Now that the #NunesMemo has its own Twitter mockery hashtag, #YoMemoJokes, that's trending higher than the Memo's own hashtag, it's time to get back to the business of #TrumpRussia.
To recap:
Trump is buddies with Avfek Agalarov, a Putin ally.
The June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Kushner, DJT Jr and Manafort included 5 Russians:
-Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian-American lobbyist & an ex-Soviet counter-intelligence officer
-Rob Goldstone (the Agalarovs' rep)
(June 6, 2017 Trump Tower meeting, cont.)
-Ike Kaveladze (Agalarov rep)
-Natalia Veselnitskaya (lawyer who lobbied against the Russian sanctions' Magnitsky Act, with Akhmetshin)
-Anatoli Samochornov (translator).
Veselnitskaya lost a U.S. v Prevezon Holdings tax fraud case.
Prevezon is linked to the Magnitsky Act directly: Prevezon was convicted of impersonating companies owned by Bill Browder's fund, Hermitage Holdings.
(Magnitsky was Hermitage's lawyer.)
Technically, Prevezon agreed to settle the day before the verdict was delivered (you only do that when you anticipate losing).
But then they refused to pay.
Veselnitskaya was recently named in a Swiss case involving bribery and corruption, and involving a Swiss double-agent, for a conspiracy to attempt to quash the Swiss Magnitsky-like investigation of Russians.
Meanwhile, Rob Goldstone and Ike Kaveladze were shocked to find that 5 days after the Trump Tower meeting, the story of the DNC emails hack broke.
Goldstone sent Kaveladze and others emails about it, and the two met to discuss it.
Akhmetshin had partnered with Veselnitskaya in lobbying against the Magnitsky Act. In other words, they fought *Russian sanctions* together.
What about Samachornov, the "translator"?
He *also* participated in lobbying against the Magnitsky Act.
This means that *all* of the Russians at the Trump Tower meeting were anti-Magnitsky Act lobbyists, or represented a beneficiary of its repeal.
DJT Jr initially claimed the meeting was set up to discuss the Russian ban on U.S. adoption of Russian orphans.
But there wouldn't even be a ban on adoptions if there were no sanctions. The ban was Putin's retaliation for the sanctions imposed in 2013.
So, "discuss/lift the ban on adoptions" is really Russian code for "discuss/lift Magnitsky Act sanctions".
Sanctions are what the Russians were at Trump Tower to discuss. They only offered dirt on Clinton as bait.
There were 5 Russians at the 6/9/2016 Trump Tower meeting. We've seen that all 5 of them had lobbied against Russian sanctions before.
But why were 3 of the Trump Campaign team's top staff, including the Manager, at the meeting?
Trump: "Adoptions".
Mueller's focus now is on obstruction of justice: What were DJT Jr's, Kushner's & POUTUS's roles in concealing the true purpose of the Trump Tower meeting, lifting sanctions in exchange for dirt on Hillary Clinton (i.e. emails stolen by Russia).
Trump's legal team's spokesman Mark Corallo quit when he discovered the President's role in crafting the false statement about the purpose of the Trump Tower meeting.
He also claims Hope Hicks predicted evidence of the meeting would never be seen.
To add another hint of corruption to the Trump Tower meeting, Manafort's notes included references to political contributions and the RNC. This suggests to investigators there may have been Russian payments linked to the meeting.
There is much more to #TrumpRussia than just the Trump Tower meeting, from clandestine meetings to secret communications, denials of acts and contacts that were later exposed, to alleged payments from Russia to the NRA for use as contributions to the Republicans.
And there is much more to the wrongdoing of the Trump Administration than #TrumpRussia, including waste of taxpayer funds in private jet and helicopter flights by senior officials, incompetence and malicious neglect in helping #PuertoRico recover from Maria, ...
17/ graft & sweetheart deals, self-enrichment at Mar-a-Lago and Trump Hotel Washington, passing laws to favor cronies and the wealthy (tax credits for jets, importing dead endangered animals as trophies, real estate company tax breaks), and so on.
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Sep 8, 2018
@cjm4189 @matthewamiller @anneapplebaum The "conservative non-profit scandal" was more about GOP defunding the IRS and the IRS failing to adapt than it was about targeting one political party.
Both the Tea Party and progressive activist groups abused their tax-exempt status.
But the Tea Party did it 80% of the time.
@cjm4189 @matthewamiller @anneapplebaum The IRS tried to slow the spread of tax-exempt status violations by more carefully scrutinizing Tea Party groups, but never had the resources for the job and understimated the workload. So the applications bogged down. They also failed to assess the impact of this approach.
@cjm4189 @matthewamiller @anneapplebaum I know the IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, as a man of competence, integrity and fairness. He was not grinding any axe by trying to block Tea Party abuses - he was following the laws and reg'ns.
Progressive groups were given the same treatment, as the IG report revealed.
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Jul 30, 2018
@Billbrowder You may be wondering:
Why do we have the Magnitsky Act?
Why is Putin working so hard to fight its effects and undermine or repeal it?
Why is it so revolutionary in the fight for human rights and against corruption?
@Billbrowder The Magnitsky Act is a revolution in global human rights enforcement.
Bill Browder did more than just get justice for Putin's brutal treatment and murder of Sergei Magnitsky. He established the legal basis for targeting corruption as the root cause for human rights abuses.
@Billbrowder Russia barred Browder from entering Russia to defend his company Hermitage Capital Management against false allegations of tax fraud. They seized the company, and persuaded new lawyers hired by the company to confess to the fraud.
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Apr 27, 2018
If Libertarians behind Heritage Foundation want a Convention of States for a Balanced Budget Amendment, they should have opposed blowing a $2 Trillion hole in the National Debt with the #TaxScamBill.
But they *pushed* the bill.
They're hiding something.
They don't want to *really* balance the budget; they want to eliminate what they consider the welfare state. They want to kill:
- Medicaid Expansion
- Obamacare
- Caps on greenhouse gases
- Assistance to children's: insurance, school lunches, disability support,
- Retraining displaced workers
- Federal contract oversight (to make fraud easier)
- Public reports of OSHA findings (to hide worker safety violations)
- College PLUS loan program (cutting aid to students)
- FAA & TSA (➡️for-profit co's)
- Pricing controls for airlines
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Apr 7, 2018
Since 1996 under Gingrich, the GOP has been using loaded, accusatory language to create negative propaganda to debase ordinary words.
They weaponized neutral terms such as "liberal", "progressive", "socialist", "taxes", "welfare", "regulation" into emotional dog-whistles.
The famous 1996 GOPAC Memo, which Gingrich and others in the GOP crafted to give that year's GOP candidates tools to propagandize their campaigns, is loaded with the negative terminology to label their opponents, and positive terms for themselves.
The GOP, like Cambridge Analytica, deliberately avoids facts & logic.
They use emotional manipulation via propaganda to "switch off" voters' skepticism & critical thinking.
That's why they try to co-opt terms like "patriot", "freedom", and "rights".
This is not new.
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Dec 7, 2017
Why hasn't Rep Devin Nunes been charged with a felony for obstructing his own Intel Committee's investig'n by alerting the White House, and pushing a #hoax about Susan Rice based on info he received from them?
He also leaked classifed intel!
#Nunes recused himself from the investigation, rather than resign as was demanded by Dems and the public. That seemed as if it would keep him from doing more harm, but was hardly adequate punishment for breaking the law.…
#Nunes had already used his office to pushed an "unmasking" #hoax to deflect attention from Comey's Congressional testimony, in which Comey denied Trump's wiretap allegation against President Obama, and revealed that the FBI was investigating #TrumpRussia.…
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