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yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting....
Long @NewYorker profile on Bostrom & the state of AI; not a single woman (unnamed wife aside) mentioned or quoteILtp
If OpenAI is not committed to offering open access to their data, is the "Open" just sqLi4KSCoJ
Nothing says all-male team quite like giving your AI personal assistant products female names
Not a single woman mentioned or quoted (& published on #IWD2016 ); is AI's lack of diversity even noticoDAO
Its not killer robots-its algorithms that exclude based on lack of conformity with the white male experience that they are learning from...
*except about the impact of the lack of diversity on ai algorithms. Which isn't mentioned..& only men were…ljMa
Wanna see how this works today? Ask your digital assistant…?
Dear engineers, Applying @greatdismal's meatspace (in contrast to cyber/in Neuromancer) to ai is tonedeaf not clever
Is it really a mystery? Or is the "Ethics" board, like everyone quoted in this article, all white or…IFRLX1C8bJ?
It took the AMA publishing a study to get Apple to make Siri's algorithms more inclusive to women's health issues.
If only men are involved (& interviewed), will medical issues that face women even be diagnosed? Is that "….co/xFYj5Edz4t
In sharp contrast to Open AI, check out the all women & POC collaborating on @whitehouseostp's AI policy initiatio2Oh
(And, no, actually, its not because its policy. Read those bios boys)
And what is more predictive of a team's diversity than their product's gendered name?
maybe someday some grand-wizard of ai will discover & proclaim gender-neutral naming conventions as a huge innovation--a hack for diversity!
So, Google's assistant is nameless...& thus genderless? I guess thats more disruptive than gender neutrneph
6 men (of whom 5 are ⚪️) wrote "Concrete Problems in AI Safety"....bias & diversity are not
Excellent post from @katecrawford on AI's White Guy Problem (as ignored above) & the biases it magnifies &…jVMRFqvo?
Another illustration: of 10 AI "experts"
8 are ⚪️ & 2 women. How long will we allow the past to….co/xJ8NX1TG2r
This says it all-even in learning AI, women & POC remain tangents-at best. Also, I'm so sorry @helloEUpt
"Will this time be different?" Unlikely, given the only woman mentioned-none are quoted-is an unnamed…aY0TOCSjeY
If only the answer to this question wasn't always more men:(
This also speaks volumes about ai's lack of gender diversity....& how inefficient it Y1fV
Reeducating Rita indeed: of over a dozen quoted/referenced in this article, there are zero women.…
Mary Shelley reference & over a dozen men aside, there is a quote from 1 woman (go @frossi_t) on ai in this…n6P2
& 0 women quoted, though a man refers does refer to a &….co/aY0TOCSjeY at least @shivon….co/ffDZ3AShyU
This acknowledges the need to "ensure that people are being treated fairly," but no women are quoted or re3WYqq6L58g
💯 But he also leads a mostly ⚪️ team of 40 men & 3 women.He could start with his own…Kk3o7
fascinating/would love to know how inclusive these companies are/how many execs, BoDs, & employees are women &amVXC4BxI5
9 months later, @openai welcomes 5 new employees & 5 interns. Of them, 1 employee is not ⚪ & 1 intern is…9q7LXCJy
Does the @OpenAI team agree with GoogleBrain? Or is an AI takeover a bigger worry than the diversity of their team?
Next up, easily disproven claims about pipelines & an earnest comment on how important diversity is. Obvi. Because words, not action, matter
should it ever be? no. will it be? probably. who will decide? how inclusive (let alone democratic) will they be?…
"Put bias in, get bias…NdcsOXnU7f great if long overdue editorial from @nature on bias &
I'd be more optimistic if it wasn't-AGAIN-started, run & staffed by the folks least likely to experience…uJBv
Related: if this'd been reported on by a woman, would the diversity of Jigsaw's team have been discussed/compared to those it seeks to help?
What is "fairness & inclusivity" when/if 5/6 founders are men &…://
"Because if I weren't in on this, I'd be like why do these fuckers decide what happens to me.&…mk0IWpvY8u exactly! & yet
What a telling, juicy &, particularly if you don't share the subject or authors gender &/or race, also ominous profile of the future!
In this profile, of @sama, over 75 men are mentioned or quoted, while 3 women are quoted & 2 are…vY8u
Marissa Mayer & Hillary are mentioned.Jessica Livingstone, his mom & his hs counselor are quoted. Zuck is namedropped more than all women?
is this what "this is silicon valley, right here" & "we're good at screening out assholes" means?
Initially referred to as Graham's wife, Livingstone is named later to indicate her YC founding role was as a "remarkable judge of character"
Diversity matters but the writer doesnt leave the “early arrivals” to check out the “challenges of being a female founder.” they realize that one of those challenges is the opportunity cost of missing the pre-party with the NYer & Altman?
a sidenote: if, despite its alliterative intents, “female founders” puts off even 1 woman (say me) from YC why continue to use it?
if inclusion mattered to @sama wouldn't he make it a priority & devote energy & resources to it? As he does to AI?Would OpenAi be different
With no "female founders" in the room, Altman & the writer speak with the 2
maybe neurodiversity counts? Or maybe ?
Maybe its worth including folks who understand & have familiarity with human development? &a6RblthbUF
Also doesn't it kinda sound like Thiel is Altman's friend?
Also, maybe Thiel's friend (who convinced him re Gawker) is Altman? his "culturally very Jewish"3MorfBRp8G
Is Altmans thinking on democracy influenced much by Thiel?
So OpenAi is just branding? And the code won’t be open-source? But its unclear what they are doing? Or who decides?
Wouldn't it help for @OpenAI to become more inclusive…& democratic… before deciding on just what they are even doing/what "
("Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce" is also referenced, but I didn't include that)
Almost forgot: Doomsday Preppers of the Silicon Valley sounds like an eminently watchable reality series!
Missed this nugget somehow! if YC's ai just sought to replicate the pattern in this profile & on the OpenAI teamAgnv
if inclusion (or, free press...or democracy) was valuable to YC, FB, or Palantir, would Thiel still be involved?
So, what are "some of the things T-rump says" that Thiel cannot say? bragging about sexual assault? is…guh6qUjubHM
Despite being called on it before writing his post, @sama still conflates not "firing" with his biz decision to remain Thiel's "partner"
Thiel is not an employee.He is a partner whose continued participation will actively discourages partnerships & apps to YC from women & POC
.@sama even if 1/2 the US, eg, did believe that women shouldn't get to vote, this is why we have "unalienable rights" that we don'tHyjd2kfgT4
@sama natural unalienable (human) rights are also part of why our democracy has never relied on a "growing econUxd0ppFuuJ
Partners are not "fired" like employees.But regardless this isn't "unprecedented"-political speech that interferes with ps://
Shame on YC Indeed!

This is excellent & dead-on--thank you @marcoarment for writing & sharinWhp0LXQYP
So @sama says "companies' boards should reflect their users"

women & POC are most users, but @ YC, diversity is for T-rump .co/e9kIponwSL
At many times in US & world history, a large % of our population hasn't wanted to grant human rights to women, POC, LGBT folks, immigrants..
Human rights aren't subject to popular vote.Why does @sama think it matters how many support T-rump's unconstitutional proposals?Or, racism?
for the most part, as this article reflects, still, only dudes are allowed in this conversation.
similarly, diversity is fine, as long as you find a male (ideally ⚪️) proxy
& ffs, why won't anyone take on this "40% of the population supports T-rump" argument. If that 40% supported idk slavery would it matter?
to be clear, in the US, we don't vote on-& majorities don't dictate-constitutional & natural rights.This is why, eg, women can vote. & work
(yes sometimes we do vote-but if its unconstitutional..violative of due process or other legal or natural rights, our courts will overturn)
An excellent piece from @nitashatiku (& not just because it includes more than dudes..9u2q
in order to be included (or to have human rights), do women & POC have any choice but to be "
Sure, this is not true.

but is anyone better positioned to "disrupt" this culture & its status quo
Also, YC & FB, which both lack diversity, can't remove Thiel, a rich ⚪️ man who opposes diversity, because…4VZ4b
How many YC apps & partners are worth foregoing to keep Thiel?

Shouldn't a partner be loyal enough to resign if his presence is harming YC?
Really, Zuckerberg? This is so appalling-& logically inconsistent-I thought it was fake.

So will Sheryl Sandberg defend Thiel yet agaNP6a
"Most of the good community members" have told @sama that Thiel should stat at YC.

Diversity of…Mkg55AJtKNi
Dear @sama, Do you believe that not even decades ago, more than 43% of voters wouldn't give gay people human rights? Should it matter?
Worst is not that @sama doesn't get it. He does.

But offering a safe space for Thiel's support of racism is more important than inclusivity
"Good community members" don't "disrupt" the status quo that benefits them.

Baddies are critical because we know we can all do better.
Now that T-rump has denied the legitimacy of our democracy & maybe the election results, is it more or less acceptable for Thiel give him 💰?
its always so disorienting to discover powerful folks that you admire don't instinctively consider those that aren't
If only this piece ended here @danprimack. I'm confused by why, if this is not ok or good for biz, you'd keep him.
@danprimack Should it matter eg, if a majority of voters would deny a minority human rights?
Agreed @ktzhu; excellent post:) We can all do better, but not if this is what passes for inclusivity!…?
@ktzhu also, funny how users opinions only seem to matter to "disruptors" when preserving the status quo.
Can it really be "good judgment" when no women or PoC agree? Or, just another failure to "disrupt &ps://
If Thiel had disavowed his book, I'd have believed him. That he hasn't-or had to-speaks volumes about inclusion.
so is it ok for Palmer Luckey (or Peter Thiel) to fund such activities on behalf of T-rump? Is this more "divers7ZWnqR2Mlt
How long will Thiel remain at YC, FB, etc? When will damaging business trump personal loyalty? Or do they fear him?…
Glad Thiel & Sacks both regret "the Diversity Myth." Hope they act on it & donate millions to a…://
At least one member of @OpenAI's team has noticed & is critical of their diversity. Will this change? WhelpLN
Facebook's ads can exclude "ethnic affinities" but not ⚪️ folks. Isn't that what Zuck & FB's Board
Excellent important work by @JuliaAngwin! Wonder if FB excludes Jews, Muslims or Christians as "ethnic…dxMOPcJe7g
yet another (great) thread/application of AI's diversity & inclusion challenf1kb #mirrorocracy #loligarchy
Thiel thinks his role is "speaking truth to power."

Going to his 🎃 press event? Seeking questions? I've…G9YPBq7MSJk
Got questions for Peter Thiel's Q&A tomorrow at the @PressClubDC? Submit your questions via email till 9am…ov9MI
Does Thiel..or this guy..really think they, as white men, are "speaking truth to power"? Or just trying to make sure words have noA0pMuJlgmG
tfw you wake up realizing you've somehow forgotten to add your 🔥 Putin question for Thiel in your email to #npclive
many hats indeed.

by "made about women" I presume #NPCLive meant "bragged about sexual assault".
only an outbreak of insanity indeed Peter Thiel #NPCLive
wow Peter Thiel is going full-on nationalist before our very eyes. #NPCLive
Diversity, as defined by Zuckerberg, is catching on.

If you include ⚪️men, WB (/Hollywood) execs are the diversest!
#diversest = utterly lacks diversity, but inclusive of a extreme opinions that are exclusively held by a homogenous group. #inprogress
Of 24 WarnerBros Divisional Execs, 18 are men & 23 are white, but going to church is…heCV cc @gdanielholloway
another application of Zuckerberg's concept of diversity? #loligarchy
Facebook's housing, credit & job ads enabled excluding by race (except white); caught, they'll stop breaking the RD7e
Bias, danger & the utter lack of accountability (& more from…gj5C0bQUq
yes, nausea is the new normal, but just watching this makes me dizzy....wonder how many women tested Snaptacles?
Wow: I guess this shouldnt be a shock but

Will Thiel & Sacks reavow & have Breitbart reprint the Diversity MGFtt1wz7
How would Universe be different if @openai had a more inclusive team? More diverse tasks?

& the team page is gonWkrz2
If @OpenAI's team was inclusive (ie not 90% white & male), would this have been a priority before public…t1GsC
If we don't know what we don't know & but aim to decrease inequality, isn't including more voices even more…RqiPV
Would they/we learn how to learn more (& faster) if @openai's team was inclusive?

Also, where'd their team page PDGW
If a machine wrote this AI article, would ScarJo be the only woman, amongst 35+ men, referred to by name?…
yes, machines learn!

(& yes there are hypothetical women given first names & a "her" from the 70s, while Hemingway &ttps://
Kidding & counting aside, this is scary.Is there any field where inclusivity is more critical to progress? (aka survival for women & PoC?)
Google Brain is clearly not unaware of its total lack of diversity & inclusivity; its just not important. Did/does the @nytimes notiCScH
"You have to be careful"

Is it careful to include only (mostly⚪) men? How does this impact training…gxJijpBtqlO
If Google was more diverse & inclusive, would its search engine have ever been denying the Holocaust…ldvf
If these "human labelers" weren't all ⚪men, would the data be less "fallible"?

Funny how bias…pps://
Discrimination by algorithm… ⚪men develop test & 0 women & 0 PoC are featured here. Do we even need the algVDqJznMG
Are ideas getting harder to find?… (would this question have a different answer if the authors were not 4 ⚪men?)
*where men* judge women's looks

A year or 2 ago, this might've prompted a LOL. Now, its insidious & threatenJAlG
Congrats! Looks exciting-hoping it'll be the first major AI project to mandate including women & PoC:) #prettypledj6W
FB says it'll stop helping advertisers to break the law..but, outside jobs, housing & credit, same targeting is…ohEU
So is it still impossible to exclude white people, but easy to discriminate on the basis of race & gend91Jz
similarly, if giving your project the same name (minus the US) as @usds will (& does) upset civic tech folks, why not chose another name?
Today's "average" man is Chinese. In a decade or so, he'll be Indian. Has Google noticed this bVRAeo72QpU
Only white men are quoted in this article; does this AI program mimic all humans it just its makers & their…XB6v
Nearly 60 men feature in this piece about @elonmusk's concerns about AI. 4 women are referenced; 1 ex wife is quoted…
Very grateful @elonmusk is worried about AI, but its terrifying discrimination isn't on his (or his friends) radar.…
Women & PoC are simply not included in crucial AI development, decisionmaking & even public discussions.This is scarier than "killer robots"
If women & PoC were included, wouldn't these concerns be different? But lets keep making the same…MChL
A footnote: there are a handful of Asian men but, Obama aside, all others are white.

the 4 women: 2 of Musk's exes, Woz's wife & a celeb.
Are you a white man who wants this to change? Refuse to participate on panels & in interviews like this unless women & PoC are included!
also why inclusion in AI is so crucial; bias is inefficient
Much to the shock of the dudes who are obviously totally objective, AI learns gender & racial biases from…nk3mn
If you train your bots on racist & sexist data, your bot will shockingly be racist &…osBQpMca
Removing human bias from machine learning requires humans in the loop. (& not just folks who benefit from…a6FSb
TFW you randomly email an AI company that has given their (impressive looking) assistant product a female name & they agree to change it!
It won't surprise you that are no women or PoC (Pichai aside) quoted or referenced here, re Google's latest ai.
Of the 16 Google Brain team members listed, 13 are men & 12 are Is there a better recipe for built-in bias?
👏 Congrats on the milestone & thanks for sharing such an excellent resource! #ml o37f
Similarly hope folks will make their participation in such efforts conditional on the inclusion of women & POC toajIj
Should a "Learning to compete, cooperate & communicate" ai algorithm be built by 6 (5 of….co/JPSqkF3f2u
Are the 6 ⚪️men who wrote this really learning from "human preferences"? Wouldn't that require including women….co/m1inwfDfmQ
Hey @EFF, Any interest in simultaneously tracking the diversity & inclusivity of AI research teams? If so, KgU7
@EFF (I'm going to do it regardless, but it'd be fantastic to be more thorough & maybe this'll offer the context to make such data actionable)
17 men & 4 women (includes namedropping Gwyneth Paltrow & Marissa Mayer) were featured in this story. #mirroEWmjYOv8
(That said, I didn't count the unnamed Silicon Valley casting director & unnamed student in the first paragraph)
Quotes 7 ⚪️dudes.

Would #AI systems learn different behavior from women & PoC? Will we ever learn? Or will…V0dP
At least the article does quote 1 woman, if only to dispute the 'aspirational' nonsense spouted by a well known guy…
During 2016, FB's housing ads illegally excluded by ethnicity while political ads targeted by it. Despite "Success stories," FB did62aFETBPb5
Given the dearth of women & POC on @openai's team, what/whose definition of #ai "safety" are they
@OpenAI @ilyasut We've already allowed algorithms to enable political upheaval for profit. What are you proposing? Or are you asking for regulation?
@OpenAI @ilyasut What is a safety first approach? Who defines it? Does it require government intervention? What resources have @openai devoted to this?
@OpenAI @ilyasut Can #AI be taught to explain itself? More importantly: can AI—or journalists—explain its—& our—blatant & damaging biases? 8 white men are named in this piece—but its based on the criticism of one unnamed uncredited “plainly dressed” woman. 🤔😳 #ffs
Shockingly it didn’t occur to the men who bake their biases into their algorithms—& benefit from machines learning from the status quo—that those who face the consequences of these biases (as per usual, women & PoC) would demand explanations...
In this Uber/Facebook/Google the laws are irrelevant era, these algorithms are often intentionally designed to be unexplainable— “efficiency” is now defined as evading liability & constitutional/legal protections for user—because it maximizes profit!
But for the dire consequences for so many of us, this obliviousness would be comedic.

If #AI doesn’t recognize the pattern & inefficiency of not including women & PoC—& the abuse of power required to maintain it, what value is it
8 ⚪️men are mentioned or quoted; 1 references the critique of a unnamed inept-sounding “middle-aged” & plainly dressed” woman—her ideas are the thesis of an article. Does it require #AI to recognize the pattern? Or just including women &
Small but telling point: Though one of these men is described as “grandfatherly,” the age & appearance of all the other men is not mentioned. Yet the journalist asked about & mentioned appearance of an insightful woman CIA agent—& suggested she was technically inept! #ugh
There are 0 women & 6 men referenced or quoted in this #AI article. Of these men, 5 are ⚪️.

I hope I live long enough to see this kind of “reality check” (& while I’m dreaming, legitimacy & efficiency) prima facie requiring the inclusion of women/
No matter how well-meaning we might be, who isn’t replicating these patterns & prolonging the mirrorocracy that legitimates us?

Hasn’t Zuck taught us to recognize the glaring & overwhelming pattern about teams that don’t meaningfully include women &amo/UDVhdmvzsY
Thanks @math_rachel; reminds me I ought to check & update each of the above too.E41v
How long did it take Amazon to realize their recruitment ‘AI’ was just replicating their mirrorocracy? Who discovered the algorithm was recursive? And who built it?

• • •

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