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In affect this would mean all future campaigns are full fledged criminal enterprises with carte blanche to use all criminal means at their disposal in order to steal the Presidency. If you win, can’t prosecute the President. If you lose, can’t prosecute the loser. #VeryStupid
This argument is odd in another way. So in order to in order to avoid becoming a third world dictatorship we need to avoid the equal application of the law? Having circumstance and individual status dictate prosecution is supposedly necessary to maintain our democracy? #Nuts
This is a common tactic of the left. It’s a linguistic construct designed to limit options and force their desired outcome. Remember the “fiscal cliff”? I mean who intentionally goes off a cliff? Problem they have is Trump is a linguistic master and won’t be trapped.
Let’s be real, in the last debate when Trump was supposedly behind he made a promise to the electorate that he would investigate Hillary’s crimes. Nothing was more third world Obama admin corruption. You could argue it’s why America elected Trump.
So although they are attempting to set a linguistic trap it’s unlikely to work because it’s fundamentally weak on the facts and they dealing with a very different political creature in Trump. A linguistic master.
Remember what happened in that debate? Hillary tried setting a linguistic trap structured around temperament. She had been setting up this moment for months and in one second Trump slipped the trap.

“Because you’d be in jail!”
Long story short, Hillary’s and Obama’s time is coming and no “third world” linguistic BS is going to stop it...
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Aug 30, 2018
1/ It’s almost September. We’re in the home stretch of the midterms and working class Americans are feeling the positive affects of the Trump economic boom. In a survey performed by Harvard-Harris 85% of blue collar workers see their lives headed in the right direction.
2/ These blue collar workers see that things are better off for themselves, 55%, and a whopping 88% say their children will have a better future than they will. It’s not just the economy that is booming, its confidence.
3/ This group of blue collar workers tend to lean Democrat (35-31%) But the see Republicans are doing a better job of helping blue collar Americans (39-36%).
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Aug 15, 2018
1/ A thread on how Trump will ensure Republicans hold the House in 2018. I say how because it’s as much about the operational and tactical as it is about the message. The special elections are over and Republicans won 8/9.
2/ 89% is a pretty good percentage considering how much money, time, energy and significance that Democrats invested in each of these races.…
3/ It’s not just about the percentage. It’s about how Trump and the RNC tipped these races in the favor of the Republican.

Shhh it’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone.

I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an R.

Yup. You guessed it. Rallies!
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Jul 27, 2018
1/ Gonna write a quick thread cuz I have no time but this is so crucial.

Read the pics. This is what corruption and manufactured evidence to justify surveillance that is outside the appropriate function of FISA looks like.
2/ The called him Source #1 and never revealed his bias. In fact they only shared his positives. They manipulated the court.
3/ The truth was that DOJ knew of Steele’s bias. Ohr knew. FBI reports reflected they knew. But Ohr himself had a hidden bias, his wife worked for Steele’s employer.
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Jul 22, 2018
1/ Excellent article by @ByronYork.
Other than Manafort, Mueller has handed off all of his major cases that would seem to help make a collusion case. Seemingly undercutting the idea he will make such a grand claim against any American (Trump).…
2/ The fact that Mueller publicly indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers indicated he has no intention of ever prosecuting anyone. If he had intended to, he would have sealed the indictments and attempted to secure at least one of the defendants. The charges were political.
3/ So why did Mueller indict the 12 intelligence officers publicly? It was absolutely political. A momentary defense of FBI/DOJ. An attempt to validate the Russian interference claim. Will it stand up to the test of time? I don’t think so.
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Jul 14, 2018
1/ There was no further evidence put forward that Russians hacked than was previously known.

Yet Rod jumps in the pool. If the speculation is right that this was all cover after the fact and the spearfish was a non Russian entity or a CIA operation then Rod has trapped himself.
2/ Because if later it can be shown that it wasn’t the Russians it makes the last 2 years of investigation being managed by Rod look like a railroad and a fake.
3/ Rod has now done two things. He has cleared “any American” (Trump) of knowledge or participation AND he has put his chips in on the “Russians (Putin) did it” theory.
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Jun 17, 2018
1/ Here’s a question. If POTUS (Nixon) was required to turn over “private” recordings made in the WH shouldn’t FBI agents be required to turn over “private” work related messages?
2/ This is where Huber and age and jury comes in. In the IG report it refers to a denied request to receive “private” emails but the texts clearly show using those coms was tactical and designed to avoid oversight. Huber is very likely to subpoena those records.
3/ Given how bold the corrupt actors were on work devices the odds are those other messages are going to be explosive. So what kind topics may get revealed? Well the heart of the conspiracy to engineer the soft landing that let Coney conclude “no reasonable prosecutor”. Guccifer.
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