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1) Gotta have a thread featuring memorable reports from the #FakeNews industrial complex as we head into the first annual #FakeNewsAwards hosted by President #Trump
2) Our friend @SpayMsm provides an introduction to some of tonight's recipients.

"We, represent the DNC Guild, the DNC Guild, the DNC Guild. And in the name of the DNC Guiiiiiillllld! We'd like to welcome you to #FakeNews Land..."
3) Dr. Sanjay Gupta #FakeNews Medical contributor for CNN diagnosed POTUS with Heart Disease.

Wonder how he felt after hearing the results from a doctor who actually examined #Trump
4) Although the press has been concerned about the President's health. According to @WaPo there are times when we just need to shush up about the health of politicians.
5) Trying to pad his resume for best #FakeNews reporter, Jim @Acosta gets tossed from the room yesterday with a single word: "Out."
6) Afer the rough day at the White House, Jim @Acosta got some much-needed rest.
7) A fellow journalist at @CNN was seen this morning enjoying some exercise and fresh air...
8) Evidently, exercising is big deal at @CNN...
9) @CNN health and safety officer was not available for comment.
10) POTUS having a little fun with Jim @Acosta
11) Jim @Acosta is learning that it's not cool to be #FakeNews
12) Let's review some headlines reported by #FakeNewsMedia during the last few years...

Answering Hillary's question: "What Happened?"
13) Oh, the difference a week makes.
@Slate entry for #FakeNewsAwards
14) Hard to beat @CNN outrage over... whatever it is their outraged over today.... or not.
15) #FakeNews anchor Rachel @maddow shares a touching moment with her viewers.
16) #FakeCNN's entry for public safety award.

It's safer if you let us tell you what to think.
17) #FakeNews Intelligence outlet @WaPo is known to have conflicted feelings about their #DeepState assets, depending on how closely the individual follows the plan.
18) Why the serious look bro?
#FakeNewsAwards #QAnon @andersoncooper
19) On a lighter note, #FakeNews does prove to be entertaining from time to time.
20) And Rachel @maddow deserves an award for her efforts.
21) @HuffPost submitted this entry in the culinary critique category
22) But @CNN has some strong entries in this category.
23) And the #FakeNewsAwards 🏆goes to @CNN for their #2scoops report.
24) After a short break, we'll be back with more coverage of 1st annual #FakeNewsAwards
25) Not all entries in the #FakeNewsAwards are from the left.

Jack Posobiec's "scoop" that General Kelly was stepping down was called #FakeNews by the President.
26) Morning @JoeNBC and @morningmika submitted for your consideration an entry for the category: Best Imitation of a Cartoon Character.
27) The deceptive nature of #FakeNews can be seen in these two images. The top image appears to show a reporter standing in front of a large crowd.

The bottom reveals the truth. He strategically positioned himself in front of a few people.
28) #FakeNewsCNN opinions shift from time to time to push the narrative that seems to be to their advantage at the time.
29) #FakeNews outlets often report narratives, keywords, and angles that are assigned to them by the politicians they serve.

However, the narrative they push—if it is false, and if the reporter believes it—can blind them, putting them at a disadvantage.
30) In a culture saturated with #FakeNews, the job of investigative journalism falls to bloggers like @TheLastRefuge2
31) When the #FakeNews industrial complex ignores the elephant in the room, there's a good chance the elephant is the one pulling the strings.
32) If you're considering a career in professional journalism, be warned that the #FakeNews media has hiring requirements.
33) There are heroes in the war against #FakeNews like @PressSec Sanders They deserve our support and gratitude..
34) The attitude of #FakeNews journalists can test even the most saintly of us.
35) In the world of #FakeNews reporters, one man stands head and shoulders above the rest. #FakeNewsAwards
36) In the category: Best #TrumpDerangementSyndrome, @Lawrence O’Donnell offers this performance.
37) This just in: @Slate responds to the #FakeNewsAwards
38) Also Just In: @nbc suggests that #FakeNewsAwards is the stuff of dictators.
39) Looks like @dcexaminer has their 🍿ready.
If you're not #FakeNews, it's gonna be a good time.
40) This just in from @RealAlexJones at InfoWars...
41) POTUS in a tender moment with Jim @Acosta
42) @CNN has this entry in the Best Fake Protest category.
43) The View turned in this performance for the best #FakeNews report on the #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
44) Our friend @Carpedonktum has prepared this performance for our next #FakeNewsAwards intermission.
45) What would the #FakeNewsAwards be without a little deep state diversion?
We recently learned that the #TrumpRussiaConspiracy has been fuelled by the @CIA, who felt Moby could help them because of his vast reach on social media.
46) @washingtonpost offers this headline in the #FakeNewsAwards Election Prediction Category
47) Memes play a major role in the war against #FakeNews
Show the meme makers a little love. Share their work.
48) #FakeNews spreads fear among those who don't know the truth.
To avoid coming under its influence, learn how to do your own research.
49) The cool thing about #FakeNews is that it tends to backfire on its purveyors.
Honesty pays off... bigly.
50) Speaking of backfiring...
51) #FakeNews can't use the same narrative day in and day out.
Each news cycle needs a different focus.
Here we see #FakeNewsAwards contestants deciding which narrative will be used next.
52) Just In: @CNN has another entry in the Public Safety category.
They want you to know that Facebook, Google and Youtube have your best interests at heart when they censor your "extremist" content.
53) Reporting #FakeNews isn't as easy as it looks. It takes coordination, timing and solid delivery. Synchronization can make or break a story.
54) I'm not suggesting #FakeNews will sell its services to the highest bidder.

Okay, yes I am.
55) #FakeNewsAwards contestants spend the night celebrating.
56) POTUS has announced the official list of #FakeNewsAwards 🏆winners.

At the top of the list is @BrianRoss who crashed the stock market with his fake news story.…
57) @ABC news submitted this apology for being a #FakeNewsAwards 🏆 winner.
58) @CNN is appealing the top #FakeNewsAwards 🏆 being given to @ABC and @BrianRoss

They believe they would have had a better chance at winning the top honor but they were dealing with a substance abuse problem.
59) POTUS tweets the link to the website where the list of #FakeNewsAwards winners can be found.
60) POTUS tweets "there are many great reporters I respect..."
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