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#cdnpoli 1/ This thread is to track connections & donations between the #ClintonFoundation, #ClintonGlobalInitiative, #ClintonGiustraEnterprisePartnership , Canadian gov & #TrudeauFoundation that raise SERIOUS concerns about where our tax $'s are going when JT donates to CF.


4/ Canada gives TONS of money to the Clinton Foundation, and via Frank Giustra (Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), is intimately tied to the Uranium One scandal that is being investigated in the US.
5/ This thread is not a timeline. It's just collecting info as I find it, and follow wherever it leads. That fact that Trudeau often gives taxpayer dollars to the Clinton Foundation is VERY disturbing.…
6/ Especially because it's been well known that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation with serious questions surrounding it since long before Trudeau even became PM, and yet he donates OUR MONEY.
WHY?? (note the date on this article)
8/ This is a very disturbing recent Clinton Foundation connection that I personally am NOT comfortable seeing my taxdollars contribute too!
9/ In 2013 only 10% of the donations actually went to charity. Where did the rest go??? I'll try to find newer stats, but regardless, that's not a good indicator of a trustworthy "foundation" to be giving Cdn tax dollars to!
12/ But oddly, our Prime Minister Trudeau is STILL giving our tax dollars to this "foundation"..... 🤔…
13/ Does he OWE the Clinton's for THIS? Or is there more to it than that??…
Gotta take a break for a while, but there will be MUCH MORE to come. I'm digging into something and it might be a while before I come back up for air. 😉
On thing is for sure... If Trudeau CAN get out of this mess with the Clinton Foundation, he'd better do it soon, because 💩's about to get real....

*ONE... Not "on".
It's looking an awful lot like if the Clinton's go down, our PM Trudeau will go down with them....
The fact that the MSM and the Democrat party recently seem to be throwing the Clinton's under the bus, suggests that the Clinton's and their dirty foundation ARE going down fast.…
I hope @ChuckGrassley has great security guards, because the man is a bulldog who is NOT letting this go.

Back to the shady "foundations"..... The Trudeau Foundation has MANY times been compared to the Clinton Foundation, and seems to operate in much the same way.…
Interestingly, the director of the Trudeau Foundation quit in November 2016..... Any connection to the US election results??

As I said last week, Trump doesn't need to go on a revenge/partisan attack to see justice done... All he needs to do is go after terrorism, and that will expose EVERYTHING. And here we go...…
Here we go! Did I not say this Uranium One thing was about to explode? How long before we begin to see the connections in Canada investigated?…
The news on all of this is pouring in so fast, I can hardly keep up today. I have a feeling things are about to break wide open, and Trudeau is caught up in much of it... Connections galore. Far too many to post them all here.…
Make sure to read the second to the last paragraph.... EVERYTHING is going to be broken wide open.…
Today it was discovered that John Kerry was the mystery guest on Justin Trudeau's trip to billionaire island, so based on the connection to the Obama administration, I'm linking this thread here. Time will tell how relevant this info is.

Linking this thread here. Background on the Obama admins shady dealings in the Iran deal, how they let Hezbollah off the hook allowing drugs and terror to spread into our western countries, and John Kerry's involvement in it.....

Joe Biden's sudden trip to Canada after the election of Donald Trump comes to mind... And Obama's secret trips up here to meet with Trudeau one on one. What did they want with Trudeau?
Trudeau: I don't always take "personal family vacations" on Islamic billionaire lobbyist private islands, but when I do, I take several work associates, meet up there with foreign heads of state, and make taxpayers pay for it.
Totally legit, I'm sure....
"John Kerry"
So today THIS HAPPENED, and after cross referencing some names... This is going to be EXTREMELY inconvenient for the Obama admin, Clinton's, Trudeau's etc. They're getting their money strings CUT.…
It's interesting that since the very first weeks in office, President Trump's largest focus has been on HUMAN TRAFFICKING. (Now what kind of ppl would have the resources and connections to transport human beings across borders worldwide uninhibited? 🤔)…
Now why do you think that a President would need to sign an executive order for Law Enforcement to "ENFORCE Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking"?
(B/C they weren't enforced before.)…
I'm sure these changes to our government webpage on the subject on the same day are just a coincidence....
I'm sure this is a coincidence too.....

• • •

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