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Oct 8, 2018 6 tweets 5 min read
Trump's deputy campaign chair Rick Gates solicited proposals from Israeli company Psy-Group to create fake online identities and use social media manipulation to help Trump defeat Republican primary opponents & Hillary Clinton.
by @MarkMazzettiNYT #Maddow nyti.ms/2E6xgmD Psy-Group, which is owned by Joel Zamel [who met with Don Jr in AUG 2016] and staffed by former Israeli intelligence operatives, proposed using social media to amplify division among rival campaigns and factions to help Trump defeat Cruz & Clinton.
Oct 8, 2018 13 tweets 12 min read
Was there a connection between Russia's Alfa Bank and Trump's Campaign?
The Trump domain was shut down after @nytimes contacted Alfa Bank. “That shows a human interaction...Alfa Bank alerted Trump Org, which shut it down.”
cc @ljean by @NewYorker #Maddow bit.ly/2zUExlf DNS traffic between Russia's Alfa Bank and Trump Tower coincided with Manafort’s time as campaign chair and continued after he left. "It could have been a messaging system" using Webmail to facilitate secret communications via 'foldering,' a method favored by Manafort.
Oct 7, 2018 16 tweets 10 min read
In a covert effort to obtain Clinton emails, now-deceased GOP operative Peter Smith raised at least $100,000 from wealthy donors under the guise of a "Scholarship Fund for Russian students" – after US IC warned of Russia's election interference.
#Maddow on.wsj.com/2C08j9K Peter Smith went to extraordinary lengths to ensure secrecy of his operation [to enlist Russian hackers to obtain Clinton emails], using a Gmail account named “Robert Tyler” that he and his associates communicated with by leaving notes for each other in the draft folder.
Oct 7, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
An uplifting reminder on this really crappy day: Manafort associate Sam Patten, who pleaded guilty on Aug 31, admitted to Mueller that a pro-Putin, Russian mafia-linked Ukranian oligarch funneled money into Trump's inaugural fund – which is a violation of federal campaign laws.
Oct 6, 2018 7 tweets 5 min read
SCOOP: A judge who sits on the DC circuit court with Kavanaugh sent a series of complaints about Kavanaugh to Chief Justice Roberts starting 3 weeks ago. Roberts has chosen for the time being not to refer them for investigation.
by @CarolLeonnig #Maddow wapo.st/2BZSW16?tid=ss… That Roberts has not referred the cases for investigation has caused concern in the legal community. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the misconduct complaints against him may not become public and instead will be dismissed.
Oct 6, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
“Supreme Discrepancies: Kavanaugh’s Financial Disclosure Reports Conflict With His Senate Testimony”
by @gregolear #Maddow medium.com/@gregolear/sup… Kavanaugh had huge debt in 2006 [year he was confirmed as a federal judge] but somehow bought a $1.2M house with no decrease in his bank accounts then, inexplicably, his bank account got fatter in 2008-2009 with no discernible increase in income.
Oct 5, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
Collins starts by condemning special interest groups who have opposed Kavanaugh. Looks like she's voting to confirm.
Oct 5, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Oct 4, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
"The Trump Foundation was a shell corporation that functioned as a checkbook from which Trump Org made payments- using other people's money." Trump gave instructions to his CFO Allen Weisselberg, who then directed Trump Org controller, Jeffrey McConney, to cut a check.
#Maddow Per @NewYorkStateAG's suit filed in JUN: Trump illegally used the foundation’s charitable assets to pay off legal obligations, promote Trump businesses, purchase personal items, and at Trump’s behest, provide extensive support to his 2016 campaign.
Oct 4, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
US Justice Dept charge 7 Russian GRU officers with hacking international agencies; Britain & Australia accuse the GRU of a 2017 Ukraine cyberattack; Dutch officials allege that GRU agents tried to hack the world’s chemical weapons watchdog, OPCW.
#Maddow wapo.st/2IAAe17?tid=ss… Dutch defense officials released photos of Russian GRU agents using Wi-Fi hacking equipment hidden in a car parked outside a Marriott Hotel in the GRU's botched attempt to hack the OPCW, the chemical weapons watchdog investigating the nerve agent attack on the Skripals.
Oct 4, 2018 8 tweets 4 min read
Russia's Deputy Prosecutor General, Saak Karapetyan, whose office offered Don Jr dirt on Clinton and who, along with Natalia Veselnitskaya, was exposed in Jan for trying to turn a Swiss official into a Russian informant, died in a helicopter crash.
#Maddow thebea.st/2ICn43F?source… Kremlin informant Natalia Veselnitskaya tried to recruit a Swiss official as a Russian double-agent in Dec 2016 – 6 months after she met with [recruited?] Don Jr, Kushner, & Manafort. Her handler, Deputy Prosecutor General Karapetyan, is now dead.
Oct 1, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
While everyone debates whether or not Kavanaugh lied under oath about his drinking and the numerous sexual assault allegations against him, may I remind you that Kavanaugh repeatedly lied under oath during his Sep 5-6 confirmation hearing. REPEATEDLY.
#Maddow FYI: A 2007 news story revealed that Kavanaugh had LIED under oath during his 2006 confirmation hearing. Dem senators asked DOJ to open a criminal probe into the matter. The request was denied by Benczkowski, now-Trump's DOJ Criminal Div Chief.
Sep 29, 2018 11 tweets 6 min read
The White House will not permit the FBI to investigate Julie Swetnick claims, Kavanaugh’s heavy drinking at Yale, OR Mark Judge's employment records from the supermarket where Dr. Ford says she saw him days after Kavanaugh's sexual assault.

This is NOT an investigation.
#Maddow The White House gave the FBI a very limited list of witnesses they're permitted to interview which will make it difficult to pursue leads. "The White House instructions as a significant constraint on the investigation."
It's a cover up. They ALL know Kavanaugh is guilty.
Sep 28, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read

Jeff Flake wants to #DelayTheVote for up to a week to do an FBI investigation limited in time and scope on the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

Sep 28, 2018 7 tweets 5 min read
Republican senators dismissed Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor THEY hired, after she pressed Kavanaugh on the key July 1 entry in his calendar, which matched exactly Dr. Ford's description of the gathering where Kavanaugh & Mark Judge attacked her.
#Maddow wapo.st/2DB05r1 When Kavanaugh stumbled during questioning about his calendar, GOP prosecutor Rachel Mitchell switched topics and then a break was called. After the break, this happened ⬇︎
Sep 26, 2018 11 tweets 6 min read
Third Kavanaugh accuser comes forward: @MichaelAvenatti's client, Julie Swetnick, declares under penalty of perjury that in 1982, she was drugged and gang raped by a group of high school boys which included Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.
#Maddow Michael Avenatti's client Julie Swetnick alleges that she was drugged and gang raped in 1982 by a group of high school boys which included Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge and is demanding a full FBI investigation.
Sep 26, 2018 5 tweets 4 min read
GOP's choice to interrogate Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, bureau chief for Maricopa Co sex crimes division, which botched a series of sex-crime cases during Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reign of terror.
#Maddow wapo.st/2OR4OGe?tid=ss… While Rachel Mitchell was sex crimes division bureau chief, 400+ sex-crimes reported to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office between 2004 & 2007 [including dozens of child molestations] were inadequately investigated or not worked at all.
@Delavegalaw @kim #Maddow
Sep 26, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
In response to a question from @SenKamalaHarris at a May 15th hearing, Kirstjen Nielsen stated under oath: “We do not have a policy to separate children from their parents.”

A newly uncovered memo reveals that this was in fact a policy and Nielsen did sign off on it.
Sep 25, 2018 4 tweets 4 min read
NEW: In Kavanaugh's '83 Georgetown Prep yearbook, he and 9 football players describe themselves as the “Renate Alumni” in an unsubstantiated boast about their sexual conquests of Renate Schroeder, then a student at a nearby Catholic girls’ school.
#Maddow nyti.ms/2xwCsKP ICYMI: Kavanaugh's Georgetown Prep pal and accused sexual assault accomplice Mark Judge told his college girlfriend about an incident at Georgetown Prep that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman.
Sep 24, 2018 5 tweets 5 min read
!! Louisa Garry & Dino Ewing, former Kavanaugh classmates who signed a statement of support for him, approached @NewYorker after @RonanFarrow & @JaneMayerNYer's story broke & asked their names be removed from the statement, saying they did NOT dispute Ramirez’s claims.
#Maddow FYI, Louisa Garry [who approached the @NewYorker after @RonanFarrow & @JaneMayerNYer's Deborah Ramirez story broke and asked her name be REMOVED from the statement of support for Kavanaugh and said she did NOT wish to dispute Ramirez’s claims] is THIS Louisa Garry 👇
Sep 24, 2018 6 tweets 4 min read
!! BREAKING: Per @axios, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly in anticipation of being fired by Trump: “He’s expecting to be fired, so he plans to step down."
#Maddow @maddow axios.com/rod-rosenstein… BREAKING: Dow drops to session lows on report that Rod Rosenstein has resigned. cnb.cx/2QRmWkG