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Retired general calls out Trump’s ‘shameful’ command of military: ‘The president lied’ about Niger ambush…
Mother of slain soldier confirms Trump lied: He “did disrespect my son and my daughter”… via @shareblue
Get back to us when @realDonaldTrump's ready to sit still and answer questions about the #Niger ambush for 11 hours like HRC did w/Benghazi.
Like, are they gonna even pretend to be interested in finding out what actually happened that caused 4 men to lose their lives? Hello!?!
Leave it to the MSM to make the main issue whether DT called families of the fallen, not what role his foreign policy played in their deaths
Explain to me how the same Trump who spends more time tweeting and golfing than anything else is the commander-in-chief of our armed forces.
Explain to me how any of the asinine tweets and commentary he's produced over the last 2 weeks signify mental fitness to decide war matters.
When Trump gets the 3 am phone call, he's already awake watching Fox "news" and tweeting his grandiose, paranoid and persecutory delusions.
They expect us to believe that the same dude who can barely speak a coherent sentence has the wherewithal to authorize military operations?
Trump wandered away from his own executive order signing FOR THE 2nd TIME last week. How is he fit to decide life and death of our troops?!
No seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?!
If this is what our soldiers are "signing up for" and what respect for the flag and anthem looks like, then be transparent about it.
You want them to go to war for the enrichment of people who don't even have the humanity to respect their grieving families when they die.
Heinous shit like this is why people are taking a knee.
What is America's military objective in Niger and why isn't the press asking the alleged commander-in-chief to state it plainly on live TV?
The MSM doesn't have to let Trump set the narrative but they do it time and again b/c they're too ignorant/corrupt to do actual journalism.
Ain't no way the media would've let Obama or either of the Clintons evade accountability for troop fatalities by insulting Gold ⭐️ families.
Seriously, this sociopath's pivot from a discussion about his military's preparedness is trolling mourning military families. GTFOH, DT.
Also I'm old enough to remember the Pat Tillman scandal and Trump is clearly on a path to make GWB's mismanagement look good by comparison.
Trump contacted these families 2 weeks late b/c he got called out for not giving a fuck yet. Was he even aware the ambush took place or nah?
When was Trump briefed on the Niger ambush and if ISIS is responsible for it why isn't he saber rattling with them like he is Kim Jong Un?
The clearest indication that Trump truly DGAF is now that he knows the soldiers died he STILL hasn't mentioned the bastards who killed them.
Trump has more knives out for a congresswoman and a grieving family than the terrorists who murdered American troops. SOCIOPATH TRAITOR.
“This could turn out to be another Benghazi.” Congresswoman warns Trump on ISIS attack… via @shareblue
Trump sent private contractors to do the military’s job when 4 US troops died in Niger… via @shareblue
WH sends Gen. Kelly to viciously attack friend and mentor of Gold Star family… via @shareblue #AmericanSociopath
Jemele Hill. NFL/NBA. Congresswoman Wilson. Basically Trump's entire strategy for deflecting away from his failures is attacking Black ppl.
Make no mistake this has *everything* to do with the fact that collectively Black people are the ABSOLUTE LEAST likely to buy his bullshit.
You don't say some fucked up shit like "he knew what he signed up for" to us and expect us not to call your stupid, unempathetic ass out.
We don't give a fuck if you're the fake ass Russian plant POTUS or not. Put some respect on it when you speak to us or expect clapback. 🔥
I hope more players #takeaknee this weekend too. The #Niger ambush cover up and the disrespect of Sgt. Johnson and his family fit the bill.
They let a Black soldier lay dead on the battlefield 48 hrs, returned his unviewable remains to his widow/mother/kids, then insulted them.
Since 1/20/17 the biggest insult to the military, the republic and the flag for which it stands has been Donald Trump. Full stop. #takeaknee
Fox’s smear campaign backfires, exposes Gold Star widow’s congresswoman as champion for vets… via @shareblue
Here's what y'all need to understand about the Black majority in the Trump era: We didn't vote for his racist ass and he isn't OUR POTUS.
We aren't gonna participate in pretending Trump is competent or fit to lead, let alone comfort anyone who's suffered a tragedy since 1/20.
When Trump fucks up, Black people are always gonna be the first to ring the alarm b/c he's usually fucking up by being blatantly racist.
Trump is racist every single fucking day of the week, the fact that y'all are still fishing for ways to deny it is why Karma is so busy now.
You know who else is busy? Black women. No matter how much hateful sewage Trump throws at us, we keep speaking the truth and the light.
If it weren't for Black women calling this fool out on the regular, y'all wouldn't have so many chances to see him for who he really is.
The offense being taken by John Kelly is that the Black women in Sgt. Johnson's life are taking Trump to task for his many failures as CIC.
Trump isn't a consoler in chief or a commander in chief. He lacks the empathy, insight, judgment and education required to do both.
When the facts come to light, Trump's hubris, ignorance, greed & sociopathy will be implicated in many American fatalities.
WE told you so.
Y'all can be mad at us all you want, that still doesn't bring anyone back from the dead or make Trump any less sick, dangerous and UNFIT.
The bottom line is STILL that Donald Trump is too severely personality disordered and cognitively impaired to lead this country. Period.
Trump is terminally incapable of unifying and leading the nation, and nowhere is this more evident than in his malignant response to crises.
Trump will never enjoy the type of emotional approval bounce 9/11 gave GWB because he isn't even capable of mustering empathy in a tragedy.
Trump's been the exact same narcissist sociopath amidst climate disasters, Las Vegas and military fatalities. No empathy, no leadership.
Trump can't be empathetic b/c he's expending all his energy projecting and deflecting away from his failure to lead effectively in a crisis.
In other words, Trump nor his staff can appear to be sorry for what's happening b/c they don't want to be held accountable for fixing it.
They also don't want us digging into the role they played in causing or exacerbating the crisis at hand. So they gaslight, project, deflect.
Trump doesn't want you to know that *his* foreign policy results in reckless endangerment of American troops.
Trump and his enabling staff want you to be more focused on his racist, sociopathic "condolence call" than this:
We didn't hear from Trump about #Niger when it happened b/c he didn't want us to know HE fucked up. The "call" was a wild goose chase.
Trump would much rather hurl insults at Black women (campaign) than face the music about his mishandling of military operations in Niger.
Likewise, Trump preferred hurling insults at a Puerto Rican woman rather than face the music about his egregious mismanagement of Maria.
All he's doing is waging a culture war while disasters abound and the @GOP does nothing but make everything worse.
Calls intensify for John Kelly to apologize for lying… via @shareblue
“He doesn’t want me to give him a nickname.” Congresswoman attacked by Trump fights back… via @shareblue Slayyy. 🔥🔥🔥
John Kelly’s disgusting lie officially declared false amid growing calls for apology… via @shareblue
After obsessively demanding Obama say “radical terrorism,” Trump silent on deadly ISIS raid… via @shareblue
Panicked White House goes into hiding after Trump’s disgraceful attacks on Gold Star family… via @shareblue
“He needs to apologize.” 17 black congresswomen call out John Kelly for lying… via @shareblue
The Bone-Spur Bozo at the White House #InstabilityInChief

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Oct 9, 2018
I don’t begrudge their secrecy either, but how exactly are the ~60% of White men who vote GOP ever going to evolve away from misogyny if not even the women in their lives feel safe enough to speak their minds? This is the American Taliban.
No one is explicitly addressing the narcissism and sociopathy of *mainstream* White American male culture from within its ranks. It’s literally shooting up the public square, desecrating the US government, waging endless war abroad/at home and killing the planet with IMPUNITY.
It’s already painfully clear they won’t listen to the marginalized groups they’re oppressing, but the fact that there’s literally been no appreciable impact of White on White peer pressure on the WM majority for so long in this country should be cause for much greater concern.
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Oct 8, 2018
How are they possible Democratic voters if a) they don’t know or care what the party stands for b) they can’t be bothered to listen to or be intersectional with the marginalized groups that ARE the Democratic base c) they can’t tolerate confrontation of White male supremacy? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Listen Bros, I understand that you haven’t had a party to proudly call your own since GWB irreparably destroyed the GOP in the 2000s. I’ve documented it at length. None of this means you get to commandeer a coalition you don’t even actually support.
Rather than work internally to change the GOP or establish a viable 3rd party for Bros who are aware enough to be embarrassed by the GOP, they seek to meet their ends on the backs of the women, POC and LGBTQ who anchor the Democratic Party. HELL NO, Bro.
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Oct 8, 2018
Respectfully, what you also aren’t getting is that the White privileged psyche of MAGAts, Klansmen, Nazis and other GOP isn’t unique to them or completely absent from the folk on the Left who routinely thwart Democratic objectives out of spite for women and POC. Slash that.
@philip_md1 I don’t make exceptions for racist/misogynist fuckery on the left. If these people want to actually join the Democratic Party, they need to listen for once in their lives and learn how to be RELIABLE allies to the base of the party. If not, they can GTFOH.
@philip_md1 You really need to take the time to read MLK’s Letter from Birmingham jail because if you still don’t see how White “moderates” are equally responsible for this disaster, you’re aiding and abetting it.
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Oct 4, 2018
LOL if I’m honest I’d say I’m struggling to even figure out which one you’re referencing because aren’t they all?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤪 Either way you’re guaranteed to find it on a) my wakelet page (link in bio) or b) my Moments tab #onhere.
@noralove It’s gonna irk me until I figure it out though 😂 is it this one?
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Sep 28, 2018
Seriously though, where is Mark Judge? WTAF?!
I thought it was so disingenuous how Kavanaugh cited Mark Judge’s substance addiction as a reason why he shouldn’t be brought into this as if their mutual relationship with beer isn’t at the heart of this controversy.
Not only that but it’s also highly plausible that the sheer stress of keeping his and Kavanaugh’s dirty secrets concealed over the last few months triggered a relapse or exacerbation of Judge’s addiction.
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Sep 24, 2018
I love how people keep declaring a constitutional crisis every day as if we haven’t already been in one perpetually since 1/20/17. 🙃
Who would’ve guessed that the illegitimately installed sociopath would behave like an illegitimately installed sociopath every fucking chance he gets?! Who would’ve guessed that his Republican enablers would actually use the rubber stamp they nominated?
Every Congressional Republican who’s up for re-election in November should be VOTED OUT simply on the grounds that they’ve aided and abetted Trump’s illegitimate and illegal occupation of the White House for going on 2 years. Mueller shouldn’t have to be doing their job for them.
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