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He did it,
So you can also do it! #ArnabDidIt
Chitra madam's whataboutery journalism lessons continue..
She sees a better propagandist than her in prodigal Arnob! Birds of same feather!
QN is why wearing masks? Just shed that journalist tag! 🤣
When I see the way she is now peddling propaganda & selling her bigotry covered with sophisticated words, serious doubts about that Bofors
If you are a student or fan of history or we should learn from it. What was achieved with her story? What was the replacement done to India?
They all freed to our psyche of morality and corruption. Of course, an ethical question is raised. But what is the end results? Ponder
Whether the successive opposition Governments do on this great scandal? What it has done to our growth story & damage to the defence deals?
She brought a new messiah then, V. P. Singh! Why whenever India shows growth & resilience, we are getting choked by these narratives? Think
I am not saying Congress is not corrupt or arrogant..But whether we replaced them with a better alternative? Look back at Bofors narrative
Then recently you had the Global economic melt down. India sailed it enviously on the shoulders of MMS.. There comes the deluge of crusaders
From Vinod Rai's notional loss to Arnab's Nation wants to know to Anna Hazare's Orwellian Lokpal to Modi's Vibrant Gujarat. We were deluded
You were sold the fantasies of notional losses, you were told stories of lakhs of black money in Swiss vaults. You were drooled with greed
You dreamed off upgrading your Maruti 800 to BMW, shifting from that 2 bedroom apartment to a luxurious villa in the elite colony.. Na?
You seen WA forwards of Govt looting you on Petroleum & compared that with the prices elsewhere in the world, of course, LIES, no FactCheck
That was a time when the crude touched international market above $110 & above. MMS keep the prices under check seeing its cascading effect
MMS pumped more than ₹1lakh crores to subsidise the price to avoid the avoid its spiralling & cascading effects on the economy then. Think
We along with the media made cruel jokes about his reticence, we failed to see what he was doing without fanfare. No PR blitzkrieg too
Do Google and read every story & columns written then..Petroleum prices to Pakistan infiltration to Economics to ridiculing PM peddled then
Of course, we decided to experiment again. We were deluded with the Utopia offered by the Emperor & elected him to lead us. Rest is history
So Emperor given you rock shows, nonstop PR blitzkriegs, Mann ki bats, repackaging of UPA schemes, envious somersaults, lynching games
He played with economy of the country which even survived global meltdown with envious lunatic dexterity.. Chaos is hailed as reforms 😛
He first teach you Yoga & made u strong enough to survive standing in serpentine queues to withdraw ur own currency, demonetisation thy name
He trained you to forward WA nonstop 24x7, so will not be bored with uploading your GST returns sitting using a super Gateway of GSTN
More the returns, more the slabs, more the complications, more the chaos.. He told that u are getting productive & building the nation #GST
He asked you to wear Aadhaar collars & show ultimate servitude..He is so generous to give a number, so will be watched by guardian angel
So now you know what is the change you got. Because it is called theory of relativity! We need something to compare to know value of other
We don't want to think cohesively & logically or learn lessons from history. We believe in Karma & learning lessons from our hard choices 😜
Propagandaists like Chitra to Arnab are heavily banking on our naivety, laziness and gullibility. They drug us with hatred and post truths
Nothing so surprising here whn Chitra jumping to rescue Arnab! They all belong to same clan wearing journalism masks to hide their agenda
Then blame it on you falling again and again for these propaganda! You are responsible for the choices! So use your choice wisely or suffer!

• • •

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Sep 18, 2018
Some #Demonetisation thoughts!

Many here asked me why I am not reacted to the latest RBI Annual Report which exposed DeMon as nothing but a perverted dream of a Tughlak.

First of all there was nothing surprising elements there for me!!
Then everyone was discussing the amount of 99% returned to the system! Some sigh of relief as our Urjit stop counting, but I don't get any evidence that he has stopped that!!

Because still we hear about old SBN notes are seized by agencies ;)
Annual Report 2017-18 of the RBI that Rs.15.311 trillion Specified Bank Notes was returned. While RBI in its AR in 2016-17 itself admitted that as of June 30, 2017, received Rs.15.28 trillion of SBN. 

Total SBN demotenised was Rs.15.44 trillion

99.2% vs 99.0% is a big deal?? 😉
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Sep 2, 2018
IMD started issuing alerts "be prepared" from August 8! "For action" was issued on August 9.

At least glad that IMD admitted that their alerts were that close.

Also thank you for not claiming that they have issued alerts for "extreme rainfall" and only "heavy rainfall" then
I scanned all those reports of this regional office issued. NOWHERE I SEEN AN EXTREME RAINFALL EVENT ALERT. Each Monsoon season IMD used to issue HEAVY TO VERY HEAVY RAINFALL alerts and small reservoirs used to spill and the spate will be comfortably negotiated by the rivers
Please understand the nuances. We can negotiate a heavy rainfall event, whatever allowances in the dams and river channels are sufficient to negotiate that one. You will see some flooding, may be a knee deep one & dams spill w/o any problems
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Aug 30, 2018
"In Kerala, there’s no reason to damn the dams" here is my answer to all pundits who are preaching an early opening of Idukki would have saved the flooding of Periyar..

Read it slowly and understand the nuances! nationalheraldindia.com/india/in-keral…
Grab the hardcopy and read @NH_India
I felt depressed when a person who served as the Director of the prestigious IITM says that he has given warning & Kerala has no respect for his warning but Odisha has!!
Oh boy!! I am at a loss if you cant discern cyclones in East coast and extreme rainfall in Western coast
Read 8 tweets
Aug 27, 2018
With due respect to his credentials as an expert environmentalist, I differ with him, because this is a repeat of 1924 and this type of extreme events will occur with an annual exceedence probability of 9.52% in a span of 100 years!

Extreme floods is not his area of expertise!
In our country, we have a habit of people and experts venture into the uncharted territory where they have no domain knowledge.

I can't/will not comment on ecology or environment because it's not my domain. I read and understand but never make sweeping statements about that
What about the 1924 flood? When Kerala had no encroachment and had one foruth of the population than now?

Now the scientific evidence shows that this 2018 is a repeat of 1924!! Nature has it's crazy behaviour.

Gadgil is right about landslides but not about floods. Sorry!
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Aug 22, 2018
I am ready for a debate with any of these experts who are blaming KSEB for mismanagement of dam operations.

Stop sweeping statements! Come out with data and talk sense!

Don't lead a literate society to blind spots!!
When our catchment areas had experienced one third of the annual rainfall within 4 days pinch yourself...Can you believe it?

& the Engineers managed efficiently and contained these floods even when you had a 1 in 1000 year flood!

Please don't destroy their morale!!
This is the hard evidence of 4 days of non-stop extreme rainfall

Idukki -811mm (Idukki Dist)
Pamba - 344 mm (Pathanamthitta Dist)
Kakki - 915 mm (Pathanamthitta Dist)
Kuttiyadi - 954 mm (Kozhikode Dist)
Idamalayar - 644 mm (Ernakulam Dist)
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Aug 21, 2018
Damn Dams!!

They created all hell in Kerala......

How many dams are there in Achecoil, Manimala & Meenachil which created havoc in Central Kerala?


How much yield of Pamba River is impounded in the dams there?

JUST 10.4%

Blame it on dams!!
Come to the Northern Kerala.....

There you have the Great Chaliyar River, which flows through Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.

How many dams are there is this Chaliyar River basin other than some small weirs?

Blame it on dams..
Why ur doing annual maintenance of Idukki machines whn the Monsoon is active?

Smart QN.

But understand that Idukki is meeting Kerala's peak energy demand, its annual maintenance are done during monsoon and its all machine are needed in summer whn demand high, not in monsoon
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