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Is the % of journalism comprised of journalists writing about journalism &/or about other journalists steadily increasing?
Contemporaneous w/ the rise of "selfies" maybe journalists writing about other journalists is its equivalent-selfie journalism-"sournalism"!
Peak sournalism: when journalists go beyond writing about journalists & journalism-& become the story itsrohZSZBJ
Sournalism seems to presume that transparency undermines or even counteracts biases-but perhaps it reinforces them
Journalist compares his experience as the subject of journalism with another journalists & then... #sournalHc89
Other journalists confirm its important to journalism that journalists are the subjects of stories. #sournalism
Sournalism transparently acknowledges journalists are subjective & that the act of journalism inevitably impacts the future of its subjects
Sournalism recognizes that journalists are part of & impact their stories-& pretending otherwise makes journalism less & less credible.
sincere & skeptical #sournalism are both practiced in public, but in the former, journalist (& bias) is on…KlFOumCF
Bummer: the best selfie journalism is journalists writing about new journalism cos; their bias betrayed by snark
If so, who loses? Journalists, journalism, and/or the public? #sournalism
Are 1 & 2 predictions or standard practice? How many interviews will be with other journalists? #sournalJVt6
Mizzou & Yale want to tell their stories to their community.Must Media destroy the contefwNtj
Maybe Mizzou students want to tell their own story & preserve their context & privacy-& not be exploitedo/mjKMzJ4Llb
By asking students to answer to the world(rather than their community) Media becomes part of the story, erases context & changes its outcome
Coverage not only turns its subjects into targets for threats & harassment, but they'll be forever defined by the story in online search..
Mizzou students know that the press can & will likely be used against them-particularly by future employers, who search for them on Google..
And, regardless, journalists (who were once students) know better than anyone what'll happen to the students they interview at Mizzou & Yale
How better to undermine empathy than to destroy context?How better to thwart growth than by being forever defined by our words as a student?
What students can look forward to if they are featured by the media/why students want a safe space:
The media is now the story; the result of this #sournalism is the destruction of a teacher who cares about students…
Instead of the issues being protested--or the success of the protests--we'll discuss the privileges of the press to destroy lives. #ffs
This--& the impact media attention has on local outcomes & student experience--& on their future opo/gKrBwKJK4o
On Gawker's Problem with Women by @DaynaEvans_… Feminist #Sournalism
between the layoffs & a new focus on "politics," maybe Gawker is moving away from #sournalism &amp://
A media without access puts the me in media; the media becomes story &(sorry)the me becomes the mess32Mo #sournalism
#sournalism goes Snapchat but on live tv, competing collectively & freeing itself of those pesky rules of journalA1rC
What % of journalism is posts about a celeb's post(w/ & w/o a link)?What % is covering other journalimvzY #sournalism
When Sean Penn is a journalist = flatulence #sournalism
Worst: journalists write about journalists &/or journalism but don't link to it. Unlinked (or unhinged) #sournalzgEN
In tech #sournalism, the most successful tech journalists have the most tech journalist twitter followers.
Do the top tech journos followed by the most journos also write most about other tech journalism & quote the most journalists? #sournalism
In data #sournalism, if the data flatters journalists, it doesn't matter what you measure:)
Pundit #sournalism: Pundit on other pundits, with links to their punditry.
Also, how much have (less & less reliable)polls proliferated in the selfie era?Is #sournalism more reliant on polr1r9
What portion of each candidate's time is selfie devoted? How much media is focused on or includes them? #sournalism
Also, is there a tumblr or something that aggregates all the candidate-journalist selfies? #sournalism
(Alas, FOIA would prolly only capture if emailed) but hoped these emails would be accompanied by selfies #sournalism…
In institutional #sournalism who you know IS what you know, making it illogical that who she knows is why Hillary could lose.
"you know what sort of a political story tells you something of real value? A poll." modern political #sKrmvOqhuRY
Is there a reporter dedicated to the selfie beat? has anyone created portraits of candidates made of their selfies yet? #sournalism
Also, do campaigns ask for a copy of every selfie?Do they assign interns to try to aggregate them after events? For candidate selfie albums?
Harvey Levin's/TMZ's insistence on video/willingness to pay for it gave rise to #sournalism & a new age of…5lvr
Political #sournalism (but earnest, self-aware & bias-acknowledging-I wish every pundit did this each electiB581
Selfie #sournalism (redundant, I know, but...)…
Gawker on Facebook = White on White #sournalism Techmeme on Gawker = Call Out Sournalism
When the only way an important story will become a story at all is to become the story= public interest #sournalism
#Sournalism is circularly self referential & reverential , driving the poll results it covers with its coverf0Zm
Funny how the media just won't report Sanders' wins...its almost as if they all work for media cos awash in Citizens United $. #sournalism
The media finally admits the polls are wildly inaccurate, but obviously they'll keep commissioning them! #sournalism
By presuming Hillary is the eventual nominee, does the media suppress Dem turnout in upcoming primaries or destroy trust in media more?
Maybe the media only polls super-delegates. Who else would take their calls? Maybe only people who work in politics still have landlines!
Or maybe #sournalism & dodgy polls-instead of coronating Clinton-are suppressing her voters who presume she's…d8hS
Political #sournalism only gives coverage to the candidates its coronating, whom not coincidentally pay its bills.
If liable for sextape #sournalism, other journalists will report every lawyer-approved word
#Sournalism has fostered an industry to support the heroes it creates online-regardless of their interest or consent
T-rump is not journalism's fault; SV media social media & media has no influence so its their/our fault? #sournalHzGB
Why take responsibility when you can blame Snapchat #Sournalism?…
I suppose it makes sense that the amount of journalism about the demise of journalism would be steadily increasing? Last Gasp #Sournalism?
Wonder much of #sournalism is wholly self-contained, ie journalism about journalism that only quotes journalists, bloggers & academics?
Also, Denton is again providing scoops to other outlets & not Gawker; their #sournalism again limited by…o4WX
Also did Denton shut down Valleywag due to his suspicions? And why didn't Thiel realize this legal strategy would be obvious to Gawker?
"Reports:"!? If lawyers fact-checked Gawker's every word, where would…E8kmTO4MaR? #loligarchy
I wanna know who #TeamThiel is. Who's gonna push this past #sournalism (journalists covering journalists) to (dare I dream OTR ) journalism?
#TeamThiel? (Afterall, RTs are not endorsements...)
This is SO careful-has Gawker now hired a lawyer as a fact-checker for all its Thielbait journalism &…xukj
More #TeamThiel (maybe RTs aren't endorsements but these aren't RTs;) (lmk if you see other VCs & billionaires tKyN2
Thiel is kinda wrecking it for all his buddies. Maybe Gawker is done -but will the eventual result be more scrutiny? & less "philanthropy"?
Apparently Thiel couldn't wreck Gawker using FB or Palantir-now destroying "philanthropy", the courts, public good will to SV & free press?
The sournalist vs the loligarch would be a great opening act for a Bernie v T-rump debate.… #sournalism #loligarchy
Sournalism fights back (& ink the barrel has never been cheaper-or less monopolized by…9mpa?
If Bezos meant what he said, why wouldn't he step in & either buy or or cover Gawker's litigation cos1AaN #sournalism
Seriously, can't someone convince Bezos to buy Gawker? And also convince him or some other billionaire to go Thiel on the NRA?
shoulda called this one navel-gazing #sournalism, given that most of the post is journalists commending Gawker:)
This: how many times must people perform their pain for public consumption? Our clicks make us complicit.
personal bankruptcy sournalism…
keep thinking about this/& how I'm click complicit/& the role I play in enabling click complicity/&how too/eRcA0J4G3F
Has every investor/tech titan who has publicly supported Thiel against Gawker also come out to defend Voldemort?
There is no "principle" that requires defending folks who gleefully & intentionally hurt others for their own personal & financial benefit.
This election has turned each of us into clickwhores ...& made our clicks complicit. I'll keep expecting better of you, me & all of us tho
#sournalism in the time of uncertainty…
No one has always agreed with @nicknotned, but his loss is our loss & tech's failure to defend Gawker is…b6qo?
Unlike most, Gawker wasn't built/owned by entrenched power-so it could fight it.… #loligarchy
Collectively, we failed to protect Gawker. & the #mirrorocracy preached Disruption but funded younger carbon copies who can't speak up...
But even more so, folks w/ power, who work with, invest with or are funded by Thiel-their silence is complicity & they failed us #loligarchy
Dear @nicknotned, Hope you'll share a post thanking all of the powerful tech folks who've supported @Gawker.After all, silence is complicity
Who is going to criticize the wealthy & powerful post-Gawker? Who can afford the…eha1cM
This is great.And sad. But only if we start protecting journalism from this & the next Thr9lrO
This @gawker autopsy by @max_read is excellent & intimate-& also, surprisingly relipKPfuCV5U
Autopsy #sournalism (or Accountability #Sournalism?)…
At least Gawker's death forces us to reflect on the past -maybe this'll enable a better future! ❤️ this by @espiers…
Mission Demolished by @Choire (& a final thanks to @gawker for the awesome & also the awful. you made…dTo3fAPa?
those who collaborate with Thiel (or coulda paid Gawker's lawyers) are complicit… #loligarchy
Farewell #Sournalism (or what @nicknotned here calls "journalismiz8cXI3xGl6
"And so Gawker’s demise turns out to be the ultimate Gawker story. It shows how things work." (&
Think Thiel was right & Gawker deserved what it got? @FreedomofPress has some questions for…j1Zo #sournalism
billionaires of the world unite! you have nothing to lose (too bad everyone else does)…? #loligarchy
A sickening realization that this is true & how little we value the trustworthiness of iDIGC So long #sournalism!
this is too accurate. & frightening, in terms of what it says about the value of accurate information. #loligar2oFz
"unsettling" correction aside, (Vice &) Buzzfeed's focus on video is also about being an ad….co/rXJrUPBZWy?
...because no one, except for ad agencies & advertisers (& the adtech bots that are their viewers), prefers video-or wants more of it.
(but we'll keep pretending & ignoring all the bots, click fraud & bad incentives, that people can't get enough of sponsored videos & ads)
Yes, this story is hilarious. But its just so emblematic of how little the truth-let alone journalism matters:(
WSJ meets Vice #sournalism. Maybe someday Vice'll publish a compilation of its increasingly fictitious origin story
everyone prefers text--that 20 % with the audio on are click farms, bots & ad agencies watching their own vide1J22
How many minutes till there's a thinkpiece comparing privacy on Facebook & Girls Gone…rxMkE
A fitting tribute to @nicknotned; though maybe it should come with liability insurance & free legal servicJO0W
apparently, no one on Facebook is watching your video ad either. except for bots & maybe folks in the ad/media xX0j
this is perfect. & perfect timing. if Facebook stops pretending folks prefer or are watching video, will everyojgBI
also what portion of online media is hate-clicks & outrage clicks? How does this compare over time as a portion of our media consumption?
kinda related: when chain restaurants create gross untasty gimmick foods, is it basically an analog adaption of clickbait &/or outrage bait?
also because we expect the clickbait cuisine to be grim, does the restaurant's other faire benefit in positive reviews due to comparison?
This is scary. Who'll be willing to take these risks to write about the wealthy &…csRd #loligarchy
and its not even just financial & other risks--its signing up to spend your energy & time & effort on being sued instead of working...
Thanks @ekp & @projectinclude for refusing to to be complicit & making the easy decision to stop working witheTvh5nOh
Sure, bankrupting Gawker had no personal & professional consequences. but apparently giving 💰 to a guy who brags about sexual assault does?
kind of annoyed to read this, to know about this guy..that my clicks, too, are complicit. but how else to undo them?…
It doesn't have to be this easy to gain our attention...clicks..& our complicity. we can stop paying any attention, right? #loligarRYTL
A necessary decision but heartbreaking for @nicknotned & all of us that Gawker could not afford to fight for…Rhi4
Either @fmanjoo hates the truth or he can't handle it?…?
& beyond economic value, has truth lost all cultural value?
Who are these people? Bots?

aren't we begrudgingly tolerating it if there's text & isn't preceded by a longer…cweaw
obvi there are exceptions/eg we all want to watch this or idk maybe fucking soap vids are the future of content?
Remember when email filters hadn't caught up with Viagra spam? Does FB make more $ w/o media spam filters? or facts?…?
Impressed/scared by these enterprising Macedonian teens tho; glad they don't work for Palmer Luckey or Peter Thiel, at least yet #loligarchy
also, as an election post-mortem, I'd love to see a propaganda supply chain.

Really? tagging information as fact-checked would go a long way. or a spam filter based on information reliability?…?
I disagree. Why absolve Facebook? Sure, we all like our biased bubbles but who wants to waste their time or attention on false information?
Horrifying how little changes....until you remember that progress is retrospective.…
Sure, we're all biased towards info that confirms our biases, but isn't this undermined by recognizing the pattern of truth's efficiency?
related: has anyone estimated the efficiency & productivity costs of fabricated info/news? Both on & off Fap41VUMoB
Its an awful precedent, but was there another option, given that Thiel had succeeded in bleeding those involved dry?
misleading much?…?
/not only are Thiel & Denton white, gay elite men, both have now been called 🎃headed in the press!
Grateful to @mtaibbi for taking responsibility; wish more journos & more of everyone, particularly the elite,…Gki8P
We are all complicit, but particularly the media. With influence comes responsibility to do better & do differeedEE
Post-election, Google & FB cut off the Macedonian teens 💰.

So, "conservative news site" #loligarchy
@Rochelle Also, this is really scary, given the influence propaganda has on FB etc Wonder if anyone is monitoring this? Maybe by keywords?
#Sournalism gets trumped "There are limits on damages for malpractice suits against Drs. Why not for journalistPpxZ
💯 this thread.That said, given what credence voters gave to establishment media & elite endorsements, does it matCRhS
Under Obama, journalists wrote about & quoted each other (aka #sournalism)

Under T-rump, journalism is written to him. & other oligarchs.
Because T-rump reads the NYT & NYPost everyday, their work is suddenly & instantly more important than EVER. What is the impact? on them?
What new responsibilities come with this sudden new unanticipated power? What are the ethics?

Does it make NYT & NYPost more sycophantic?
Are they really writing for an audience of one now? How does this influence structure? Word choice? How does NYT use T-rump's user data?
Do journalists manipulate & game T-rump by praising then criticizing him? Or only interview men to influence him? What are the ethics here?
what does NYT know about what T-rump reads & shares? How do they use it? What does their user agreement forbid?

or does he read the paper?
What does each oligarchs read? How often do pubs write to specifically influence a known powerful loyal subscriber? Is their user data used?
Is there a list of what each oligarch admits to reading regularly? Or subscribe to? & which writers they each read religiously?

sycojournalism: media written with the intention of influencing a specific oligarch (or several) who is known to read or watch.
Also is Zuckerberg known to read the Guardian? #sycojournalism
not sure #sycojournalism is the best choice as It sounds pejorative & I mean It more as an observation of reality than judgement.
But please NYT & NY Post! Give it all you've got to manipulate T-rump into not destroying everything. & be first so he'll have to sue YOU!
(I'm aware that T-rump reads other outlets. Conspiracy & white supremacy, racists etc. They know how to game him already; will NYT learn?)
Also, what if the NYT had a special section every day written just for T-rump. Maybe only he would get it.(Like a security briefing. Or not)
Not only writing for journalists! Interviewing journos, writing about them & journalism. aka what I call #sournalRzGa
Slower, fact-checked, collaborative journalism could cure #sournalism.Could saved time/attention drive subscriptions?
So maybe @nicknotned isn't giving up on some kind of justice just yet? Wonder if another 1%er agreed to fund a suit?…
Meanwhile Thiel's 1st post T-rump public appearance?

A chess tourney w/ a Putin rep.To make the ceremonial 1st move
Has anyone written about Thiel & Putin? & their friends in common?Have they appeared together? Co-investmentsYzJMlCoA
Open Letter Journalism: How long till every article'll start with Dear Donald (or other oligarch)? #loligarchy
Dear @NYTimes & @NYPost, Please publish a list of world leaders/oligarchs whose congratulatory calls T-rump should NOT take.

If you know nothing about history & have never read a book, why wouldn't you take Taiwan's call? Who else's call would he not know to avoid?
Whose survival DOESN'T depend on T-rump knowing who NOT to take 📱calls from?

Please, journalism or government, make that list public!
Duterte-who called Obama a son of a whore-is visiting the WH.Who'll congratulate T-rump next?
If I were a warlord or a deposed or aspiring corrupt leader, I'd do anything to get my hands on T-rumps digits. Are they hacking golfers?
Is T-rump's 📱# being sold on the darkweb?

Congratulating him is clearly valuable, but starting w/ a completely blank slate is priceless!
Where T-rump gets his news (/where to write TO him/he also says he reads the NYT & NYPost everyday; likely in print)
@cwarzel @lamthuyvo Awesome important work! Would ❤️ to see this for every oligarch--& their self-reporting (when asked by press or public)
NYT, overnight, became a daily open letter to T-rump. This now the public editor responds?

WTF? Words matter!
Related: Since @nytimes & @nypost are also what's in front him, every day, both suddenly have more power than evRbP3
Hey @nytimes & @nypost,
Please publish this in full. Our survival may depend on kt31 #sycojournalism #loligarchy
This is not what I meant. How fast can the @nytimes turn into Breitbart? #sycojournalism
💯/Has Facebook (aka Zuck) ever chosen morality, democracy or civic duty over the superior economics of spam?
Are there folks in SV who'd argue Putin was just investing in T-rump?

Other than Hyperloop & Calexit, who else has taken his investment?
Is anyone reporting on Putin's relationships to the attendees of this meeting? (eg folks who invest with RDIF?)
Re Putin &…1KR3
meta click complicity so, to get back at Twitter, Chuck Johnson pays Obama for the privilege of writing his tweets..
Does NYT or NYPost track which of its stories T-rump responds to? On an ongoing basis? Have tunnels been featured?
Does whoever delivers the NYTimes to T-rump highlight the grafs that are written directly to him?… #sycojournalism
If there is a fiduciary duty (/job req) to meet w/ T-rump, is there a patriotic duty to refuse to do so off the record/outside public view?
besides those who earn from it, who wants to have their attention, time & energy wasted with fake…RA4i
Also disappointing that so many SV & tech leaders are meeting with T-rump & his team off the khyEaucW #loligarchy
This, but for every oligarch:) Also, how much of this will T-rump read? Its long, but about him, so… #sycojournalism
Addiction #sournalism… (even if these facts don't help, hope someone funds his lawsuit against Thiel)
How does this impact Russian investment in US startups?anyone reporting on this?Any VCs publicly opposing sanctions?
What are Thiel's ties to Putin? Do they invest together? Is Thiel also funding #Calexit?
Sugarless Thiel preaches & practices self-interest (but @nytimes doesn't mention any of his conflicted…JCVJk
What is Thiel's relationship to Putin?

And, really? WMDs? Maybe he really is a vampire! #loligarchy…
This is what Zuckerberg calls diversity on Facebook's Board.

Would you take his investment? Work or invest with him?…
The third part of "no conflict, no interest" is "no ethics." Aka why we have…ps://
maybe now someone will ask (or find out) how tight Peter is with Putin?… #loligarchy
Erik Prince may be a mercenary, but he makes time for selfies with Thiel & T-rump. Next up, PutYQBi #loligarLETX
Awesome that SNL owning & pwning their weird presidential audience & its power; wish @NYTimes & @No/vCQ668HC82
Does Thiel also have a Russian passport? Also which other American tech leaders have "invested" in other pa7vgijON32Q
How does this new responsibility-suddenly becoming 1 of the president's only sources of info-change what is covered?…
Tunnels > Walls.

Perfectly timed; now will any of the direct to T-rump media (NYT, NYPost, Fox) cover thiPgQZ
Are @elonmusk's tunnel tweets (& his Boring Company) triggered or inspired by T-rump's Wall…Oj20
Still hoping @elonmusk's tunnel (& Boring Co) is actually a coded warning to T-rump that his wall is dumb &7s2yp5tb
If he won't read, maybe T-rump would watch Fox News styled intel briefings? Expect a Fox pay for play scandal too!
Dear NYT & NYPost (&/or SNL), Please give us a frontpage story on how Bannon is running the country, not TTn82wPPA
President Bannon indeed!

Hope T-rump reads as far as the editorial page! Thank you @nytimes!…
If T-rump starts a war with Australia, will he reimburse Peter Thiel for his New Zealand passport? #loligarchy
This is fantastic! Thanks @Russian_Starr! Have you written about the impact of sanctions on investment in startups?
We need a new word for media created knowing T-rump will read or watch it & be influenced by it.& the fear it instills in actors #loligarchy
Dear @nbcsnl,
@AlecBaldwin is awesome, but isn't it time a woman played T-rump? As well as all of his team? Especially President Bannon!
Awesome work from @juliacarriew on Silicon Valley's rightwing underbelly; wonder who is also friends with Putin?…
SNL ought to be tracked on this list too:)…
Conspiracy #sournalism… (also, guess I have to put nuclear holocaust back on my general residual anxiety list)
Peter Thiel & @SlaughterAM walk into a bar.

Not discussed: T-rump, Putin, Palantir, Gawker, women's…h2HE2
So, Thiel's lawyers now claim he destroyed Gawker for profit, not pleasure. Or, um, "…7d7yr1m2ZF #loligarchy
Next Thiel will claim his words aren't meant literally or seriously-he intends them contrarianly.

um "…VD5KRCnHlQO
Funny how Thiel, like T-rump, can't resist the vanity (or arrogance? or masochism?) of speaking publicly about his pending legal matters.
Such a tangled web Thiel's weaved, practicing disinformation, promoting fascism, & destroying free press & de1fw9JMoz
If only Thiel could've resisted his vanity & STFU, Gawker would have no claim to make & there'd be no…rCeGQhXrZ
Media also demands that victims endlessly & repeatedly perform their pain.Anyone developing a code of ethics on txjvW
Has T-rump learned not to interfere with investigations or will he try to intervene? He is Betsy's brother afterall.…
The #RealityWinner Rule: When leakers risk prison, the very least a media org can do is re-produce/retype everything
(Was just pointed out to me that just printing the docs would've prolly been enough to get #RealityWinner arrested, but maybe not convicted)
In case it wasn't perfectly clear, Thiel supports & funds misinfo, IS into teenage blood & vanity is his acVf9HqZK0
Thiel is so much more like T-rump than he's given credit for. But when Thiel seethes, instead of tweeting, he hires lawyers & PR.
Video is eating journalism even tho nobody watches or prefers it (except ad agencies & the bots who watch their abJR9
How many stories will fear of Peter Thiel/litigation kill? When'll legislatures take action against champerty 2.0?
Part 777: Tho no one watches, wants or prefers video, every media org pivoted to it because ad💰& now there isn't 7mFa
When Silicon Valley Took Over Journalism, by @FranklinFoer… #sournalism disrupted
Do media cos have a list of litigious billionaires that comedians can't parody & journalists can't…SrQj
Ever dedicated to ignoring law & ethics because disruption, now Thiel is funding herpes vaccine trials w/o IqcXE
Thiel not only funded an unethical herpes vaccine-they recruited participants on Facebook, where he's on the Board. Whose informed consent?
Well this is awful. Journalists need legal protection; courts must start sanctioning these lawyers for intimidation
Is T-rump mulling Thiel for a Top Intel Post?… Thiel & his crew (including Schmidt, the only guy otr) in a sentenBoa3
Actually, there's one other guy on the record: Steve Bannon. But, um, is he trying to push Thiel out? #loligarchy…
Amongst the T-rump crowd, Bannon is only guy on the record & gave Thiel all the credit--calling him a "radical" & "posuot;
Bannon made sure to connect Thiel, Kushner, campaign data & 🇷🇺.

Then an "anonymous" source (who sounds a lot like Bannon)
@adam_ciralsky Awesome work; hope your next update investigates Thiel's Russian relationships & co-investmelCoA
How Trump Brought the Political Media Class to Its Knees… DC is “obsessed with itself, to the detriment of the public” #WhiteHouseSournalism #sournalism
University could lose millions after engaging in unethical herpes research funded by Peter Thiel… Plus: they recruited for subjects on Facebook!
🤔 I’ve seen lots of #sournalism on this (& the frustrating shift to video)—but none that include the impact of Peter Thiel litigation costs &DHKd4ac7
Before FB BoD Member Peter Thiel funded it, research on herpes vaccine began in US hotelrooms. Ignoring dangerous side effects, laws & ethics—& again w/o an IRB, they went offshore & recruited participants for their human experiment on Facebook…o/1X9TShj6df
Did Thiel sell his Facebook shares because he’s leaving their Board? Is it “voluntary”? Was the final straw T-rump, the spotlight on Milner & Russia…k6nm
Or, if it wasn’t herpes, T-rump or Milner/🇷🇺, did Thiel decide that purchasing & destroying Gawker is presently more valuable to him than his Facebook board seat (& his participation…nPH7FtuG
Given his litigious master control of the media, on Friday December 22nd I guess we should expect an announcement that Thiel has bought Gawker & left the Facebook Board —& maybe criminal charges will be announced in the unethical herpes trials he funded?
Very grateful if not surprised that @bethreinhard wasn’t fooled by these amateurs.

So is Facebook Director Peter Thiel still funding O’Keefe’s fake news operations? Or, is it now all T-rump?……
Imagine what media & tech cos—& the 🌎—would look like if we all hadn’t been conned into believing that—even tho internet ads destroy your actual users experience & their privacy—that selling ads & out privacy is the only possible future /
Since only bots & clickfarms “watch”, Facebook won’t be paying for video anymore. Can we stop the forced march aka “pivot” to video…CuuZ
‘Complete invention’: Blair denies telling T-rump UK may have spied on him… So Kushner & Murdoch are pals. Murdoch & Blair are no longer pals. Kushy might not be smart, but he is both loyal & a liar...

Also Blair isn’t this dumb—& why would he even know!?!
Noone prefers—or watches —video but Facebook etc forced a “pivot.”

Defining clickfraud, buying views & arbitraging attention as “innovation,” VC-funded digital media & adtech cos “disrupted”/destroyed journalism’s paltry economics. But its fraud-nojIJeF8LC
I wish more people would ask Peter Thiel about Gawker.

And also T-rump. And herpes. And Palantir. And Project Veritas.

But most of all, Putin!
Peter Thiel’s Lonely Culture War… Weirdest: journalists accept his explanation as truthful—particularly given that he is moving to an even more liberal city that already abhors him...

If he’d moved to San Diego, OTOH...or idk Brownback’s Kansas?
It’s as if Peter Thiel KNEW this was coming...& thus, in advance, semi-suggested he was leaving Facebook’s Board. Will he resign before he’s fired?

Also, wtf Thiel could’ve kept this all secret—why be a part of this book at all—is he just that vatiX2
Seems like Thiel asked quite a lot of people for advice about how to destroy Gawker. Begs the question: aside from Sean Parker, did anyone else at Facebook or on their BoD know about his plans? And, also, why did Thiel participate in this?
“Civil” #sournalism: Stephen Miller IS a racist—but the people who accurately identify him are the real problem.
“I think it is impressive how much President Trump has achieved in the first year and a half.” Peter Thiel on ‘45,’ his contrarianism & even some coded racism—all free of pesky follow-up questions, lest adulatory PR be confused for journalism.…WBNk
Peter Thiel on diversity: it’s not just you—he does actually think that including folks who don’t resemble him is akin to casting ‘extras such as seen in the Space Canteen in Star Wars.’
According to Thiel, the real problem is political correctness— which apparently now expansively includes what he’s dubbed “Google propaganda, the alternative where everything is just getting better.”

Of course, only ‘45’ has an “extraordinary ability” to “cut thru” it. 🤯
How could Thiel resist adding at least a hint of anecdotal misogyny, attributed to someone else?
What goes better with Thiel’s barely coded racism & xenophobia than feigning ignorance (or intentionally misleading) on NATO’s purpose & function—as well as the need to “protect the southern border”?

Would you take his VC 💵? Sit on a BoD w/ him? Work for or collaborate WwwiWInL
Relatedly, would you take psychedelic🍄 (or any drugs) with or from Peter Thiel?

Few have the opportunity to take Thiel’s money— very few refuse it—& all of us participate in his enrichment. Soon he’ll be professing his moral superiority to drug
I’m gonna take a wild guess that Peter Thiel—a VC (with a NZ passport) who has also publicly invested in cannabis & mushrooms (& I think Ketamine too?) along with an illegal herpes vaccine, does not face similar…R3WUuiNu
Self-perpetuating & self-defeating #sournalism: After being exposed by journalism, disgraced public figures become paid & go-to media pundits, called upon only to defend other perpetuoO29nnh
Stranger things occur daily. FFS: last night POTUS announced he’d fallen in love, ‘over letters’ with Kim Jong Un.

Related: when did teetotaler T-rump suddenly stop hating drunks?…
This—especially since its not clear yet if we are really listening or helping to set celebrity-driven standards for believability that are impossible & too risky for too many of us.

& at what point are our clicks commanding the public performance oHimv5q6C
Since the 2016 election & the advent of the #MeToo Era, maybe we’ve shifted from #sournalism (see above) to #mournalism, which is journalism firmly rooted in mourning;)
What return did Peter Thiel get on his donations? Who can afford the risk of reporting on it? #loligarchy
Yes it was.

Not coincidentally this fraudulent pivot to video destroyed journalism & also facts.

And no matter how hard they tried, Facebook still couldn’t convince us that we actually prefer video to print.…I1L2 #LiabilityCometh
While Thiel was killing Gawker, Facebook destroyed the rest of print with their video fraud? How many stories weren’t reported? How much more damage to democracy did Facebook do, by pillaging journalism with fraudulent data? #loligarchy #RuleOfLawlessness
Worst part is that it was evident to anyone* who encountered video that (with few but already well-covered exceptions eg sports, animals, explosions & car chases) literally everyone would prefer text. *Except those employed to peddle the video futuZQCr
Did Facebook’s faulty data push news publishers to make terrible decisions on video?… Yes it did. An excellent summary by @laurahazardowen 👏👊👏
T-rump doesn’t so much transcend #sournalism; his behavior—& the fascism it encourages—endlessly reinforces it? Especially since, when journalists are dubbed the “enemy of the people,” it can only become more personal. The media is now always a part of the story they cover...
Related: regardless of history & harm to vulnerable people , #sournalism frees every great journalist to learn for themselves that it is a terrible idea to offer their platform & legitimacy to fascists/…mFCRMl5h #BurstTheBannonBubble
If Peter Thiel profiting hadn’t already suppressed 🍄’s antidepressant effects, his 🇷🇺doctor-founded startup is trying to poison them with patents—& possible nonprofit fraud—as part of their plan to push psychedelics on the…kG6T
Particularly since I support psychedelic therapy & research, it’s hard to believe Thiel’s 🍄startup is even scarier & less ethical than his herpes company.

But wow it is—& if it proceeds, will harm vulnerable people & destroy decades of…/
They’ll be lawsuits—but ffs these Thiel-funded cretins cannot become 🍄monopolists.

Their gall is breathtaking! After 3 years as a charity—proclaiming openness & collaborating & sucking up decades of research—they “shutdown” & took the IP & became a Thiel-funded p/
Even if that’s all garden-variety pharma capitalism—& it isn’t—Thiel’s🍄monopolists plans to push psychedelics on the unprepared is kinda like #FyreFestival but for drug trials?

Can a patient grant informed consent to a therapist who’s never taken🍄but went to a 2 day trainiJqpz
“It’s such a weird experience & if [patients] realize that the therapist hasn’t gone through it themself, how can they trust them”

(It’s like a) scuba-diving instructor who’s never been scuba diving & is “on the phone talking with the people under the water who are learning it”
How many journalists must learn this individually, for themselves—& how many more folks’ll be radicalized— before we…Hbo9

• • •

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Feb 2, 2018
@katiezavadski “F---ing Sith Lord,” “Horrific Leakers,” & “Berserkazoid Craziness”: The Mooch Recalls His Brief Shining Fortnight at the Center of US Politics, by @WilliamCohan… Wish he’d been asked about🇷🇺sanctions, RDIF & if he now supports what he opposed at #WEF17?
This is something, coming from a guy who missed the birth of his child—& had his lawyer demand a paternity test?

Does suing CNN & forcing a journo to resign for accurate reporting have permanent benefits?
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Also, out of curiousity, any chess tourneys or events scheduled?
@katiezavadski Wonder if Scaramucci can get another reporter canned for accurately reporting on what he said in public at #WEF, like he did last year? Or were his legal threats to CNN enough to prevent anyone from taking the risk? Are the Mooch & Thiel now press-proof?
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Thinking a lot lately about the VIPization of American culture & how its displaced the notion of equality. Curious about when this started..
I'd like to read a history of VIP sections:)When did they become mainstream/acceptable/legitimate? How are they justified to kids?Any recs?
By legitimizing VIP sections, the #loligarchy has commoditized inequality & aspiration & even my hypocrisy;) Can't we do & build better?
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just remembered: years ago, in Thailand, a couple said they thought they recognized me from the movie SingleWhiteFemale.Was I Bridget Fonda?
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"You'll be very happy...I'll let you talk then" #shhhO'Malley
I still wouldn't recognize O'Malley if I saw him in the supermarket. #DemDebate
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yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting....
Long @NewYorker profile on Bostrom & the state of AI; not a single woman (unnamed wife aside) mentioned or quoteILtp
If OpenAI is not committed to offering open access to their data, is the "Open" just sqLi4KSCoJ
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