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If your words toward me are gonna be some kind of order like Stop, Focus, or some other thing, please do me a favor & unfollow me right now. And yes, I am gonna point out that every time those words have been thrown my way, it has come from a white woman. Check your privilege.
If you have a problem with me pointing out the hypocrisy of #WhiteFeminism, don't follow me.
If you have a problem with me calling out racism & white privilege, don't follow me.
If you have a problem with me defending WOC, don't follow me.
If you can't be a true white woman ally, don't follow me.
If you want to police my tweets & tell me what I should or shouldn't say, don't follow me.

I am fed up with you folk being in my mentions.
I am not here for your mess.
Unfollow & block are your friends.
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It’s so funny and ironic how #liberals call #RadicalFeminism#WhiteFeminism”, yet, I’ve come across so much actual #racism directed at me and other #GenderCritical black women from self-righteous #trans activists/allies and libfems. 🙄
I’ve gotten more racism from that crowd in the past two weeks than I’ve gotten from any #RadicalFeminists in two months. Or any amount of time. Liberals routinely erase the radical #WomenOfColor from history who either called themselves #radfems or influenced radical feminism so
that they can call radical feminism “white”, misappropriate #Intersectionality from #BlackFeminism to try and justify including males in #feminism, argue that “transwomen are women the same way Black women are women”, (racist and dehumanizing comparison of black women to males),
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Let's talk #ThreeBillboards and why Sam Rockwell's character, Dixon, has a trash ass character arc that ruins the whole movie. It's basically the prime example of the problem with the white perspective when making films
I did that rant as part of a review I was doing for The Commuter. But i got on the topic of Three Billboards because there's this theme of making trash ass white cops seem like they're still "good people"
just a warning, there will be some spoilers here for #ThreeBillboards
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