Next time a hard leftist tells you that @BernieSanders isn’t a real Socialist, here’s an extensive Twitter thread outlining his history that you can share with them (with sources, courtesy of Reddit user /u/Rvb321).
1) While attending the University of Chicago, Sanders was a member of the Young People's Socialist League, and he discusses his reasons for joining it in this interview:
2) Sanders began his political career as a member of a socialist party in Vermont called the Liberty Union Party:…

Here is their platform:
3) In 1979, Sanders wrote an article for the Vermont Vanguard Press arguing that the television industry should be publically owned:…
4) Sanders also put out a short documentary in 1979 about American Socialist, Eugene Debs:
5) In 1980, Sanders became very involved in the Socialist Workers Party:…
6) This article from 1982 discussing Bernie's election as Mayor of Burlington is worth your time:…
7) The image below shows Sanders speaking at a 1983 meeting of the Socialist Party USA, and this WNYC piece provides some context for what he says (it features clips from the speech itself as well):…
8) As the mayor of Burlington, Sanders hung a soviet flag in his office in honor of Burlington's sister city, Yuroslavl:…
9) In this speech from the 1985 Progressive Entrepreneurship Forum, Sanders talks about worker alienation, the need for people to see themselves in their work, and the necessity of worker ownership:
10) In this 1985 interview, Sanders can be seen defending the gains of the Cuban Revolution:

He even expressed excitement about the revolution in Cuba (see attached video).
11) In 1969, Sanders wrote an article entitled “Cuba: The Other Side of The Story” where he argues that the mainstream media was distorting what was really going on in Cuba:…
12) Here is a video of Sanders introducing Noam Chomsky at Burlington City Hall, where Chomsky gives a speech about US foreign policy. Sanders discusses his opposition to US foreign policy in Latin America specifically:
13) Sanders even sent letters to Ronald Reagan expressing his opposition to US support of the Contras in Nicaragua:
14) Sanders gave an address as mayor about US imperialism in Latin America:
15) This video includes Sanders (on a panel with others) discussing observations about the Soviet Union after a trip there in 1988:
16) In 1991, Sanders spoke with @DemSocialists about how, in the short-term, he believes the US should catch up with the rest of the world in terms of Social Democratic policies, but that our long-term goal should be Worker Control of the economy:
17) Here is a 1998 C-SPAN interview where Sanders talks about class:
18) In 2007, Bernie Sanders advocated for Employee Ownership in the US Congress:
19) Here is a speech that Sanders gave that is very similar to the one he gave at the Progressive Entrepreneurship Forum:
20) Sanders advocated for worker cooperatives in point 3 of his 12-point economic plan:…
21) Sanders doubled down on his views on Cuba (and the rest of Latin America) on Democracy Now! shortly after the death of Fidel Castro:
22) Sanders denied his status as a Capitalist on CNN during the 2016 primary:
23) This 2015 Guardian interview where Sanders discusses the impact that the moving of the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles had on his politics is worth reading:…
24) This 2016 Jacobin article explores Bernie’s roots in America's rich Socialist tradition:…
25) In this Reddit AMA from a few years ago, Sanders clearly places an emphasis on worker control.
26) Sanders and his fellow Vermont senator recently introduced legislation to expand co-operatives nationwide:…
27) In August of 2017, Sanders endorsed the designation of the Socialist Labor Party Hall as a UNESCO World Heritage Site:…
His words from the endorsement letter:
28) In a Buzzfeed article that looks at past Bernie interviews (…), they include his following statement:

“Democracy means public ownership of the major means of production, it means decentralization, it means involving people in their work.”
29) According to Politico, Sanders stated:

“I believe that, in the long-run, major industries in this state and nation should be publicly owned and controlled by the workers themselves.”…
30) Sanders also stated the following:

“... you cannot separate the political structure from the economic structure... So if you believe in political democracy, if you believe in equality, you have to believe in economic democracy as well.”

This extensive Twitter thread doesn’t even include quotes from Bernie’s 2016 book, “Our Revolution.” We highly recommend that you all give it a read.

Please see pages 11, 13, 18, 260, and 261.

• • •

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Oct 4, 2018
If we share works from Marx, we’re allegedly Marxists.

If we share works from Bookchin, we’re allegedly Bookchinites.

The Left’s infatuation with categorization/labels takes precedence over nuanced, scientific understanding, and this is at the core of our sectarianism problem.
For a solid grasp on why humans think this way, it is worth taking cues from the field of Human Behavioral Biology.

We‘d like to share some clips from a lecture series provided by Professor Robert Sapolsky at Stanford in 2010.

Here is Sapolsky on why we use categories + labels.
“When you are paying too much attention to categories, you can’t differentiate two facts that fall within the same category.”
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Aug 23, 2018
A pro-CIA article from a paper owned by a man who has a $600 million contract with the CIA.

Bold move.

PS: Notice how most people (including Leftists) STILL conflate “Communism” (the Marxian conception of a communist society) with State Capitalism. Sad.…
“The west called [the Soviet Union] Socialism in order to defame Socialism by associating it with this miserable tyranny; the Soviet Union called it Socialism to benefit from the moral appeal that true Socialism had among large parts of the general world population.”

– Chomsky
The historical dynamics surrounding the word “Socialism” that Chomsky explains in the video above are just as (if not more) true for the word “Communism” today, except there is no USSR. Also, the word “Socialism” is being associated with Social Democracy more than true Socialism.
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Aug 22, 2018

@ezraklein of @voxdotcom is one of the most ruthless corporate shills in existence, and the Vox platform is constantly reinforcing dangerous agendas.

For those new to the actual Left, please make sure to read between the lines when/if consuming content from Vox.
To those questioning our assessment, please see a fairly recent example through the piece (tweet) shared below.

If you’d like more examples, see their videos on foreign policy, and feel free to have a thorough dig through @ezraklein’s Twitter history.

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Jul 11, 2018
We are an internationalist organization.

We believe Socialism must be global, just as Capitalism is currently global.

No one can unhinge production here in the U.S. from the global economy entirely; it’s all connected.

The goal is to maximize ethicality in building dual power.
Be wary of Leftists who only speak in abstracts, and who indirectly promote inaction through their analyses.

There is no ethical consumption or production under this global capitalist system.

This is not an excuse for exploitation; it is merely the reality of our situation.
In order to change the system, we must engage with it to some degree.

We are already engaging with it in terms of consumption; we have virtually no choice in this matter.

The aim should be to use resources to shift worker relations in terms of production both here and abroad.
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Jun 11, 2018
We’re going to be honest:

Too many Leftists lack an understanding for what Capitalism is, not as an abstract socioeconomic system, but as a MODE OF PRODUCTION.

Move past LABELS and watch @profwolff break down Capitalism as a MODE OF PRODUCTION using simple arithmetic.

“It’s really only ‘do ya got it?’ or ‘do ya not have it?’

And if ya have it, you can be the employer.

And if you don’t, [then] ya can’t [be the employer].

The fact that the employer who has it didn’t produce it is a nagging problem we prefer not to ask [about].”

“The logic would be, gee, the worker added the value; [they] SHOULD GET IT!




Do you think that happens in Capitalism?

No, you don’t, do you?

We don’t give the worker the value added... EVER, in Capitalism.”

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Apr 18, 2018
Just as is the case with MLK, people don’t like to mention the late, anticapitalist views of Malcolm X too much.

This thread is Malcolm X on both Capitalism and Socialism... in his own words.
At a symposium in May of 1964, when asked what political and economic systems he wanted, Malcolm X stated:

“I don't know.

But I'm flexible.

As was stated earlier, all of the countries that are emerging today from under the shackles of colonialism are turning toward Socialism.”
“I don't think it's an accident.

Most of the countries that were colonial powers were capitalist countries, and the last bulwark of Capitalism today is America.“
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