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1) We are now in the endgame for the Iran regime. The people have finally figured it out. Protests, strikes, attacking IRGC banks, and now, full withdrawal of their savings. They're INTENTIONALLY creating bank runs. #IranProtests #IranUprising
2) See, NORMALLY, bank runs are mob mentality. One bank which is a complete fuck-up runs out of cash. That bank collapses. Suddenly, people believe that ALL the banks are in danger, and start withdrawing their money in mass.
3) That's not happening here. Iranian banks were already in dire straights, and several government or IRGC-owned banks had collapsed at one point or another, screwing investors and depositors out of millions.
4) Side note, thank you @TessHottenroth for collecting these links.
5) So, the banks have for a few weeks been on the verge of collapse due to massive amounts of and sized fraudulent loans made to those who were politically-connected or part of the government.
6) They've stopped allowing private lenders to form, these private lenders being basically Ponzi schemes where massive interest is promised and paid for a time until they dole out all the money to the richest investors, then collapse and screw the rest.…
7) Many regime officials have been hiding their wealth elsewhere in the region. Sure would be a shame if something were to happen to all those nice deposits.
8) Oh, and the protestors are still burning banks. So that's always good times.
9) But, back to my main point. WHY IS THIS TWEET IMPORTANT?
10) Because people are WEAPONIZING BANK RUNS. They're TRYING to get people to withdraw all their money from the banks to collapse them. You have to realize, ALL of the government-backed banks are partially owned by the government. Kill the banks, kill the regime.
11) Is this going to cause economic problems?

The Rial, the Iranian currency, is already in free-fall. Its BEEN in free-fall.
12) 13% drop in value in just a few weeks.

Iran's economy is ALREADY FUBAR.
13) Protests, nationwide strikes, the security forces suddenly unable to get paid because remember, Iran has already begun using its reserve currency, aka the foreign money they keep on hand to back the rial, to keep paying security forces, and that's an acid bandaid basically
14) The people have decided that they're going to intentionally bring the entire economic system and the regime to its KNEES by intentional bank runs, by intentionally collapsing the banks. This is... insane. Fantastic. Wonderful. BRILLIANT.
15) Here's what you need to realize. The entire Iranian banking system was predicated on middle and lower class families having to deal with insane interest rates (because of Islamic law, abusive fee structures replace interest but functions the same) on small loans
16) Meanwhile, politically connected people and regime officials could borrow whatever they want, not pay it back, and face virtually no repercussions, at worst losing the collateral which was worth a fraction of what they borrowed.
17) The rich and the regime were quite literally stealing money from the poor and middle class, because the banks were government-owned it was assumed this arrangement could continue basically forever.
18) And with the government unwilling to prosecute any IRGC officials, clerics, government officials, or wealthy politically connected industry folks, there was nothing stopping them.
19) On paper all the stolen money was still in the bank, so all the deposits were still technically there. The loans were just 'owed money' to the bank. But Iran's socialist government let the corruption get so far, they became vulnerable and overdrawn.
20) And yes, Iran is a socialist government. Unlike the US, all the Iranian banks are at least partly government-owned. The religious branch now effectively appoints the head of the central bank. Its a socialist theocracy.
21) And now, the people are pulling the Kobayashi Maru of uprisings. If the government banks are all so vulnerable and so dependent on their deposits, just take all the money out.
22) Here's the beautiful thing: even if its only a small percentage of people who withdraw their money, the minute the bank runs out of liquid cash, its screwed. People can't withdraw their money. Even those who DIDNT take part can't withdraw their money.
23) Want to get the whole country, even the armed brutes facing down the protest, on your side? Let them know that the government bank just lost all their money due to corruption. /game /end

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Oct 8, 2018
1) This is the single dumbest take I have seen. EVER. You are literally defying fucking reality right now.
2) You are DEFYING the fact that Rosenstein got off of a plane right with Kelly and Trump laughing his ASS OFF. Publicly. No Lady Gaga poker face shit.
3) You’re straight up IGNORING anything Rosenstein has ever said in public explaining the stuff going on around him. Seriously. Go read some of the transcripts of hearings and watch some of the talks he’s given, @GodlessNZ has threads dedicated to the topic.
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Oct 7, 2018
1) Aaaaaaand here we have the dumbest comment of the fucking year, folks! People learning how our government works means that the government is not in a good place. WOW that leap in fucking logic.
2) Really, people started learning how out government works the minute Trump got elected. Its how we found out the DAG, not the AG, is in charge of the FBI.
3) We learned how convoluted and twisted the system for turning bills into laws were. It involves a lot of fucking ping pong.
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Oct 7, 2018
Did Infinity War get you down? Did you skip Ant-Man and Wasp because of that Marvel funk?

Go see Venom.

Seriously. Go see it.
The villain is basically a more affable version of Elon Musk. It is fantastic.

Not as much poop and needle piles in San Francisco as in real life, but I’m ok glossing over that bit of the setting.
The only connection to the MCU is the only connection it needs.

Stan Motherfucking Lee cameo.

Beyond that, its self-contained, which does itself credit.
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Oct 7, 2018
QUESTION! I have a question!

Why should anyone kowtow to a mob who called them a woman drugging alcoholic gang rapist? What does that do besides giving into an angry mob that could be on your doorstep next? That HAS been on your doorstep since day 1 in @jordanbpeterson’s case?
@jordanbpeterson I mean, should Jordan Peterson stop writing books, step down from teaching, and completely withdraw from his social life and career because an angry mob is calling him a sexist racist homophobic transphobic superbigot?
@jordanbpeterson Seriously, I can’t understand the mindset.

And you know what? I’ll come out and say it.

Jordan Peterson is Canadian. He doesn’t understand the American mindset when set upon by adversity. He stood up and defended himsef because that was the natural reaction. But now?
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Oct 7, 2018
1) There’s that word again. ‘Legitimacy.’ Mark my words: every ruling the Supreme Court makes the left doesn’t like from this point on will be declared illegitimate.
2) The left will use this as an excuse for further lawlessness as they proceed to act AGAINST the rulings of the SCOTUS.
3) Nationwide injunctions will continue until they’re labelled unconstitutional to some degree, at which point the SCOTUS will be ignored and liberal judges will continue to use them.
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Oct 6, 2018
So, I’m going to try something. I’m going to attempt to dilute the unspoken rules of conservative Twitter into a few easy to follow guidelines.
Rule 1) Thomas Wictor did nothing wrong, much like every other conservative Twitter has ever banned.
Rule 2) If @Debradelai asks you to hold his beer, its because he wants to make sure your hands are occupied for when he punches you in the face with a block.
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