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Freedom of speech came at a high price. Don't ever give an inch of ground on fundamental rights. No apologies. (backup acct. 4 @Cdn_Eliana) NO LISTS. No DMs
Dec 9, 2017 45 tweets 16 min read
#cdnpoli 1/ This thread is to track connections & donations between the #ClintonFoundation, #ClintonGlobalInitiative, #ClintonGiustraEnterprisePartnership , Canadian gov & #TrudeauFoundation that raise SERIOUS concerns about where our tax $'s are going when JT donates to CF. 2/

Nov 17, 2017 6 tweets 4 min read
It is REVOLTING how the Dems have used Gloria Allred to weaponize assault allegations against political rivals. How many REAL disclosures will not be believed because of sexual assault HIT JOBS like hers? If Moore is innocent, he HAS TO DEFEND HIMSELF.… 1/ The DNC has been using Allred's sexual assault/harassment hit jobs for years. It's all through the wikileaks. How many innocent men have been RUINED by this disgusting ploy?
See here their collusion/propaganda creation: