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A year in review on the WALL strategy. More detail
1. Trump runs and wins in Nov 8th,2016. His campaign promised among other agenda items a big beautiful Wall.

2. Nov 9th, 2016 the Dems and many gope promise there will be no Wall
3. Between Nov 9th, 2016 and Jan 20th, 2017 a very public and massive camapign was launched to push the concept that the Wall was not popular. Fake polls were employed, narratives were pushed that it wouldn't work, waste of money etc. All to get Trump to soften his stance.
4. Jan 20th, 2017 Trump takes oath of office. Promises strong protected borders. Jan 25th Trump signs EO to begin Wall

5. Jan 20th to May 2017. Wall funding is sought in the supplemental budget. The Senate obstructs. Gives money for border repair, prototypes but no Wall
6. May until Sept, 2017 work continues on repair and replacing 6ft fencing with 20ft steel fencing. Trump admin continues to push for funding for the wall in 2018 budget.

7. House passes $1.6 billion in funding in spending bill. Plus advances a $10 billion wall bill
8. Aug, 2017 in AZ Trump promises the Wall will be built even if the Dems force a shutdown.

9. Sept 5 Trump ends DACA

10. Sept 6 Trump Chuck and Nancy make deal for 3 month CR.

11. Sept 13th Chuck and Nancy meet with Trump on DACA . Deal reached peace in on time....
12. Sept 14th...all a lie no deal reached. Sen. Schumer draws line in Sand there will be no Wall ever. Trump says hold my diet coke

13. Sept 26th prototypes start construction. Finished by end of October.
14. Nov, Senate passes $1.6 funding for wall out of committee. Schumer and dems vow to filibuster.

15. Dec CR ends extended and new one passed for Jan 19., 2018
16. Jan public DACA meeting agreement on framework for deal is made Wall, DACA, chain migration, lottery

17. Dems/cheap labor gope stuck with deal they don't want. Release the shithole/racist comment to get Trump to cave. He doesn't.
18. Jan 20th dems and gope cheap labor senators shutdown gov to get Trump to cave. So far he hasn't

19. Extras Remember GOPe wanted 18 month CR in sept. Wall would have never been funded. Trump forcing a 3 month CR on the gope made them fund the wall.
20. Extras Back in Aug Trump knew it might end in a shutdown to get Wall. Ending DACA created leverage for the Wall. Chain migration and lottery added later due to terrorist attacks.

21. Schumer caved and tried to bring back orginal deal daca for wall but Trump and GOP said no.
22. Trump answer to Cryin Chuck caving was to demand all $20 billion up front. Schumer was shook decided to do #SchumerShutdown . Bad mistake.

23. So now the Dems have shut down the gov over wall funding, DACA , chain migration and lottery system
24. Trump and GOP will not talk about it until gov back in business. Crying chuck stuck. Will have to settle for 3 week CR as a fig leaf to save face.

25. Now go back and follow the chess moves. Who was directing this? Who placed the Dems/ gope in aterrible defensive position?
26. That would be that very stable genius. The end .

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Oct 5, 2018
1. There is a narrative out there that I don't know if it's true, but I have an alternative take on it. As always think what you will.
2. I keep hearing that up until Kavanaugh, Trump voters were not enthusiastic about mid-terms. I think this is false.
3. I think it's a narrative pushed by the establishment in an attempt to frame Trump voters as the reason why the GOP lost if they lost the House/Senate.
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Oct 3, 2018
This is for all the "muh we are doomed" folk. You see the news tonight about Ford's ex boyfriend? You see the failure of Swetnick? While I didn't know THAT would be coming, I knew something would be coming. I'll explain it one more time

The "muh we are all doomed" crowd can't grasp that in the age of Trump we have TWO sides fighting each other instead of one side pretending to be two sides fighting each other. No not the GOPe (they come and go on our side at times) but Trump vs all comers.
Trump doesn't quit. He doesn't cave. He doesn't pretend. He finds a way to win. The enemy forces are no longer unopposed in DC. Their moves are now being countered by Trump and whatever team has decided to follow him on that issue. Have confidence instead of doom and gloom.
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Oct 2, 2018
I remember reading a Tom Clancy book decades ago called. Red Storm Rising. In it, Tom explained the difference between the Soviet and American warfighting. The soviets were regimental and followed the battle plan regardless of changes on the ground. They just keep plugging away.
If half the division gets destoryed the other half would keep to their roles in the battle plan.They weren't good at adapting to changes on the ground. Now, I don't know if that was true or not but it's what he wrote. Of course, the book was fiction so take it how you want.
However, I am seeing the modern left act the same way today. The media, the Senate Dems, the Quislings within the GOP. All continue to follow the battle plan of resistance as they are being wiped out.
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Oct 1, 2018
Trump is in the house.
Crowd is massive. Reports of 3-5k outside can't get in. Trump is now on stage. Going to begin talking now.
Crowd goes wild..
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Sep 30, 2018
1. I've debated posting this thread because it's seems kind of basic but I'll go ahead since I continue to see so much "muh we are all doomed" everywhere. As always think as you will.

This is what a political battle looks like.

There are many players in the political battle.
2. Most of these players are on one of two teams. One team wants to get Kavanaugh confirmed. The other team doesn't want him confirmed.
3. Everyday each team suits up and fights the political battle. Some days one team wins big, some days they win small, and some days they lose skirmishes within the battle. Some days they do all three.
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Sep 30, 2018
You know Trump is stealing the dems base. The dems biggest member are the wealthy & the lower income. The big money "buys off" the lower income people with taxpayer money etc.(socialism). However, the biggest group to benefit the most from MAGAnomics so far is lower income folks
He is also pushing policies that help blacks and Hispanics legally here in the country. He doesn't care about the dems wealthy they are small in number. Trump is going after the big base. Take 10-20% of that base away and what happens to the dems?
As the dem's base gets smaller the SJW and wealthy get more powerful but they are directly opposed to each other. So not only his Trump stealing their base he is causing those that are left to be more at each other's throats.
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