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Despite what its marketing suggests, Anomalisa is as heartwarming or life-affirming/life-changing as an episode of The Affair. (aka its not)
(Anomalisa is still an incredible film-but, "the most human film" it is not...its more man than human...& really, he could be Noah Solloway)
The Walk is pretty great-hoping its love letter to the World Trade Center might just change my visual memory of those buildings..
You'll dig The Big Short; white dudes you dont hate mock toxic masculinity & explain how corrupt banking & capitalism are. Plus @KillerMike
The Martian: Mattsplaining on Mars
Fucking hell, that Amy documentary is devastating...& makes our complicity unavoidable.
Btw, Spotlight is such a special & exceptional film! So proud of & excited for my dear old friends @byblye & @jsinger10 !!! #rootingforyou
So, you can't get a ticket to #TheForceAwakens or even if you can, you should totally go see Spotlight. Its pretty much the same movie:)
"The thing about old can push them down the stairs & call it an accident, but you can't just shoot 'em." (~) The Hateful Eight
The Hateful Eight was exceptionally gratuitous but boring; brilliant because Tarantino is, but totally unnecessary-& says nothing.
Yes, 70 mm is an experience, but hope a young whippersnapper does a shot for shot remake, only sped up & in 3D. Starring boy bands & Rihanna
The Hateful Eight was probably the most exhausting film I've ever seen. Though considering this made it far more fun
"Her beauty was that rare kind, that made you want to look like yourself, not like her." Mistress America (which is irresistible)
"sometimes I don't know if you are a zen master or a sociopath." Mistress America
"You used to be so nice." "I'm the same. I'm just the same in another direction." Mistress America
"I'm so impressed by you and so worried for you at the same time."
Mistress America is the antidote for 2015; it was hard not to tweet every devastating/hilarious word...& such mind-blowing performances!
Star Wars is less awesome in 3D, but even more awesome with a Black Lives Matter filter:
Joy: After much mansplaining, Jennifer Lawrence cuts her hair & becomes wildly successful, but still there is more mansplaining.
Also, Sicario was excellent if abrupt-I'd have happily watched another 45 minutes. Even if it was just Benicio Del Torro watching paint dry.
Joy also felt like a Lifetime movie.Or Comedy Central mocking a Lifetime movie. & Jennifer Lawrence would probably be even better in either.
The Revenant is Meaningless Pain Porn by @carolecadwalla… (Excellent, spot-on, & why I have no interest in seeing it)
(I felt similarly about Hateful 8, but also somehow obligated (perhaps by my biases/relationships) to not deny & even commend its mastery..)
(there is so much great work being made that its impossible to see it all-but that all this is still considered brilliant says everything)
For a while, I rationalized that it was part of my work-& then, as it became less so, I rationalized that I'd be missing out on brilliance.
& then decided to stop rationalizing my consumption of men's pain & violence (made by white men) & to start paying attention & tracking it:)
Not sure where I'll get with it (obviously) but hope to spend less time (& money) on stories (& products) that don't include women & POC:)
Spectre was pretty much the same story-though not as well-told & w/o any likable characters-as Furious 7. Maybe it just needed The Rock.
Not sure how Spectre was so flashy & still so boring-or so self-flagellating & still so neoliberal--or how he never split those tight pants!
BTW: Holy shit: have you seen The Diary of a Teenage Girl? In awe...(though if you are the parent of one, it may terrify you...) #mindblown
BTW: I think you'll enjoy Money Monster. Sure its not Network but its mostly surprisingly unflinching-& hilarious. & Jodie Foster directs:)
BTW, if you dug Neighbors, the Night Before is also hilarious. Similarly no villains.& rad women who aren't objects or morons:) Also drugs;)
WOW: @alexgibneyfilm's Zero Days, re Stuxnet, is an important, significant film-please see it so the world changes:)
Beyond Stuxnet, you'll understand the Iran deal, Obama & Netanyahu, & how much more dangerous we've helped make the world become...
somehow not only does @alexgibneyfilm have the NSA publicly pleading for transparency, Michael Hayden appears to be aiming for redemption!
But most astonishing is what @alexgibneyfilm (& his tightly structured narrative) reveals about our competencies...& our precariousness!
Progress is retrospective; hope @ZeroDaysFilm guides our present into a more transparent future...& Hillary won't prosecute leaks like Obama
"I'm big time into the corns."
"Safety lights are for dudes"

The air-conditioning was the best part of Star Trek; disappointed that, as a long time fan, I felt measurably dumber after having seen it.
Tired of too many characters to care about any of them, too many action sequences that are too long to follow & feeling dumb after a film.
and, that what was once awesome about Star Trek--they aimed to make you feel smarter for watching it--& to encourage improving the world.
Jason Bourne remembers; but this made it harder to care & even easier to forget.Except the 1st line "Use SQL to break into their databases"
Though I do perversely enjoy the angry typing as hacking trope, I am ready for storytelling to move past Snowden & Google/FB is the CIA..
You'll prolly like Bourne more than I did; @sonaar did. Its not has its moments..guess I wanted a story that doesn't think I'm dumb
Like if you have to stamp encrypted on it...& every kind of spy tool is just conveniently lying around...except hair dye?
btw, hair dye should also totally be lying around, being offered as tech conference swag. So much more useful.
I now want all of my thumb drives stamped "encrypted" so maybe #JasonBourne deserves more credit-or is @ least more memorable-than I thought
Jason Bourne, a tragic opsec comedy… (also, btw, there'd be protests if a CIA director was speaking at a tech con)
Wish they'd interviewed @alexgibneyfilm for this piece; I don't remember him mentioned in @ZeroDaysFilm but curious…?
Few movies show just how white & male film reviewers are (its funny, food can't be racist or sexist) quite the way Sausage Party seems to?
BTW, I haven't seen it yet-& to me, it does look funny, but obvi it can also be racist & sexist--& also I want reviews from women & POC.
is there a filter to sort critic reviews for film & tv by race & gender on @metacritic? I'd say user reviews too, but it'd be gamed by anger
Does anyone aggregate film, tv & art reviews that are written by folks who are not ⚪️ men?
Even if I am desperate for hilarity, I know I shouldn't go to screenings of films that are racist, sexist or homophobic. Duh, not funny!
If only Sausage Party had been made by vegans.

&/or women.
But the worst part of Sausage Party is not just that its racist, sexist & homophobic. Its that its also tepid. & such a missed opportunity!
Like for real: when an "Arab" & a
"Jew" make fun of each other, its racist. Why not have 2 Jews making fun of themselves? & 2 Arabs?& so on?
anyway-as I suspected when I sought (& couldn't find) reviews by other than ⚪️ men- #SausageParty is prolly a lot more hilarious if you are.
(Though the orgy is well orgiastic & amazing & I'd definitely recommend watching it on its own. With no context, it might be even better!)
Also, of the 7 TV critics listed:
4 ⚪️ men. 2 ⚪️ women. 1 woman of color. 0 African Americans..

Also, are 6 Verified users (4 👨, 1 black man & 1 black woman) who all work in film/tv aren't really "fans"? Why compare them? cc @reetamac
On Sausage Party reviews & the need inclusive film critJTBn
this is also how & why film criticism is dominated by ⚪️ dudes & why its problematic. & how Sausage Paro/uVCwDBSeoq
Wow: Author: The JT Leroy Story is something else.There are so many layers to the horror..& despite her actions, it still feels exploitative
Its worth it just for the final Courtney Love 📞call. And also because its a documentary where @Billy is the only hero we deserve-or need!
But, whoah, what this film says about privilege, white celebrities & literary taste. And gender & orientation & class. And publishing!
a cis white middle-age woman w/ mental illness stemming from abuse pretends to be abused HIV positive trans queer teen boy. & fools celebs!
how do you not look (away)? or not feel exploited? Or like you are participating in exploitation &/or appropriation of identity?
its a lot-& its complicated-& fascinating/been wondering a lot lately about illnesses our culture currently has empathy for-& their victims.
(Related: does it make a difference if artists recognize/admit their "illness"? Or if our culture & biz rewarded them for it for decades?)
#DeepwaterHorizon is an environmental horror action film -with an excellent cast who tries really hard to educate folks on oil drilling!
#DeepwaterHorizon is also an anticapitalist morality play where BP is the villain & only taxpayers/democracy/regulations can save the day.
Related, #DeepwaterHorizon should be required viewing for folks proposing regulation-free autonomous zones.

Because that was one.

(pretty sure folks won't come out of #DeepwaterHorizon understanding oil drilling or wtf happened...& that the dinosaurs didn't help)
Also damn #DeepwaterHorizon doesn't flinch. Viewers get to know the men who die-& BP is directly responsible for their preventable deaths.
Unlike most disaster films, #DeepwaterHorizon doesn't blunt the trauma-it brings it uncomfortably close, so the horror can't be avoided.
speculating about the mental health of accused terrorists individually violates privacy, but what about group data?
(if people aim to or do kill strangers &/or seek to move to Syria & join ISIS, why isn't their mental health the first question asked?)
here, this woman's mental health is addressed & Idk maybe it feels both more empathic & exploitative simultaE7g7sJaO
(still struggling to express this; maybe centering our initial analysis around mental health offers easier an easier route to compassion?)
kinda related: when a guy is unable to express(let alone feel) remorse for harming someone, what does that suggest about his mental health?
(not implying an obligation to support anyone-or their art or work. Nor should those who do harm ever come before those who've been harmed)
American Pastoral is one of my favorite 📚! Roth's idea that confession is self-indulgence changed how I view the 🌎!
If you ❤️ed the book, you'll prolly be suspicious (because how can that 📚 be a 🎥?) but excited about the film-& still pleasantly surprised!
the film felt like a slightly different take on Roth's story-but was still profoundly beautiful. Maybe I was just 15 (?) years younger?
"How do we know we're alive?"

"Because we are wrong.";

(there are plenty of things that are not perfect...& in today's political climate, there are other parts of the story I wanted to see..but)
this review is unfortunately so dead-on. That said, if I didn't know & ❤️the book, it might've felt…djsa
Hacksaw Ridge: Melsplains why some men (but #notallmen)(of a prior generation to his) are angry, violent & racist.& that we can forgive them
& even conscientious objectors apparently (was this part fiction?)commit sexual assault. back then, women apparently found it more charming.
Nonetheless, even if Hacksaw Ridge is not subtle in any way, it is a remarkable & timely story, incredibly well made & expertly directed.
it seems impossible anyone survived Hacksaw Ridge-apparently 300K died in 10 days. the performances are stunning; the experience brutal
Watching Gibson discuss his work after the screening, he seemed unable to be still, to be suffering like most humans, but trying. Idk.
"I keep saying its not a war movie; its a love story." Mel Gibson, still proving his artistry, but not his inclusivity & that its a journey.
wow/a review of reviews is such a brilliant format! ❤️this @TheNerdsofColor…
Dr Strange is inescapably culturally appropriative. & always amazing Tilda was & yet still shouldn't have beIu1sNH0H
But, Dr Strange was fucking excellent...& of the best of the year, which is annoying because, it just could've been that much greater.
And, Dr Strange is beautiful, filled with so many beloved ideas & practices, & genius performances

Tho why not let Cumberbatch be British?
And obviously that cape has added to my own aspirations, as well as my resolve to be continuously caped in public.
And, no #DrStrange spoilers, but OMG, the reviews leave out the best part.The Villain, expertly played by Mads Mikkelsen is PETER THIEL
WOW: @jackiefilm is a stunning & heart-wrenching exploration of the public & private performance of grief (typically required only of women)
"I lost track somewhere of what was real & what was performance";

@jackiefilm asks whether truth ever exists, either publicly or privately!
Also, @jackiefilm makes amply clear that even at her most unimaginable & darkest moments, NOONE could mansplain Jackie.
For me, the Kennedy legacy is transforming calamity into grace, disaster into stregnth. Watching @jackiefilm its clear thats HER legacy

Natalie Portman is astonishing &, well, perfect. @jackiefilm is unforgettable!

In awe of Pablo Larrain's work; can't wait for @Nerudafilm!
Thanks for writing this @nberlat; couldn't agree more (tho Peter Thiel was a great villain)Why not do better already?…
In @jackiefilm, when refusing to change her bloodied clothes, she refers to posters w/ JFK in a 🎯 & says let them see what they've done.
I can't stop thinking of that moment, worrying & wondering if the GOP realize what they're doing, when they aver to violence against Hillary
Mads Mikkelsen was so excellent in @DrStrange! Wonder if @scottderrickson had him meet Peter Thiel like @RobertDowneyJr did with @elonmusk?
Also, this is refreshing-a director taking responsibility for whitewashing!Good on @scottderrickson! & go @jenyamKSXoQ
Its as if Tom Ford wrote, produced & directed Nocturnal Animals (or constructed?) frame by individual frame. Every shot is a portrait.
Nocturnal Animals is what you'd expect from Tom Ford: an expertly, exquisitely & intensionally crafted story, which he says is about loyalty
No doubt Tom Ford would deny it (& its undoubtedly unintentional) but my only critique is Nocturnal Animals has an undercurrent of misogyny
yeah/seems like Tom Ford thinks he's made a film that shows how beautiful women are/but he's made women into objects
When asked about working with a woman editor, Ford insisted he only hires the most "qualified" people who "get" him. #grrr #expectedbetter
Nocturnal Animals would've been stronger sans misogyny; hope Tom Ford will discover the value inclusivity could bring to his work:)
Initially I thought #NocturnalAnimals was a critique of objectification & misogyny.On reflection/thinking about what Ford said, I was wrong
Last night, I asked Ford if he saw the art as a character in the story.He agreed, but his answer made clear he was not satirizing the "art"
Instead Ford (who referenced "Revenge", the Hirst piece, the Koons dog & the naked women)used the art to make the story unmissable.
For me, it was a satire, a critique of beauty & objectification, while for Ford, he was depicting beauty.& also his fear of a dumb audience
I woke up this morning thinking of the incongruity of those beautiful corpses & how little sense that depiction/trope made to the narrative.
And, had to change my mind:) Screenings-& interacting with filmmakers, generally (for me) result in more generous/empathic reviews.
but here, Ford (whose work I very much admire) made clear his intent was not to satirize misogyny...which made me like the film a lot less:(
Also, Ford said similar last night..but omitted his initial intention to objectify; perhaps he's already rethinking:)…
Final comment: ❤️that Tom Ford also said Nocturnal Animals is a film thats basically about a woman having a rough weekend & reading a novel
Miss Sloane: @jes_chastain is the antidote the 2016 election. As is a smart, character-driven political thriller with a cast FULL of women.
"Is it a choice if its either career suicide or suicide by career?"


& also

"The only thing you're missing is a dick"
John Madden said they noone could come up with a better name, though the studio wanted one. He suggested "Final Reckoning" so they gave in.
Madden agreed that if a viewer was put off by @missloanmovie's title because its a woman than then wouldn't like it anyway. so....
I wish John Madden made more films. Or produced them. Also, that there were more 🎥 with women as leads..& in so many roles. Its so relaxing!
Fences: When Denzel & Viola take the only screenplay August Wilson ever wrote to celluloid, superlatives are meaningless. See @FencesMovie
Denzel said he had the honor of spending a week with August Wilson & that he told him that he "wrote what his characters told him."
Warren Beatty told Denzel to be in Antwone Fisher, because "thats how you find your way in as an actor." So he did. And he plays them all!
"you can lie better on stage as an actor, because the audience is farther away & its harder to see."
"Directing is easy; 80% of it is casting....what am I gonna tell @ViolaDavis? Get in closer? We need another one?"
Also, it feels silly using normal superlatives to describe the beauty of @ViolaDavis's profound performance in @FencesMovie . (I had to try)
"Why else do we work in this business?" Director @theodoremelfi on turning down Spiderman to make @HiddxFlwUbJBbZ
I think reviews are embargoed, so for now I'll just say GO SEE @HiddenFigures; its excellent & just what you need to survive the apocalypse
Also good on @theodoremelfi for not only recognizing but pointing out it was a bunch of dudes talking about gender equality & @HiddenFigures
And good on @PeterChernin @Pharrell @theodoremelfi & @HiddenFigures team for valuing & DISCUSSING diversity both behind & in front of the 🎥!
Beyond inspired & impressed! Can't wait to tell you just how rad & important & quintessentially American @HiddenFigures is! But I will:)
Almost inevitably, if a screening is followed by a Q&A w/ the actors & filmmakers, it fosters a positive bias & I like it more than I might.
The biasing effect is multiplied by Brad Pitt & his sad tabloid circus & how welcome a distraction it was DbEYxTup
Pitt & Cotillard are easy to watch I guess? Allied was based on a true story but (on 11/9) the (fabricated) ending was fucking traumatic.
Boy did I want to enjoy Allied.I got to see Brad Pitt cracking jokes irl.&it has fun moments!

How does one offer a TW w/o wrecking a film?
#TheFounder: "Breaking Bad, but with Burgers"

"thats some pure Dick magips://
McDonalds ought to sell 🍔 🍔 outside #TheFounder showings. even tho I really want to not want one, I physically required one by its midpoint
Preface: As a non-Christian, #Silence was baffling.I'd thought I understood Jesus but, after 3 hours of snuff & torture, I'm certain I don't
#Silence: How many Japanese people must be tortured &/or die before a couple of white guys learn to keep their faith to themselves?
Torture & snuff aside, #Silence is "i'm just a stranger who brings disaster" vs "No man has a barren wife." But who really wins? :)
Scorcese says he made #Silence & was so devoted to it for decades because he failed ("flunked every class") at
The book upon which #Silence is based was given to him by a priest at a screening held for Passion of the Christ due to all the controversy.
According to Scorcese tho, (who noted the same about Raging Bull!!??!) #Silence is about learning to have mercy on yourself?
RogueOne: War & Hope

(Or War IS Hope? idk, but #RogueOne is the perfect salve for your post-election awful; can't wait for you to see it!)
War movies are political...& its hard to imagine how #RogueOne would've felt had Hillary won...& how much more it'll mean to teens now!
#RogueOne also reminded me of Obama's Nobel Peace speech-when he defended War (& Peace&…v8ZdizbvT
@chrisweitz huge congrats; what an accomplishment!:)!May RogueOne's universe of hope undermine the narrative of our collective powerlessness
@chrisweitz as I grinned & wept, I kept thinking of Obama in Oslo, defending war as an instrument of peace &…vSpBO9eS
LA LA Land: just the earnestness, frivolousness & magic necessary to distract you from the apocalypse for a few hours.
but do not see #LaLaLand, unless you are ok with wanting to move to LA. Which I support

hmm. I think I'd feel safer if you lived here too.
in all its earnestness, #LALALand refuses to be (too) predictable & exceeds your expectations.just like LA, it dares you to resist its magic
#LALAland is not just a ❤️ song to the city, but also to light & lights, both now (LEDs have taken over) & thru its history.
And, my god, for whatever (I suppose obvious) reason, at this moment in history, that Fiddler's Sunrise Sunset 🎶 in #lalaland devastated me.
Anyway, yes noone can (or should even try to) convince most of us that everything is gonna be ok..but #LaLaLand is a break from the horror;)
@jehorowitz ❤ed your work in LaLaLand. Congrats-its stunning! Did I imagine this moment in your score? Curious:)
Want to feel better? Go see @TherealTaraji @octaviaspencer & @JanelleMonae in a film about space, rockets, women scientists & segregation.
Its hard not to imagine @HiddenFigures as a celebration of electing Hillary, but its even more timely & important because T-rump.
the depiction of segregation in @HiddenFigures is beyond crucial--as is the reminder of 50 years of progress..& how far we have yet to go.
But beyond the space & history, maybe my favorite part of @HiddenFigures is that husbands play the role wives typically do in most films.
and, my god, Mahershala Ali is just magic, wherever & whenever he appears...
Still nodding my head in awe & in tears; @moonlightmov is patient, tender, quiet, empathic, devastating hope, beauty & magic. Like love.
It was such a joy to witness the @moonlightmov team discuss their work, aware that they've made something that'll matter to so many:)
"sometimes its enough to hope a character that believes they dont deserve love can actually find it" @BandryBarry on @moonlightmov
my god, @violadavis is a vision. in utter awe & delight for her. #GoldenGlobes
I suppose #HiddenFences should've been a clue; but still bummed for @moonlightmov & @BandryBarry. Please go see it asap!
What??? Wow!!!!

Huge congrats to the @moonlightmov team & @BandryBarry.Shocked..beyond deserved! What a hopeful end to the #GoldenGlobes
Yeah, yeah, everyone has told you that #GetOut is perfect. And, well, it is.

But also, you deserve to enjoy yourself-so do go see it!
Also, I hate & won't see scary films/horror movies etc. I abhor being scared & find violent imagery haunting.

#GetOut is not that at all.
There aren't even 2 women in #LostCityofZ, so Sienna Miller's role is BS. Yet she's the best part of the 🎥. She deserves more & better roles
Maybe #LostCityofZ would've been a funner 🎥 led by Brad Pitt? I'd read the NYer piece & expected its masculinity, but not how boring it'd be
F8: all furious, not fast. Not fun, or funny. No planning scenes-just violence & hurt bystanders. Oceans 11 in 🚘became Reservoir Dogs on ice
Every prior Fast 🎥 was silly warm fun; this was angry, boring & nihilistic. I went in for a caper; not a terror attack.

I blame Vin Diesel.
Its not like I won't see F9 obvi, but I won't be as excited or as convicted of its certain awesomeness. Kinda like after 2 Fast 2 Furious.
"I'm going to change the world with my shiny antennae" #Okja

(You'll dig @Okja_Mirando; its also a sequel of sorts to Lost in Translation)
#WonderWoman is as phenomenal as it had to be, given that its directed by a woman, stars an unknown Israeli woman & the T-rump of it all:)
Also, after this weekend, the most powerful Jewish woman in America is obviously @GalGadot.
BTW @GalGadot is not a POC

As a thread devotee & a daughter of a survivor, this is just such an excellent threado0QG
💯/tho I also cried thru much of #WonderWoman/for me, it was also the values & normsetting/it matters & its toYn1cDGLG
"you did this"

"no, we did this."

Worst part of #WonderWoman?

Pointlessly sitting thru the credits--AND noticing that Steve Mnuchin is still credited as a producer:(
How white men are vastly overepresented in film criticism & why I wish I could filter @metacritic by gender &amp07wOLrPX
140 total critics is just not that many; adding women & POC & younger people is easily accomplishable-as are…mNxfdCDrT
After an #InconvenientSequel, I hope @algore makes a doc about the impact of powerpoint/slideshows on climate change-& their evolution.
No @algore didn't invent powerpoint, but come on, who else has won an Oscar for it?

An #InconvenientSequel keeps it surreal; don't miss it🤔
If the misogyny even minorly irritated you in the first one, trust me, don't see #KingsmanTheGoldenCircle--clearly, they don't want you to..
One of the best film reviews ever; you might learn some new words too! I really wish I'd read it a few hours ago tho
American Made: Why everyone correctly thinks we're assholes-even if played by Tom Cruise in a biopic that feels more like Narcos' DVD extras
Before the screening started, the guy behind me was insisting David Lynch was his generation's Hugh Hefner. Somehow, I resisted interupting
But I mean to look at the guy after the film...can't believe I forgot.

I mean he can't have been serious, right? Even if it was the reverse
Mostly I cried thru @thefinalyeardoc; & it wasn’t Obama—it was for the normal professionalism & expertise—& most of all, for the empathy.
@thefinalyeardoc Its all so familiar & personal &💔that its hard to separate @thefinalyeardoc as a 🎥 from my response to it..but I know I’ll never forget it!
@thefinalyeardoc Inevitably comparing it to present day, @thefinalyeardoc is devastating, yet still inspiring. As @JohnKerry said “What’s the alternative?”
@thefinalyeardoc @JohnKerry Beyond grateful for & in awe of @SamanthaJPower’s service & her🔥; on & off screen, she is brilliant, a delight, a force &a/
@thefinalyeardoc @JohnKerry @SamanthaJPower Also, will be fascinated to see how differently folks view the gender dynamics of @thefinalyeardoc—& how its viewed a decade from now!
@thefinalyeardoc @JohnKerry @SamanthaJPower Perfect description of @thefinalyeardoc (by @SamanthaJPower?): a horror🎥where the audience knows the end, but the characters on screen don’t
So @RomanJIsraelEsq is a different 🎥than you’ll expect (thus I’ll keep it vague) but its exceptional storytelling & not to be missed (nor’ll you ever forget it)hs0b
Watching @LadyBirdMovie reminded me why I ever cared about storytelling & 🎥. What an immaculate joyful perhaps perfect piece of art; Greta Gerwig is a geniupWpt
@LadyBirdMovie And just wow Saiorse Ronan.

There are no words to do her performance or @LadyBirdMovie justice ...but your life’ll be better if you go see it!
Stunned & still teary just from its impossible sincerity; can’t wait for the luscious beyond timely fairy tale that is @RealGDT’s @shapeofwater to become part of who you are as well.

“We don’t need to learn; we need Americans NOT to learn.”
@RealGDT @shapeofwater ❤️that @RealGDT set the🎥in 1962, but says @shapeofwater is actually about the current apocalypse of awful.

“Cynicism has taken the place of intelligence.”

“We aren’t seeking understanding when we’re divided by our differences; understanding is love automatically”
@RealGDT @shapeofwater More🎶from @RealGDT:

“Using the right & wrong word is the difference between capturing⚡️& a⚡️bug.”

“The essence of love is not transformation-its acceptance.”

“Love is a recognition of your essence on someone else”

“Love is imperfection—so the essence of art is accident”
#TheLastJedi Who cares what I say—you’ll see it!

Sure, you may find the first half drags, but suddenly, Yoda, & might as you try, resist it you won’t.

Then, in retrospect, you’ll wonder if the story required it—& begrudgingly appreciate just how risky the storytelling was:)
But then the panel was an unexpected & unbelievable delight (& ok life highlight)

First @ria
njohnson recounted his general meeting where Kathy Kennedy unexpectedly offered him #TheLastJedi —& he asked for (& got) a few days to think about it..(& she asked whatps://
@rianjohnson Then, along with @rianjohnson & Ram Bergman, @HamillHimself was on #TheLastJedi panel!!!

And wow, I’ve been lucky to cross paths with a lot of charming & gracious people—but @HamillHimself is in a class of his own. What a lovely kind man. Can’t wait to share @sonaar’s kfA772l1
@rianjohnson @HamillHimself @sonaar I can’t express what a joyful experience this was—-but thankfully @sonaar started recording it! Check out his thread of #TheLastJedi panel videos, with @HamillHimself & @rianjohnson heMn1m
Wow! I’ve really been slacking in my tweet reviews. I guess I’ve had no attention span (thanks ‘45’) & just haven’t ❤️ed this year’s crop of 🎥s.

That ends now, with my least inciteful review ever: #BlackPanther is perfect. I wanna see it again &ampfj1Z5uRm
How better to see #AWrinkleinTime than on a🌧day, surrounded by kids:) Go see it & feel the❤️—you need some joy!

I’m such a dork; wondering how many kids asked @ava & @mindykaling about the choice to id Shakespeare as British (& not English) & Buddha as Nepali (& not 🇮🇳)?
@ava @mindykaling Astonished Disney isn’t selling @Oprah’s Mrs Which #AWrinkleinTime lip kits. Mindy & Reese looked incredible but those sparkling lips werCg83 Also, how weird is it that Oprah doesn’t have a beauty empire? Who wouldn’t have bought💄from her?
👏👊❤️ @brielarson & @Inclusionists. Fantastic! In addition to including more women & PoC, it’d be rad if @RottenTomatos & @metacritic offered filters that enable users to opt to view, for eg, aggregates from reviewers who identify as womeo/Quss1hIMc3
Laughing, crying & screaming with fucking searing anger—SIMULTANEOUSLY!?! What is comedy-or art—after @Hannahgadsby’s perfect briliant Nanette?

In utter awe & fucking furious & filled with gratitude to her for creating a better world by magnificently telling her story. #hero
@brielarson @Inclusionists @rottentomatos @metacritic This is a great start! Would love to see @RottenTomatoes & @metacritic enable users to filter our reviews, so we can an aggregate of reviews by women & POCevhNgAX6
“It sounds pretentious, but its about the experience of life......of tenderness, solidarity & compassion.” @alfonsocuaron on Roma

(What a perfect, timely, stunning film—don’t miss it in the theater...the sound of the film is sumptuous—& there’s no dWWV00Q4
@alfonsocuaron Hope someone’ll ask @alfonsocuaron what Libo thought of Roma, how involved she’d been through the process—& if she & @YalitzaAparicio* spent time together:)

*May she win all of the awards. Not just because wow she deserves to, but for all…ymHB63FG
Vice is irresistibly horrifying, brutally funny & too timely, the younger you are, the more new fuel it’ll add to your🔥:) And just maybe, then we’ll make better mistakes tomorrow.

👏👊❤️ @GhostPanther; nothing is more crucial—or inspiring—than dismantling the boriWYU6

• • •

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Feb 2, 2018
@katiezavadski “F---ing Sith Lord,” “Horrific Leakers,” & “Berserkazoid Craziness”: The Mooch Recalls His Brief Shining Fortnight at the Center of US Politics, by @WilliamCohan… Wish he’d been asked about🇷🇺sanctions, RDIF & if he now supports what he opposed at #WEF17?
This is something, coming from a guy who missed the birth of his child—& had his lawyer demand a paternity test?

Does suing CNN & forcing a journo to resign for accurate reporting have permanent benefits?
World chess body has Swiss bank accounts frozen after (Putin-linked) president is accused of links to ISIS oil deals… After @Kasparov63 failed to have him removed, maybe Team Spectre decided enough was enough—& this was the only way to take back the org?
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Jan 12, 2018
As per ⬆️, an excellent post by @katiezavadski, examining RDIF & Dmietiev! And a great thread follows. Hope to see Scaramucci, Thiel & Goldman Sachs looped in, just in time for Davos!
@katiezavadski So T-rump, Scaramucci & Mnuchin are going to #WEF2018. What about Schwarzman, Bonderman, Black & or WEF Young Global Leaders Dmietriev & Thiel? Or Milner? Is there an RDIF reunion scheduled?

Also, out of curiousity, any chess tourneys or events scheduled?
@katiezavadski Wonder if Scaramucci can get another reporter canned for accurately reporting on what he said in public at #WEF, like he did last year? Or were his legal threats to CNN enough to prevent anyone from taking the risk? Are the Mooch & Thiel now press-proof?
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Dec 30, 2015
Thinking a lot lately about the VIPization of American culture & how its displaced the notion of equality. Curious about when this started..
I'd like to read a history of VIP sections:)When did they become mainstream/acceptable/legitimate? How are they justified to kids?Any recs?
By legitimizing VIP sections, the #loligarchy has commoditized inequality & aspiration & even my hypocrisy;) Can't we do & build better?
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Dec 22, 2015
So, some dude in Bristol Farms just asked me if I was in #HatefulEight - his wife thought I was Jennifer Jason Leigh! #flattered #yearmade 💗
I clicked on this because I am vain, but loved this interview with Jennifer Jason Leigh…
just remembered: years ago, in Thailand, a couple said they thought they recognized me from the movie SingleWhiteFemale.Was I Bridget Fonda?
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Dec 20, 2015
Why is O'Malley still running? There is no way a white man will be either Hillary's (Castro) or Bernie's (Warren?) choice for VP. #DemDebate
"You'll be very happy...I'll let you talk then" #shhhO'Malley
I still wouldn't recognize O'Malley if I saw him in the supermarket. #DemDebate
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Dec 16, 2015
yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting....
Long @NewYorker profile on Bostrom & the state of AI; not a single woman (unnamed wife aside) mentioned or quoteILtp
If OpenAI is not committed to offering open access to their data, is the "Open" just sqLi4KSCoJ
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