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I maximize BTC when BTCUSD is bullish; USD when bearish. 24/365 since 2012. Former Poker Player - Trader - Asset Manager (Founder) - World best track record.
Apr 18, 2018 • 16 tweets • 8 min read
#ALTS $ALTBTC - TOP 10 (Large caps) #ALTS $ALTBTC - Top 10 with:

- Consolidation / impulsion (arrows) #consimp
- 4 Stages
Feb 22, 2018 • 10 tweets • 5 min read
1/ #Bitcoin Stages -

Price momentum can always be divided into 4 stages -@markminervini

-S1 accumulation range (no media/max opportunity)
-S2 directionnal trend (<<-- THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD TRADE)
-S3 huge volatility (media are nuts/min opportunity)
-S4 final mark down/crash 2/ I told you to look into this article, that was the key for a great trade to do:

- Leave S2 behind
- Act during S3 that's going nowhere (22nd dec -40% day was the clue for S3)
- So you had plenty of time to avoid S4 by beeing invested in it.

Nov 28, 2017 • 35 tweets • 22 min read
THREAD: Ready to get mindblown by #Bitcoin #CORE implementations and progress?

Volunteers around the world gather and cumulate tons of hours from the best minds on this planet about the topic. This is a gift, an invention made to humanity. Forget about 2nd layer, it's already and way too mainstream as I recently stated.

Yet, welcome now to the "in between layers": "The new layer can be seen as a channel factory"…