Here's a quick peek into the wacky past of politician Devin Nunes, just in case you'd like to know who he is, where he's coming from, his past record, (or his level of basic human decency?), prior to "masterminding" this unprecedented Memo... THREAD
Nunes grew up as a farmer in CA and graduated from Cal poly with a degree in Agriculture. Then worked for the Dept of Agriculture. Despite experiencing the CA droughts firsthand and their effects on his community he maintains that climate change is "nonsense"
Nunes ran for congress and has won 7 terms with almost no Dem opposition in his deeply Red district. However, he's authored very little legislation. His main proposed bills have been around Endangered species, tripling nuclear reactors in the US, and designating a Hwy.
Nunes’ main focus prior to Trump was the Endangered Species Act, which he blames for the “man made drought” as it imposes regulations around water and wildlife. Nunes would like the water to all go to farmers. He's pushed unsuccessfully for years to abolish those regulations.
Oh and Nunes also supports cuts to funds for Federal Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and corporate taxes as well as submitting legislation to establish a prohibition on future public pension bailouts by the federal government.
He also oversaw a two year long Hillary Clinton Benghazi investigation during which he authored conspiracy theories in his "Nunes Blog" accusing the Obama administration of masterminding a wide ranging cover-up.
In November 2016 he was "given the honor" of being part of a select few on the executive committee of the Trump transition team
Nunes also chaired the committee tasked with investigating Russian election interference, which after a few weeks he labeled a "witchhunt", suggesting the committee instead investigate the "leakers" of any anti Trump news.…
Trump comes under intense scrutiny in the media over Russia then tweets that Obama tapped his phones. Nunes backs him up, then walks it back, then calls an unexpected press conference to discuss "secret" Intel that vindicates Trump. He won't share sources or brief his committee
Turns out his secret Intel came from the White House…and Nunes is asked to recuse himself from the investigation and "steps back" appointing M Conaway to lead the Russia investigation while he is investigated for ethics violations…
However, while “recused” he continued to get involved in the Russian investigation with strange shenanigans like: Sending staffers on a secret mission to try to find Steele, the MI6 agent who went into hiding after publication of "The Dossier"…
Nunes then privately met with Erik Prince, a key Investigation witness suspected of trying to broker a back channel between Trump and Putin, prior to Prince’s Intelligence Committee questioning…
Nunes then used his power as "chairman?" to unilaterally issue subpoenas to gain access to banking documents... not to look into Manfort Trump or Kushner’s documents, but for Fusion GPS, hoping to discredit their "Dossier"…
Remember that House Ethics Committee investigation into Nunes? Well, it was dropped and Nunes celebrated and thanked them, however, little known fact, it wasn't dropped because they cleared him...…
That brings us up to his involvement in “the memo” a short document distilled by Nunes from FISA warrants (usually 50-60 pages each) & hyped by Russian bots, Assange, Hannity and right wing news and radio figures.…
The climate change denying, Trump loving, conspiracy theorist Devin Nunes has no background in law or law enforcement. Other top officials call the memo "misleading". If actions speak louder than words it's easy to see this is another #nuneshoax

• • •

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Sep 15, 2018
People feel threatened when identity is challenged. Eg:If white identity is self defined as being in charge of other races & it's challenged by a black leader, they must A: reevaluate or B: double down. The same is true when masculine identity is tied to being "the boss" of women
The process of revaluation includes becoming aware of and taking responsibility for a mistake then evaluating the info & choosing a new definition of race or masculinity. Doubling down includes refusal to look at / take responsibility in light of new info and so includes blame
This was brought to my attention reading about deradicalization of terrorists & white supremacists. An expert explained that they tie their identity as male to fighting or contoling others & that showing them other ways to define masculinity, like protection, helped them change.
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Sep 9, 2018
Going to be doing a #StandOnEveryCorner protest today and every Sunday until midterms. For anyone who has a busy schedule and just can't consider a daily protest or commit to an open ended protest consider joining me in a #StandOnEveryCornerSundays mini protest.
Even my cat is taking a stand today. (and "helping" with signmaking!) #StandOnEveryCornerSundays
She is unsure about the lettering on this one...
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Sep 1, 2018
It seems the Southerners of the time, as well as the far right that we see re surging today, see equality as a zero sum game believing they will "loose" if others "win." THREAD…
2. In truth, the white southerners slave owners did loose a great deal of power, money, and leisure time with the loss of their slaves, just like the French nobility lost these things to the "peasant class" in the French revolution. However, it is important to point out
3. that ultimately everyone, even the descendants of the slave owners, won. They may think they lost, as they no longer own the land and wealth around them, but actually, when a society becomes more egalitarian and promotes education, opportunity and industry for all...
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Aug 25, 2018
Was thinking this morning about how we can internalize hatred, even against ourselves, as children without ever realizing it. This happened to me. My parents were very progressive when it came to civil rights, so if you were to ask me as a child what words came to mind on the 1/
subject of black men I would have said things like: brave, oppressed, strong, honorable, and hardworking.
In truth I never saw or met any black people growing up, but I'm so grateful that when I did I had only positive assumptions.
On the other hand had you asked me the same 2/
about women the words that would have come to mind were bad, petty, evil, weak, sinful, dumb, unskilled, untrustworthy, temptress... even though I was a girl AND NONE of the women around me displayed these characteristics. I've wasted an entire life in an inner battle against 3/
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Jul 6, 2018
On INDEPENDENCE Day a delegation of GOPers went to Russia (seemingly so they could tell the Russians that meddling in our elections is no problem at all!)
ONE of them is up for reelection in Nov
Here's a thread about her Dem challenger @VanessaAdiaTX12 1/5…
2. Vanessa Adia @VanessaAdiaTX12 is an award winning science teacher, mom, & Latina who has decided to take on Kay Granger in the TX12 election. Beyond Russia, her opponent has a record of supporting all Koch initiatives, the far right agenda, & the NRA.…
3. Vanessa's campaign has raised about $80,000 through small local grassroots donations from an energized base, while her opponent was given almost 1 mil from deep pocketed big business with very few personal donations.…
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Jul 4, 2018
I would like to bring awareness to the case of Jose Robles a 44 year old father of three (two DACA recipients and an American citizen) who was ordered deported but fled and took sanctuary in a Church in Seattle…
2. He has lived in the US for 18 years and co-owns a painting business. He originally came to the attention of ICE for driving on a suspended license. His case is unusual because he was also the victim of a violent crime (held at gunpoint) and helped police find the criminal.
3. Because he helped police he could be eligible for a U visa (special visa that can be awarded for this service) but the police refused to sign when he needed it. One signature now from Ms. Kimberly Cox, the assistant city attorney of Lakewood WA. (253-983-7755) would grant it
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