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Thank you @AprilDRyan for addressing Trump/GOP attack on America Women for what it was/is: Anti-America. I do need to add, it's also a great example of the uselessness, the actual danger to Democracy of reactionary "reporting." 📎 Note: #BeBetterMedia (1)
#MonumentalMediaFail -- references women exercising their American right to petition their government -- a majority government, by the way, that in majority numbers does not respond to them (U.S. citizens) face to face in meetings &/or in town halls W/out noting Trump is ... (2)
a self-confessed sexual assaulter of women under investigation for conspiring W/a foreign adversary, i.e. Putin, to install himself in the Oval Office &, per, a preponderance, of evidence (our eyes & ears) an obstruct of justice installing his protection on the Supreme Court. (3)
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1/ In designing our Government, our founders did everything they could to prevent 1-Party control. 1-Party control of our Government is not compatible with our Constitution.
#resist #theresistance #bluewave #msnbc #amjoy @docrocktex26…
2/ Had our founders decided on 1-Party rule, they could have saved time by establishing a monarchy, a dictatorship, or a corporate-government.
#resist #theresistance #bluewave #msnbc #amjoy…
3/ Today we are poised to confirm a man in Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land, which is our last line of defense against 1-Party control of our government.
#resist #theresistance #bluewave #msnbc #amjoy…
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"Judge Kavanaugh is highly qualified, I'm glad Dr. Ford was heard".

Looks like a hostage video with Trump standing just off camera, feeding her lines at gunpoint.

#saturdaymorning #amjoy
OMG who did this?
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Good #Sundaymorning! ❤️

Today's @BlueWaveCS🌊 #COTD (🚨and subject of our #10Q interview tonight at 8 EDT!🚨) is @LindaForNC running in #NC02.

She's at 3.5k followers. Think we can get her to 3.7k?

FOLLOW: ➡️@LindaForNC
You can find out more about @BlueWaveCS' #SundayMorning #COTD on our site, which links directly to her volunteer page.
#GOTV, North Carolina! #NC02 #AMJoy…
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@BetoORourke did *not* say that.
This is a misquote and we deserve better reporting than this, @CBSNews.
Please retract immediately and stop contributing to ACTUAL fake news.

#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
"I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee, for your rights, anytime, anywhere, or any place" is the actual quote.

Remove this tweet, CBS.

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JFC, Trump!🙄

American flag's stripes are red and white.
Trump should know this, considering the fit he throws when someone kneels at a football game "disrespecting the flag".

Trump is coloring blue and red stripes. 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

h/t @2020fight
#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
You know who has red, white, and blue stripes on their flag?
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For months, we've consistently cautioned that the Senate must #PressPause on considering President Trump's SCOTUS nominee until the Special Counsel's investigation ends.
LDF President and Director-Counsel @Sifill_LDF penned an op-ed on our country’s commitment to equal justice under the law and why "it is imperative that the process to replace [Justice Kennedy] not be rushed." #WhatsAtStake #ScotusPick #SCOTUSnominee…
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Twitter answers the call


CHUCK TODD: This is going to become a bad meme.


Chuck Todd: "Truth is truth. I don't mean to go—"

Rudy Giuliani: "No, it isn't truth! Truth isn't truth! ...

"Don't do this to me!"
From #AMJoy


If you have to resort to "truth isn't truth," particularly as a lawyer you're in a very dark place. You're in a place where you know your client is in a lot of trouble.



A message from Donald J. Trump:

"Just remember: what you’re seeing and what you're reading is not what’s happening."


"Reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It is my final, most essential command"


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(Thread) Did Roger Stone conspire to commit computer fraud?

The Computer Fraud Act makes it illegal to transmit stolen materials with the intention of causing damage.…

1/ The latest Mueller indictment alleged that Russian military officials hacked into the DNC (and others) and then transmitted the stolen material with the intent to cause damage to HRC’s candidacy for president.

More info on Mueller's indictments here:
2/ Conspiracy to commit computer fraud (18 U.S. Code 1030(b)) has 5 elements:

(1) 2 or more persons
(2) Intentionally
(3) make an agreement
(4) to violate the computer fraud statute, and
(5) commit some overt act in furtherance of the agreement.
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Great show as usual with #AMJoy

There are sufficient facts in the public square to prove a large Trump conspiracy to violate federal election laws, a conspiracy to coverup those crimes, obstruct justice & abuse power.

Trump crimes in broad daylight, in the wide-open on 5th Ave
Trump was soliciting private property of US citizens stolen by a foreign enemy in order to obtain a criminal advantage in a US federal election.

This is a violation of numerous criminal statutes including the Federal Election Campaign Act.

Money changing hands is irrelevant
The Federal Election Campaign Act contains a broad prohibition on foreign national activity in connection with elections in the United States.

52 U.S.C. § 30121

11 CFR 110.20

Trump knew it was a crime, that's why Trump and at least 15 others have repeatedly lied for 2 years
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I don't like these balanced panels. I don't like it. We don't need to hear lies and bs explanations from the other side. We don't need it. It is gaslighting 101. From now on, no matter who is on, I will be flipping the channel. #AMJoy
Before anyone thinks this is a new argument, it is not. Up until 2016, I never watched MSNBC. The only show I ever watched there was @MHarrisPerry's. I primarily watched CNN. This is why when people told me of how Maddow & Lawrence were during the primaries, I was surprised.
I started watching MSNBC a lot more after the primaries because I grew tired of seeing these panels on CNN & how it felt like gaslighting without much fact checking. I know what balanced coverage is supposed to look like & we weren't getting that. It's why I stopped watching CNN.
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Here’s the short documentary I mentioned to @JoyAnnReid on @amjoyshow we made with @NBCLeftField about next steps for reunited families.

Remember: now harder to win asylum under AG Sessions. And 1,000 reunited families are slated for deportation.

Maria Gloria came to the U.S. with her 11 and 7 year old boys from Honduras to escape death threats.

They were separated for a month and a half, now finally reunited.

I told @JoyAnnReid what they and 1400+ now face.

Here's our @NBCLeftField short doc:
#FF the amazingly talented @carlospbeltran of @NBCLeftField who we worked closely with to tell the story of Maria Gloria and her boys.
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Putin is a ruthless murdering criminal even terrorizing his own people. He seized Crimea, staged war in eastern Ukraine, arrested LGBT citizens & his opponents, murdered journalists & dissenters. His state controlled propaganda machine has waged war against the US.

Jill Stein:
More from the Jill Stein video from Moscow’s famous Red Square, in which she talked about “the need to rein in American exceptionalism” and replace “a U.S. policy based on domination”—words that sounded like they were ripped from the murderous Putin’s talking points.
Thanks to Bernie Sanders,

Cornel West traveled to Philadelphia & served on the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee, but he announced before he left that he was backing Jill Stein!

What did Bernie say about his appointment to the DNC position was supporting Stein? Nothing
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Yesterday, you took @BlueWaveCS🌊 candidate @Carolyn4GA7 from 4.6 to 5.1 followers! 🤯 Y'all are amazing!

#SundayMorning #COTD @LucyWins2018 is running in #GA06.

She's at 9.4k followers.
Think we can get her to 9.7k?❤️

🗳️GA PRIMARY: July 24
#SundayMorning @BlueWaveCS #COTD, @LucyWins2018 is the mother of Jordan Davis, who was shot and killed at a gas station by a man objecting to the music he was playing in his car.

She's running for #GA06 so other mothers won't share the same fate.
FOLLOW: ➡️@LucyWins2018
#SundayMorning @BlueWaveCS #COTD @LucyWins2018 is the national spokesperson and Faith and Outreach Leader for @Everytown for Gun Safety and @MomsDemand Action for Gun Sense in America.
RT & FOLLOW: ➡️@LucyWins2018
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Yesterday, you took @BlueWaveCS candidate @electbizon2018 from 375 to 706 followers!🤯

#SaturdayMorning's #COTD @gretchenwhitmer is running for Governor of Michigan.

She's at 22k followers.
Think we can get her to 22.3k?❤️
#SaturdayMorning's #COTD @gretchenwhitmer is running for Governor of Michigan.

Here she is, taking a page out of @jimmykimmel's playbook and reading off some "Mean Tweets" she gets while on the campaign trail.
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1/ Last year, during Hurricane Harvey, a few alt-gov accounts saw desperate SOS messages from people on their rooftops who couldn't get through to 911.

They started logging those tweets, organizing volunteers and dispatching boats out to rescue people that EMS couldn't get to.
2/ From September until December, @CEDRdigital (formerly known as @CrowdRescueHQ) worked 24/7 on different approaches to saving people's lives during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.
3/ There are two named storms in the Atlantic right now.
Tropical Storm Chris & Tropical Storm Beryl.
One is hanging out off the coast of NC, the other is headed for the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico.

PR could be devastated even by a glancing blow of a cat 1.
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NARRATOR: “their faith was tested but they stuck with Trump. Because economic anxiety was always cultural anxiety. Democrats who want to win chase their own base, and engage non-voters. “ #amjoy
Their faith may be *tested* but REPUBLICANS ALWAYS COME HOME.
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And onto the board he goes!

The U.S. ambassador to Estonia, a career senior diplomat, resigned after Trump's tirades against European institutions.
whew, ready?

TRUMP FIRINGS/RESIGNATIONS including Estonia amb: (part 2/2)

Andrew McCabe
H.R. McMaster
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“Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews.” - Adolf Hitler to Joseph Hell, 1922

"To prevent non-Jews from attempting to enter the ghettos and from seeing the condition of daily life there for themselves, German authorities posted quarantine signs at the entrances, warning of the danger of contagious disease." -Holocaust Encyclopedia
"They cast Germany as a victim or potential victim of foreign aggressors, as a peace-loving nation forced to take up arms to protect its populace or defend European civilization against Communism." -Holocaust Encyclopedia
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Reupping for the millionth time this FOX February 2014 interview, in which Trump basically gives up his game.

Talks about wanting close relationship with Russia, getting Putin's approval, and his desire to tank the economy and cause riots in the US. Thread:
Trump's G7 presser has revived worries about global economic devastation and nuclear policy.

Let's be clear: for 30 years, Trump has cavalierly spoken of his desire both to use nukes and to tank economies. He looks to profit off pain and is indifferent to loss of human life.
Whatever nightmarish, illogical, destructive thing you believe Trump won't or can't actually do is something he has likely fantasized about -- often publicly.

He will keep his worst promises and operate on his worst instincts unless he is restrained.
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Yesterday, your @BlueWaveCS🌊 took #COTD @LUnderwood630 from 7.8 to 8.2k followers!! 🔥🤯

This #SaturdayMorning, we're going to help you #GOTV for next week's primaries in:

New Jersey
New Mexico
South Dakota

Ready? 😄

Need to know where and how to vote?

Go to ➡️

Forgot to register before the primary?
No problem!

❤️ REGISTER NOW, while you are thinking of it, before the November election! ➡️Vote.Gov


Need to know where and how to vote?

Go to ➡️…

Forgot to register before the primary?
No problem!

❤️ REGISTER NOW, while you are thinking of it, before the November election! ➡️Vote.Gov

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As former FBI special agent/counterterrorism expert Clint Watts (@selectedwisdom) pointed out on #AMJoy today, the weird capitalizations in these tweets could be a way of pointing Trump's followers to the key words his social media team wants them to gravitate to and remember.
It's an interesting way of rethinking Trump's tweets, which range from rambling and nonsensical stream of consciousness, to seemingly deliberate tweet storms that are awfully well timed to try and blunt big, negative stories from the NYT, WaPo etc. and may be staff written.
The "is he sly or slipping" debate about Trump may be missing the point, since it's no longer easy to tell when he or his social media team (Dan Scavino are tweeting for him now that they fixed the Android/iPhone dichotomy.…
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#QAlert 5/20/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q posts for Sunday, May 20, 2018. Note the time, Follow the Pen, #WeareQ and more! #QArmyVsClownArmy!

Let's Go!
@POTUS #GrillNChill #SundayMorning #AMJoy #MAGA
#QAlert 5/20/18 Post 1423
Note the time.
Note the vehicles on the road.
Compare against 2.16.18.
[6] surv [value targets].
@POTUS #GrillNChill #SundayMorning #AMJoy #MAGA #WeAreQ #QArmyVsClownArmy!
#QAlert 5/20/18 Post 1423 pictures
1. Post from 2/16/18 NSA_Teaf_CAM.LONDON
2. NSA_Traf_CAM_ROT3
3. NSA_Traf_CAM_ROT3
4. NSA_Traf_CAM_ROT3

@POTUS #GrillNChill #SundayMorning #AMJoy #MAGA #WeAreQ #QArmyVsClownArmy!
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Russian MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko, who has links to Trump [his former business partner], Michael Cohen, AND Putin, was questioned this week by the FBI.
#Maddow #AMJoy…
2012: "In recent years, Putin famously sat ringside in Moscow & Saint Petersburg paying respects to Russian heavyweight icon Fedor Emelianenko [former Trump business partner & Michael Cohen associate who was just interviewed by the FBI]."
#Maddow #AMJoy…
2015: "...Russian Pres Putin, who imbued Fedor Emelianenko [former Trump biz partner & Michael Cohen assoc just interviewed by FBI] w/ a mythic power, making the fighter a major player in the epic nationalist saga playing out in his brain."
#Maddow #AMJoy…
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