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1) House Judiciary Oversight Committee Recap: FBI Director Christopher Wray Shines as Bombshells Drop. #ChristopherWray
2) The Reputation of the FBI is in Tatters
(Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte's opening statement)
3) Special Counsel Mueller's Team is Biased
(Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte's opening statement)
4) Sound familiar?
5) The House Judiciary Committee and President Trump are in sync! Goodlatte is following Trump's lead. This is the most significant under reported detail of the day. PONDER the broader implications moving forward.
6) The House Judiciary Committee, one of the most powerful committees in Congress, is working with President Donald J. Trump. Listen to Goodlatte casually rattle off how powerful they are. #TrumpTweets are weaponized indeed.
7) Think of the IG Report as both a shield and a sword. Today we got to see the shield. When released out comes the sword.
8) The IG Shield is used as follows:
1. "I cannot discuss the matter because it would jeopardize the integrity of an ongoing (IG) investigation"
2. "The Inspector General Report will address that matter"
9) Main GOP Attack: Hillary's Criminality and FISA Warrant
Goodlatte lays the legal groundwork for the much celebrated Jim Jordan attack later in the hearing. By doing so, the Chairman gets crucial details on record that allow Jim to attack more freely.
10) Leverage: #FISA Section 702
FISA is a powerful tool of the FBI, without it they would be crippled. Goodlatte and Jordan both remind Wray that the FBI is dependent upon them for funding. The abuse of the FISA warrant has put this funding in jeopardy.
11) Main Dem Attack: Obstruction and The Reputation of the FBI
Nadler uses #TrumpTweets to launch a feeble attack. Wray tangles him up in process and then shuts him down with the IG Shield. Pay attention to the strength of the tweets. Also mentions 702.
12) The look on Nadler's face at 4:30 says it all. He knows the follow up attacks along this line will fail. Note how Wray fingers the IG Sword. He badly wants to restore the reputation of the FBI.
#ChristopherWray reveals the IG Sword's power to re-open investigations. After a tangled legal exchange that runs out the clock he puts the Hillary investigation back on the table almost as an afterthought. Easily my favorite moment.
14) Amateur Hour: Random Document Attack
Lee Waves "statistics" that cite a rise in hate crime ALLEGATIONS claims right ringers not prosecuted. Demands action!!
Wray: "We will investigate CREDIBLE allegations no matter right wing, left wing, or any other wing"
The key to this attack, other than content, is Goodlatte gave Jim an extra 2:37. (50% boost) Not only that, but his earlier questions allowed Jim to speculate, zero in on the target, and stay there. SAVAGE
16) Jim knows that the IG Shield prevents Wray from answering questions about Mueller's team AND the Steele Dossier. This coordinated attack is for a wider audience, Donald Trump and for us. The engineer is this man.
17) With the extra time Jim is able to attack both of the main objectives. Spending just 2 minutes establishing the bias of Team Mueller. The rest on the ever critical Steel Dossier. Wray cannot discuss the Dossier in open court so all he can do is weather the storm.
18) During the attack Jim produces this. A legal document that Wray has already been sent. He knows what it is, an official request for the warrant application. This is how you produce a document in court.
19) The camera and everyone focuses on Jim and rightly so. He commanded the room. When we get brief glimpses of Wray he is speaking clear and leaning into the mic. His final answer being "I think I covered it"
20) Pondering and Obstruction!
Goodlatte serves up Hank Johnson (coordination) It's a great clip for body language observers. Wray completely relaxes and has fun with Hank. He has a hard time keeping a straight face and laughs at the end.
21) Dowdy Gowdy used up all his time talking about himself. Nothing to report other than he is not looking well.
22) The next three R's make the thread because they ask key questions that tell us more about what is, or is not, covered by the IG Report. It also tells us why the DOJ has been paralyzed!
23) Labrador pointed out the obvious double standard between the Clinton and the Russian investigations. Immunity agreements, charges, Clinton lying, etc. and how it has damaged the credibility of the agency. Wray: IG report will address
24) Desantis asks about Lynch and Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.
Wray: "That whole episode is wrapped up in IG ongoing investigation."
25) "What did you mean by "UNRING THE BELL?"
Biggs asks key follow up question that tells us the comprehensive nature of the IG Report. It covers policy, personnel, and re-opening investigations.
26) This article explains in detail why the Dossier is the eye of the storm:…
27) HJC Review:
D's were ill prepared, uncoordinated and managed their time poorly. They were subdued and are resistant to reform.
R's executed a coordinated attack that grabbed headlines and covered all the essentials. They want to make the FBI great again.
28) Wray displayed an excellent knowledge of the law. He used that knowledge to tangle up his opponents when he needed to. He was disciplined, non combative, and took his lumps a man. His primary concern is the reputation of the FBI. Jim got the headlines. Wray was the star.
29) Next up: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ 12/13/17 10am…
30) Rod is razor sharp, cool, calm, and composed. He is also hard to read.
Goodlatte's team is fired up and ready. So am I. (end)

• • •

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Feb 16, 2018
1) FISA Judge Letter to Bob Goodlatte
2) Judge informs Goodlatte that his request is unique. She states in this section her concern over the custody of classified materials. The Executive Branch has custody and control over classified material.
3) IF she were to release classified material over an objection from the Exec Branch it would create an unnecessary conflict between the Court and the Exec Branch. Exec Branch is responsible for the classification of these documents.
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14 Questions for the Inspector General!
Bob Goodlatte's July 27th. 2017 letter demanding a Special Counsel
Boyd forwarded this letter to the IG to "expand his investigation"
14 Questions Summary
1-5 clinton email investigation
6-8 Clinton Foundation Uranium One
9 DNC Election Rigging
10 -14 Weaponized DOJ/FBI SteeleDoss Russian HOAX
Boyd's letter to Goodlatte informing him that the IG has the July letter.…
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