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Let's talk #ThreeBillboards and why Sam Rockwell's character, Dixon, has a trash ass character arc that ruins the whole movie. It's basically the prime example of the problem with the white perspective when making films
I did that rant as part of a review I was doing for The Commuter. But i got on the topic of Three Billboards because there's this theme of making trash ass white cops seem like they're still "good people"
just a warning, there will be some spoilers here for #ThreeBillboards
First some caveats. 1. I think its a "good" movie. 2. The acting in it is great. I actually think Rockwell deserves at a minimum a best supporting because he plays a racist/bigoted cop so well
But that's also my problem with the overall film. They basically set Dixon up as this HORRIBLE violent piece of shit then at one point they pivot to "redeeming" him. It's completely bullshit
let's run down some of the things Dixon does in this film:

1. He's KNOWN for beating up and being violent with black suspects

2. He commits arson

3. To get at Mildred he arrests her coworker for weed. Coworker happens to be a black woman
4. He violently attacks and beats a gay man. the gay man helping Mildred with the billboards. he throws this man out a 2nd story window & damn near kills him
he literally then walks back across the street into the police station. he did this in BROAD DAYLIGHT in his uniform
All these things are just things he does as cops (except the arson). That doesn't get into him and his racist ass mother and how they're clearly racist
At no point does he actually answer for any of this stuff or is he held accountable by other officers or the people of the town
it takes an outside, "magical negro" cop who is the new acting chief (he literally comes out of no where with no real explanation as to why here's there) before dixon is fired
and even then. he's still just only fired. The new police chief WITNESSED HIM NEARLY KILL THAT GAY MAN.
then they start this trash ass redemptive arc for Dixon where Harrelson's character, the former police chief leaves him a letter basically saying "i know in your heart you're a good man and can be a good detective"
He then gets burned in the fire when Mildred tries to burn the police station (she thought it was empty) and Dixon then becomes this "sympathetic character"
he then finally tries to do police work and fine the man who murdered Mildred's daughter. The new black police chief even tells him he did a good job when he gets dna from a suspect (even though he's been fired)
Dixon is "forgiven" by the white gay man and Mildred apologizes to him for burning him.

at NO POINT, does Dixon ever apologize or is he held accountable for his actions. none
the film ends with him and mildred riding off into the sunset on some vigilante quest to kill a rapist. It's bullshit. its white nonsense
what SHOULD have happened was that Dixon should have been revealed as the rapist murderer of Mildred's daughter. all the signs are there
He's terrible with women. he feels emasculated my his mother and mildred. he uses his position of power as an officer to absurd people of color and marginalized people
he's clearly the murderer. and it would have had more impact if they revealed him to be the culprit because then there would be the obvious commentary on how police departments protect predators in their midst
instead, they ruin any attempt of that by making it seem like a violent, racist, bigot can be redeemed. His "redemption" is COMPLETELY unearned.
This is what happens when white people make movies and don't have any context on the terrible consequences of racism
they think that shit can just be washed away if the racist ends up getting the smallest of consequences
Worse? The fact that Mildred felt bad for accidentally burning Dixon is also trash and #WhiteFeminism
One of the first people to help her is a black dude who is also fed up with the police in the town. Her coworker is a black woman who supports her
Both have had run-ins with Dixon's racist ass and yet Mildred doesn't really give a shit and is still quick to forgive and bond with Dixon
I need white film makers to do a better job in 2018 and forward. Just 1 black person writing this would be enough to go "okay, let me tell you why this ending ruins the entire movie"
and it sucks because the acting in it is great. Rockwell is GREAT as an evil cop. too bad they try to make him sympathetic

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Aug 28, 2018
John McCain was a war hero. A veteran.

He was also a really shitty politician when you took just a step past the shine the media has put over him. I get it. I used to be blinded by McCain's politics too
the problem is the rest of the GOP is so bat shit insane, just regular bigoted insane seems great to so many
If John McCain was the true Maverick that folks claim he was. If he was the "last of a dying breed" of politician, then he would have used his last years actually standing up for something instead of being the real life Cotton Hill
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Jul 12, 2018
That dude was all "i served in the military and was separated from my kids, spare me crying about illegal immigrants separated from theirs"
so...instead of siding with parents separated from their kids cause you understand how rough that is...you side with the government that kept you from yours?
I swear one of the US government's greatest feats is making it seem like "Left Wing radicals" are who disrespect the troops and not the government itself
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Jul 12, 2018
One day we need to have a conversation about the blank check of "respect" we give to military veterans just because "they served"

It's starting to get on my nerves because its used as a weapon
1. the US military hasn't "fought for our freedom"* since the revolutionary war.

*"our freedom" means white ppl. You could MAYBE make a case for the Civil War being fought for black ppl's freedom but we all know the caveats there
2. It's a volunteer army. Folks signed up for this shit. Most of the most outspoken "I fought for your freedom" people wanted to go into the military and wanted to see action. They get to see action then have to deal with the consequences of that & want us to feel bad
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Jun 25, 2018
I gotta get off twitter and possibly FB today. Seeing this gross call for "civility" towards garbage human beings that actively participate in not being civil to the most vulnerable in society is really really making me angry
the audacity to bring up the civil rights act and comparing it to this liar piece of shit being told she's not welcome is beyond infuriating
I'm sorry. I never knew being nice to bigots worked.

Cause it doesn't

It just breaks bigotry down into more digestible pieces for "lite" bigots
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Jun 19, 2018
I'm gonna be honest. I'm not even mad at the people celebrating this dude's death.

Lot of the folks all up in their feelings about that were ready to party when we heard George Zimmerman was shot.

So this whole fake "but he was a real person" thing is just...fake
I'm not saying you personally can't feel bad that he's dead. Or that you have to celebrate that he's dead.

but this flimsy ass moral soap box some of yall are standing on is ridiculous
I'm not gonna be mad if victims of abuse celebrate a violent, unrepentant abuser dying. Sorry.

It's like asking me to feel sorry if Darren Wilson is found dead tomorrow.
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Apr 3, 2018
It's hilarious seeing white men, from the minute they "founded" America, set up the country to shut out any voices but their own, now complain about others telling them they need to sit down and shut up
the history of America is white men determining the indigenous people of this land didn't have the right to not only their lands but their own voices.
White men determined that their own women couldn't be trusted with basic things like working and voting and having their own opinion
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