#Peace-Declaration of #Nagasaki 2017,on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the #AtomBomb~#Esperanto-#translated
#Thread:01/??~#Peace-Declaration of #Nagasaki 2017; 72nd anniversary of the Bomb.#ApproximateTranslation
#Esperanto #inTranslation->#English
Peace-Declaration of Nagasaki,2017.No More Victims of Atomic Bombs! [*Literally:'No-more Atom-"bomb-ee"s!'-henceforth'Atom-Bomb-Victims'"]02
The words in this document express the heart-felt desire of the Atom-Bomb-Victims[survivors:Nagasaki+Hiroshima],that nobody in the world 03
should ever again experience the horrific catastrophe that results from the use of nuclear weapons;never again.This very summer,just such 04
a desire moved many countries of the world to create & share in one joint treaty.* [*Via the governments of those countries,who signed]05
The Treaty for the Permanent Ban of Nuclear Weapons,which bans not only the use but also possession& distribution of all nuclear weapons,06
was accepted at the United Nations with the approval of 122 countries, more than 60 percent of United Nations' Member-States. 07
At that historic moment,the decades-long-attempt by the Atom-Bomb-Victims to ensure that just such an aim be achieved,finally became REAL 08
We wish to name this treaty,referencing both the suffering and the continued endeavours of the atom-bomb-victims,the"Treaty of Hiroshima &09
Nagasaki."We profoundly thank,not only those countries which have aided in the successful progress of the Treaty for the Permanent Ban 10
of Nuclear Weapons,but also the united nations,NGOs and all who have shown the strength-of-will and courage-to-act required to 11
excise from this world all such things that run contrary to the most basic
demands of humanity.
But this is not the final goal. Even now, 12
an estimated 15,000 nuclear weapons are still to be found in our world.The international situation revolving around the issue of existing 13
nuclear weapons becomes ever-more-tightly wound.A tidal-wave of disturbance is rippling out - vast, strong and deeply-disconcerting - 14
concerning whether nuclear weapons may once again actually be used,& in the not-too-distant future.Moreover in light of this,it is of part15
particular concern that currently,the Nuclear-Armed Nation-States appear to have set-themselves in opposition to this UN treaty.In add- 16
In addition,we still do not see a way that yet exists by which we may seek to achieve humanity's shared goal of(attaining)a world,free fr17
free from nuclear weapons.Now that the question is finally asked of humanity,how best to leverage that treaty,to release the 18
ever-more tightly-bound spring of this human-made problem,&finally propel it forward to a solution.
We call-upon the Nuclear-Armed States&19
& the states under their"Nuclear Umbrella":
The nuclear threat will not disappear for as long as states continue to claim that nuclear wea20
weapons are"necessary for their security".Reflect & reconsider the legitimacy of a policy of "defending your lands" with nuclear weapons. 21
The already existing Treaty concerning the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons(the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty:"NPT")demands of all 22
member-states that they comply with their stated aim of gradually disarming. Have the will to do your duty & fulfill your stated promise. 23
The world is waiting for you to show your courage in fulfillment of that decision you once made: to keep the promise you once swore. 24
We also call upon the Japanese government.
In spite declaring that you would play a guiding role in achieving the stated goal of a world 24
without Nuclear Arms,& would"act as a bridge between the Nuclear-Armed States& the Non-Nuclear Armed states",you did not even take part 25
in the conferences negotiating the treaty governing the abolition of all Nuclear Weapons. Such an attitude is morally incomprehensible to 26
the inhabitants of the Atom-Bombed cities.It should be your aim to take part early:to take a lead in pushing for the repeal ofall policies27
of dependence upon a Nuclear Umbrella"for defence purposes"to be reconsidered& abolished!The society of the world is still waiting for Jap28
Japan to play its part on the international stage.
Furthermore,we request that the Japanese government represent to the world the peaceful29
ideals of the Japanese constitution,its firm determination never to repeat war& its strict observance of"the three non-nuclear principles"30
We request that you give due dilligence at this point in time to an examination of the plan for a "Nuclear-Free Zone in North-East Asia" 31
as a realisable means by which we can progress to a world without nuclear weapons.
We will never forget the fact,that,on morning of 9thAug32
9thAugust 1945,at two minutes past the 11th hour,above this[Nagasaki]hill where now we meet,the atom bomb exploded to kill or permanently 33
the atom bomb exploded to kill or permanently wound 150,000 human beings.
On that day, the atom bomb, with its horrific searing-radiation34
&tidal-wave of exploding-force,turned The City of Nagasaki into a burnt field of smouldering embers.Human beings with patches of skin hang35
Human beings with patches of skin hanging-off them roamed there,searching for their missing families & their members.A mother standing stu36
A mother standing stupefied in shock,dumbfounded beside the carbonized-coal… that had been her child. One saw hell, everywhere in that 37
One saw hell,everywhere in that"city"then. Many died without seeing anything akin to minimal,medical-treatment. And even now,72years after38
And even now,72years after the,"aftermath":radiation-damage continues to plague the bodies of the Atom-Bomb-Victims.The Atom-Bomb did not 39
The Atom-Bomb did not just steal-away the lives of dearest family-members,friends&loved-ones~indistinguishable from the stolen neighbourh…40
friends & loved-ones~indistinguishable from the stolen neighbourhood of which they were… a part:it stole everything-cruelly transforming 41
it stole everything - cruelly transforming the lives of the "survivors", as it will continue to, for the remainder of their days.
Leaders 42
Leaders of all lands of the world,please come& visit the atom-bombed cities.Be prepared to see what occurred,from ground-zero~under the at43
from ground-zero~under the atomic cloud-not just from a distant viewpoint,high above it.Look with your own eyes.Listen with your own ears.44
Sense-with your own soul,how the atom bomb cruelly-crushed the dignity of human beings beneath it,…& with them, that of humanity. Try to45
Try to imagine what would have happened,what it would be like,if your extended family-if everyone you'd ever known & loved…- had been there.
#AndSoItGoes [46ed it. 47/47 #Fin']
(*medical care)
(*In spite [of] declaring...")
(*in spite "of" declaring...)

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