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1) Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley's Oversight Investigation into the political corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice is coming to a head.
#ReleaseTheMemos #ReleaseTheReferral
2) As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley has primary oversight of the FBI and Justice Department . This thread will detail Senator Grassley's determined and methodical 2+ year oversight investigation into the DOJ and FBI, from late December 2015 - Present.
3) December 15th, 2015 Floor Statement on Inspector General Access
A fired up Senator Grassley takes to the floor to protest the Obama Admins July 2015 legal opinion that neutered the Inspectors General.

4) Oversight committees rely heavily on the Inspectors General to gather information and conduct oversight. That is why the IG's were created. They are the eyes and ears of Congress. If Chuck's oversight investigation was going to succeed he would need an empowered IG.
5) January 27th, 2016
In addition to having primary oversight of the FBI/DOJ, the SJC also has primary oversight of #FOIA. It is in this capacity that Grassley begins his investigation by triggering the State Dept IG. PDF>…
6) The State IG investigated the State Dept's FOIA non compliance in late 2015 releasing a report In January 2016. That report raised further questions that Grassley wants answers to. PDF>…
7) It is unclear if Grassley suspects DOJ/FBI corruption. At this point he's investigating the State Dept's circumvention of FOIA via Hillary's Secret Server.
Note the IG and Grassley information cycle.
IG Report>>Grassley>>further questions for IG>>Grassley (repeat as needed)
8) April 4th, 2016 "ALL RECORDS"
"In 1978 following the lessons of the Watergate Scandal congress created the IGs...IGs need access to agency records that's why the law authorizes IGs to access ALL, I want to emphasize that word, ALL RECORDS."
Full Speech>
9) April 21st, 2016 "Let me tackle that."
"The FBI is investigating this matter as well as several other investigations, we keep hearing that the FBI's inquiry is just a "security review" and not a criminal inquiry so let me tackle that." Full Speech>
10) April 2016 is a key turning point. Grassley is fighting on two fronts, trying to restore the powers of the IG and investigating State FOIA violations. He already established that State broke the law now he wants to know what the FBI is going to do about it. Key transition!!!
11) May 17th, 2016 It Begins...
In a scathing letter Grassley officially turns his sights on the Comey/Lynch FBI/DOJ. He points out the obvious conflicts of interest and brings up the need for a Special Counsel. (pg 7)

12) May 26th, 2016
Grassley rests his FOIA oversight case against the State Dept's FOIA violations. A significant case that led directly to the corruption in the Comey/Lynch Obama FBI/DOJ.
Full Remarks>>
13) July 5th, 2016 Grassley immediately reacts to James Comey's statement exonerating Hillary Clinton. What follows the day after is devastating.…
14) July 6th, 2016 Grassley Explodes on Comey
Grassley lays out his case against Comey/Lynch handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Comey will be unable to adequately respond to this letter.
15) This a key element to Grassley's oversight strategy. He generates a paper trail of demand letters for information. When those demands are unmet he then turns to the IG. Problem is, the IG has been blocked by the Obama Admin. This is why Grassley sorely needs the IG Act.
16) August 15, 2016 #ClintonFoundation #UraniumOne
Grassley wants to know why the DOJ isn't investigating the CF and if the secret server turned up evidence of CF activity. Lynch runs out the clock on this letter planning on a Hillary win in November.
17) August 31st, 2017 "Bundling"
Comey is also running out the clock by bundling unclassified documents with classified documents, and ordering they not be separated. Comey violated the law (EO 13526) He would do this again for Iran Deal Docs in Sept.
18) September 13th, 2016 "Unusual Secrecy"
"The FBI improperly bundled these unclassified reports with a very small amount of classified information and told the Senate to treat it all as classified."
Full Speech>
19) October 5th, 2016 The Wilkinson Letters
Astonished Grassley/Nunes/Goodlatte/Chaffetz letter to Lynch
DOJ lawyers drafted letters WITH/FOR Mills Samuelson attorney agreeing to destroy laptops and severely limit the scope of the Clinton investigation!…
20) November 2nd, 2016
Grassley calls on Inspector General Michael Horowitz to investigate the FBI and Department of Justice improper handling of the Clinton investigation. Note: attached letters. (Open PDF and read all)
21) December 10th, 2016 IG Power Restored!
S.579/H.R.6450 Inspector General Empowerment Act passes the Senate.
A major victory for Grassley who wrote the initial legislation.
Grassley Summary>…
Full Law PDF>…
22) In 2016 Grassley waged a methodical campaign against corruption in the FBI/DOJ. Corruption encountered in his oversight role of FOIA. Simultaneously, he wrote and powered through legislation to restore the power of the IG whom he activated. NOTE THE PROCESS AND THE TIMING.
23) Michael Horowitz fought a protracted war vs. the Obama Admin to get his powers back. A war he won in large part due to Grassley. Horowitz is united with Grassley when it comes to oversight. He will not let him down. I detail the IG's war vs. Obama here>
24) To be continued....
25) January 12th, 2017
A newly empowered IG announces his investigation into the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in advance of the 2016 election. PDF>…
26) Keep in mind that the IG has to report his findings to Grassley and Goodlatte.
An IG investigation creates an information loop as I outlined above with the State IG. Grassley knows this which is why he shifts gears to lay the foundation for more questions. SJC>>IG>>>SJC>>>IG
27) Unfortunately Grassley still has to deal with Comey. But not for much longer.
28) March 6th, 2017 Steele Dossier!
Grassley opens his 2017 sequence of demand letters with a bang!
12 questions for Comey regarding the FBI's relationship with Richard Steele and the #SteeleDossier
29) March 28th, 2017 Grassley zeros in on #McCabe!
Knowing that Andy recused himself from the Clinton investigation Grassley wants to know about his involvement with the Trump investigation with 12 questions. I found 10-12 rather interesting.

30) April 28th, 2017
Comey is not responding to March Steele inquiry and Grassley has uncovered new information about Steele and #FusionGPS. March questions still stand and he piles on more! This is the start of an important line of questioning!
31) We can clearly see a transition like that witnessed in 2016 where Grassley transitioned from Clinton to the FBI/DOJ handling of Clinton. It's not so much about Steele, as it is the FBI/DOJ interaction with Steele. #FusionGPS #SteeleDossier
32) May 2nd, 2017 Chuck Welcomes Rosenstein to the Grassley Grinder!
This demand letter is epic! Just 72 hours after assuming his position Rod gets BURIED with all the unanswered questions from October & March. In typical Grassley fashion he adds more!
33) Lynch ran out the clock but the questions for the DOJ remain. Grassley has primary DOJ oversight with an empowered IG backing him up. The only thing that will get him off the back of the DOJ are satisfactory answers from them or the IG. The same can be said about Goodlatte.
34) May 3rd, 2017 "A Cloud of Doubt Hangs Over the FBI"
Grassley leads off his opening statement with #SteeleDossier and #FusionGPS. Comey is fired less than a week later.

Full Statement:…
Full Video>
35) June 27th, 2017 FISA APPLICATIONS
Grassley follows up his March 6th demand letter to Comey with one to Rosenstein and McCabe, zeroing in on classified FBI FISA applications and FISC documents. (Note the same trajectory as Goodlatte)

36) August 17th, 2017 Grassley flips the Russia Narrative
Grassley releases sworn testimony from Bill Browder that #FusionGPS took money from the Russian government; and second that it did so while it was working on the #SteeleDossier PDF>…
37) August 30th, 2017
Grassley letter to Wray on the drafting of Comey's Statement exonerating Hillary. Grassley uses testimony from Rybicki and DOJ Lawyer confirm the statement was crafted before Clinton and 16 others were interviewed. (pgs 2-3)
38) September 20th, 2017
Grassley on target with key questions for Wray
If the FBI was so concerned about the Trump campaign being infiltrated by the Russians why didn't they alert candidate Trump, who Comey admitted WAS NOT under surveillance?
39) October 4th, 2017 Steele's British Court Docs
Grassley forwards court testimony by Steele to Wray, poses interesting questions, and demands FBI docs to compare to Steele's testimony.
Start of an important sequence! #SteeleDossier PDF>…
40) November 6th, 2017 Comey Statement Draft
A mere 3 days after Wray provides Grassley with Comey draft excerpts. He demands it all in original format. Note how Chuck builds his doc requests one upon the other and shares each step with the public.
41) December 5th, 2017 #StrzokPageTexts
Grassley demand letter to Wray regarding Strzok texts.
Important to note that Grassley copies Inspector General Michael Horowitz.
42) December 13th, 2017
Grassley demand letter to Rosenstein regarding #StrzokPageTexts. Wants them. Since the bundling episode with Comey he is now ending his demands for classified docs referencing EO 13526. Note: copies IG Michael Horowitz.
43) In 2017 Grassley focused on the SteeleDossier and the FBI's handling of it. He is after the coordination between Fusion/Steele, and the FBI/DOJ. He continued to shine sun on McCaabe and his protector Comey and ends the year dialing in on #StrzokPageTexts .
44) It is significant to note the usage of Steele's court documents to ask for FBI documents. Grassley will learn that Steele is telling the Queen's Bench one thing and the FBI another. Which suggests that Steele MAY have lied to the FBI. #ReleaseTheMemos
45) January 3rd, 2018 Grassley calls for an investigation into Comey
Grassley turns his sights on Comey over the leaking of classified information. (Comey memos) He demands answers from Rosenstein to 8 questions. Note number 3.
46) January 4th, 2018 Steele vs. the FBI
Grassley refers Steele to the DOJ/FBI for a criminal investigation. Grassley releases the referral cover page by separating it from the classified supporting evidence. Both House and Senate Intel Cmtes copied…
47) January 5th, 2018 The Grassley Memo!!
Grassley issues a statement on the reason for the criminal referral. He let's us know that he ALSO has a classified memo that he is trying to get released! Unlike Nunes he needs to go through DOJ. #ReleaseTheMemo…
48) On the surface it appears Grassley is going after Steele using classified FBI docs. What he is really doing is giving the green light to the Trump DOJ/FBI to investigate the Obama DOJ/FBI for false Steele statements. Detailed breakdown here>…
49) January 23rd, 2018 Nine Questions for the IG!
Grassley publicly sics the IG on the missing #StrzokPageTexts and the questions they raise. (IG is already on it) In addition to text recovery, read to see what else the IG is looking at for Grassley.
50) Note that two of the questions Grassley posed to the IG are in regards to whether or not the IG needs assistance.
51) January 24th, 2018 Grassley Speech Hiding From Tough Questions
In his 17 minute speech Grassley reveals important details about his investigation into Steele and the FBI.
52) The Criminal Referral
53) The Discrepancies
"If those [FBI] documents are not true, and there are serious discrepancies that are no fault of Mr. Steele, then we have another problem—an arguably more serious one. #ReleaseTheMemo
54) Grassley Memo!
"Judiciary Cmte has access to the same information that House Intel Cmte saw before drafting ITS SUMMARY MEMO. Our cmte doesn't have the same authority to release classified information. We have to rely on the agency to review & potentially DECLASSIFY OUR MEMO"
55) Everyone is focused on Nunes memo soon to be released. Grassley is letting everyone know that he also has a classified memo, a memo connected the Steele criminal referral. The ONLY reason the cover sheet is NOT Top Secret is because it has been separated from the attachment.
56) In his speech, Grassley also let us know that unlike Nunes he has to get agency approval (DOJ) to declassify his memo. Nunes had the clearance to release to the House and then to the public. Grassley does not have the clearance.....yet.
57) January 25th, 2017 IG Responds Early
Grassley gave the IG until the 29th to respond to his #StrzokPageTexts questions. The IG responds early on the 25th informing Grassley (and us) that the texts have been found.
58) The IG announces he found the texts "this week". Everyone assumes he found them on the 25th. Regardless, the IG also tells Grassley (and us) that recovery of texts is ongoing and that the answers to the rest of Chuck's #StrzokPageTexts questions are coming.
59) Grassley Special Counsel
Grassley reacts to the IG by immediately sending a demand letter to Wray. Two questions have to do with a SC to investigate Clinton. The answers to those questions will beget more questions that lead to a SC.
60) In addition to writing Wray Grassley also released the recovered texts to the public and fired off 6 letters to get to the source of the #SteeleDossier funding. 3 to the DNC and 3 to Hillary's campaign management.
Link to all letters>…
61) Senator Chuck Grassley has been strategically investigating the FBI/DOJ for over two years. He is an expert at using demand letters that build upon each other. His investigation is thoroughly documented, methodical, and building momentum.
62) He demands answers to the tough questions on our behalf. He will not stop until confidence is restored.

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1) FISA Judge Letter to Bob Goodlatte
2) Judge informs Goodlatte that his request is unique. She states in this section her concern over the custody of classified materials. The Executive Branch has custody and control over classified material.
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14 Questions for the Inspector General!
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14 Questions Summary
1-5 clinton email investigation
6-8 Clinton Foundation Uranium One
9 DNC Election Rigging
10 -14 Weaponized DOJ/FBI SteeleDoss Russian HOAX
Boyd's letter to Goodlatte informing him that the IG has the July letter.…
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