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Sep 18, 2018 16 tweets 5 min read
Some #Demonetisation thoughts!

Many here asked me why I am not reacted to the latest RBI Annual Report which exposed DeMon as nothing but a perverted dream of a Tughlak.

First of all there was nothing surprising elements there for me!! Then everyone was discussing the amount of 99% returned to the system! Some sigh of relief as our Urjit stop counting, but I don't get any evidence that he has stopped that!!

Because still we hear about old SBN notes are seized by agencies ;)
Sep 2, 2018 25 tweets 6 min read
IMD started issuing alerts "be prepared" from August 8! "For action" was issued on August 9.

At least glad that IMD admitted that their alerts were that close.

Also thank you for not claiming that they have issued alerts for "extreme rainfall" and only "heavy rainfall" then I scanned all those reports of this regional office issued. NOWHERE I SEEN AN EXTREME RAINFALL EVENT ALERT. Each Monsoon season IMD used to issue HEAVY TO VERY HEAVY RAINFALL alerts and small reservoirs used to spill and the spate will be comfortably negotiated by the rivers
Aug 30, 2018 8 tweets 3 min read
"In Kerala, there’s no reason to damn the dams" here is my answer to all pundits who are preaching an early opening of Idukki would have saved the flooding of Periyar..

Read it slowly and understand the nuances! nationalheraldindia.com/india/in-keral… Grab the hardcopy and read @NH_India
Aug 27, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
With due respect to his credentials as an expert environmentalist, I differ with him, because this is a repeat of 1924 and this type of extreme events will occur with an annual exceedence probability of 9.52% in a span of 100 years!

Extreme floods is not his area of expertise! In our country, we have a habit of people and experts venture into the uncharted territory where they have no domain knowledge.

I can't/will not comment on ecology or environment because it's not my domain. I read and understand but never make sweeping statements about that
Aug 22, 2018 14 tweets 3 min read
I am ready for a debate with any of these experts who are blaming KSEB for mismanagement of dam operations.

Stop sweeping statements! Come out with data and talk sense!

Don't lead a literate society to blind spots!! When our catchment areas had experienced one third of the annual rainfall within 4 days pinch yourself...Can you believe it?

& the Engineers managed efficiently and contained these floods even when you had a 1 in 1000 year flood!

Please don't destroy their morale!!
Aug 21, 2018 27 tweets 6 min read
Damn Dams!!

They created all hell in Kerala......

How many dams are there in Achecoil, Manimala & Meenachil which created havoc in Central Kerala?


How much yield of Pamba River is impounded in the dams there?

JUST 10.4%

Blame it on dams!! Come to the Northern Kerala.....

There you have the Great Chaliyar River, which flows through Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.

How many dams are there is this Chaliyar River basin other than some small weirs?

Blame it on dams..
Aug 19, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
Let me try to answer briefly, though meteorology or climate change science is my area of expertise. I normally don't venture into unknown territories

My surmises are based on my extensive research on past extreme rainfall events & PMP estimates (upper bound of rainfall) It's not about the overall rainfall in an year, though the trend is more or less not much difference, we can observe a slight decrease. Same time we are seeing a skewed no of rainfall days off late. That means less number of rainy days and more intense rains
Aug 14, 2018 148 tweets 37 min read
It started heavily even in Thiruvananthapuram. Heard that Mudirapuzha arm of Periyar receiving heavy rainfall and Madupetty Dam shutters are opened. Mullaperiyar is at 136.60 ft at 12noon today. #KeralaFloods The water from Madupetty Dam will flow through Munnar to Kallarkutty and Lower Periyar Dams and will join Bhoothankettu Barrage in Periyar River..
Jul 27, 2018 57 tweets 12 min read
Attended the meeting convened by Hon'ble CM.

Idukki, the largest reservoir of Kerala is ready to open after 1992. Since its commissioning in 1976, it's opened only twice. First was in 1981 Both occasions, the spillway of Idukki was opened during the month of November, after receiving both monsoons. This one of the rare occasion where Idukki is getting filled in the South-West monsoon itself
Apr 18, 2018 30 tweets 8 min read
As Government and RBI now endorsed that there is a #CashCrunch, many theories are floating in the air about the reasons for the same.

@scroll_in published 15 theories about why we are facing a cash crunch now.

So let me float my own theory and examine some of the theories too! One of the theory is that there is an unprecedented spur in withdrawal of the money from the banks. Also people refuse to deposit money in the banks.

Many factors are attributed for this theory; starting from the scary FDRI bill to Chota Modi Scams to Minimum balance looting..
Apr 17, 2018 18 tweets 5 min read
Relax and look at the data.

India withdraws ₹2.4 to 2.5 lakh crores every month from ATMs alone. What is so big about 45K cores in 3 weeks then? India withdrawn ₹2.64 lakh crores from ATMs using debit cards in the month of December 2017.

In October 2016, this was ₹2.55 lakh crores & during Nov 2016 & Dec 2016 it was ₹1.23 lakh crores & 0.85 lakh crores. But it jumped to ₹2.26 LC in March 2017.
Apr 10, 2018 23 tweets 6 min read
One question to ASG.

If 17.4 cr PAN is linked with Aadhaar, tell us how many are filing returns? How many are included in the tax base.

The fallacy of your argument of duplication fell here apart!

#TipstoSCLawyers As per the PIB release by CBDT the total number of returns is 6.84 crores, so what about the rest of Aadhaar linked PAN cards?

If extending Govt/UIDAI logic, the PAN card holders who are not filing returns are fraud, so why it is not applicable to Aadhaar linked PAN too? 😂
Apr 2, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
Some 7 months back, I shared an article on my website jamewils.com about decoding the petrol tax..

As the petrol prices touching the sky, let us revisit to understand the great rope tricks played by our Union Finance Minister The article is here, please read it to understand how the Union Excise Duty is shared between the Union and States.

As now the divisible pool share is a big discussion, we should understand how Union is playing tricks to deny the share from divisible pool
Mar 25, 2018 15 tweets 4 min read
"The death of cash is the result of a plan – to cede control of money away from the banks and even governments, and place it instead in the hands of the new players: tech companies."

-Done! The Secret Deals That Are Changing Our World by Jacques Peretti

#500DaysOfDemoDisaster When we pay with cash, neural pathways light up like a Christmas tree. This is the flinch moment we experience when our hands are forced to part with money. In that instant, the brain is telling the hand not to let go.
Jan 7, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read

Threaten, coerce and shut any reports against the flaws and leaks in the system. If you point out the vulnerabilities, they will entangle you in a legal mesh!

indianexpress.com/article/india/… The UIDAI is an extra-constitutional body with NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

How can it even exist?

We should be thankful to our Parliamentarians for their legal reasoning and vision to give such coercive power to UIDAI
Nov 2, 2017 15 tweets 2 min read
Please understand that UPI is an just option of the digital transactions, which hardly covers 0.2% of total retail electronics transactions UPI in Oct 2016 was in its nascent state, so this comparison looks odd! Nilekanni is a business man who is excited over his business profit
Oct 22, 2017 22 tweets 6 min read
Here @trollabhakt debunks the theory of "troll hire" by @OfficeOfRG..
Is this excellent skill of Fake Troll Hunter made him banned? #thread Hope @ANI will either publish this version or respond to this rebuttal & uphold their journalistic duty
Oct 16, 2017 6 tweets 2 min read
Anyone know the final figure of income tax collected under IDS-2016? The deadline to remit it is over by 30/09/2017.
Not seen any news... It is told to Parliament that total amount collected under the IDS shall be firmed up only after the last date of installment, 30.09.2017
Sep 29, 2017 15 tweets 3 min read
Believe in propaganda..
Economy is heading to moon with "escape velocity" 😜
Thanks RG for make it so familiar 😉
#thread 👇 This Graph does not need an explanation.. Because the change is so palpable to you on the ground..You are elated & feeling like a super rich
Sep 26, 2017 5 tweets 2 min read
ROFL 🤣 Why? Because Goberment changed tax payers definition.. Read more from here jamewils.com/2017/08/a-fact…
Sep 25, 2017 7 tweets 3 min read
This is no news to me at all. During Demonetisation times @nitu first break this story & I followed up this story here! I have storify my tweet thread as a storify story for you. Read this here 👇