Keep your eye out for local Marines or National Guard mobilizing, that is a good sign that the memo is about to be released within hours. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm ...INTEL drops coming. Stay tuned.
In previous administration, Over 100+ meetings involving unauthorized non-administration personnel discussing Top Secret/Classified Intel - Soros, Gates, Buffet, Rockefeller, Tony Podesta, The Chinese Military" (Citizens and Military Foreign Nationals) #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
3. Topics of discussion
Insider Trading
Top Secret Information
Advising the Cabal's Money Men to move their assets etc so they would never lose.The Top Tier billionaires dictated policy to ensure they always made and never lost. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
4. Look at the bailout cash… Who got it? Cabal told Obama what to do and as it was about to get done, Obama would e-mail them from an unsecured server and they would clean up "money-wise"
Obama traded secrets just like Hillary. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
5. #BLM were taking instructions directly from Obama and his unsecured e-mail account.
He had an unsecured account and was trading state secrets to the most wealthy people in order to profit himself. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
6. Mobilized military necessary because there are people on the LEFT who are so misinformed that they won't accept the implications and consequences of the memo, alluding to the arrest of #Obama. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
7. Q is not a single person but an organization. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
8. One of the Obama's is camped out at Martha's Vinyard with one of the Rothchilds.Mueller will be getting a free pass as he WILL receive a Presidential Pardon.Mueller is doing what he's doing to avoid his own prison time.He will always be remembered as "disgraced". #Q #QAnon
9. Adam Schiff is a traitor, answers to foreign actors.
Julian Assange is enjoying his life.
Soros doesn't end up with a prison sentence - he's being taken out ("catch a bullet")
Alex Soros is useless without Soros money. Everything WILL be confiscated. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
10. No text messages lost.Deep State trying to leverage a lie to discredit the memo.Basically they say no evidence and if DOJ offer it up,Deep State say it's lies and "texts are lost".3 NSA programs have the texts and they cannot be deleted, all Hillary's emails are intact.#QAnon
11.All Deep State e-mails and messages are stored in _ program and cannot be deleted, the raw intel cannot be tampered with.Source is authorized to "release" FROM THE TOP.Trump is in control… the Intelligence Apparatus is in control. #Q #QAnon
12. The main problem to solve - How do you #redpill the country, thus avoiding too much Civil Unrest? #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
13. There has been a couple of traitors within the Trump Cabinet and he now knows who they "were".
They were leveraged unfortunately from things that had happened to them in the past. Please do NOT guess or speculate. Their names will not be disclosed. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
14. They were helping Deep State by quarterbacking stuff against the President.
15.Deep State had insurance policies by leveraging information from their wiretaps while Trump had been diligently building his group,Deep State has been corrupting his cabinet because they had the intel as to "who were going where"
Wiretaps helped them get ahead to a degree. #Q
16.Trump waiting on Nunez/Gowdy to pass memo up which I'm told is "imminent"
Trump will make overnight visit to NSA Utah & Langley - Off the book visit to secure some data "in person". He has raw intel regarding "3" of his Cabinet to get from NSA.He wants last 7 yrs data on each.
17. Admiral Rogers discovered that there was a "plan" to kidnap Trump's Grandchildren. That's what was actually exposed in the meeting because they don't have anything on the President. He's clean. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
18. This is why Don Jr. dropped his SS security detail - there was a plan in place to snatch his "child" or "baby". THE EVIL IS REAL. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
19. Reaffirmaton of General Flynn being a great patriot.
General Flynn and Admiral Rogers both playing a part to protect this country.
Also thank Bill Binney who developed the technology needed to bust these guys. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm #TheStormHasArrived #MAGA
20.NSA has footage of a cabinet member from PREVIOUS administration"HURTING A CHILD"(no further details provided)
Keep military men and women in your prayers.They are fighting on behalf of the good people of this country.They R in the middle of dangerous operations as we speak #Q
21.Media indictments coming.Large quantity of media involved with some very dark/disgusting things -corruption,willfully sharing #fakenews in exchange for money, (or) other far more deviant & disgusting things. This is the reason they fight so hard against POTUS
22. Where was Obama during Benghazi? NSA has the answer.
"The HAMMER RAW INTEL has Obama and certain several others in a certain place"
HAMMER pings all cells and mapped who was present and their location and more
HAMMER is a supercomputer #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
23. During Benghazi, Hillary was at her Satanic Ritual. They don't allow cell phones at that event! With Many “Celebs"
Obama was elsewhere (not allowed to state' where it is as it's part of __ (I'm not authorized to say)
They are screwed, Trump has the Intel #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
24. 2 more HUGE MAJOR MAJOR news organizations are on the hit list as far as being raided - that's coming - just like Newsweek...
"State secrets illegaly being passed to non-state entities through these organizations"
"2 of biggest - One is a paper, one is a news show" #Q #QAnon
25. Confirmed... TruPundit story about FBI texts regarding physically harming the President.
FBI is TOAST and major housecleaning will occur similar to what happened with the CIA. FBI may not be able to survive this. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
26. Christopher Wray threatening to "walk out" on FBI/Sessions is FAKE NEWS.Disinfo is necessary.
Some "Trusted" journalists that patriots listen to are DELIBERATELY fed disinfo to keep scent off the main trail. Refrain from roasting these journalists-this being done on purpose.
27. Trey Gowdy is playing his role. Mueller's investigation is legit and he's trying to be honest.
Get away from Paradigm on who is "Good vs Bad"… find out who can get leveraged.
None of this is a current threat. It's being released now BECAUSE it's past tense.
28. McCabe is in a "Black Site in the lower 48th" "singing" (Somewhere in the Continental U.S.)
Black Site = a place that exists that's not supposed to exist.
He's no longer in GITMO but he's not getting the Witness Protection Treatment.
29. McCabe did not enjoy his GITMO visit, which is why he's Singing and no longer there.
We are starting to let words out that is preparing the public: TREASON, Secret Society
Memo will confirm what most red-pilled people already knew. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm

• • •

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13. Main Stream Media knows that their days are numbered
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