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Time to take our country back from the corrupt, from the grifters, from the liars. #GoJoe #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
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Sep 15, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
People feel threatened when identity is challenged. Eg:If white identity is self defined as being in charge of other races & it's challenged by a black leader, they must A: reevaluate or B: double down. The same is true when masculine identity is tied to being "the boss" of women The process of revaluation includes becoming aware of and taking responsibility for a mistake then evaluating the info & choosing a new definition of race or masculinity. Doubling down includes refusal to look at / take responsibility in light of new info and so includes blame
Sep 9, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
Going to be doing a #StandOnEveryCorner protest today and every Sunday until midterms. For anyone who has a busy schedule and just can't consider a daily protest or commit to an open ended protest consider joining me in a #StandOnEveryCornerSundays mini protest. Even my cat is taking a stand today. (and "helping" with signmaking!) #StandOnEveryCornerSundays
Sep 1, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
It seems the Southerners of the time, as well as the far right that we see re surging today, see equality as a zero sum game believing they will "loose" if others "win." THREAD… 2. In truth, the white southerners slave owners did loose a great deal of power, money, and leisure time with the loss of their slaves, just like the French nobility lost these things to the "peasant class" in the French revolution. However, it is important to point out
Aug 25, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
Was thinking this morning about how we can internalize hatred, even against ourselves, as children without ever realizing it. This happened to me. My parents were very progressive when it came to civil rights, so if you were to ask me as a child what words came to mind on the 1/ subject of black men I would have said things like: brave, oppressed, strong, honorable, and hardworking.
In truth I never saw or met any black people growing up, but I'm so grateful that when I did I had only positive assumptions.
On the other hand had you asked me the same 2/
Jul 6, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
On INDEPENDENCE Day a delegation of GOPers went to Russia (seemingly so they could tell the Russians that meddling in our elections is no problem at all!)
ONE of them is up for reelection in Nov
Here's a thread about her Dem challenger @VanessaAdiaTX12 1/5… 2. Vanessa Adia @VanessaAdiaTX12 is an award winning science teacher, mom, & Latina who has decided to take on Kay Granger in the TX12 election. Beyond Russia, her opponent has a record of supporting all Koch initiatives, the far right agenda, & the NRA.…
Jul 4, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
I would like to bring awareness to the case of Jose Robles a 44 year old father of three (two DACA recipients and an American citizen) who was ordered deported but fled and took sanctuary in a Church in Seattle… 2. He has lived in the US for 18 years and co-owns a painting business. He originally came to the attention of ICE for driving on a suspended license. His case is unusual because he was also the victim of a violent crime (held at gunpoint) and helped police find the criminal.
Jun 25, 2018 9 tweets 4 min read
Dear Resistance,
It's easy to call our opponents racist, because, well, it's clear.
However, stopping there may be akin to shooting ourselves in the foot because racism is a fruit of a larger tree and attacking the fruit alone, however accurate, will not change it. THREAD 2. When we start to go deeper we see hatred, grievance, entitlement, feelings of emasculation, incompetence, unreal expectations, and failure... and if we go deeper still we'll find that the roots are usually wrapped firmly around a big ball of fear.…
May 17, 2018 22 tweets 6 min read
In order to understand the GOP of 2018 we have to realize that what we see today is not the result of a grassroots shift to the right but comes from a strategic nexus of extreme wealth, racism, history & religion.
Where did it come from, what is it, and how can we beat it?
THREAD 2. FDR who pulled the country out of the Great Depression said there were four essential human freedoms, the freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom from fear, and freedom from want.
Yes the freedom from want.
His social programs upended the capitalism of his day.
May 11, 2018 15 tweets 5 min read
1. My grandparents were friends with Billy and Ruth Graham, (they went to college together). Growing up, he was an icon and I knew he had grown the ranks of Evangelicals by the millions. According to recent studies however, Christianity is loosing popularity... 2. Christians now make up less than 50% of the population. Actually, not ALL Christianity. Black and Latinos are as Christian as 20 years ago, so I have to wonder how much of it is actually due to the unholy alliance between white evangelicals and the GOP…
Mar 18, 2018 18 tweets 6 min read
I have found the recent hypocrisy we’ve seen fascinating, and almost refreshing, because blatant hypocrisy shows us the unspoken truth of what people actually support and believe and when we can point it out we can do something about it. THREAD… Two years ago most Americans might have thought that the GOP stood for fiscal responsibility, states rights, and strict moral codes.…
Mar 9, 2018 25 tweets 10 min read
My late International Women’s Day thread.
I recently realized that despite considering myself an empowered woman I still bought into a big lie about women’s place and potential in the world. The lie that says we are on the same path, the same playing field as men and that if we don’t get as far along it that is simply due to our choices and “defects”. That if we don’t succeed or “win” on this path it is because we are physically weaker, more emotional, more prone
Mar 1, 2018 14 tweets 4 min read
I would like to briefly discuss the group of accounts that have invaded resistance twitter dubbed “resist bots.” Over 700 have been identified by twitter users and we hope twitter will soon shut them down, but of course more will appear, so here’s how to spot them. THREAD It is very important NOT to shut down or block REAL resistance voices... so... how we know they are malicious bots? (BTW these are NOT your old school empty profile bots)
Feb 2, 2018 17 tweets 7 min read
Here's a quick peek into the wacky past of politician Devin Nunes, just in case you'd like to know who he is, where he's coming from, his past record, (or his level of basic human decency?), prior to "masterminding" this unprecedented Memo... THREAD Nunes grew up as a farmer in CA and graduated from Cal poly with a degree in Agriculture. Then worked for the Dept of Agriculture. Despite experiencing the CA droughts firsthand and their effects on his community he maintains that climate change is "nonsense"
Dec 30, 2017 46 tweets 14 min read
Dear #Resistance,
Brace for battle.
As we turn the corner to 2018 the war for the hearts, minds, and votes of America will get more intense and target Resistance members directly.
THREAD 👇 Our grassroots movement is now the biggest threat to the goals of some very powerful special interests and people.