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This thread is for anyone in #cdnpoli who thinks that it's an exaggeration to refer to Trudeau as #JihadiJustin. It is my great hope that once Cdns realize that Trudeau's & LPC's decisions are systemically made to appease radical lslam, that we could unite as Cdns to resist..
Even before Trudeau was elected, there were plenty of red flags that were mostly ignored or dismissed as harmless pandering or bad judgement. If only more Cdns watched this video before the 2015 election ... dailymotion.com/video/x384xvz
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli #TrudeauMustGo
Since getting elected, Trudeau/LPC prioritized lslamists/Jihadis interests, while jeopardizing the interests of moderate MusIims & Cdns
- Refugees
- Welcome to Canada Tweet / Border Security
- BillC6
- M103
- Terrorist Payouts
- ISIS Reintegration
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Let's start with the refugees policy. As we know from the MusIim brotherhood's tactics, stealth Jihad through immigration is the key.
1st acclimatize the target nation with cream of the crop, then abandon quality control & drastically increase the flow..
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
This phase is all about accumulating muscle, which will be critical for the next phase (think Europe). Unvetted refugees from war-torn 3rd world countries is the best source. Sure, this phase is never smooth, but it's not a problem when the media is in on it...
The media's task becomes to hide in plain sight the incidents that tend to accompany these migrants. Don't mention that it was refugees. Don't publish the names. Deceive w headlines. Hide the stories from most of the traffic. Or don't publish it at all..
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Then anyone who's able to see through the facade is labeled as a hater, and ANTIFA & other hateful "anti-hate" groups are unleashed to quarantine the red-pilled from the rest. And of course the media & Libs will help set the ANTIFA/ANTIFA-lite narrative.
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
#JihadiJustin had some bad luck though. Social media bypassed the official narrative re BREXIT & brought attention to the European migrant crisis. Then Trump campaign exposed the media like never before. And Trump's win stopped new migrant crises from being created...
As #JihadiJustin tried to import high-risk migrants, he was met with more resistance than anticipated. This was supposed to be a stealth strategy, but Cdns are waking & resisting the so-called #Rohingya refugees handed to him on a silver platter from #Myanmar...
So it's become clear to #JihadiJustin's handlers that Cdn subversion needs to much closer resemble the more blatant & divisive strategy as was used in the US, because the European strategy alone will not hold. So this brings us to the Welcome to Canada tweet...
The illegals that swarmed into Canada following #JihadiJustin's invitation won't have as many lslamists or Jihadis as desired, but if the cards are played right, they'll be used to re-elect Trudeau, and then he'll have more flexibility to advance the agenda...
To that end, #JihadiJustin & gov passed #BillC6. That insures that all the illegals who were granted refugee status, and everyone else Trudeau measured to scoop b4 2017 will be eligible voters by 2019. Likewise knowledge of English & test requirements were lowered...
At this point you might say:

"OK Dave, Trudeau is clearly trying to pander & to change the voter demographics in his favour. That's why the refugee policy & #BillC6. But I'm still not convinced that he's #JihadiJustin"

If only that's all there was to it...
Any confusion one might have had about #JihadiJustin's true agenda quickly disappeared following the Quebec City Mosque shooting tragedy. After all, every radical knows that tragedies & crises are the perfect cover for political exploitation...
And with the magician's sleight of hand, all the initial witness accounts re multiple shooters, and shouts of Allahu Ahbar were scrubbed from the public's memory, and it was decided then & there that "Islamophobia" was the blame. gellerreport.com/2017/01/quebec…
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
The cool-headed advice that we hear following terror attacks sure didn't apply hear.
- Don't jump to conclusions b4 the facts are known
- Don't blame lslamo-critical community for the acts of a lone wolf
- Fears of backlash against innocent Islamophobes
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Instead, MP @iamIqraKhalid, seemed to have all the answers as to what Canada needed to do to quell "Islamophobia". Of course it would take a whole of government approach. So this brings us to #M103...
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
The opposition to #M103 by moderate MusIims didn't quite fit Iqra's & #JihadiJustin's narrative, so it was ignored, even though it would have been so easy to compromise and make them happy, if the Libs weren't driven by an lslamist agenda...

The Conservative Opposition Motion / amendments to replace Muslim Brotherhood's ambiguous word "Islamophobia" with "hatred & discrimination against MusIims" were likewise rejected. Apparently not divisive enough...

#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Iqra even ignored reporters who like many of us couldn't understand why she refused to define "Islamophobia". Think about it! Why would she intentionally keep it ambiguous? Whose interests is she representing?

#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Pandering as a political strategy does not explain passing a motion that only 14% of Canadians approve. This was not a calculated political move to gain votes. This can only be explained as a move to advance the lslamist agenda..
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Don't underestimate the importance to suppress our freedom of speech to the lslamist agenda. Remember Cdns are waking up faster than anticipated. If #M103 could have led to a Bill, it would have been exactly what was needed to stifle dissent.
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Oh and remember the whole #M103 is just a motion without a follow-up agenda.. Well, those of us who watched the Heritage Committee hearings, as prescribed by M103, and read the report, know what's coming with the #M103Agenda...
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
Even though our collective backlash against #M103 forced the #M103Agenda to shift gears to plan B, every part of it is concerning, demands all of our attention, and is fully inline with #JihadiJustin's lslamist agenda...

If #M103 wasn't enough to convince you that #JihadiJustin took his Shahada recital at a radical lslamic mosque very seriously, then there are plenty more exhibits that will convince any rational #cdnpoli that this is part of a consistent pattern, NOT a coincidence...
Next #JihadiJustin went out of his way, and against the vast majority of Cdns, to pay Omar Khadr $10.5M. He claimed that he had no choice, but that's a lie. The back-door settlement was a spit in the face to the fams of his known victims..
Of course when it comes to fighting in courts against our veterans, #JihadiJustin has no problem declaring that "they want too much". But he had no issue with paying a terrorist more than 30x then the max death benefit for Cdn Armed Forces...

Then #JihadiJustin insisted to reintegrate ISIS terrorists. The arrogance that it takes to negligently subject Cdns to these ticking time bombs, & the stupidity that one must expect of #cdnpoli to believe that group hugs will cure their neck-slicing, infidel-raping ways...
And when a legitimately concerned Cdn asked #JihadiJustin about the reckless reintegration program, he equated ISIS terrorists with Greek & Italian immigrants, and equated our concern with irrational, unjustifiable xenophobia.

If you are a Cdn moderate MusIim, you probably want nothing to do with Jihadi/lslamist ideologies. In which case it is so important that you understand that #JihadiJustin doesn't have your best interests at heart. He's the 1 who's responsible for dividing us...
Think about it, before #JihadiJustin we lived in peace. When political lslam wasn't pushed on us, we had no issues with each other. We embraced each other's freedoms, religious, and otherwise, and we saw each other as fellow Cdns...
It took 2 years of #JihadiJustin, and the tension between us suddenly built up and have never been higher. If the MusIim community continues to blindly support Trudeau and ignoring our legit concerns, repairing relations might become impossible if he's re-elected..
I genuinely hope that the #JihadiJustin disaster can be averted. Let's unite for freedom of speech, for responsible immigration & border policy. Let's do this #cdnpoli thing as Cdns, and make our political decisions, first & for most on behalf of Cdns. Unity is that easy!

• • •

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