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Why is O'Malley still running? There is no way a white man will be either Hillary's (Castro) or Bernie's (Warren?) choice for VP. #DemDebate
"You'll be very happy...I'll let you talk then" #shhhO'Malley
I still wouldn't recognize O'Malley if I saw him in the supermarket. #DemDebate
Not sure what #BlackLivesMatter being a more popular search term than the Civil Rights Movement means or how its a ?, but still #DemDebate
I'd prolly still be all for 1992 Hillary, but Bernie is just never full of shit: #DemDebate
I'll vote for the nominee obviously-but an unelectable socialist could win another presidential election #DemDebate
is there a GIF of Bernie's grin as Hillary is asked about why he polls so much higher than she does amongst young voters? #DemDebate
These days, polls are absurd-because who answers their landline & talks to strangers, let alone tells them the truth! Not young people!
Its tough listening to Hillary re Wall Street; she sounds dishonest when she's defensive. I wish she would just own her faith in capitalism.
I'd disagree with her, but not think she was being dishonest. And this focus on voting records is so transparently misleading. #DemDebate
Also hate when Democrats stoop to accusing each other of "flip-flopping." Changing your mind is good-it means you think & consider evidence.
Hillary's attacks on Sander's healthcare plan & voting record are misleading but suggests she thinks voters are dm98x
Related, does Hillary really think Obama is proud of taking money from Wall St? Or that voters will believe he was mad at Bernie? #DemDebate
so, when i said "but" I meant "and"
I wish Hillary would stick w/ owning her real politik neoliberal experience, instead of stooping to being misleading & defensive. #DemDebate
Hillary's relationships are her greatest strength & weakness-she wins at owning their strength, not defending th4pFB
Her experience is why she is unquestionably qualified-nonetheless, the relationships it fostered are exactly why Sanders may win.
Unlike & in part because of her relationship to her husband & Obama (& also unlike every other woman?) Hillary is not a credible outsider.
But it feels uncomfortably gendered that Hillary can only run because she is so indisputably qualified, but that's also why she may lose.
While this could also be true for a man, he doesn't need to have her experience or her relationships to become president (or frontrunner).
BTW didn't mean that Hillary isn't also an outsider-but that she must campaign on being an insider-otherwise she's not credible or qualified
Btw, did Hillary misspeak or does she really think Muslims are our best defense against lone wolf terrorists? If so, wtf?
Haven't seen Bernie challenging Hillary much on her role in/support of massively expanding incarceration in the 90s.…
& btw maybe that's fair/appropriate? Even if she hated 3 Strikes (which seems doubtful) its not like she could campaign against it publicly.
That said if she did support it, she should own it.if the situation was reversed, would she go after him for support of his wife's policies?
And, yeah, that "was" should be a "were" but, even though I was short a character, I've held on to my grammar:)
Alexis is the embodiment of Hillary's campaign's deepest fears. #demdebate
i like the red; I guess Hillary is trying to appeal to socialists like me? #DemTownHall
I guess Hillary couldn't really come it swinging after Bernie's performance, but it feels like she is on Ellen or GMA? #DemTownHall
Until she was asked about not being trustworthy-then she roared to life & started patronizing young people... #DemTownHall
bearhugs? really? I want photos. or photoshop at the very least. #DemTownHall
CNN: Sanders says he supported climate change before Hillary did. #DemTownHall
When Hillary claims she is not establishment, it insults the intelligence of voters. Wish she would own it.
I feel the same way about the speeches & contributions. Why doesn't she say I took the money so I could make the world a better place?
That is the system-she is a product & beneficiary of it. Pretending otherwise is dishonest; she needn't defend the system-but own it exists!
She couldn't be where she is if she stayed outside of it-as a woman, she doesn't have that privilege-but she can still want to change it...
Why not own the strength of the establishment? From her experience, don't institutions have a better record? Afterall whats the alternative?
BTW, I don't agree w/ her (or this defense)-but I'll vote for the Dem... & I'd prefer respecting that we don't agree to pretending we do..
Disagreeing IS respecting--pretending no actually we totally agree is patronizing...
Doubt it/but why doesn't Hillary say "I have an agent for my speaking appearances who charges as much as they cShPLWGKbxo
Is anyone tracking just how stupid each candidate thinks voters are? By subject matter?
So what doesn't Hillary want us to read? Is it her version of 47%? Does she make fun of Occupy? GOP? Bieber? Biden?…
In today's episode of How to Patronize Voters
Today, the most successful journalists, by & large, are almost definitionally institutionalists. Like Hillary, how else could they succeed?
Related: anyone who still has a landline & answers the phone for a poll is prolly more likely to be an institutionalist.
Blinded to their own institutional biases & loyalties, it seems inconceivable that a socialist could ever beat an institutionalist.
Expanding government by 40% sounds like lot..until factoring in how much its shrunk?
This election is about who thinks voters are dumbest; I think & hope the candidate with the most faith in our intelligence prevails.
Bizarre watching T-rump stand up for Planned Parenthood & women's health to Ted Cruz. #GOPDebate
sometimes I'm 90% convinced that Bill convinced T-rump it was his American duty to run & permanently destroy the GOP & elect Hillary.
And if not for that darned pesky Bernie Sanders, they would've gotten away with it too:) Maybe they still will...
If Bill really got T-rump to run, maybe the Clintons are the new Dulles brothers...& CGI is the new private CIrwRK
Maybe Bill convinced T-rump not to release his Learning Annex speech transcripts
Bernie & Hillary aside, sorry CNN but Univision won the debate.
Its been a couple of hours. Which Republican campaign will unleash a troll army of Bernie Birthers? (Obvi, in Hillary's name)
agreed/but just because this is true for HRC doesn't mean it'll always be true for all women forever! Sample of 1?
"You may not like it...let me tell you why." #DemDebate
So NY is @HillaryClinton's model for minimum wage? Not California? #DemDebate
"I want white people to recognize there is systemic racism." @HillaryClinton #DemDebate
"I called it out because its racism and everyone knows it." @BernieSanders #DemDebate
when people who work in media-who talk for a living & know how it is-complain about candidates yelling, does this confirm their sociopathy?
"We are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with dignity...that doesn't make me anti-Israel." @BernieSanders #DemDebate
(As a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, my heart swells hearing an American Jew standing up for Palestinians as a Presidential Candidate)
And, for the billionth time, obviously
Wonder how many times Hillary name-dropped Obama tonight? Feels like a non-issue/non-disagreement? Guess it must test well? #DemDebate
Has anyone built a graphic of how Hillary's positions have shifted left, towards Bernie's, over the course of this campaign? #DemDebate
Is @BernieSanders supposed to be raising $ for candidates who endorsed @HillaryClinton? Is she helping folks who endorsed him? #DemDebate
If @BernieSanders wins the Presidency, I hope the media continues to ask him when he's going to drop out, in every interview. #DemDebate
Related: how many white men felt vindicated? Obviously @BernieSanders doesn't care about Black voters-he said "we got murdered there!"
The first half of Hillary's closing sounded like what I'd guess she'd have said in her paid speeches? #DemDebate
Anyone know how many people were typically in the audience for Hillary's paid speeches?Its pretty amazing that not even 1 speech has leaked!
So if Hillary got paid 200k to speak at your company, wouldn't a lot of people attend? & wouldn't there be emails etc summarizing it after?
Seems unlikely NOONE recorded even the audio with their phone & posted it? Or took or posted selfies from the speech?
The seeming/decreasing intimacy of social media has made this primary season exceptionally disorienting & annoyik3Qm.
I am all for criticism & disagreement; I view it as a sign of respect-that my mind is worth changing. But this is (mostly) not that...
I find the partisanship depressing & demotivating-it encourages rigidity rather than thoughtfulness-& deters compromise & collaboration.
Its cool if we don't agree-but people not listening to each other is boring, as well as wildly inefficient, both practically & emotionally.
Not to piss on people's passion, but its grating & next primary season, I want better filters to preserve my view of all of your awesomeness
Hmm: I bet Hillary'll release the speeches when/if she beats Bernie, since Republicans will be less critical of the content than Democrats..
Before & after the Democratic Prim1rJC
If the NY primary is decided by a number of votes < the # of reported disenfranchised voters, I hope whomever wins declares shenanigans!
Even better, if both Dem candidates do so before the results are announced; but I get that Hillary has more to lose...
That said, from the reports I've read, the folks who seem to have been randomly disenfranchised voters seem to be likely Hillary voters?
(I don't mean folks who weren't registered as Democrats-I mean registered Democrats who were randomly purged from voter lists)
Before Bernie's campaign, I was reconciled to if not enthusiastic about Hillary's institutionalism-& still understand & have empathy for it
But, nonetheless I can't help but think-having tasted hope-that there's appetite for change & its time for a new guard.Democracy requires it
So I hope you'll think about running for office. School board, water board, city council, judge, whatev:)Its time to create a better future.
Maybe Bill convinced T-rump to run because he knew he was the only one who could actually turn Reagan Democrats into Clinton Republicans.
If only Bill had foreseen just how quickly T-rump could make America hate again... #loligarchy
Reagan Democrats transform into Clinton voting for Reagan one last time in the CA GOP primary
I'd be kinda into a Reagan lawn sign.
Michael Reagan, Honorary Chair of the Clinton Republicans?
If T-rump hasn't destroyed your faith in the media--or democracy--yet, don't worry, @ap will! #loligarchy
How many sitting GOP elected officials will be criminally charged before T-rump loses? #loligarchy…?
T-rump on a teleprompter, reading a speech written by someone who recently learned to speak his vernacular, is actually scarier. #loligarchy
Who knew how much I'd prefer T-rump stuck with incomprehensible incomplete meaningless words strung together?
Like, actually, I'd prefer that T-rump not to hide his racism & sexism. Even better if he'd started to wear a racist costume..
Because, women & POC are most people...& most every & forever!
"That's how I like my racists-easily identifiable."…yHH8gIi4gh
One of Hillary's biggest challenges has been that, with Sanders in the race, she doesn't get to play the optimist.
Wow! 225,000 Democrats in LA County alone-VOTED BY MAIL-in the primary!.while ~300,000 votes were cast in New Mexico
PS: btw votes by mail are expected to be strongly Clinton. In LA County, 0 precincts have reported so far.…
BTW, CA has ~18 million registered voters..of them, LA county has ~5 million while San Francisco county has ~463,000
LA County Registrar's website has already returned to the Clinton era, with its clipart!…
"He's not walking back from building a wall." (He'll probably need to take helicopter back-that's how he pivots)
Spent many weeks there, watching ballots recounted, fighting with republicans over spoiled votes...wonder if that even still happens:)
Confused: there would've been a T-rump-Sanders debate? If Sanders campaign had called back?…
The Gay Movement...(spread from the bottom up, apparently).
Mostly tonights speeches just make me miss Obama.....& his oratory skills:)
Sorry Bernie, Shiva's done with the primary.
This sums up this election: evidence shows she responded in 5 minutes...& he takes a couple hours to fabricaxPlb
Anyone who thinks they should be (& can be) President, must be, on some level, delusional-its whose delusions we indulge towards reality:)
So I'm not fussed by @BernieSanders; he won't win, but, by not selling out his delusion of the future, he can keep demanding a better one:)
One of my dearest mentors used to say that leading Democrats is like herding cats. Post Clinton, this is less & less so...& unfortunate:)
I do want @BernieSanders to support Hillary against T-rump; I don't want him to let up on Wall St, income inequality, Citizens United etc.
Why would blind loyalty be better for democracy than principled critique & dissent--& the expectation that we all always can do better?
Who really thinks Bernie ever had or even wants leverage? She'll win-women & POC are most people-why sacrifice decades of principles?
First, women & POC are most people so T-rump can't win. But did anyone really think he'd serve rather than…H7vn?
This will be Ivanka's 1st time voting as a registered republican.Is there literally noone else (Christie??) willing to pretend to run as VP?
I say this a lot: but then I also wouldn't have believed T-rump as the GOP nominee, Brexit, or Theresa May as UK PM.
But, even 20 years ago, I might have been willing to bet a % of future earnings that Hillary would eventually be President.
But, 20 years ago-& maybe its just my socialism, but I'd have never imagined Brexit or Theresa May as dWIT
The tabloids must be thrilled by all potential punctuation possibilities for "Prime Minister May I" though.
Maybe appointing Boris Johnson was a stroke of genius..who is less likely to get the UK out of Europe..& yet most likely to declare victory?
If T-rump wants to destroy the GOP (& can't choose David Duke because Ivanka) who is a better choice than Pence? Plus a Dem governor for IN?
Dear designers, if asked to create a logo to destroy the GOP (& evoke sex & toilets), could you do better tha3svhr6bS
This, on its own, actually makes America Hate Again.
"Donald Trump is everything @HillaryClinton is not."; #RNC2016 (maybe we can all agree on this?)
Straight Outta Cleveland
in some instances, I include fragments that reflect my own thinking too!
(I haven't felt this close to Melania since I was in her pre-wedding Vogue shoot.)
Bizarrely, not joking about that pre wedding Vogue shoot btw;)
if you are at the #RNCinCLE & I follow you, I am worrying about you. Not sure how you'd do this & still be there, but please take care.
Is there a better analogy for Hillary to explain her using the wrong email server than using the wrong letterhead?
"Lock her up. I love that." #RNCinCLE
So boo to empathy & respect but yay to extrajudicial killings?
and that was from Florida's Attorney General?
This speech makes me feel suddenly grateful that T-rump is the GOP nominee.
what is the point of having states to begin with?
A new low & utter oddity: GOP delegates cheering for Brexit
the conscience of Cleveland
sure/but odd that he, much like the man he would not name, remains unaware that women & POC are most voteXXZ4
When I was a kid, it was a big deal that Bill & Al hugged at the DNC. Was this T-rump's versiNpen
or maybe T-rump decided performance was the only way to properly express his LGBT platform?
not sure how I thought this couldn't be even worse than I imagined, but it the longest dog whistle ever
Is Arpaio the speaker most likely to be in prison by the next convention? #RNCinCLE
FFS: is there an actual schedule for #RNCinCLE? or is it just all improv?
Dear whomever leaked T-rump's speech, Any chance you have access to an accurate schedule for #RNCinCLE ? Does anyone?
who is doing word clouds of the #RNCinCLE speeches? Is the word "father" the most mentioned word? It must have been uttered more than T-rump
gender pay gap. huh. kinda shocked. #RNCinCLE
real people hired, maybe, but how often does T-rump actually pay what he promised? #RNCinCLE
but more often, its just "I'll fight you"
appalling:( and just listening, I feel complicit in these lies. Hard to fathom that this is now the GOP, in public. #RNCinCLE
using the wrong servers vs using the wrong letterhead
I didn't realize that hearing him shout these lies would be worse than reading it...but this is making me physically ill. #RNCinCLE
holy shit: as a daughter of a Holocaust survivor & refugee, I am mortified, terrified & deeply ashamed. also nauseous.
serious question: has a journalist ever asked T-rump about how his wall will combat ladders & tunnels? #RNCinCLE
Right: that was even more awful than imagined & uniquely disorienting. How do we do better for each other?
"You can't always get what you want?" who choose this song? and why is it at all appropriate for #RNCinCLE ?
I've been missing my dad so much lately, but I'm so glad he didn't have to live through this.
now seems like a good time for a reminder that, no matter how much media overvalues & overrepresents white men, women & POC are most voters.
I can't numerically fathom & don't believe this man could win, but, well, that millions of people will support him is nearly as awful.
and, I don't know what to do with that going forward. who will I be without the privilege of my naïveté & belief in humanity? #disoriented
ok first, I need to read more tweets like this & remember that #RNCinCLE was filled w/ folks willing to be theJHN8
And, next, I MUST stop focusing so much on the present. Yes, its intoxicating but thoughtless & wildly inefficie8k3l
but don't our fears about George W. Bush seem quaint retrospectively?
hey dear liberals! it turns out the hair of the dog isn't just urban legend--the best cure for #RNCinCLE ailments is @EWErickson's timeline!
I know-I can't really believe it myself, but for real, it'll be a relief to (re)discover that the GOP establishment is (differently) aghast
sleepless, but at least giggling, what a typo, or....really 😂. Could also be a title for T-rump's #RNCinCLE speech
even though I'm a bit unsettled by this, must reiterate that this was the only thing that let me sleep last night
I was wrong:( Tim Kaine & Mike Pence are sort of the flip sides to the same white guy politician coin. Oddly makes me miss O'Malley too..
for real: kinda like I dunno plagiarizing from Michelle Obama, why do this unless you want to lose?
kinda related, if someone publicly accused your living father of killing a US president, would you really endorse or vote for him?
If it had to be a white dude, I wish Hillary had chosen @alfranken
"many of you have jobs. and families. let me tell you something. ignore have work to do....tell 'em @alfranken sent you."
";I'm @SarahKSilverman & I've been feeling the Bern....don't worry I put some cream on it."
"To the Bernie or Bust people, you are being ridiculous." "She's a comedian" #DNCinPHL
BTW, I'm all for Hillary obvi, but as a party member, I love that leading Democrats is finally again like herding cats. Unity is overrated.
I'm proud we disagree--its healthy--& its to Bernie's credit that space was created for it. #DNCinPHL
I've admired Cory Booker for a long time-& I dig his story. But, I feel like he can (& am surprised he hasn't) learn to be a better speaker.
(maybe the reason he hasn't is because he's grown so famous & his team is afraid to suggest as much..which is a bummer) #entourageproblem
"When they go low, we go high....we know our words & actions matter...." @FLOTUS
"I watched my daughters-2 black young women-playing with their dogs on the White House lawn" @FLOTUS
I am, obviously, but, as slogans go, I am not keen on "I'm with her." Maybe its the phonics?
Maybe Bernie can just say "Thank you. It is an honor" all night till his supporters go hoarse
Amazed by how much of my timeline really seems to have thought Bernie would pull a Ted Cruz....
(First, he': already endorsed...but beyond that, its not like Hillary publicly accused his dad of killing JFK...& ffs he knows better)
also, surprised by folks who think Bernie supporters should just fall in line rather than calling for us all to do & be better.
(that doesn't mean not voting for Hillary--it means expecting her to do better & pushing for progressive policies!)
Legit surprised by how many folks I like & admire who don't think its ok for Democrats to support Hillary & also disagree with her.
Similarly, grossed out by folks making fun of people (& their appearance) for caring about improving the worlSo11
also, tired of the media pretending--when we know they know better--that people that attend the DNC or RNC represent anything or anyone.
Attendees of both conventions are party elites & folks who are super into politics. they are not average voters. or average anything.
but, we'll pretend otherwise. because its more exciting! more controversial! scarier! & bad for civil society! & my clicks are complicit :(
I'm not keen on "this country is great" or "I'm w/ her"..I'd prefer "this country can do so much more & so much better" & "She's with us"
Oh I want one! if you are at the #DNCinPHL, I'd be super thrilled if you brought a Bernie sign home for me:)
(& I'd be happy to trade you for some swag from prior elections, if such things appeal)
I kinda think that anyone who's been paying attention to the news in 2016 must have PTSD. And even more so after #RNCinCLE. #clickcomplicit
By this logic, the media is a rampant cesspool of contagious PTSD. Maybe instead of blaming journos, I ought to view media thru a PTSD lens
Also, little known fact: 2016 is actually spelled PTSD in roman numerals.
Weird there isn't already a tv show (or several) about the hijinks of semi-fictionalized First Dude. (at least on Fox?)
I ❤️ that none of us were prepared for how profoundly touched we'd be, individually & collectively, by Hillary's nomination. still in tears.
But now its time to move the message on from "I'm with her" to "She's with us" (& enou
At the 1992 DNC, Bill & Al made it ok for men to hug in public. Maybe Hillary's nomination will make it ok to cry? #DNCinPHL
Though I'm also down with @BarbaraBoxer's version of what makes America great too. #DNCinPHL
Its kinda amazing watching the media give up their BS narrative about Bernie's voters not being willing to support Hillary in real time...
In just 2 days, they'll admit that folks that attend political conventions (be it as delegates or protesters) are totally unrepresentative!
howard dean just can't contain his convention bellow. this is why we haven't seen him in a decade. #DNCinPHL
I suppose Hillary is actually about as well-known an outsider as Bobby Kennedy was.
giving a great convention speech is definitely an indicator of great parenting skills.
similarly, surprised by how touching it was to watch a man do, for the first time, what Bill just did for Hillary. #DNCinPHL
Can you imagine thinking I'd prefer the guy who can't even put on a professional event-with far fewer people-run our country??
At this point, the sound of T-rump's voice triggers anxiety/nausea for me. I want an audio filter or maybe a trigger or emergency warning.
still manages to make him sound like a Lannister
btw this could be a scene from @BrainDeadCBS, which I think you'd enjoy watching. Its an antidote to PoliticsTSD
Is O'Malley wearing Bill's tie from last night? He's definitely the gesticulator of the day!
Doesn't it seem like we should be able to better manage the acoustics of conventions.. such that the speaker might be heard above the crowd?
Such that the speaker can't hear the crowd...& doesn't have to yell?
Teleprompters are weird: a story of diction, inflection, & gesticulation. #DemsInPhilly
Hillary is exactly whom a women had be to be to reach her position-for better & worse, more qualified & experienced than anyone else.
grrrr: "a woman", not "a women". I'd written women & POC initially & revised, after coary.
Shouldn't the P be penetrating the T though?
Malarkey #DemsInPhilly
"Let me tell you what I tell every world leader-and I've met them all." #DemsInPhilly #offthecuff
Credit where its due: Bloomberg is great with a teleprompter. Also, this speech ought to be on repeat.
Also Bloomberg kinda reminds me of Cuomo at the DNC in 1992.
Thank you Michael Bloomberg #DemsInPhilly
Clinton-Kaine does kinda sound like a pharmaceutical company's improvement on cocaine. Also so does Tim Kaine.
Enjoy Clinton-Kaine: nothing can trump this high
I want an Enjoy Clinton-Kaine tshirt like this:
In the 90s, Bill made their policies his..& now Hillary is turning those Reagan Democrats into Clinton RepublicaFq15
Hard not to notice how few women's voices were featured in the video before Obama's speech. Wonder how much that'll change.
Also the "he feels the pain" is so close to Bill Clinton's "I fps://
The First Lady is outdated. And its absurd she is only paid $10k a year.Isn't that illegal? why shouldn't Michelle be our final First Lady?
Democrats or not, Obama created yet another generation of progressives this evening.In awe. "We don't look to be ruled"; indeed. #ThanksObama
Is there a greater argument for institutionalism than Obama?Who's ever made democracy look or feel better? Or made folks believe in it more?
Who gets to attend #DemsInPhilly events? And who pays for them..… #loligarchy
Vote or Enjoy? (& thanks @sonaar for bringing my jokes to liHNz7
Obama, a living embodiment of our progress & democracy, passes the torch. (an excellent po6CsU
hmm: maybe I haven't noticed, but Joaquin Castro made me wonder when was the last time T-rump or the GOP attacked Obamacare? #DemsInPhilly
dear @CBSNews, FFS: yes, Hillary is not a man, but she is human-noone claims otherwise & she doesn't need to humanize herself #DemsInPhilly
lets be honest: I miss Mario. #DemsInPhilly
maybe its just me, but seems like we've heard from a lot of familiar faces not a whole lot of new rising stars of the future? #DemsInPhilly
my @CBSNews feed kept skipping thru Chelsea:( But Hillary definitely deserves narration by Morgan Freeman. #DemsInPhilly
When Obama was elected, I had my first socialist nameplate made. I've seldom been without it since:) #DemsInPhilly
Its not quite the same thing & I'll aim higher upon her election, but I'm gonna have to make 1 or both of theRLXx
On the fourth day, God says "This is the woman" #DemsInPhilly
Even if the socialist in me was hoping for red, I dig the white suit:) #DemsInPhilly
"I've even gotten in a few words edgewise along the way" #ExplainerInChiefIndeed #DemsInPhilly
" put economic & social justice issues front & center where they belong....I heard you. Your cause is our cause." #DemsInPhilly
I like midnight tho. #DemsInPhilly
"We'll fix it together" #DemsInPhilly #She'sWithUs
"Better & stronger" --rather than great already. #DemsInPhilly
i'm glad she's owning her experience & establishment ties:)Even if I'd have not gone with the "I get it" because ffs I don't:) #DemsInPhilly
(I mean, I don't get how anyone alive could feel like they don't know Hillary after 4 decades of public service & public life) #DemsInPhilly
Flint ftw Hillary! #DemsInPhilly
"when any barrier is cleared in America, it clears the way for let's keep going." #DemsinPhilly
Pleased to see a palpable shift from her, to us....& to acknowledging America isn't great, we need to do better together:) #DemsInPhilly
"our democracy isn't working the way it should." #DemsInPhilly #wow
"I believe in science. I believe climate change is real." 🎼 "This is your campaign. Join us." #DemsInPhilly
tho she didn't specifically say no #DemsinPhilly
"and I do mean odd" #DemsinPhilly
there's a whole lotta Bernie in this speech. I really hope she (or her relationships permit) lives up to it. #DemsInPhilly
I get why she's doing it-& maybe she has to-but it feels like attacking T-rump just feels beneath her. #DemsInPhilly
did anyone make a bingo card of issues, words, & names she'd drop (& how often) in this speech? What has she missed? #DemsInPhilly
systemic racism, followed up by blue lives. #DemsInPhilly
internet harassment & bullying. Is she gonna cite Monica next? #DemsInPhilly
"America is Great because America is Good"? Why not because "America can do better" #DemsInPhilly
Hamilton made it. But no Beyonce? #DemsInPhilly
"Let's be better & stronger together" #DemsInPhilly
I guess Katy Perry woulda been pissed. #DemsInPhilly
someday someone will FOIA Katy Perry's contract. or Wikileaks will post it tomorrow #DemsInPhilly
maybe I was all cried out-or its PoliticalTSD, but didn't really cry tonight. maybe also Hillary doesn't make me want go cry. #DemsInPhilly
maybe also its awesome that Hillary doesn't make folks want to cry:) #DemsInPhilly
wow @CBSNews your commentary of the Clinton family & their roles & gender is super gross. sexist. heteronormative. WTF? #DemsInPhilly
For real: who has lived their life more in public than Hillary Clinton? Who really thinks they don't know her? How? #DemsInPhilly
& @CBSNews this "humanize" narrative is sexist bs. stop. She may be no man, but literally noone doesn't think Hillary is human #DemsInPhilly
Seems more likely every day. If only the GOP hadn't been so vicious to the Clintons for decades...
these days, I'm up to 98%. What other explanation is there? or maybe T-rump is a robot remote controlled by Bill?
So, is the endgame that T-rump becomes the new Rush Limbaugh & starts a new "fair & balanced" "news" network with Roger Ailes at the helm?
also, btw, re the Fall of the House of Ailes... for me, most astonishing of all of it is that Susan Estrich is his attorney.
Estrich was my prof at USC; she encouraged me to go to HLS. I've oft disagreed w/ her & I get defense work but…8Ux2?
hardest & eeriest is that she is a survivor...& the narrative suggests a talented predator targeted & groomed a (complicated) feminist icon.
Re (complicated): we all are. And I am biased by empathy entangled with disagreement, but still here she's chosen his reputation over hers.
Like, if Roger Ailes really did care about Susan Estrich as a human, he'd ask her for referrals & refuse any offer by her to represent him.
After decades in the GOP wilderness, Hillary (/T-rump) turns Reagan Dems into Clinton Reps…?
please. for our mental health, can we really not start talking about the 2018 election now? #ffs #politicalTSD
i doubt t-rump thinks he can win. I think he's trying to lose-but he cares that we think he's rich.So why would he release his tax returns?
If he's gonna claim he's a co-founder (so we're all co-founders?) T-rump could at least pronounce it like Obama does
Jesus is my copilot -> Obama is their cofounder.
"I really wanted the anti-politician, not the anti-hu1hdiLcsdt2 relieving that most of us aren't as dumb as T-rump thinks
Brilliance from @RuPaul on playing roles, wearing masks, politicians & the best…P0wZ1X
its official with Breitbart! so when T-rump hires Ailes, will his transition (to a media company) team be complete? #loligarchy
if only t-rump had insisted on pronouncing ISIL like asshole too, maybe instead of making America hate again, it'd be a different campaign.
So, instead of "radical Islam," what if T-rump had focused on fighting assholes. who can't get behind that? #loligarchy
Since day 1, its been blatantly (& numerically-women & POC are most voters) obvious that T-rump would not be & did not want to be President.
& yes, I've said it a few times myself, but still, "T-rump is gonna start the next FoxNews" is also blatantly obvious. Enough thinkpieces?
I hope we all do start calling him Mr. Brexit because who hasn't had enough of hearing, reading or uttering that ghastly crush of letters
"His summary of his tenure's achievements...I fired the Jewcl99EgPOY0 (T-rump aside, he had a career at the Pentagon)
expressing regret might be the only way for T-rump to convince GOP voters he ever actually wanted or planned to be President? #loligarchy
dunno who said this first or when, but its hardly a huge leap, hugely original or insightful, let alone not obvious from who he's hired.
but who cares? folks drunk on clicks won'f stop writing about T-rump..& if anything, this election has shown that I need better filters.
We all have #politicalTSD! at least now "progressives" are writing "T-rump is the new Rush" rather than "OMG T-rump is totally gonna win"
Between Thiel & Gawker & T-rump & Citizen's United, the media is less the message than a self interestedo/8lroDREOVR
Or I'm wrong & T-rump is just that delusional? (would be an amazing charade, but why would NBC would participatIaXh
though I can't help wanting receipts. Like who was there? When? Before or after T-rump's wall talk started? Why wasn't this already leaked?
who could be in that NBC meeting, where T-rump asks about the Apprentice in the WH & not leak it to the press immediately?
Reagan Democrat, Clinton Republican, tomato, tohmato
Hillary Fucking Clinton… (also if she napped till election, she'd still win) #loligarchy
if he had a legacy, its gone. Why is Estrich destroying hers?…
maybe the most unanticipated mental health benefit of #xoxofest was not hearing T-rump's voice for about 5 days straight.
Sorry, T-rump. Because gun control & access to safe legal abortion matter to Hillary too, @KimKardashian is with…qxI99
Now hoping @KimKardashian's next front row will be Monday's debate! Gennifer who? #loligarchy
You say debate, I say debacle.

T-rump speaks & we all get anxiety.

Debate, Debacle.

Let's call the whole thing off.

the red is also for profitsharing:) (as in socialism, not as in putting companies in the red) #Debates2016
did T-rump say Florida is leaving? #Debates2016
Hillary triggered T-rump just by mentioning his dad. He just called China the best. And then whipped out his misogyny. #Debates2016
T-rump cannot answer a question-& tho I wouldn't give Hillary points for sentence structure/choice of tense, she is on message #Debates2016
"Well Donald I know you live in your own reality." go Hillary! #Debates2016
Also glad that Hillary called T-rump out on climate change.

And that fact-checking is suddenly both a & the campaign issue.

"Why not?"

He just can't stop interrupting.

Mostly she struggling not to laugh too much at his buffoonery & bullying.

Doesn't T-rump claim that the "most important business in the world takes place" on golf courses? #debates
"not paying taxes."

"That makes me smart"

says man who seeks to run the country's foremost tax-payer funded institution.

I'm embarrassed Hillary has to share a stage w/ a man who believes the US is a "3rd-world country" & also can't answer a question. #Debates
Good on Hillary for calling T-rump out both for not paying tax -& relating it to not paying wages to those who work for or w/ him. #debates
wow. a pitch for his hotel. what could be more presidential? #debates
Was the race question the only one so far where T-rump didn't interrupt Hillary's answer?

Stop & frisk/where is that real time fact-checking? #debates
I guess Hillary is fact-checking T-rump in real time.

But the Fact-Checking News Network (F-CNN) would be more credible:)

We are all biased; good on Hillary for mostly owning that, even if I'd prolly focus on the explicit:) #debates
basket of deplorables indeed.

"well just listen to what you heard." Hillary

When asked about his racism, T-rump claims that getting Obama to produce the birth certificate was actually public service.

"maybe I'm trying to save the money" did T-rump pretty much just openly acknowledge he's going to lose?Why else save money on ads?

When T-rump is not not answering ?s, smirking or interrupting, he's sniffling. If she was, it'd mean death. or drugs
Its amazing that T-rump holds Hillary responsible for literally everything thats ever happened.

What % of T-rump's "sentences" begin with same subject that they end with?

I'd like for T-rump to be asked when/if it is ok to change one's mind when new information is learned? For whom is this ok?

I hope T-rump is asked whether he thinks the US pays to help other countries to protect our business interests in those countries? #debates
"Words matter."

and so does meaning...& meaning them.

"so does standing up to bullying"

Pretty much sums it all up.

"hundreds of millions of ads"

dystopia indeed.

Hillary had the discipline & patience to NOT interrupt T-rump -& it paid off & made her look presidentialo/yVPck8ugd9
Hillary was fantastic because T-rump is his own worst enemy & also his "sentences" make hers look like grammatical masterpieces. #debates
FFS how did I allow myself to be manipulated into forgetting that if anyone knows how to handle men who are bullies, its Hillary. #debates
its amazing, the impact of seeing Hillary interact with T-rump! How much more competent does his utter lack of competence make her look?
What are the odds on T-rump showing up at the other 2 #debates? Won't appearing next to Hillary only serve to lose him more votes?
so is T-rump claiming the mic was not supposed to be on when he interrupted Hillary 51 times in 90 minutes?
What (or who) has a bigger influence on what T-rump will & won't say-& on what is out of bounds-than Chelsea & Ivanka's friendship? #debates
What says more about 2016 than finding Nazis opinions of Hillary reassuring?
Instead of feeling relief post #debates, I feel irritated & sad ..having been conned into worrying....& wasting so much angst & thought.
The more complicit the media became in Making America Hate Again, the more impossible it became to not pay him some of my limited attention
But, never again. Fuck paying our most valued resource-our time & attention-to buffoons, morons & the hateful. Time to build better filters.
For Bill, it was "its the economy stupid"

For Hillary, its "how dumb does T-rump think Americanps://
I guess it was built it up because we'd never seen them interact. but, wtf, seriously, Hillary deserved more credit
it says everything about who is overrepresented in & by media that we all felt compelled to watch/worry/even consider a different outcome.
otherwise, wouldn't it have been obvious in media that any woman that successful has no choice but to know how handle a man like T-rump?
maybe its not who thinks voters are dumbest (then it might be more of a contest), its who has the most contempt for us that loses in 2016.
There is little question as to who has the most contempt for voters, even amongst his supporters
Partisan poll-monitoring is hardly unusual. And only Hillary has actual campaign staff in place, so hopefully not.
@MikeIsaac perhaps the RNC org is more aware that their gross partisan poll-monitoring turned CA's OC Democratic!…
Outside of the 1%, most folks-who pay theirs-consider not paying tax to be freeloading. Particularly if rich.
I think even T-rump know that not paying any taxes for decades is a negative when running for office. even for his biggest supporters.
why didn't T-rump's opponents, critics, ok, his haters nickname him Donald Chump? If only it'd occurred to me before I committed to T-rump..
In the GOP, not paying taxes for decades because of losing $1 billion & then using a loophole for the rich, is "genius." 👌

how wrong I was.

& could this get more boring?

Also, I'd prolly recognize O'Malley at a supermarket now...but these guys?

What are Kaine & Pence playing at? Do they want to confuse us?

Can't they both at least just wear their own party's tie color?

So Pence is denying implicit bias exists? But the real problem is actually suggesting it exists??

"Lets not assume the worst of law enforcement"

(ie assume that they, like all humans, are biased. FFS this is gross)

Like Kaine, Pence makes a great brandname for those bathsalts that cause mass hallucinations & public ODs #VPDebaFpu7
Kaine is a cocaine analog...

Pence causes delusions of superiority & an inability to answer questions, be honest or grasp reality #VPDebate
can't wait to see the silly polls.

who did you find least insufferable?

who would you most not want to have a beer with?

wow Pence just went full abortion.

and outed Kaine for being personally prolife

& also pro-Roe. wow

"Senator you just whipped out that Mexican thing again"

& then went back to his ProLife sermon!!!?! #wtf

At least Pence made it crystal clear what's at stake for women's reproductive rights this election! #VPDebate
at least both candidates (unlike Justice Breyer) resisted the temptation to reference Kim Kardashian. #VPDebate
perfect debate warmup song from @CarlySimonHQ (I guess David Geffen must feel relieved of the burden)…
he just admitted that he was a politician. why does he think that'll help? #TownhallDebateLive
Because ISIS would totally make fun of respecting women. #TownhallDebateLive
those mics are too sensitive.

also T-rump sounds like he is dying.

& Hillary is trying so hard not to laugh.

clearly T-rump has never been even peripherally involved in planning a wedding.

is T-rump actually turning his back to the camera while Hillary speaks? #debate
In the shadow of 🐱gate, has the media kinda forgotten T-rump's nonpayment of taxes?

"Of course, I do."

A man who doesn't pay taxes shamelessly admits it....& blames his opponent.

And, yet, how many times has T-rump told Hillary that she should be ashamed?

Also, I wish that, after each candidate interrupts, lets say 3 times, their mic is turned off until its their turn to speak.

Nuclear is the new cyber.

Props for the pronunciation on the former. Still I hope noone tells T-rump about @ZeroDaysFilm

So has T-rump ditched Pence?

Props to whomever is shooting the #debate & giving it a little VR we can all experience this man getting in her physical spaRjz9
T-rump doesn't even have the discipline to not interrupt Hillary's answer on whether he has discipline.

If Pence is out/steps aside, I guess Ivanka would be the only conceivable possibility as a VP choice at this point?

the orange delusional sniffling word cloud managed to admit the woman who'll be President never quits. #debate
Yeah, Hillary won by holding back & not to destroying (ie not factchecking) T-rump so he'd remain in the race & she'll be President. #Debate
can't believe there wasn't already a song or a band called HighPocracy

Is meme-baiting a last-ditch evasion tactic?
but also, would RBG really be on that bench if she wasn't?

isn't it the same for Hillary?

I'd thought the media attention might be exploitative/invasive-& it is, but Ken Bone keeps rising to the challengmNU2
"No Quit"!!!

I can't believe "She's with Us" didn't even make this list! Which of these ps://
The Final #Debate: will democracy jump the shark?
its like all of the layers of makeup have paralyzed his face.

also does he know how many Justices there are?

Why does T-rump keep insisting he was endorsed by ICE, which is a federal agency...& doesn't make endorsements?
"You're the puppet" #debate
"I don't know Putin.He's not my best friend. But if we got along with Russia it wouldn't be so bad.." #debate
All Hillary needs to do tonight is to come as close as possible, without succeeding, to boring us to death.

I do love it when Hillary goes encyclopedic. #debate
"I didn't even apologize to my wife"

(for assaulting others before & during their marriage?👌)

& Hillary goes encyclopedic again

I'm so sorry & so embarrassed that Hillary has to share a stage with this man & waste our attention on his lies & distortions.

Hope Hillary is an encyclopedia for Halloween.

Also T-rump should be Putin.

& Bill could be Assange

Aha! Its not a #debate -its an attempted (if failed) US history & government intervention for T-rump!

also, he's utterly indefensible.
I wish this tepid moderator had asked T-rump who should be allowed to run for President & if voters choices should be respected. #debate
I also wish both (or either) T-rump & Clinton had continued Obama's insistence on ISIL. #debEDs2
So which is THE worst deal in the history of everything? Can't T-rump choose just one & stick to it? #debate
I would like a supercut of Hillary doing her best not to laugh at T-rump during the #debates
did I mishear or did T-rump just interrupt & say "such a nasty woman"? #debate
Congrats Hillary! aside from a 30 second 📱call conceding the election, this is the last time she has to interact with this cretin
Right: now I'm going to my best to avoid that cretin's treacherous nauseating rancid squawk for all of eternity. Join me:)

"This is a sad day for the US. you just cannot polish this turd. Technically you can't polish any turds." @VanJones68 #debates
Where do you go, career-wise, from being a paid surrogate for T-rump?
in retrospect, it seems like a victory for the entire country that Hillary was not asked to answer for her husband's behavior. #debates
does anyone believe there are still undecided voters? Are they all Ken Bones in waiting? How does CNN even verify undecidedness? #debates
also maybe the only person to come out of this election looking better was-deservedly-Monica
I suppose "Nasty" is our very own "Deplorables"

which is even better because that word will always belong to Janet ps://
Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever. But, if T-rump had mastered the use of sentences, would she have still trounced him? #debate
Filled out & mailed our absentee ballots last nigh! It takes time to fill it out; highly recommend voting by mayprr
The CA deadline to apply for a vote by mail ballot is 11/1. Why wait (hours) for others? Vote early, from your home!…
Don't want to miss out on the civic experience of your polling place? You can always drop off your ballot there-or even better, volunteer!
How much better will your election day be if you aren't hating on your fellow-voters for the time it takes to complete an endless ballot?
Plus,if you vote by mail, instead of wasting time in line, you can feel superior for your efficiency & still make sure that we all go vote!
Are there any folks skilled in lipreading live-tweeting the bizarre Al Smith Dinner livestream?…
Also, in the age of omnipresent video, do campaigns & media companies now train folks on their team to lipread? What are the ethics of that?
if only we left the performance of comedy to those who have chosen it as a professional pursuit.

or at least funny people?

I bet T-rump would've been an incredible auctioneer.

Anyone know what this one-gloved woman's username is on twitter? I'd like to follow her.
The woman with white glove is journalist @MariaBartiromo; sadly she is not tweeting. But I'm transfixed by her gloves! #AlSmithDinner
"I took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here...& usually I charge a lot for these speeches" Hillary #AlSmithDinner
"This is Donald, if you disagree with me, you can just feel free to interrupt me & yell wrong" Hillary #AlSmithDinner
Donald wanted me drug-tested.i'm so flattered that he thought I used some sort of performance enhancer.Actually I did.Its called preparation
"i wish we'd heard from Mike Bloomberg tonight. It'd have been nice to hear from a billionaire" Hillary trolling away. #AlSmithDinner
"i rejected some jokes that I thought were over the line. But i guess you'll know in a few days after wikileaks releases it" #AlSmithDinner
"it did take a village to write these jokes."

Hillary may not look forward to the #nerdprom, but my ❤️melts when she makes fun of herself.
the plus side of Weiner? Media will cover the correction & people will know.

If his name was Jones, would the sordidness have been enough?
this is amazing. While making America hate again, T-rump also-overnight-changed how the 🌍 responds to sexual assault…
whoah.I'd not be surprised if Holder ran his Comey letter past Hillary, but there's no way Reid did. ffs #loligarchy
if he'd asked, Hillary would've pointed out that, jurisdictionally speaking, foreign governments are a CIA thing:)
before my milk expires next Wednesday, we'll have elected a woman as president & legalized recreational marijuana!
Hillary will be President because of her compromises rather than in spite of them.They also show she listens:)…
Hope Bey performed "Sorry" when she projected (& reclaimed) Hillary's 🍪 quote

Also hope Hillary
I get why Hillary ditched Rodham but so wish she hadn't.

Also, anyone who seeks to marry a President does not marry a guy from Arkansas.
since T-rump had gotten so out of control making America hate again, I'd kinda abandoned the Bill theory. but maybe?
All I can think about is Texas. Any news or exit polls? #ElectionNight
Also, after a year of endless coverage, I think I now viscerally associate the white men of CNN with T-rump.
Why I now viscerally associate CNN &, well, every media outlet with T-r6cY0 #clickcomplicit #ElectionNiLbZx
Amazing; wonder how accurate @nytimes'll be in predicting how GOP women vote & how Latinx voters turnout in eg Te5LmD
Don't mess with (or systematically underrepresent & undervalue) Texas Women & PoC.

Related: will there be a spike in divorces after this election? Particularly in states that turn blue?

I'm terrified & nauseous. How wrong could I be about 4POH
only 8 years later, The Plot Against America feels like it may become reality.
thanks for the extra dose of anxiety & nausea @nyti487I #ffs
there is 92% chance that we'll elect a racist misogynist crook over a competent experienced woman.

& a 100% chance I'll be deeply ashamWcVS
Took a walk to & thro a "Victory" party; felt as if everyone is simultaneously having an out of body experience & also considering vomiting.
We walked a few miles & eventually wound up at the supermarket across the street, chatting with folks we know & trying to comfort each other
Each of us found ourself on the brink of tears..& the only ⚪️ male customer joked loudly about getting "hookers & blow" because "fuck it".
Of course, it didn't occur to this older white man that it might not be funny for women & PoC. But he was having a great time!#ElectionNight
All the white people on CNN pretending T-rump isn't a racist & misogynist crook, REALLY? #ElectionNight
at least marijuana will be legal in CA tomorrow..
As we try to grok just how bad it'll get, how do we do better? How do we build stronger communities that support & advocate for each other?
I drastically misunderstood & overestimated lots of America In retrospect, my naïveté & ignorance was blissful; now its replaced by fear.
I guess fear is a certain kind of motivator, but it also further disincentivizes stepping outside of our bubbles...
I try to focus on collaborating w/ folks who care, rather than convincing folks to. But maybe there are fewer who care than I ever imagined
Idk. I won't stop caring. Even tho my success will continue to be constrained by gender, I must try harder to live in the future I want, now
At our best & at our worst, we can always do better. Now is not the time to stop expecting better of us, both individually & collectively.
I won't let anyone stop me from expecting better of you, of us & of myself. I hope we can find better ways to support each other-I need it!
Dear friends, The rape charges were dubious (thus appropriately not covered by most media) & dropped. She has now totally recanted.
(There were 100s of cases against Epstein, with many witnesses. This was unlike any of them, in any way...& not a part of those trials)
I've never been so fervently wrong about anything.
But I thought Wikileaks or RT or 4Chan would be the first to declare.
Hearing these white men on CNN report that Hillary has conceded to T-rump is fucking terrifying. America, wtf have we done? #ElectionNight
This is the most horrifying disorienting terrifying moment; wtf democracy; I am just stunned.

And disgusted at my complicity.
and this homophobe misogynist who will be a heartbeat away.

couldn't we have not destroyed Chris Christie?
the sound of his voice saying Secretary Clinton.

How could we?
I wonder if Hillary called Putin or T-rump first? Or Comey?

we are about to put a bunch of racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, & crooks in charge of our government.
This scares me more: look at the white men standing behind him-& their mandatP2UR
I guess its better than his usual terror?has it ever mattered what he said/what words he uses/or even what he means?
Whelp #loligarchy it will be.
Putin sent a TELEGRAM. If that's not a signal, what is?

(doesn't he know T-rump prefers old-fashioned telepathy?)
Elegy for an imagined country by @velvetmelvis… #excellent
This breaks my heart somehow even more. What a shameful betrayal. How could so many people not vote?
Women& PoC are most people/voters.Many had votes suppressed & more didn't vote but even more didn't vote as…Y2t6xEXj
the less experienced & competent folks are, the less they can accomplish (& the less they'll know of what'so0V8Uv4G
I expect folks in govt to do their jobs & hand off power etc. But there's no civic duty to collaborate/be compliHqOl
yes, I'm prone to looking for silver linings. But I much prefer inexperience & incompetence running the Energy Dept than idk a Koch Bro.
This is excellent.

The Dems missed "us" for "her" & the "sticky floogps://
Disaster sure makes strange bedfellows.

Glenn Beck's Conversion Therapy for Conservatives with a Conscience?
Really GOP? How well do you need to "know&qyxYUF9E3zO #lecIpTffl92
Piketty on T-rump's victory & our…08Sm #loligart5Zq
Meanwhile, Putin sent a telegram.

Related: I hope whoever set up T-rump's private server set the password as Putin
T-rump called Putin. Not the reverse.

/Maybe he doesn't know how to respond to a telegram?
Protip: chat with folks who were sentient in the 60s 70s & 80s, when openly racist & anti-semitic folks in government were standard issue.
just consider who he follows on twitter
will it be the fascists? or T-rump's pandemic? or will we ignore the climate till it kills us?
For almost a year, sometimes multiple times a day, I reminded myself (& you) women & PoC are most people/voters. It made me less anxious.
I do not regret avoiding anxiety. But I was wrong. Not just because a majority of white women voted for T-rump. Or a third of Latinos.
(tho its worth considering that the white women & Latinos who didnt vote for Hillary were also GOP…7kGV
(& FBI, propaganda, the popular vote, voter suppression, was hardly a landslide)

but I was wrong because I relied on bad info
Why aren't info & data & articles updatable? Why not add tags that update shared info? Isn't it more effaZil9rdc
Beyond efficiency, if reliable info is required for public safety, does updating info (or verifying etc) become an ethical obligation?
Blaming Clinton's Base for Her Loss is the Ultimate Insult (thanks @rtraister; excellent)…
Also, wow, this, by @jiatolentino is so insightful & great…BZinp
Until T-rump publicly directs the Treasury not to pay him or shows receipts (eg tax returns), should it be reported he's refusing a salary?
whispers into the night, longing for that Obama sleep:

I dare to hope the electoral college puts loyalty to the constitution over party.
if not the weather or disease, maybe it'll be the guns.… #loligarchy
Has anyone else responded to T-rump in his own vernacular on Twitter or FB?Maybe Bernie? Where's my app for that?
I guess climate change, disease, & guns just won't kill us fast enough! Why else would T-rump insist that China pay for a war?

Who else was present when this call came in? Did T-rump ask anyone if he should take the call?

Also, who screens his calls? Any lawyers?
Literally: T-rump said he'd make Mexico for his wall.

Seriously: China would pay for a war.

Translation of President of Taiwan's Press Release…
Is there any science fiction on alien who knows nothing of US history or government who becomes US President?

Or scenario planning?
Is there a list of all the likely mistakes a President who doesn't read books or know history is likely to make? This one seemed likely, no?
By dubbing the call petty & meaningless, China also implicitly acknowledges T-rump is too stupid to know any…aqxrU
Can you imagine if Obama or Clinton (or Bush!) had taken that call & spewed that BS? Would China have taken it literally & seriously?
Of course, immunizations aside, we also have the spread of Pence's preventable pandemics to look forward to..…
China responds to T-rump's "inexperience".

And quotes one of his "tweet posts."

Sarcasm is the pps://
Respect for Putin's grammatical & syntax choices here. "….co/
And T-rump proves them right!

BTW does T-rump think China is supposed to ask? Has he heard of idk the WTO?
Intentionality is even more frightening. From a man with no experience. Who CHOOSES to ignore intel.


I liked to say that a decade ago, I'd not have believed we'd have a black president, marriage equality or recreational pot. Time to stop:(
A year ago, I'd have bet against Brexit & thought Hillary'd be the first woman to be US president. I'd have never believed it'd be T-rump.
at the end of last year, would you have believed that you'd find a statement like this REASSURING today?… #loligarchy
If not the fascists, the weather or (insert nation), how fast can T-rump brew a pandemic?With Kennedy collaborators?…
Tomorrow unimaginably we wake up in the opposite reality. Will these 8 years now feel like a dream in retrospect?
Will the sound of his voice always make me ill? Will hearing his name preceded by president always fill me with shame, outrage & heartbreak?
Guns, climate change, disease & war will take time to kill us, maybe this is the fastest way to make us all six8Ea
Its increasingly clear the GOP & T-rump actually just want to kill us all. Has the CBO run numbers on the 💰it savff3m
Another way to arbitrarily undermine our safety-& kill Jtoz
T-rump Presidency “opens door” to planet-hacking geoengineering (that might kill us all! plus Exxon ❤️s it)…
I very much wish she'd just said this all along: "they paid me" ( many companies do for high
I hope Hillary keeps speaking her truth often & publicly. Every minute, breath & tweet T-rump devotes to her is not devoted to, eg, the wall
also we've never known not-running-for-office Hillary-& it's been decades since she's known dgaf & dont have to listen to anyone Hillary too
Sure, I'm a champagne socialist/liberal elite, but I much prefer the messaging of dgaf Hillary-who showed up to #code2017 & said it her way.
What bigger role in public service could Hillary really play than distracting T-rump from his path of destruction? #keeptalkingHillary
Obviously being T-rump's jester sucks, but Hillary's a patriot & regardless of any election, its not like she's going to just let Putin win.
Also I bet 'dgaf Hillary' sounds a lot more like 'million dollar paid speech Hillary' far more than 'candidate Hillary'.
FFS I hope they start a Clinton News Network.
Dear @HillaryClinton, Welcome back! Please, please, launch the Clinton News Network & save America by distracting the GOP into submission.
Also who writes dgaf Hillary's tweets?
160K RTs vs 18K RTs
343K Likes vs 63K Likes
Popular Vote vs Electoral Vote
Its not just complete sentences-I miss words, actual words, used to convey agreed-upon meaning & also meaning…Frdl
I guess its highly unlikely that I'd have bought her book anyway, but blaming Bernie is still a disappointing indictment of her judgment.
& her entourage's judgment.

Even if they really do blame Bernie, aren't they all smart enough to realize its not useful? And damages THEM?
Its not like she needs the clicks--or even or to say anything outrageous, since it'll be covered as if it was outrageous regardless!
Even if she really does blame Bernie, that she doesn't know its actually bad for her--& Democrats--to do it publicly, says everything:(
Given the Facebook, Twitter etc "revelations," if Hillary had written her book 6 or 9 months from now, would the blame game remain the same?
I suppose my Socialist nameplate (can you believe I’ve been wearing it for nearly 10 years?!?) prolly does signal an expensive education, but, wow, it never occurred go me that anyone—let alone @elonmusk—would read it as depressing & humorlesWE3q
As people go, I’m pretty good about & really don’t mind being wrong. I’m rarely attached to being right..

But between being wrong about: women & POC being most people & most voters, SCOTUS & the #MuslimBan, & now Justice Kennedy, I’m becoming detached:(

• • •

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Feb 2, 2018
@katiezavadski “F---ing Sith Lord,” “Horrific Leakers,” & “Berserkazoid Craziness”: The Mooch Recalls His Brief Shining Fortnight at the Center of US Politics, by @WilliamCohan… Wish he’d been asked about🇷🇺sanctions, RDIF & if he now supports what he opposed at #WEF17?
This is something, coming from a guy who missed the birth of his child—& had his lawyer demand a paternity test?

Does suing CNN & forcing a journo to resign for accurate reporting have permanent benefits?
World chess body has Swiss bank accounts frozen after (Putin-linked) president is accused of links to ISIS oil deals… After @Kasparov63 failed to have him removed, maybe Team Spectre decided enough was enough—& this was the only way to take back the org?
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Jan 12, 2018
As per ⬆️, an excellent post by @katiezavadski, examining RDIF & Dmietiev! And a great thread follows. Hope to see Scaramucci, Thiel & Goldman Sachs looped in, just in time for Davos!
@katiezavadski So T-rump, Scaramucci & Mnuchin are going to #WEF2018. What about Schwarzman, Bonderman, Black & or WEF Young Global Leaders Dmietriev & Thiel? Or Milner? Is there an RDIF reunion scheduled?

Also, out of curiousity, any chess tourneys or events scheduled?
@katiezavadski Wonder if Scaramucci can get another reporter canned for accurately reporting on what he said in public at #WEF, like he did last year? Or were his legal threats to CNN enough to prevent anyone from taking the risk? Are the Mooch & Thiel now press-proof?
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Dec 30, 2015
Thinking a lot lately about the VIPization of American culture & how its displaced the notion of equality. Curious about when this started..
I'd like to read a history of VIP sections:)When did they become mainstream/acceptable/legitimate? How are they justified to kids?Any recs?
By legitimizing VIP sections, the #loligarchy has commoditized inequality & aspiration & even my hypocrisy;) Can't we do & build better?
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Dec 22, 2015
So, some dude in Bristol Farms just asked me if I was in #HatefulEight - his wife thought I was Jennifer Jason Leigh! #flattered #yearmade 💗
I clicked on this because I am vain, but loved this interview with Jennifer Jason Leigh…
just remembered: years ago, in Thailand, a couple said they thought they recognized me from the movie SingleWhiteFemale.Was I Bridget Fonda?
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Dec 16, 2015
yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting....
Long @NewYorker profile on Bostrom & the state of AI; not a single woman (unnamed wife aside) mentioned or quoteILtp
If OpenAI is not committed to offering open access to their data, is the "Open" just sqLi4KSCoJ
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Dec 8, 2015
Despite what its marketing suggests, Anomalisa is as heartwarming or life-affirming/life-changing as an episode of The Affair. (aka its not)
(Anomalisa is still an incredible film-but, "the most human film" it is not...its more man than human...& really, he could be Noah Solloway)
The Walk is pretty great-hoping its love letter to the World Trade Center might just change my visual memory of those buildings..
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