp
If OpenAI is not committed to offering open access to their data, is the "Open" just sqLi4KSCoJ
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