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1. So, you think that nothing is happening and that we aren't draining the swamp? Here is a list of some of the ongoing investigations we know are taking place. I will be taking each of them, one by one, doing a video and then weaving them together. They are all connected
2. We ARE witnessing the draining of the swamp. Just because we do not yet see handcuffs, DO NOT for one second think that NOTHING is being done in the justice department. The corruption is SO overwhelming, SO perverse, that it implicates the highest people having served in govt.
3. Because WE elected Donald Trump, and the good people behind the scenes mitigated election fraud so REAL results could be recognized, we are witnessing the second American Revolution. WE ARE THE STORM, and Trump is executing on his promises. They never though she would lose.
4. I am about to list (with sourcing) the investigations the American people KNOW are occurring, as we speak. Ready? Because if this doesn't put a pep in your step on #FakeNewsAwards day, I don't know what will. Finally, the #GreatAwakeningis upon us.
5. Uranium One: A scandal being perpetrated right under our noses for years is being prosecuted RIGHT NOW. These indictments may seem small, but they are picking off low hanging fruit to move to the top. See:…

This means there is CURRENTLY a GJ empaneled
6. The Clinton Foundation: Yes, that "pay to play" slush fund operation that enabled HRC and WJC to embezzel millions to seel US state secrets to foreign powers and use our country as a means to enable their sick agenda? Investigation, happening now:…
6a. Just this investigation ALONE will bring down some of the NOTORIOUS figures in the global corruption scandal that has been going on for YEARS, including, but not limited to: HRC, WJC, Chelsea Clinton, Frank Giustra, John Podesta, Eric Braverman, et al. Missing some.
6b, Please remember, Frank Giustra is tied to more than just the CF corruption. See my video here:
7. The Awan Brothers: *Allegedly* operating a spy ring out of congress, under the direction of DWS and HRC et al, this case may seem to have been stalled, but it is actually uncovering much. Thanks to the amazing work of @lukerosiak - brave indeed:…
7a. There is LOTS of information in this article, including links to court documents, etc. I will be going through ALL of them for you, so you don't have to.
8. The Inspector General Report: If you aren't aware of the long history that Horowitz has with the former admin, I would take a look at the thread from @DaveNYviii and piece together the axe he has to grind. Ongoing for a full year…
9. Congress investigating "Russian Collusion" Despite media reports to the contrary, we seem to have some real patriots in government wanting to get to the bottom of this mess. See ongoing work by…
10. The SC investigation by Mueller: A still hotly debated topic, this investigation into "Trump/Russia" is a massive topic unto itself. I have dedicated a lot of time into trying to figure out exactly what this man is investigating, and I have good factual reason to believe...
10a. may not be what the media wants you to think. Lots of questions surround this and it is worthy of it's own thread, but looking back at the arrests being made and the plea deals being accepted, and what actual charges have been for--
10b. I speculate that there is a VERY good possibility, that the SC that was empaneled out of the James Comey memos, is actually now investigating the "other" side. I have been saying this for months. Many will ask, "Why hire such anti-Trump attorneys?"
10c. What better way to quell media fears that they wont go after Trump than to bring on board some of the most die hard Clinton loyalists? What better way than to have the media praise you as impartial for a year and then WOMP.. Whoops! We found Clinton colluding instead?
10d. If you want a more detailed thread on this please let me know and I will do one. I will also do a new video combining all of this (including P-dop and Page, and Cohen et al) so that we have a nice picture of why I speculate the way I do.
11. The Clinton Emails: The Justice Department is AGAIN (hopefully correctly) looking into the Clinton Email "matter". From the tarmac, to Peter Strzok, to Andrew McCabe, to WJC and HRC, to Huma Abedin, this whole mess is being looked at with fresh eyes:…
12. The Executive Order:… This EO gives the government the power to seize the assets of the world wide gang of criminals trafficking people and children and implicates some VERY high level players. Can you see why I am so busy all the time???
12a. This EO is near to my heart, because if anyone knows me, they know I have been investigating global trafficking and pedophilia for a VERY long time. There is more- I have something special coming on my channel in the coming days. Stay tuned here.
13. Leak investigations: The justice department is ALSO running dozens of internal "leak" investigations, to find the people inside who are guilty of leaking secret (and often flawed) information to their minions, the press.
13a. This is still happening, and not spoken about often. What did people say about Sessions again? He seems pretty busy to me :…
14. MS 13: There has been a directed and targeted crackdown on the gang known as MS-13. There have been hundreds of arrests and we haven't heard but a peep-- Still ongoing, daily:…
15. In addition, we know that the arrests of pedophiles in our midst has increased DRASTICALLY over the past year since Trump has taken office. Ivanke has made it a platform, and good law enforcement agents have been free to do their jobs:…
16. I am sure that I have missed some. All of these ONGOING and CURRENT investigations tie together in some way, shape, or form. They are as interwoven as the players are to one another.
17. They are indicative of how far our country fell, and how hard me must work to get it back. None of this would have been possible should Trump have lost. None of it would have been possible should WE have stayed silent.
18. When people start to feel hopeless and lost, it is up to US to remind them of what is happening behind the scenes, and to hold the investigators accountable to their bosses- THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
19. It is true that this will shock the majority of Americans. Many are too far gone. But many, many will come around if we educate them on what has been happening under our noses for so long.
20. This is what I have pledged to dedicate my life to. Educating the people of the world on what has happened so that we can fix it. I am a fixer. It's just what I was put here to do. So, should things seem to not be going the way we want, we have the power to fix it.
21. We will pledge to hold our "employees"- the governemt- accountable to their employers- #WeThePeople and we will NOT STOP until we see justice. However, please read this list and understand that maybe, just maybe----
22. There is more being done by the *good guys* than they want us to believe...

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Alas, here we are. Almost 2023 and LEGITIMATELY everything is politicized. WE DID NOT DO THIS. Woke mobs did. I was perfectly happy shopping without knowing what ideology the corporation held BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T TELL US. It used to be that you did not WANT to alienate half..
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My latest column at @uncoverDC "Rosenstein’s Role: Protect the Department of Justice at All Costs"… via @UncoverDC
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Both of these things can be true: RR buried the FBI today in his testimony. He also clearly passed all responsibility for any and all of his actions to others. That doesn’t make him noble. He lied to the senate today under oath. That doesn’t make him noble.
He threw the entire FBI under the bus today and we learned a whole lot more about what went down over those months. But he also made a number of just completely unbelievable statements. It’s also clear as @LeeSmithDC said, that @LindseyGrahamSC wouldn’t let him fully answer(cont)
when he was going to expose more. Bottom line- I maintain position here - the hearing was damning in so many ways that I will break down soon. However, the only thing these people have is leverage over one another. That’s why McCabe made a statement today. There is no (cont)
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There is no way on Gods green earth RR didn’t know that the Steele Dossier WAS PAID FOR by the DNC IN JUNE. He’s a liar and I’m sure there’s an email proving that somewhere.
Not only that - but RR actually ASKED MUELLER to investigate General Flynn for the Logan Act!
He’s literally saying his case load was too large. Wow.
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