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THREAD: Ready to get mindblown by #Bitcoin #CORE implementations and progress?

Volunteers around the world gather and cumulate tons of hours from the best minds on this planet about the topic. This is a gift, an invention made to humanity.
Forget about 2nd layer, it's already and way too mainstream as I recently stated.

Yet, welcome now to the "in between layers": "The new layer can be seen as a channel factory"…
Now Smart contracts.

You tought #Bitcoin was dumb? First and foremost, you were wrong because $BTC has smart contracts *since the inception*: multisign and lately get timelocks (led to LN).

If you didn't know that, admit you're never really been interested in Bitcoin or lured?
It goes even wilder now... By "Schnoor sig" things get wilder: "Instead of having all nodes on the network calculate the entire smart contract, only the parties involved with the contract should perform this function" goal: scarce use of 1st layer on-chain…
Now let's talk about privacy. Do you even Confidential Transaction (CT?) or know the story behind MimbleWimble (MW)? An anon guy like satoshi appeard this year from nowhere and dropped MW whitepaper. He disappears & never talked again. $XMR $DASH anyone?😂…
You taught #Bitcoin wouldn't scale to billions transactions/day? Congratulation you've been lured by scammers! 😂🤣
Pic 1:
7 billions ppl making 2 tx per day?
=24 Gb block on chain solution only #Bcash
=133 mb block with channels (@lightning network)

Now lets look @ 20tx/day
@lightning ... now let's look @ 20tx/day, it becomes funny:

Pic 2:
7 billions ppl making 20 (!) tx per day?
=240 (!) Gb block on chain solution only #Bcash (scammer sold you an already outdated technology)
=133 mb block with channels (LN) unchanged, limitless

@lightning Now you've learned you didn't get #Bitcoin and been lured? Now, let's look at other fancy things.

Heard about Atomic Swap? It's already so 2017. Welcome limitless feeless at CPU speed swapping coins over different blockchain's 2nd layers. Yes.…
@lightning But yeah, still in denial? Let's call Lightening Network a fad and a vaporware!

But did you know that 4 differents open source implementations were at the same time competing to deliver the best version but also... beeing compatible between them and making it ONE meta network?
@lightning Want to go deeper in the rabbit hole of complexity making things simple(r)?

Did you know that "hashing actual script" (MAST) would improves Bitcoin in three main ways? It extends smart contract flexibility; improves scalability; & increases privacy. Bim.…
@lightning I'll continue the thread about the ignorance and FUD around #Bitcoin beeing a high energy monster.

By firmly maintaining it's an ecologic technology.

Yes. The "green" naysayers are not even wrong, they are telling the opposite, making the "miss understanding" even worst.
@lightning Lightning Network is now on the main net ! Some BCasher and big blockers were still calling it vaporware and in denial (and most of them don't have any clue about, easier to get manipulated by the scam artists) :…

#LN #LightningNetwork $BTC #Bitcoin
@lightning You heard that #Bitcoin was about to boil the ocean, burn all the coal and need some "alternatives"? Congrats, you've been misslead & abused. Brainwashed by scammers (altcoins) and massmedia (ignorant freelance writers).

Gold mining use 16x more Energy.…
@lightning Let's come to that numbers: energy per transaction

Very Apple/Orange comparison vs payment system ONLY like Paypal/Amex/Mastercard/Visa.

#Bitcoin has to hold & grant its value, where others don't have to bother about the USD value, it's externalized to the US navy & atomic bomb
@lightning #Bitcoin is actually quite small for its service, but hey! you can make either the figures big or small. Easy Peasy! Just chose your side: FUD or FACT?

FUD: BTC uses more energy than 116 countries each


FACT: Google used about twice much electricity in 2015 than BTC in 2017
@lightning So EVEN WORST than making mistakes by providing FUD... It actually hide the opposite FACTS. Bitcoin can actually SAVES energy (and avoid slaugther of 🐖).

I'll let you check the conclusion of the article here, and let that sinks in:…

Missled?! yup.
Naysayers are telling you (besides it's not even tangible and has no intrinsic value like gold) that without internet you can't use those Bitcoin?

Eat that (and it's not even using satelitte beams from @Blockstream):

#Bitcoin annual consumption of power: Original Content with addition of Aluminum Production, everything is at scale.

The location of #Bitcoin mines in China (2016), compared to regional power market oversupply.

Do you see a pattern ?

courtesy of @BitMEXResearch
So you believed #BigBlockers #BigLosers about #Bcash propaganda?

Time now, to face the reality.

Yes you've been fooled again if you believed #Bitcoin wouldn't leap forward after con artists held in hostage the developement for personal interests/power over $BTC.
So you came lately or few years ago in $CRYPTO and been told that #Bitcoin was too OLD & CONSERVATIVE?

It's much better for your EGO and VANITY to be at the origin of something new & smarter.

"What a great & smart investor you've been!" you want to hear about you, isn't?
How #Bitcoin could not anticipate & adapt to avoid hitting a wall, it must be a bug or an OLD & too CONSERVATIVE tech. The 1mb burden was clear to be hit, as early in 2015!
But you know what? You've been fooled by propaganda or lack of skills 🧐

It's not a bug but a feature of the BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION aka NAKAMOTO CONSENSUS. Change aren't easy & it avoided been highjack by con artistes and billions in revenue companies that stalled #Bitcoin dev.
"Civil war" aka Con artists who tried to highjack #Bitcoin to its root fundamentals. By Greed. Mostly.

Maybe some States officials were behind, but thin-hat-foil here.
Clean view of the game theory who've been in play.

Read also about:…
The Blockchain Revolution: Nakamoto Consensus and it's 4 pillars lying in market price of $BTC in the sole goal of producing one version of a blockchain.

(Blockchain file which is, by the way, not a "technology that underlines Bitcoin", fooled medias ? 😂)
Several months ago we spoke about LN in infancy before it was even on testnet.

Some people were calling it vaporware and not usable during several years.

Now it's already giving mature product on mainnet.

Have you been lured by FUD or scammers? Yup.

#Bitcoin Mining Centralisation Narrative in disbelieve

Almost 90% of alts are using this argument to promote their alternative to PoW

But over the years the trend was clear, peak of mining centralisation was in 2014 & constantly diminishing. Been lured?

28th November we called that atomic swap was already sooo 2017. Because Atomic Swap across 2 differents #Lightning network will be the thing and already made in testnet between $BTC and $LTC.

Yesterday it was made on the MAINnet (live). Face the reality.

Reminder, Atomic Swap:

#Bitcoin $BTC #CORE
Reminder, Atomic Swap *over LN(s)*:

#Bitcoin $BTC #CORE #LightningNetwork
1/ Remember about #Bitcoin energy consumption FUD debunk?

@BitMEXResearch found $BTC mining was closely linked to the most electricity consuming industrial process: Aluminium (China & Canada) which itself is just related to elec hydropower

Now guess what…
2/ An old Aluminium smelter is going to be reaffected into a world largest $BTC mining. Lets look what's there (pic)

So not only #bitcoin mining uses electricity that's been produced for decades (no new offset) but it's also a green electricity

Why we never heard about Alu FUD?

• • •

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